Sea Glass Stars, 2-24-21

For those of you who refuse to sign up for Instagram, here’s what you’ve been missing – our quilt from Scrap School called Sea Glass Stars.

Here’s the book:

Here’s our part of the Instagram post:

Mary and Connie of Country Threads- were thrilled to be asked to participate in a book about scrap quilts.   Thank you Lissa -@modalissa- for asking these 2 Iowa girls to be a part of your wonderful “Scrap School” book.  She gave us the title Professors of “ The More The Merrier”.  This was a perfect title because we LOVE fabric and use it with abandon in all of our quilts. 
Our theory in choosing fabric for scrap quilts is NOT to use every color in the rainbow, but to be more selective.  In the quilt “Sea Glass” our darks were chosen in a range from green,blue,teal,aqua,and sour green…with a pop of complimentary oranges and pumpkin.  The light backgrounds were all low volume prints with a preference for fabric with words. The chrome yellow and gray aqua rounded out the color choices for the sashing and cornerstones.  Don’t be afraid to combine a variety of plaids, small prints, florals, geometrics, polka dots & checks.  They will all play nicely together.  For more scrappy interest we even pieced the log cabin section!  We love what Lissa did with just 4 blocks- a perfect table topper.  
Here are 3 Country Threads Rules…
1.  Shop at your local quilt shop.
2. Sew something everyday. 
3. Pet all the dogs and love all the cats. 

This is Mary talking again. Connie wrote the piece for Instagram and now don’t you wish you hadn’t missed all this fun we’ve been having this week?

Book is available from your local quilt shop or from Martingale.

19 thoughts on “Sea Glass Stars, 2-24-21

  1. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,
    I just ordered the new book with y’all quilt in it from Elsinore Burns site for $19.18 plus shipping. Thought it was a good price.
    Thank you for showing the instatgram as I don’t do that media either.
    But I sure love y’all quilt.

  2. Dorothy

    Beautiful quilt. Will have to fin the book. And will also have to get off the fence and follow you on instagram

  3. Karen

    Mary & Connie,
    Congratulations on being in Lissa’s newest book. I will be in two different quilt shop the next two Saturdays. I will pick the book up if they have it. The colors you beautiful!

  4. Deb (back in Japan)

    Wonderful quilt – absolutely love the colors – and like rule #3 – pet the animals. Keep up the great work, you really are an inspiration to so many. By the way, do you ever sleep??? Still not ready to get involved with instagram (like I don’t spend enough time on the computer already) so thank you for the follow-up.

  5. Charlotte Shira

    I love the quilt and the colors! I don’t do Instagram either. Maybe I should because I’m getting bored with Facebook…but that’s how I keep up with my family back east.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for sharing this with your devoted readers. I know I would enjoy Instagram but I love reading quilting blogs the most as I feel like their family and pets are mine too ! The ones who take time to blog now bring me joy hearing about their day like an old friend calling so I stick with them for my computer time. The quilt is such a delight to see with the colors and design. Good team Connie and Mary!

  7. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I saw it on IG; I joined years ago as I didn’t want to find out later that I was missing anything! Ha!! Happily, I could look at this lovely quilt over and over again, thank you for reposting. 😊

  8. Barb Peterson

    I got the book yesterday. It is lovely and I see several projects in my future. Happy sewing.

  9. Kim Jovanelly

    Good morning. I tried to find you on Instagram without any luck. Can you share your link?

    Thanks, Kim

    1. Connie Tesene

      Good Morning – Connie here.
      Here are our Instagram account names.
      Mary- etheringtonmary
      Connie – royconnie.tesene
      HOWEVER – if you just search Mary Etherington. Or
      Connie Tesene our accounts will show up. I hope that helps.

    2. Connie Tesene

      Hi Kim
      Connie here.
      Mary- etheringtonmary
      Connie- royconnie.tesene
      I hope that helps. You can also search our names
      Mary Etherington- Connie Tesene

  10. Mary Says Sew!

    Beautiful! My book arrived Tuesday, and I’ve been through it at least half a dozen times already.

    I love the combination of colors and prints in “Sea Glass”. I wasn’t a fan of teal and aqua until a few years ago. I struggle to get this look, but I’m not giving up trying.

    I love the term, “sour green”! Beats the descriptor I used: vomit green. It’s one of my favorite colors.

    I’m so glad you and Connie continue make and share your quilts and patterns with us!

  11. Connie Tesene

    Good Morning – Connie here.
    Here are our Instagram account names.
    Mary- etheringtonmary
    Connie – royconnie.tesene
    HOWEVER – if you just search Mary Etherington. Or
    Connie Tesene our accounts will show up. I hope that helps.


    You both are amazing at putting fabrics together. I absolutely love the aqua/green/orange/grey
    combination. Thanks for so many beautiful ideas!

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