A Big Win! 4-6-24

It’s taken me this long to get ahold of myself to write this post. Iowa won last night 69-71 after a questionable last second call that I didn’t really understand. All day today explanations were given online about a “moving screen” which is what happened. Iowa plays South Carolina tomorrow at 2 CST for the national title. During these close games I sweep my floor and clean my sewing table – right now my floors are very tidy as well as my table. What will I do tomorrow?

It was so terribly windy here today I could not take pictures. Is this wind somehow connected to the eclipse?


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  1. Sally

    We have had strong gusting winds for over a week. Last month was the dust storm with 50-70 mph. We usually have wind at this time of year, but this seems exceptional even for the Vegas Valley.
    The foul on Gabbie was an illegal screen play. There are videos from another angle that shows the foul better. I love seeing Greta, what a sweetie. Go Hawks!!!

  2. Shirley Andersen Smith

    It was a great game Mary. Go iowa!!!
    Fingers, toes, legs crossed and ice tea chilling!
    Shirley from Oregon

  3. Kathy in western NY

    It was a tense few moments at the last few seconds but they won so we were happy for the team. It was worth being up late for us! Tomorrow we’ll watch at 3 but I have a machine set up to do some machine quilting I hope. We are in the path of totality Monday so looking forward to our wide open backyard to view it with sun chips and other snacks in hand. Today was sunny and in the 50’s, but will be 60 on eclipse day. I worked on my flower beds this afternoon to be outside for the fresh air.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I doubt we’ll get to see it because it’s supposed to be raining. And I don’t have any glasses – so then what?

      1. Kathy in western NY

        We got our glasses around Christmas time as they were being given out by businesses, town halls, libraries and museums. Some bought them at stores for $2. Once the eclipse is over, they are expecting our roads to be jammed up as we have 2 lane roads and not the big expressway roads like cities. It will need to be patience. Portable cameras are already set up at major intersections and drones will be flown by sheriffs for surveillance. Many of my friends are hosting out of town people as well as city hotels and air B and B’s booked up for stupid money per nite. We are just one city in its path so it has to be crazy in other places too.

        1. Jo in Wyoming

          I have pictures of the interstate highway after the eclipse in 2017….it’s unbelievable how many people make a special trip to see it. Capture the web cams if you can.

          1. Kathy in NY

            Jo, I’m surprised the number of universities that are studying this eclipse and sending students to different areas of the trail for research. What I have learned about this phenomenon. I’ll have to peak at all the web cams set up around as they are restricting cars just parking on sides of roads in my area due to first responders needing access. Plus the boaters in the lakes and fishing charters were booked up months ago so they have their work if it’s too chaotic.

  4. Diana in Des Moines

    I can’t stand to sit still during the games. I go into my sewing room, turn on the TV, turn off the sound and busy myself. This is my jinx buster. Been doing it all season and it works!

    Pouring rain in Des Moines right now.

    So excited for Sundays game, not sure I’ll be able to sleep!
    GO HAWKS!!!! 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

  5. Angie from Baltimore

    Get some ice tea put your feet up and enjoy the game. Yea right like you can sit still while the game is on. I try to think of something that would work but you are on your own just enjoy your ice tea.

  6. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central ohio

    Whew! It was not pretty, but they won!!😀😀. Too many poor passes so i hope they get calmed down for tomorrow!! I watched the last 10 minutes in bed with the sound off. Mt husband was sleeping! How? It was too exciting to sleep.!
    We’ll be watching tomorrow.🤞🤞🤞

  7. Martha W in WY

    I was worried the first half. It was not looking good…too many poor shots and too many turnovers. I hope they can settle their nerves. We’ve had 80+ mph winds today. They are supposed to continue through tomorrow. There have been many trees uprooted around town. I hope I can sleep tonight.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – only 45-50 winds here – I cannot imagine 80+. We are prisoners in our house just as much as if it were a snowstorm. I have to take the dogs to the barn or even haymow to bathroom. I hate it! And I’m very nervous about South Carolina – I don’t know how I’ll be able to watch.. how can they play???? I would think they’d be so nervous!!!

  8. Diane in Colorado

    I am in Estes Park this evening . It has been horribly, horribly windy here today. There are huge trees right outside the cabin that are swaying like I’ve never seen them sway before. There are predictions of power outages due to downed trees and lines. We are really fortunate out here that a majority of our lines are buried. Skyler was even nervous when I took her outside. Praying for calming winds!

  9. Gail in Ohio

    I watched the last part of the game – couldn’t stop watching, what a nail-biter!!! We’ll be rooting for Iowa tomorrow. The Purdue men won today and are in the finals – nice to have the Big Ten represented in both finals!!!
    Congrats and good luck tomorrow!!

  10. Charlotte in No. California

    That was a great game last night. I was really worried the first half but they pulled it off. I think I might have to sneak out of church early since it starts at noon here. Go Hawks!!!

  11. Pat Smith

    The Iowa game was a nail bitter for sure. So many turnovers in the first half, but they seemed to have calmed down during half time. I didn’t realize there was a controversy at the end of the game—I was so tired and it was so late I just went to bed. We are off in the RV today, so I hope we get to the destination to see the final game at 3. Terribly windy here in FL too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – hope you get there in time for the game or at least the second half. What’s with this wind????

  12. Donna Jo

    I didn’t understand the call either but watched different clips and it looked like a fair call. We do have a bottle of champagne chilling for Iowa’s big win! SC has some very tall women and are undefeated. It’s going to be a tough game. Plus I have the lunch bet with my BIL on the line! I sit on the couch, glued to the tv! How you are sweeping and cleaning is beyond me Mary.☺️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – after watching many clips of that play I also think it was a fair call and should have been called like it was. South Carolina has not lost since Iowa beat them in the tournament last year. Talk about a revenge game!!! I just can’t sit and watch – I want Iowa to win too badly.

  13. Marcia-SW Ohio

    Been busy doing project cutting for a retreat weekend. I do simple quick projects that do not need a lot of concentration. I can then talk and stop projects easily. I have a quilt for a grad to finish by May 25. It is half done-EEKS!

    I will be watching or at least listening to the game. Granddaughter may or may not have soccer today depending on field conditions. Yesterday’s game was cancelled due to a wet field.

  14. Cheryl

    I looked for your comments yesterday. You must be very proud of This Iowa team and I know how much you enjoy watching. Enjoy the final game….whats next?

  15. NancyTD

    Was a good game and a 2 point win! Hope they can calm down and win today.
    The glasses were at HyVee and Menards. It will be clouds and rain here. Bought a pair just in case we could see it.
    Enjoy the game!

  16. Jan Hebert

    It was an awesome game! A nail biter, for sure! We weren’t sure about the “moving screen” call but, like you, decided it was a fair call after watching the replay clips. The call that I didn’t think was fair was the shot that Marshall took – I believe that should have been a 3 pointer, not a two. She pulled her foot back before taking the shot! Imagine if UConn won by one point? We’ve been having bad weather here too. Luckily, ours was just a heavy rain event but my daughter in NH was without power for two nights and three days. She was so worried about the birds (conures) that they own. Had to boil water on their grill outside and fill bottles to put in the bottom of the cage every four hours, around the clock. And just when she gave up and bought a generator, the power came back on! We all knew that would happen, right? But now they are ready for the next storm. The really sad thing is the trees that are down, everywhere in NH and Maine. So sad. And our other daughter, in Scituate, MA, had extreme wind – the ocean was wild! I will try to send a photo to you, Mary, that her professional photographer took of the waves crashing into the sea wall at the end of her street. Amazing! Can’t wait for the game! Jan in MA

    1. Rhoda Ebersole

      Jan my nephew and niece in law live in Sitchuate MA and I never heard of it before they moved there from Boston with 3 youngsters

  17. Sharon F

    I was sad to see NC State, both women and men’s teams, lose their games. But they weren’t expected to get as far as the Final Four anyway, so I think they had successful seasons.

    Good luck to your Iowa girls in the final.

  18. Ann in PA

    I was getting worried about you when you didn’t post yesterday! That game didn’t start until 9:30 here in PA, and BOY was it nerve wracking! Kept me awake! They just couldn’t get going if the first half -Caitlin was pretty much shut down and when she was able to take a shot, she missed. They fought their way back in the second half for the win! Of course, UCONN fans weren’t happy with that call, but it was proven to be a fair call. Poor Kate Martin took a bad shot to her nose but she, Gabbie and the others, especially Hannah rose to the occasion to help them win. I sure hope they can hang in there and win today. They are such classy young women and wonderful team players! Great role models for young girls.
    From the comments it seems that everyone is experiencing high winds. We are in the 50’s but the wind makes it miserable to enjoy the outdoors. Good day to be in watching March Madness! GO IOWA! xxoo

  19. Rhoda Ebersole

    That game had things happen the refs never called and the last call was because the other team’s player had her arms akimbo as if to block the IA player and that is a no- no. Their coach was totally upset about it.

    It was a hard game to watch. Hope today’s is better.

  20. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Rooting for Iowa all the way!! Glad to see the Big Ten represented also with Purdue in the finals!! Best March Madness ever. Will be glued to my seat!
    Have a great day, Mary. Thank you for bringing women’s basketball to my attention this year! I love college sports. My granddaughter is a varsity high school softball player and I enjoy supporting her.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – my high school softball team won the state title a couple times and I know how exciting it will be! The game today is nerve wracking as well as exciting!

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    The wind has been horrible. Last night the news reported 90 mph gust!
    I saw where Rapid City was having a lot of snow with this wind. I hope Betty is ok up there.
    I don’t have any cable or streaming services to watch the games, so I depend on you, Mary, to report on Iowa girls. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  22. Janet S

    The last eclipse here, we used a welding mask to look through. It worked fine.

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