Loss, 4-7-24

Iowa lost to South Carolina this afternoon in the National Championship in a game that started out going in Iowa’s way but fell apart in the second quarter. It was very hard for me to watch – in fact I watched from my chair and turned off the sound for awhile. But it was a loss nevertheless and if I’m sad, just think of how those girls must feel.

How Caitlin could remain composed and not break into tears is beyond me, with cameras on her all the way to the locker room.

So my basketball obsession is over until next season when I’ll watch again – but something will be missing, won’t it?

Better see if my sewing machine still works.

50 thoughts on “Loss, 4-7-24

  1. Meylonie

    It was sad to see them lose but what a season those girls had! It was a joy to watch them! And second in the country is nothing to be ashamed of. I didn’t mind the loss as much this year as last year to LSU

  2. Sally

    We are sad here , too. Thank you for introducing us to Iowa Hawkeyes and Caitlin, Kate, Gabbie, Coach Bluder and the rest of the team. It was so exciting to follow along with you all. My dad, being born and raised in Iowa, would have loved it too.

  3. Ann in Virginia

    Please do not be sad. Catlin is the best in the world!
    She’s got a wonderful future ahead of her. I watched on the edge of my seat the whole time. And yes, it hurt me when they lost, but they are a very special team of girls. I’m proud of them.
    Thank you for sharing about Catlin. I became a fan because of you!!

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Caitlin was on fire the first half. Was a good game to watch. I think my take away is how each team has different defensive strategies. I didn’t like the hand waving in front of Caitlin’s face to mess up her view I guess. Iowa played well but up against a team who hadn’t lost yet. It was on at 3:00 here and I stayed glued to watching it so never made a pasta salad to go with cooking hot dogs outside so ended up ordering a pizza instead and have a cookout tomorrow night now after eclipse gathering.

  5. Gail in Ohio

    It was a great season and a great game – the future is bright for those women!!!

  6. Jan Hebert

    Incredible game, so sorry that they lost but such a great effort! South Carolina is truly amazing. Caitlin can hold her head high, she and her teammates have changed the game of women’s basketball! So many viewers! Wow. Loved watching them and I probably never would have had you not been so excited about their playing! Thanks, Mary! Jan in MA

  7. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    I couldn’t sit down so I made a French Toast casserole and an egg casserole to serve tomorrow AM to the Guild committee who will help work out a budget for the grant we received for our quilt missions. It was a hard loss, but they played their hardest and have made such an impact on women’s sports. They can hold their heads high for all they have accomplished! We are hoping the Big Ten Purdue men will win tomorrow. We will watch the Eclipse tomorrow.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Congratulations Diane on the grant given to your quilt guild for missions! It’s so hard now picking the organizations you will provide warmth to as many need that to recover.
      We talked at church yesterday about this as we have a motto “the church has left the building” on buttons. It’s not just about us. So many in our community we help between refugees, veteran homes, women’s homeless shelter, food pantry, children’s foster care and free clothing but thankful we share our skills and extra funds. Good luck with your meeting on decisions.

    2. Joy in NW Iowa

      Diane could you share your French toast casserole recipe? I would love to make that when my kids come from Michigan! Thanks

  8. Dianna in Wisconsin

    We are watching the repeat with the media. What a humble young woman. The country should all be proud of the Iowa team.
    The members of the team and the coaches should be so proud. We should all look up to the members of the team.

    Congratulations on the success you have had and the grace that you show when you don’t win.
    I’m impressed and I’m thankful for young women that will lead our country in some way.

  9. Sheila in WI

    While I too wish that Iowa would have won, they lost to a very good team. SC was undefeated this season for a reason. Most of all I love the impact these two teams have made on women’s basketball. Young girls were shown what teamwork looks like. You can have a star on your team, but you still need teamwork. Both teams beautifully demonstrated this.

  10. San

    Sorry your team didn’t win Mary. I just got done watching the highlights. Those gals on the South Carolina team had some amazing defensive moves didn’t they. What a great group of athletes!

  11. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    We were also sorry for the loss, but they have made the state of Iowa proud, and have put them on the map. You would be surprised when people in other states do not know where Iowa is. I thought Hannah did an outstanding job. Hers was very difficult having to defend a 6’7″ center. And Gabbie, I have loved her from the very first time I saw her play. Such a great defensive player. And what can we say about Caitlyn but “Wow”. Yes, that hand in her face was frustrating to her I am sure, but she didn’t over react. Being second in the nation is nothing to be ashamed. We will miss those senior girls next year, but there are some good players coming up, too. We wish all of them the very best.

  12. Linda Burrage

    I too am a huge Womens Basketball and a die hard Hawkeye I go into a little depression when March Madness is over and before football starts I guess I better get to sewing also

  13. Donna Jo

    Yes it was a sad loss. That first quarter was incredible but SC battled back. Iowa still should be proud of all they accomplished this year. Iowa also is humble and all the girls are well spoken. Thanks Mary for getting me watching Iowa, I then got my husband, BIL and sister watching. I do owe my BIL lunch next week. He had picked SC.

  14. Pat in AZ

    What a heartbreaking game but the Iowa ladies can hold their heads up high. They had a great season

  15. Cindy K

    That was a hard fought game and Iowa should be proud of all of their accomplishments. And one thing Caitlyn didn’t lose was her record. That’s going to be tough for any other player to beat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy k – I, too, thought about all the records she set which will stand for a long time. Those records will be something for young girls to work towards.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    I am not a sports fan, but 2nd in the country is nothing to be sorry about. I just can’t believe all the emotional and physical pressure put on all the teams. That has to be lot to handle, plus the criticism from all the people in the world. Just surviving and doint their best is a great accomplishment.

    In the rest of the world, we are getting rain and snow. And it is desperately needed as there is a big fire on the Pineridge Reservation. So far it has been away from homes and this moisture will be welcome. We have been in extreme fire danger from the wind and dry conditions.

    In the meantime, take care everybody.
    Betty in Rapid City

  17. Donna Sproston

    Yes, we are disappointed but what a ride it has been! We can be so proud of this incredible group of young women who bonded together, drew tremendous crowds, and inspired future generations. In these times when we find much to disagree about, they brought us together.

  18. Carol

    We will all find a new player to watch. I live near Indianapolis so I will get to continue to watch. Purdue men are still in the dance. Get this: schools are closed tomorrow for the eclipse and school will start with a two hour delay because of the lateness of the game start. Only in Indiana!

  19. Susan

    I feel your pain, Mary. I listened to the game while long arming a customer quilt for a show! I had to stop and watch every now and again when the announcers went crazy. I sat for the last five minutes, but knew it was over. Oh well, life goes on, Caitlin will still be the best player with a bright future ahead, and my customer quilt is done! Maybe Hazel will give you a break and stay out of the mud for a day or so…
    Susan from GA

  20. Charlotte in No. California

    Thank you Mary for introducing me to the Iowa girls’ basketball team. They were awesome! That was a tough loss today. I missed the 1st quarter because of church and then I watched the game on mute. I don’t know why ESPN had those announcers’ pictures on the screen. I wanted to see the game not them.
    Caitlin is definitely a class act!! The team should be very proud of what they accomplished. It seems like the whole country was wanting Iowa to win.

  21. Agatha

    It was a very sad game and I am sorry they couldn’t get pull it together in the second half. They all played so hard and you could tell they were tired. But Caitlin will go on to pro and play for Indiana so will see more of her for sure. So try and not to be too sad. Love all you stories about nothing!

  22. Dorothy

    I was away from home, sewing with friends and no TV 🙁 so had to keep checking the phone for updates 🙁
    Good thing we have our quilting to keep us going when teams upset us 🙂 And Iowa is a great team, and they have some up and coming stars to keep us interested next year.
    BYW, I’m in W WA

  23. Charlotte

    God gives us what we need and so sometimes not what we want. Caitlin (and you!) turned us all to the wonder of this magnificent team and of course a very fine player and leader—Caitlin, who showed the world how to be gracious winning—and losing. And the sports world and the whole world needs to see both.

  24. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes Caitlin handlled the loss with so much grace – much more than I would have had . That hand waving in her face got very old I thought.
    Thank you Mary for introducing Kaitlin and the team to me and my daughter graduated from Iowa.
    I felt very sorry for Kaitlin’s dad who would like to have seen her win.
    And their Coach was a winner too.

    The envelope is coming with all the newspaper articles and all about the betting “ handle”. But I do not bet😀!!!!

    Quilting is a very sure thing and a wonderful hobby.

  25. patti

    Caitlin didn’t break down BECAUSE she is a class act. it is part of sportsmanship and being a good loser. i am sure she was very sad, but her life is not over. she did a ton for women’s collegiate basketball. look at all the new converts to women’s basketball. i saw the last ten minues of the game and her interview. she is a stand-up athlete. i have been quiet because i received bad news about my oxygen. situation is not fixed yet but we are working on it. i have been an emotional wreck. i will return as soon as i can. keep on quilting everyone. that is what is saving my sanity right now. patti in florida

    1. Connie R.

      Patti: Thinking of you and praying everything goes well. Sewing can be such a good outlet. Take care.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I’m so sorry to hear things are not going well for you – since the basketball games are over I’m now going to throw myself into sewing.

  26. Sue in Oregon

    AWW–Mary! I feel bad for you, for Iowa and for Caitlin and her team. So hard to take when they had such a terrific season. They did have a great year, though, even if they are second. They have much to be proud of.
    Sew on, friend.

  27. Candy

    South Carolina was definitely the bigger, more aggressive team today. It wasn’t the finish Iowa hoped for, but they can be proud of their season and their team. I’m sure Caitlin will go on to bigger and better things. And we’ll go on to make more quilts … yay!

  28. Kim from Wisconsin

    We watched the game and what a fight to the finish. Iowa was giving its all. I’m sorry they lost.
    Back to quilting and some yard work at our daughters home.

  29. Tama

    It was a tough loss to watch but her legacy will live on with all the inspiration she has provided to young girls and women everywhere.

  30. Janet S

    Let us not forget the remaining Iowa players who all played their hearts out. Hannah Stuelke was absolutely exceptional and I think she got all the baskets in the first quarter. So. Carolina has players 6’4″ and 6’7″ who are very aggressive. Another feather in Iowa’s cap was watching the crowd that must have been 30 feet deep cheering on Iowa as the players were entering the stadium. South Carolina won the game but no one can possibly take away the attention the Hawkeyes have brought to women’s basketball, thanks to Cairlin Clark and her record breaking performances.
    Mary, See if your sewing machine still works – too funny. Thank you for letting us all know about basketball. Loved it all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – your comments are spot on – I’ve so enjoyed basketball and Caitlin Clark the past few seasons. I’ll miss all that excitement and fun and looking forward to each game. I’ll have to find something else in tv I can get obsessed with but what will that be? After tonight’s men’s game I’ll be depressed – March Madness is over for another year and without Caitlin it’s over forever. Yes, my machine started right up last night!

  31. Ann in PA

    What a fantastic run. It was heartbreaking to watch Iowa fall behind in the second half. Caitlin, Kate, Hannah, Gabbie and the rest played hard but unfortunately missed shots, had blocked shots, and just couldn’t get ahead of those SC players in the end. SC were huge and almost impossible to box out. Poor Caitlin had those hands in her face almost the entire time but still scored 30 points. (71 points in her last 2 games!). SC was undefeated for a reason and their coach, Dawn Staley had wonderful things to say about Caitlin. In turn Caitlin was humble and exceptional in her interview – she expressed her respect for Dawn Staley – all are great role models for young girls. As someone else mentioned, I was also disappointed with ESPN & yappy announcers taking up screen space during the game. Fortunately saw that ABC had the game full screen and the announcers weren’t as annoying. lol I especially like that both Caitlin and Coach Staley are women of God, another reason they are good role models. Well, today is the Eclipse and tonight, Men’s March Madness …nothing will compare with Women’s March Madness! Thank you, Mary for pulling us into an exciting time for women in sports. xxoo

  32. Jeanie S, Central IL

    So sorry Iowa lost yesterday. However, that team is a class act and did wonders for women’s sports.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  33. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    I think it was a great game to watch. Iowa played their hearts out. Difficult team to beat for sure. Rooting for Purdue tonight. I had to clean during the game, too as Iowa slipped behind. I am grateful to be aware of the game and grateful it was on ABC. Hoping it doesn’t get too cloudy here in western Ohio to view the eclipse.

  34. Tanya T. in Houston

    We were with you. What a game! So sorry it did not go Iowa’s way this time. You win a few. You lose a few. You have to suit out for them all. This one stings though…at least we didn’t have to fly LSU!!!

  35. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary- you made all of us into women’s basketball fans, if only for a while. Our entire family has been watching the games, including yesterday. We were celebrating Easter yesterday with extended family and the game was on during all the activities. My DIL and my sisters DIL are both physical ed teachers and coaches and they were very into the game. We were all so sad about the loss, and I can just imagine how Caitlin and her teammates are feeling. I thought if you often during the game and wondered if you would be cleaning, pacing, or what. Here’s to a great season and to a fantastic cheerleader!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jackie – I feel so bad for THEM! Think how sad and disappointed they must be – not just Caitlin but the whole team. They have played so hard and so well, it just doesn’t seem right that they should be so let down now. I am just sick for them. They’re just young women – and they have given their all to the U of Iowa.

  36. Viv in Idaho

    I seldom watch sports with my husband but I did watch this game. None of those young women have anything to be sad about. What great team efforts on both sides!! What a fantastic future they all have.

  37. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    This comment is late but hope you see it.
    The Iowa team was just great all season. They can be so proud of themselves. I could not imagine the scrutiny and pressure they’ve been under all season. Thank you so much for getting me interested in the women’s games and tournament. It was so much better than the men’s tournament this year. I was rooting for Purdue but they just couldn’t beat UConn last night. I’m going to miss women’s basketball now! I am looking forward to the draft and I bet this year is the most exciting and interesting women’s draft ever.
    Caitlin, the coach and the other women on the Iowa team have done so much for women’s basketball this year. Thanks again for sparking my interest.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – yes, the Iowa team has reinvented women’s basketball, haven’t they? I have had so much fun watching the games this season and so glad I could interest many of my blog readers, too. I haven’t watched a WNBA game in my life but I’ll be watching now, won’t I? Haha! I think those girls are pretty special and I think Coach Bluder needs a pay raise.

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