A Country Tuesday

It’s been a long mowing day for me today and it was hot, too. My shoulders blistered from the burn I got when we planted the garden and today I burned them again. Ouch! I can’t wait to hit the shower tonite.

I promised I’d speak to the question someone posed “what is Beartown?” Beartown is a novel by Fredrik Backman and is in my Top Ten favorite novels of all times. It’s about a small town and their high school hockey team – which doesn’t sound all that intriguing but I loved the book, so did Connie and many of our book club members. I pre-ordered the sequel and it came today!

So this is my next read – just as soon as I finish The Outsider by Stephen King which I’m enjoying very much. I wanted to read in the porch today but mowing interfered- ha!

Our 3 acres of hay was cut yesterday and raked today – hopefully it can be baled tomorrow. Our house faces south, the barn, and beyond the goat pasture is the 3 acres of alfalfa which is baled for me to feed the goats during the winter. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this big job – our neighbor does it for us and we split the bales of hay.

Someone asked if Mama Kitty was still around – yes, she sure is! I can be very, very close to her but she won’t let me touch her. And that’s ok with me – she won’t want to be in the house then, will she?

And here’s Reedo Burrito – just as sweet as his namesake!

I found JB in the hay bunk, sound asleep.

The chicks have learned to roost – this picture was taken last night but tonight all 14 girls were roosting on the top rung! So cute!

We have a favor to ask of you readers – remember I said I was going to put advertising on the blog? Did you realize that each ad you click on pays us a nominal amount of money? I’d like to encourage you to click on those ads – it’s your way to keep enjoying this blog.

Remember when Connie posted a step by step explanation about picking fabrics for Cobblestone? That little quilt is already finished – I’ll post the picture tomorrow. How does that girl sew so fast????

I told you I hated weeding the flower bed – I’ve made a bit of progress. Not a lot but I’ll continue to work at it.

One of the jobs I’ve never had to do is go to town for lawn mower gas – until now, that is. Another chore! This is one chore that I always knew Rick would handle.

No, I didn’t drive the golf cart to town – I just hauled it to the shed from the pickup.f

And remember Moda? The feral cat that has lived here for about 15 years? She likes to lounge on the top of the trellis.

It’s been a long day, gals! More tomorrow if time allows. And thank you for the help with the ads.

32 thoughts on “A Country Tuesday

  1. Kathy Hanson

    I will, happily click on the ads but I haven’t seen them. Do you have them now or will they be coming soon?
    Loved seeing Mamma Cat, she is so pretty – the chicks are growing up fast, such fun to see them.
    I hope that Rick is healing quickly – hopefully he will be able to help you some soon.

  2. Virginia

    Enjoyed reading and seeing pictures of your fur/feathered babies! No ads either that I see.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Virginia – I will look into this tomorrow – I can’t believe it!

  3. Donna Sproston

    I saw no ads in this post but I will happily click away once they start popping up.

  4. Donna

    “There is” a Papa Johns pizza ad after the pic of you and Connie and your mailing address.

  5. Jane Dumler

    Love your little workhorse. We have one on the ranch—it is 17 yrs old and literally lives up to its name. A nice little piece of equipment . I see no ads in my posts from you. If and when they come I will click away . Happy mowing and reading.

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    No ads here either. I would be happy to “click” when they appear. I don’t see the Papa Johns ad after your mailing address. I do see the mailing address, but no Papa Johns. Nice photos. Thanks.

  7. Jo

    I saw and clicked on 3 ads. Until today, I wondered why we were getting ads on your blog!!
    One ad was for free quilt patterns and the other two for dresses. Maybe we all don’t get the same ads???
    Anyway, my quilt group is having a textile blowout in 2 very short weeks. I have to purge more of my stash…what a job. I’d rather mow, it’s not so emotional.
    Have a beer, Mary.

  8. Jan A.

    I’m on my cell phone. I didn’t see any ads there, but when I went into the desktop version from the cell phone, then I saw an ad for swimsuits.

  9. Beth T.

    I’m seeing ads–on the right edge I clicked on a Wheat Thins ad, and inserted in the text of your post there was a “Google ad” for Craftsy classes–clicking on it seemed to be mostly about wanting to make it go away, so I didn’t mark it as a nuisance, as I thought that might be a negative. But the Wheat Thins are coming through for me, and clicking on them took me to Amazon.com. Hope that feedback helps.

  10. Jean Elliott

    I didn’t see the ads but realized I had to “open” the blog to see them instead of just reading what I could see in the email. Loved all the pictures! Those kittens! I’m coming to Garner next week……may try to see you. Going to Spring Green tomorrow a.m. for Stitch Camp.
    I did click on the ads and will continue to!

    1. Amy M

      Jean, I am with you I usually only read the email and don’t open the blog unless I’m typing a comment. Now I will open the blog every day to click on the ads. Yes I had the dress add today at 11am CT.

  11. Debbie

    Read the post at 1:23 am EST on June 6 and there weren’t any ads visible anywhere.

  12. Dorothy

    No ads with this post, but saw many when you first said you were trying it out (?)

  13. Angie

    Clicking on ads is the least I can do besides it may be for something I can’t live without.
    I live vicariously through your blog.

  14. sandy

    no ads in this post, but will click away once I see them! I love your blog and look forward to it…..

  15. Leah

    There are no ads in the e-mail. To get the ads, click on the URL to view the newsletter. Then you will see the ads.

  16. Suzanne Cook

    I do look forward to your posts. I love all of your animals. I know how much work is involved with a farm. I will be happy when you get some relief from all the work. Ads won’t bother me.

  17. Janet

    I found an ad. It was for Paper Mart and yes… I happily clicked on the ad. Thank you for explaining about the pmt. I will gladly support you for this blog, I love reading about your adventures. Take care of that sunburn, sunscreen and big brim hats.

  18. Shelba

    Monday when I hauled my husband to PT I decided I would throw all of the gas cans into the pickup today and fill since there is a station in the same parking lot. But then I needed to get something done, so I drove there Monday evening. By the time I filled the truck and all of the cans the pump read $206. Then the fun began, as every $10 after $70 a fraud alert was triggered with the credit card company! The people I finally talked to on the phone were clueless as to how someone needed that much fuel at the same time, but at the price of gas this summer I see it happening a few more times.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Shelba – no kidding! Mowing takes a lot of gas, doesn’t it? Wish we had a barrel on the property like when I was a kid.

    2. Amy M

      Shelba, I have learned to switch credit cards every so often when “checking out” multiple times like that to get around that fraud alert (which I appreciate but it can be a pain at times).

  19. Janie

    Always love the pictures! Funny how cats are so independent but seem to love having their picture taken! Love ’em! Chores are unending, aren’t they? I lost my husband 5 years ago and sometimes wonder why I try to keep up a 3 acre home. I have to have wiring in house redone, just had an underground sewer pipe fixed, and I put in a new faucet in bathroom with a new drainpipe by myself. Ugh!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janie – you’re a plumber – my admiration knows no bounds!! If you gave up your acreage, would you really want to live in town? I don’t.

  20. Marie

    I enjoy seeing your animals they are so cute.
    I have never seen an ad either but when I do will click on it.
    My two cats are in the house, but left the window up last nite and there was a tiny hole in screen, but by
    morning there was a larger hole and cat fur around it so am sure our two cats went in an out during the nite
    but back on bed in am. Window is closed till new screen!!!

  21. Vickie Devore

    Your blog means so much to me I can’t begin to explain how much. While I hate ads, if that keeps your blog in, do as many as you need and I’ll be happy to click on them. It is great that you asked about them and explained. Hopefully there might be some quilty types,,,,,love you all, vickie

  22. Jeanie

    Oh Mary, I loved all the pictures today! Thanks for taking the time. Mama Kitty is so beautiful. I also enjoyed hearing about the alfalfa and the pictures of the beautiful Iowa sky. I did have two ads.

  23. Lisa

    No ads that I can see? I am curious about the hay, how can it be cut one day, turned the next and bailed on the third day? I live in a hot, dry area and even here we’d need about a week or the hay would be too wet and rot.

  24. Susan K

    Just a bit of advice on the sunburn – aloe Vera. If you don’t have the plant some stores sell just the juice. At some stores around here you can get a gallon of it. I’m in Texas and it stops the burn and helps in healing the skin. I grow the plants and am rather successful at it. My son lives in Iowa (Blue Grass) and he has one of my plants. They do well indoors with little water. Just need a little sun. He has his in a bedroom that’s not used.
    I love your farm animal posts.
    I’ve read Bear Town and really enjoyed it. Now to look for the sequel!

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