A Busy Friday, 2-7-20

Not being able to bend knees means it’s really hard to trim toenails so I made an appointment at a salon in Algona for a pedicure which was yesterday morning. It was snowing lightly but I watched the traffic on the highway before I left and it was moving at a regular speed. When I left and headed west 30 miles, the highway was clear and just wet but as I went further, it started snowing more and the wind was blowing it across the road from north to south and it was sticking on the road in the westbound lane. For those of you who don’t have weather like ours, here’s the deal.

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When the weather is very cold, the pavement is not wet so the snow doesn’t stick to it. When it warms up into the 30’s and the wind blows, snow sticks to the wet pavement as it blows across the road making the road extremely slick. So even though the day looks pleasant, the roads can really surprise you if the wind is blowing. I have to say we don’t get many feet of snow in North Iowa but what we do get, stays here until spring.

Well, on with my story. I kept going because an appointment at a salon for whatever reason simply cannot be missed! Ha! I had what was probably the nicest pedicure I’ve ever had – oh, my feet felt so much better! But since it was still snowing I decided not to wait until the polish was completely dry and I wanted to get back on the road. So out to the car with disposable flip flops I went – with cane in hand! Brrrr…. my toes got pretty cold until the car warmed up.

On the way home the sticking snow had extended into the eastbound lane and it was a very cautious drive home. Speed will put you in the ditch before you know it!

And last night was the first night that Little Women started at the local theater.

This was our mom’s favorite book – I still have her copy.

I remember her urging – wanting -me to read this when I was a kid and I just didn’t want to so seeing the movie was of paramount importance ….. or I never would have driven to town after dark and tried to sit for 2-1/2 hours in a theater seat. It became a combination of entertainment and torture to sit that long even though I got up, walked, stood in the doorway, etc. I considered leaving but I really wanted to see the ending. So I hope Mom knows I stayed till the end – it was very good but I had trouble determining which was current day and which was flashback. I know now that Mom, being in the birth order between two brothers, saw herself as Jo because she had five sisters and those two brothers she hung out with. Is it any wonder she was a good ball player?

So that was my very busy day yesterday. Parts of North Iowa are under a winter storm warning from midnight tonight until tomorrow at 6 pm. Heavy snow and high winds are forecast.

Remember those oats I was growing for the chickens? Well, I haven’t gotten them to the barn yet and I just knew the cats would love to chew on them. Here’s Deano having a bite!

Here’s another picture of Deano taken from my chair – I’ve never paid much attention to him before but he is one of the nicest cats I have – and he has decided he LOVES me! If I’m in the chair, he’s on my lap. Just a very sweet personality.

And now a surprise project! I had intended to make these for all my friends for Christmas but I just ran out of steam and stopped. It’s a log cabin eyeglass case!

Here’s the one I made back in the late 80’s – recognize the fabrics? And that telltale bow in the corner? Haha! So typical.

Here’s what I got done – only 4.

I will get all the directions prepared and post it tomorrow and title it Log Cabin Eyeglass Case so it will be easily found in the future. If it really interests you, might I suggest you print it out so I won’t have to search the next time someone wants it? Or mark the post in some way – please.

So until tomorrow –

55 thoughts on “A Busy Friday, 2-7-20

  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I know you had said you were of Swedish ancestory. My MIL was too, she was a Johnson, born in Swedesburg, IA, the daughter of a Lutheran Pastor. Her sister married a Johnson in Altona, IL; making her a double Johnson (which we only just learned wasn’t that unusual in that Swedish farming community (mainly Lutherans) where there were other double Johnsons and Swansons!) Just seeing your mother’s name in the book reminded me of my husband’s precious mother (Little Women was her favorite book too!) and all her wonderful stories of her Swedish ancestory and of her father conducting Christmas services in both Swedish and English. We still carry on the Lutheran tradition, however we have shifted to a much more traditional and Bible-based denomination within the Lutheran faith.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs.Goodneedle – we have Swanson relatives, too. My Anderson mother married a Danish Larson, my maiden name. The Anderson family started the Baptist church in the area. I gave Mom a journal one year for Christmas and asked her to write down some of her memories from childhood – some of the stories are pretty funny! Maybe I should put one on the blog now and then. I’ll think about that.

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I hate to drive in the snow and wind, I used to do it, until five years ago. I absolutely get very nervous. I can’t believe that you didn’t even had proper shoes. But I am glad you are able to do more things.

    I like the eyeglasses case, such narrow logs and your kitty is so cute!

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    To finish the above……..Freddy can open doors so David has to lock the door to keep him out. Cats so often pick the person who is not crazy about them. Glad you made it home safely. It doesn’t matter how good a driver we are ice is not to be messed with. Sorry about the accident above, not finishing it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – that Freddy is one talented cat to be able to open the doors!!! Tell David he should feel lucky to have a creature love him that much!

  4. Anonymous

    We have a black cat, Freddy that is like the one Freda has. My husband would be happy not to have cats because of the shedding but Freddy is a velco cat for sure. He sits on my husbands lap when we watch TV and like Freda’s kitty he cries when my husband go to the garage or into the bedroom. Freddy is smart enough to open the door so

  5. Beryl BC

    Louisa May Alcott was a popular writer for our mother’s generation. It was “Little Men” that my mother encouraged me to read; she even bought me a copy for Christmas one year. So, yes, I read it. I also have her old copy of “Jo’s Boys;” I’ve not read it. I’m not sure that I ever read Little Women, but have seen the older versions of the movie.

    I do recognize one of those older fabrics. I still have some in my scraps, so probably need to get it used up.

    I’d much rather drive in those cold dry snows you talk about, than the low 30’s snows or freezing rain. We had some of the freezing rain Thursday night which caused some slow driving Friday am.

  6. Mary G in TN

    Glad your pedicure was worth the drive. Been on that road lots of times since Algona is close to my hometown. Was glad to get out of ice & snow but now we have black ice in TN. Hope you share the log cabin eye glass holder pattern. It’s so adorable. Make nice gifts!
    Glad are doing so well, Mary! Know you’ve worked hard at it.

  7. Sue in Marion, IN

    Glad you got home safely! We have a winter weather advisory for northern Indiana today…the remains of your storm. Only 1-2” expected but I’ve been sick so I’m not going out.

    Love the eyeglass cases! I think I’ll make some. And Lordy. Yes, I had those fabrics! I made a dress from the black floral that is the second horizontal fabric from the center and the tan floral that is second from the left. I loved that dress! I’m sure I still have scraps!

  8. Penny C Maryland

    Deano is beautiful and had striking eyes!! My husband and I have both had health issued this winter and living in a rural area the many Drs visits to specialists are 2 hours plus each way. So we are very lucky to have had a mild winter here in Va! Not a flake of snow, just lots of rain lately!

    Excited for the log cabin eyeglass case pattern. Log cabin is my favorite block!!

  9. Diane in Maryland

    I love the eyeglass cases! Only 4 in one afternoon?.. You are amazing; would have taken me all afternoon to decide on what fabrics, what goes with what, etc. ! One of our cats is all black too. The other a tuxedo Manx. Both were strays/feral and now house cats. Each night they are both velcro’d to my husband as he lies in his recliner watching tv. I can’t wait to show him the comment about Blackie being a Bombay. I told him that is what KitKat is and he laughed saying he doesn’t believe two “special” cats – a Manx and a Bombay – made their way thru the woods to our house. Yep – they did cause they are special in so many ways! haha

  10. Paula Philpot

    I love the eyeglass case. Thanks for sharing. I have not posted much lately but I have been reading your posts. I have been down with the flu for at least 10 days and I want you to know it is the worst I have ever had. No energy. No, I did not take the shot. I had not been sick the last two winters but it got me this time. Yesterday on day 13 I finally felt like mopping the kitchen and great room. During that time I pulled out your Goat Gazette Cookbook and enjoyed looking thru it. If you have any extras you might want to post them for sale. I bet you could sale a lot. So glad you are feeling better and have this behind you. I look so forward to your column every day. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula P – We are all so sorry you’ve been so sick – I pray I don’t get it or anything similar. I did not get the flu shot but I’m never out in public so never exposed to flu germs, thank goodness! Take care of yourself and keep reading and commenting when you can. Maybe you have enough energy to make an eyeglass case.

  11. Valerie Boudier

    I had one of those fabrics in your original glasses case, may still have a little among my scraps

  12. Lynette W

    I live in a Florida, so driving in the snow is something that scares me! My son is in Colorado and I won’t even drive there if there’s snow or it’s snowing. The up side is it feels SO GOOD after a pedicure! Love the log cabin eyeglass case – can’t wait to give them a try!

  13. Susan

    Glad you got home safely from your pedicure. But, aren’t they wonderful? I love getting them, too.
    I actually got my husband to go with me to see Little Women. I loved it. At the end of the movie he said there wasn’t one explosion, not one fight scene … but, it was pretty good!
    Deano is a beautiful cat. We have a pure white cat named Casper. Ever since we got her, my daughter has wanted to get a black cat and name it Boo! I don’t think Casper would tolerate that at this point. She’s been an only cat for four years! She does live with Lady, our little beagle. They are the best of friends!
    Really looking forward to the eyeglass case directions. I will print them out, put it with all my other printed out patterns and hopefully get a couple made. At least one for myself!
    Thanks for this blog. I do enjoy it!

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Glad home safe. Haven’t seen movie but on list to see, several of new releases sound good to me. My snow is completely gone & was a windy 64 today, supposed to be 68 tomorrow. Have dental appointment Monday that got cancelled Wednesday due to snow & ice.
    Love the eye case & looks like great project for Lords Acre sale this fall plus gifts.
    Started on hand project of appliqué circles (3 inch) onto squares…hopefully will a dent into scrapes … don’t know yet if will be quilt, lap throw, or bed rug..maybe table runner.. will have to see how wrist & my attention span hold up. Got 6 blocks done tonight while watched (listened) to TV before hand got numb.
    You Delano has such a sweet face.
    Stay safe & keep warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – so nice that your snow is already gone and it’s almost 70 degrees!!

  15. Karen Boswell

    Just LOVE those eyeglass cases! Will make sure I get the print out the post with the instructions.
    Cringed when I thought about you maybe having to get out and walk around in flip flops in that cold weather! Glad you made it home safe and sound — did you then go and put your feet near something warm?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Boswell – our concrete floors have heat in them so I go barefoot a lot. My cold toes were warm in no time! Ha!

  16. Sue in Oregon

    I thought you were going to tell us that you went in the ditch with thin flip flops on your feet! So thankful that did not happen. And, then you went out again in that horrible weather. Oh, Mary…..Deano is trying to tell you something. Stay home until better weather comes along. Meow!

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    My significant daughter-in-law and I spend our birthdays together shoe shopping, lunch then pedicures. It’s the best time.
    I’m glad the kitty is keeping you company, just don’t let it upset Hazel!
    Stay warm and safe.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    I kinda had to chuckle to myself Mary as I visualized you with your pretty painted toes and those flat -thin -as- paper disposable flip flops walking to your car with frozen feet and and a cane. Nothing stops a desperate determined woman! But glad you got home safe and hopefully now cuddled with Deano keeping an eye on you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – you said it! I am that desperate determined woman!

  19. Mary McCarron

    Glad to hear you loved the pedicure With 2 knee replacements I treat myself to a pedicure every 5 weeks Love those fabrics in your eyeglass case Bet we all have one or two in our fabric collections

  20. Carol

    Hi Mary! I am so happy you aren’t in a ditch! I hope your pedicure stayed nice during your lovely ride home in the snow and ice! I just got a flip flop pedicure the other day and “my toes waz froze“ too! When I was young Little Women was my fav book…..I gave my daughter a copy and told her I loved it and hope she would too…I don’t think she ever read it🥴. Please take care and DON’T overdo so much ‼️

  21. Launa

    Mary, Glad I’m not the only one with LOTS OF SNOW! Some hiways were closed due to blowing snow and during the week some school closures as well. I’ve seen clips of the new Little Women. Had seen the older movie in my younger days and read the book.
    I just happen to have a leftover narrow strip court house step log cabin block so hope it will work for an eye glass case. I also was going thru cream fabrics yesterday for a new very scrappy project and noticed one piece was Country Threads!
    So happy you got home safely.

  22. Pam W.

    I thought we’d see a picture of your pretty toes, Mary! My Sugar looks a lot like your Deano, but she’s definitely not a lap cat. She’s getting a few white hairs on her chest. She’s a sweetie! Love the eye glass cases! Thanks for sharing the directions. Sounds like Little Women was confusing. I haven’t seen the new movie, but liked the old version and loved the book. I have my mother’s Pollyanna and treasure it. Happy healing!

  23. Teresa

    I’ve been to the salon in Algona, nice place. I don’t think I’ve ever read, Little Women, so probably should one day, it is an American Classic. Love the eye glasses cases!

  24. Paula Walker

    I am so glad you were able to have your pedicure!! I am glad you gave yourself that treat. I watched Little Women with my 32 year old daughter. We both enjoyed it. It made me want to go back and reread the book. Stay warm this week, you may need to add an extra quilt to your bed by Thursday night.

    Paula from Texas

  25. Sunflower from Michigan

    I really like the eyeglass cases. Beautiful work and I am looking forward to the pattern too.
    I have five sisters and 2 brothers like your mom did, too. We played a lot of baseball growing up and we girls were as good as the boys too. We grew up on a dairy farm and had a really big yard. we played so much ball, we wore the base path down to the dirt. When you looked out our front windows, you could see a very distinct diamond pattern. Our dad played a lot with us, and was the “all time pitcher” so we kids rotated all other positions. Hitting the ball into the cornfield was an automatic double and everyone would help find the ball so we could keep playing. Any ball hit to the road was a homerun. We had so many bats, balls and gloves and always had lots of neighbor kids ride their bikes over to play ball. Those are great memories, thanks for helping me remember them! Have a great rest of the weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower from Michigan – gosh, that almost sounds like some of Mom’s stories! When she was a young country schoolteacher, she also played ball with the kids and those same “kids”, maybe 60-70 years later, would still talk about playing ball with Miss Anderson. Sweet!

  26. Denise

    Nice to hear you are able to venture out again.

    Love the eyeglass case.

    Thank you

    Always enjoy your blog.

  27. Mary Roen

    Living in Wisconsin I could just picture your driving conditions and with two tender knees. I’m glad your angel was on your shoulder.

  28. LaNan Eldridge

    Winter in Iowa or Minnesota can be an adventure in a matter of minutes!! But I did enjoy the blizzard a few weeks back as I was at a quilt retreat…what could be better than that! Looking forward to your eye glass case pattern! Thanks !

  29. Shirley Mord

    We have the same type of road conditions here In millerville, mn. Caution driving. Will be looking for the pattern for the eye class holder. I need one

  30. Karen Gaither

    I am glad you made it home from pedicure safely! I get pedicure the day before surgery and then before going back to work.
    I would not have gone out in snow to movie at night, did Rick think you were crazy to go? Did Beckybgo with you?
    Deano is beautiful! I love his eyes.

  31. Kate

    My mother’s Little Women book looks exactly like yours. I’m ashamed to say it’s a book of hers I’ve never read. I keep telling myself I must do it. Thank goodness for pedicures when we can’t do our own toes!

  32. Donna - St. Paul

    Mary: Deano is a real cutie. He looks young for some reason. I also have a black cat but he’s a senior and seems to be aging quickly. No issues other than he eats so little so it’s hard to get his two thyroid pills in him in his wet food. He does like to snuggle if I’m horizontal reading (which I’ve done much lately). I would like to see Little Women but have yet to go to it. I’m sure you’ll be happy when you’re knee is completely healed & you can get around.
    Being in St Paul we’re awaiting snow in the morning & all day I think. Our church annual meeting is tomorrow so I’ve made muffins & an egg dish in the morning. Many are making egg bakes & muffins but with the snow….will many venture out?
    I’m less than 2 miles from my church which is nice. Our pastor has influenza so I need to go in early to cut a check for substitute minister. Take care Mary. I don’t always comment but enjoy your posts. Greetings from “naughty” Henry and me too 😉

  33. Freda from AL

    About Black CATS: I saw some INFO about Black cats & Bombay cats in particular on TV. Many black cats are “Velcro” Cats” ! We have a Large black Polydactyl that was a stray. Blackie adopted William & he has to lie ‘On’ or ‘Next To’ Wm. on the bed or in his chair. A “Velcro” kitty is just what our Blackie is! He must have that Bombay ‘Velcro Gene’. Maybe, your Deano does too. When William leaves the house. Blackie cries at the bedroom door. I have to put him in the ‘window seat’ so he can watch for William to come home! William says “Blackie just loves me so!” I say, “Blackie loves Blackie!” (“And you too!”) He is a Big Beautiful Cat. We have four Beautiful Strays that adopted us! I think each one escaped from the “winners circle at a cat show”! “They make our House a Home!”

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Freda from AL – oh what a wonderful story about Blackie! I think you might have told me about Blackie before? I remember that he loved your husband so much! I have another black cat named BC for Barn Cat because that’s where he turned up. As soon as spring arrive he became HC, House Cat, because he found out where I went each day – Haha! Actually his name is still BC but he’s not nearly such a Velcro cat as Deano.

  34. Debbie B

    I agree with you about the Little Women movie. I had a hard time following with all the switching back and forth in time. Overall though, I enjoyed the movie. Your eyeglass cases are so cute. I never thought of doing that. I love anything featuring Log Cabin. Take care and stay warm.

  35. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, Mary. You were on an east-west road and the wind would have really be blowing the snow across the road. Glad you made it home alright as it would have been awful if you had an accident. All you could have done was stay in the car. The map says it is 32 miles to Algona. How far is it to Mason City? That part of the map is in the crack and I can’t tell. I was wondering if Mason would be closer. At least your feet look good. My sister-in-law can’t see and can’t bend down to do her feet either. She went to the beauty school for a pedicure and was very disappointed.
    This afternoon I finished shoveling the sidewalks in time for it to snow starting tonight and all day tomorrow. More shoveling tomorrow. At least it wasn’t very cold and the wind wasn’t blowing hard.
    Glad you are safe at home curled up with the cats and ball games. Take care.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – it’s only 23 miles to Mason City but this salon came highly recommended. It just so happened that the roads were not good on my appointment day. Yes, we are waiting for the snow as well. And yes, we all know to stay in our car if we go in the ditch and to always have a cell phone , a blanket and have the gas tank filled. Hopefully I’ll never experience the ditch.

  36. Jan from TN

    Agree with the others………..so glad you arrived home safe & sound. And with flip-flops on? Yikes my feet are cold just thinking of it!
    Little Women has been playing at our theater for weeks. Not sure if it’s that popular in our rural area or the theater has nothing else to show yet. There are 10 screens at our theater so there are other movies to see. I haven’t seen it either.
    That black kitty is so cute. He’s become your protector apparently.
    Cute eyeglass cases made from a log cabin block. Hope you get to do more sewing this weekend. I hope to get back to it tomorrow afternoon! Yay!
    After 5-7″ of rain this week & then a dusting of snow yesterday, we had partial sunshine today & tomorrow & then starting Monday, they’re predicting another 3-5″ of rain! At least it’s not snow, but it’s so depressing. At least snow is usually pretty. Rain is ugly & everything is so soaked & muddy. Yuck!

  37. Janice Hebert

    Love the eyeglass cases! And I do recognize some of those fabrics, lol. Deano is just so pretty, I love black cats. You must treasure your mother’s copy of Little Women, I haven’t read the book but I’d like to. We are getting pretty good at following shows that go back and forth in time, we are watching The Man in the High Castle, Lots of time travel in that one! So glad that your drive to and from your pedicure were uneventful, driving in the icy weather is no fun, for sure. Full moon tonight, just beautiful here in MA! Jan in MA

  38. Diane Bauer

    Winter roads scare me even though I grew up in MN and learned to drive in the snow. I have never (Knock on wood) landed in the ditch, but Jenica has. I’ve had enough “OMG, hold your breath slides to know it’s super scary. Glad you made it home safely!!!

    Deano looks sweet—what beautiful eyes!!!!

    Love the eyeglass case! I’ll be watching for your directions! I had 20/20 eyesight until I turned 50. I was going back to school and glasses made sense. I just had my eyes checked for the first time in 5 years and only had a slight change. Not in a grand hurry to find new frames. I do appreciate being able to see!!

  39. Charlotte Shira

    Glad you made it home safe! I want to see Little Women. I’ve read the book years ago and have seen the old movie on TV. I love the eyeglass cases.
    Just thinking about your snow makes me cold!

  40. Judy L

    This is awesome! I need to make some things for the annual sale at our hobby show here in our AZ resort! Thanks, Mary

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy L – this would be great – easy and not cost really – all small strips!

  41. Dee Winter

    I too saw Little Women, it was good but the friends I went with also had a little trouble with the back and forth. One of my friends said she finally got it together by watching the hair length. And those kitties surprise us when we least expect it. Love knows no bounds. And yes, we are getting the uglies tonight and tomorrow.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee winter – me, too, with watching the hair length! I thought maybe it was my knee pain that made it hard for me to follow the storyline – I didn’t like that part at all. Yes, get ready for tomorrow!

  42. Donna Sproston

    Glad you made it home safely. I have not seen Little Women yet, but I have had some health glitches the last month, the least of which was my dry macular degeneration is now wet. Fortunately I caught it immediately and endured the first shot. That Deano is a handsome cat!

    I look forward to the eye glass case directions.

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