Book List, 2-7-20

I think my knees must be connected to my brain because I have completely forgotten about our book list! I am so sorry – can I still blame the anesthesia? Haha! Probably not. So send me the names of any good books you’ve read and I’ll gather them for about a week and then I’ll post them. More later.

43 thoughts on “Book List, 2-7-20

  1. Diane from TN

    Just finished Educated by Tara Westover. You are always so thoughtful in soliciting great books to read. Thank you

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Haven’t you heard about brain fuzz effects of anesthesia? They can really make it hard to think after having surgery. They aren’t fun and don’t go away in a day or so. My solution is to make notes, lists of notes, on things that need to be done. It works, sometimes!!
    In the meantime, have a good day! We’ve got snow with ice underneath…..

  3. Alice

    I just finished Where The Crawdads Sing. Very good book. Couldn’t get it from the library, but found it at for half the store price. They honored that price!

  4. Sandy

    My book club is reading Dune Boy by Edwin Way Teale. It’s about growing up in northern Indiana in the early 1900’s.

  5. Janet M.

    Two excellent books I read recently were: The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes and
    What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman. I recommend both of them.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    I recently bought Dear Edward by Ann Neapolito through a recommendation so looking forward to spending this winter evening with it.

  7. Marian Stever

    Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.
    Thank you for your tabulating, Mary. Get well quick!!

  8. debby

    I second or third ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’. I borrowed the book and passed it to a friend and she finished it in 2 days. We both enjoyed it and hope the author will write more like it.

  9. Joyce from NY

    Thank you for the book recommendations & I loved your pictures of Tillie. Very snowy day here in Upstate NY

  10. Jane Dumler

    Just finished “The Paris Dressmaker”—very good—based at the beginning of World War Two in Paris.
    Also am reading the “100 YearOld Man who Climbed Through the Window and Disappeared”—an easy read and a lot of subtle humor. Different than a lot of books out today. The author is Swedish!
    I read “Boys In A Boat” earlier and it is very good. Story about the 1936 Olympics.

  11. Diane and Squeak

    Britt-Marie was Here by Fredrik Backman. Laughed, cried—very good book😊. He also wrote A Man Called Ove.

  12. Catherine Riggleman

    Killer Instinct – James Patterson
    Someone We Know – Shari Lapena
    The Night Fire – Michael Connelly
    What Happens in Paradise – Elin Hilderbrand

  13. Margie from Ohio

    Hi Mary, Remember you had 2 surgeries so 2 anesthesia’s. Don’t be hard on yourself. You just take the time you need to get better. Sounds like each day you are improving. We appreciate any correspondence we get from you. You are just like family coming in for a chat when you send an email out to us. Take care.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Margie from Ohio – you are too kind! I feel like this is lasting forever.

  14. Lee

    Dear Mary, I finished “What the Wind Knows” by Pam Harmon. Beautifully written and takes place mostly in turn of the century Ireland. If you like time travel books you will love this one.
    All my friends are reading it. Lee

  15. Sue in Oregon

    Besides Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kegan I have read
    You Don’t Know Me—-a mystery by Nancy Bush
    The Lake Season—-Hannah McKinnon

    Where The Crawdad Sings is still my #1. I hope they make a movie about it, or maybe they already have.

  16. Kay Crandall

    My Name is Resolute by Nancy E Turner. She also wrote “These Is My Words” which is one of my all time favorites. “Ordinary Grace” by William Kent Krueger is WONDERFUL!

  17. Donna, Wis

    Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini
    Story of Mildred Fish marries Arvid Harnack…they met at UW-Wisconsin…she goes to live in his homeland of Germany at the time Adolf Hitler’s is raising in power. inspired by actual event, Unforgettable story of ordinary people determined to resist the rise of evil.

    The Oysterville Sewing Circle, by Susan Wiggs…my newest read

  18. Rosie Westerhold

    I LOVED American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. It is controversial for several reasons, it made me stop and think about many things. Unless we are Native American, ALL of our families were migrants or immigrants.

  19. Kate Schloemer

    The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson
    This is a awesome book.

  20. Sue H

    Glad you’re feeling more like your young self! Let’s hope the improvements continue.

    I recently read “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides and enjoyed it.

  21. Sherry Whalen

    I listened to ‘Once We Were Brothers’ by Ronald H Balson. It’s is about WW2 in Poland. I liked it a lot.

  22. Candy

    J.K. Rowling writes a series of books under the pen name Robert Galbraith. They’re based on a private investigator named Cormoran Strike. In order of publication they are: “The Cuckoo’s Calling”, “The Silkworm”, “Career of Evil”, and “Lethal White”. So far I’ve read the first three and enjoyed them all. Apparently there will be more in the series. Of course, you don’t have to read them all, nor in order … they’re each a stand-alone story.

  23. Liz Schrader

    I just read “Lone Wolf” by Jodi Picoult, very good. I have read most of her books. I read every morning with my wake-up coffee. Your knee surgery recovery is probably right on schedule. Take it slow. This week will be 3 years since I had the first knee done. Hang in there Mary!

  24. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I am reading “Secondhand”–travels in the new global garage sale, by Adam Minter. He tells about decluttering, Empty the Nest (people who come in and help you “empty your nest”). Also, the back rooms at Goodwill. He tells about Minneapolis to Tucson and the world. Some photos. Published in 2019. $28; I got this copy from the library system. He also wrote “Junkyard Planet.” (I have not read this yet.) Very informative and interesting.

  25. Rosalie

    I just finished audiobook of When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. Wonderful words- he truly paints a picture.

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