A Day To Brag About – December 21, 2019

What’s with our weather? It was almost 50 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! We got the lucky break this time, didn’t we? It felt so good outside in the sun and Hazel got lots of playing in. Connie and Roy are HOTTER than we are – they are in San Juan, Puerto Rico tonight and will leave on a Royal Caribbean cruise tomorrow with Andy, their son, his wife, AdreAnne, their kids, Grace and Rex, and AdreAnne’s parents.

During the day as I think of things I should write them down because I had a whole list and now I’m drawing a blank.

My Swedish Death Cleaning book will be here Monday but my friend, Mareen, tells me I should have read the Amazon reviews because she knows I’m not going to like it. The book recommends euthanizing your pets! Well, let’s think about this – if I was not physically able to take care of them, I guess I’d agree to euthanize my pets. In fact I have actually left those instructions if there’s no one who really wants them. I would rather they go to the Rainbow Bridge than be neglected and/or abused. I wouldn’t worry about the dogs finding a home but nobody around here likes cats. I’ve said before that farmers treat their cats like squirrels and my cats would be better off dead than left outside without ample food and water.

So enough about that. My favorite shelter in our area is Patriots For Pets and I stopped there yesterday to leave them a donation. I wish I could feature a pet of the week but I know the vast majority of you readers are not local. I also asked them what they need in terms of supplies on a regular basis and she told me paper towels and laundry detergent. So IF you live in North Iowa and feel like helping Patriots, drop off a bundle of paper towels and a container of Tide. I know they’ll appreciate it.

I can see that I introduced the right subject when it came to putting your affairs in order. I still have some things to finish up and others to update but when I get my will signed and the book completed, I’ll feel pretty secure.

One of our customers/good friends told us what she planned to do with her quilts when she dies. Susan makes only large quilts and she is going to hang them over the pews at her funeral and attendees can sit by the quilt they want to take home. Isn’t that just an awesome idea? I am going to borrow Susan’s idea and as I was telling the funeral director he informed me I have to name someone to do that and have an agreement notarized to that effect. Nothing is easy, is it?

I finished my #7’s and hung them today in the beautiful weather. These were the improv quilts I made from leftover pieces. Here they are on the quilting machine.

And here they are on two quilt hangers outside.

Jumped the gun – the other picture was lousy – I’ll post it later.

I’ve been baking and making up goody bags – I’m nearly done.

And while I was baking, I cleaned out one over full bin!

Just one bin and I’m excited to keep sorting!

Now for pictures from readers. Joyce sent this nativity set photo – she made the stable using barnwood from her family’s farm, her uncle brought the camels from Lebanon, and her grandson added the dog. Well, of course there must have been a dog at the stable, right?

Karla started her #12 in 2003 when her dad died and she used his blue shirt in the quilt in his memory.

I know everybody is busy with Christmas and not finishing your DD. Is anyone but me making Bonnie Hunter’s mystery? Mystery clue #4 is a hard one to cut – I’m only about 25% done!

I cleaned today and put on the red and white covers – my only decorating for Christmas this year. And good news – my surgery has been moved up to January 9 so our schedule has changed again. I will introduce new patterns the day after Christmas and I’ll get all those dates set for you.

This post is just too long – so sorry! There’s always tomorrow, right?

43 thoughts on “A Day To Brag About – December 21, 2019

  1. katie

    Enjoy the weather, here in AZ. ‘70 today and Sunday, then we get storm🎄 rain most of the week..
    It’s good we need water for our desert…
    Like your quilt U made, enjoy all the fabrics, my kinda of quilts..
    Katie in Gilbert, AZ.

  2. Marie

    Never worry, your posts are never too long. You are like a close neighbor dropping by to chat for many people who read your blog. Your cookies look fabulous, lucky people to receive them.

  3. Paula Philpot

    What kind of cookies are those? I love the dog at the manger and the dog looks like he knows that is going on. Also love your chair covers. Glad you are feeling so good. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – the tiny ones are rolled to the size of a marble and the slightly flattened with a fork – frosting between two on the flat sides and put together – butterscotch sandwich cookie.

    2. Tammi

      Working on BH Frolic mystery also. Going to Joanns tomorrow to get the Companion Angle ruler. Already have the Easy Angle. Enjoy your blogs and pics!

  4. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I wish I lived near you, my whole family is mad about cats … not rushing your demise with my thoughts, but three of your babies could have homes in Ohio/Pennsylvania/NewYork. Then again, as rotten as I feel today, with a terrible cold, I may well go first!
    No baking for me unless I kick this cold, every year we have a “Typhoid Mary” infect the rest of us on Christmas Eve, and I don’t want it to be me!
    I have decided that the reason your orphan block quilts work is because of the red, there’s always the red to tie it together.

  5. Cinders

    I agree with you about some farmers not feeding their cats thinking they must hunt for their food. We always fed our cats on the farm! Even a fe opossums and unknown raccoons as well. You do baking and cleaning in The kitchen like me!! I have one Moreno shelf to re-arrange and sort out then on other side of cabinet, going to restock my food dishes. My floors are all washed in our main living area, and will get the bedrooms done next. The Grands visit every room here! Basement next! Then it is done so when Christmas is over, sewing time!! Hope you and your hubs have a greT Christmas, and before you know it you will have your surgery and then therapy so you get back to 100%. Happy Holidays!

  6. Montana Kathy

    Love your improv quilts! You inspire me to do some. I was wondering if it’s too late to order the Frosty pattern? (Your news blog from Dec. 4th) I want to get started for NEXT Christmas! This year was not my best year for accomplishing anything, but I have high hopes for Christmas 2020. And these little bitty quilts are perfect for my quilt group! Have a very Merry, safe and warm Christmas, and New Year!

  7. Heather E Kehoe

    Your kitties can come live on our farm! They get food and water daily and have a big barn for the cold weather. 🙂

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Never too long a post!! We all love hearing about your day and thoughts. Your warm weather is coming our way for Monday. I will give the dogs a bath that day before I scrub my bathroom for the family coming here. And like Carol said, our whole family is cat lovers too! Infact tomorrow after church I need to make little catnip sachets for my kids kitty cats for their Christmas gift. The nativity scene is so unique – I love the dog in it! What a family treasure.

  9. Rita in Iowa

    It was a beautiful day in Iowa. My hubby and I got our walk in and after lunch I went out and raked and burned the twigs from the black walnut trees. Won’t need to do that in the spring.
    I finish a wallhanging for my daughter to give her for Christmas. Mini Trees by Sew Kind of Wonderful. They were a drunkards path block, so cool in two colors.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and they same goes to your wonderful followers.

  10. Sheila

    Your blog was exactly the right size… full of news, pictures and quilty pleasures. Love the manger scene, complete with the dog… so cute and childishly realistic. Can only imagine how good your house smells with all those yummy cookies!

  11. Diane Bauer

    We didn’t quite have Denver’s 60s in NoCo, but we did get above 50, so I went for a 7 mile walk with a friend this afternoon. We saw an eagle and a coyote (who was very loud and vocal!!).
    Your posts are never too long!!! Always full of great ideas and wonderful pictures! I love your improv quilt! What a great idea for leftovers! I’m not convinced I could pull it off, but love what you create!
    I worry a bit about my dogs and horse should something happen to me. Jenica would certainly take them while she is here, but after she moves to LA it would be far more difficult for her.
    Merry Christmas to you and Rick and your tribe! May the New Year bring health and happiness to all!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – Merry Christmas to you as well! Living in LA would make it pretty hard to take on 2 big dogs and a horse! So if you were killed in a car accident, what would happen to your dogs?

      1. Diane Bauer

        If I was killed in a car accident right now, Jenica would take care of all of the animals. With Justin back in Colorado now, he would support her in that and take them if she wasn’t able to take them to LA with her (he has two Goldens of his own, but is pretty attached to my two as well). It was good for Jenica to have them for a bit while I was in MN. It taught her what a big responsibility they are and so she has reconsidered getting a puppy of her own. I do worry about them a bit that way.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane a Bauer – you’ve already been down this road, huh? I LOVED the picture of Jenica and her horse – is it Patch? I forget. It’s a perfectly posed photo with lovely blue background – I even cropped it and it was so nice. Horse head is turned just perfect – can you tell I have studied it? Ha!

  12. Charlotte Shira

    Your blog is never too long! I love all the quilts. I need to try the improv quilt. Love the manger too. Now I need to find a dog for ours. I noticed you had wax paper in your bin. I ran out of wax paper and looked for some at Safeway this morning. They have NO wax paper! I asked the clerk when I checked out and she said she looked for it the other day and there isn’t even a spot on the shelf for it. She wondered if it’s on it’s way out. I hope not. I use wax paper to wrap my caramel candies. I’m going to send my husband on a wax paper run! I’ll be quilting!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte – yes, wrapping caramels as well as lining my Tupperware when I put cookies in the freezer. They can’t get rid of wax paper!

  13. Cathy

    My husband & I just got our will done. Everything goes to our grandkids & I told them they had to promise to take my fur babies. I’m lucky that they are all big animal lovers so I know they will have good, loving homes. That’s a big relief. I just wish all animals had good homes & people who loved them.

    Have a Merry Christmas! 🎄

  14. Mary Says Sew!

    One of our best friends has agreed to be our cat guardian. It’s written in our estate plan. There’s a certain dollar amount to go with each cat. We included that it’s O.K. to have any of them euthanized if their health or medical needs make that an appropriate choice.

    If we had other pets, we’d have guardians for them, too.

    My aunt had several cats when she died about 20 years ago. The younger ones lived out their lives on the family farm where my aunt also lived. Her eldest cat grieved for my aunt terribly, and she had suffered from terrible skin allergies all her life. The allergies got worse after my aunt died, and the cat was miserable. The vet agreed with us that the cat was suffering, and we had her euthanized a week or two after my aunt’s death.

    That was a tough decision in a way, but it was also an easy one. Maybe it was more accurately a tough situation, but an easy decision. Hard to describe, but I hope you understand.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Says Sew! – I do understand – completely! I just wish I had some cat guardians. I’ve promised not to take in any more but when they show up, it’s I,possible for me not to care for them.

  15. Karel

    LOVE your red and white quilts!!! The weather is very nice in NW Iowa too! 1 less day of winter!

  16. Candy

    I’m also making Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, and I agree, clue #4 is very time-consuming … I’ve only got a few sets made up. However, I’ve kept up with this one better than the other two I’ve done. I love seeing your red & white quilts come out at Christmas. I made one similar to your snowball quilt around Christmas last year … it’s still waiting to be quilted. I’d get to the quilting part of the process sooner if I didn’t have to do the basting part first, LOL! Great news about your surgery being moved up … you should be “up and running” by spring (hopefully)! Merry Christmas!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – I have 16 sets cut but I’m going to try to get a few more tonite.

  17. Barb Brukner

    I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt. Slow but sure. I have some of Clue 2 and 3 done. Just starting Clue 1. And read Clue 4 over and over. Would love to see your progress.

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    It was quite nice here today also. Not a lot of wind..always welcome.
    Your post is never too long, never, ever.
    Hurray for your next knee surgery schedule, I hope it goes as well as the first one.
    Put a red bow on Hazel and Telly, your decorating will be complete.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  19. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love all your red and white quilts. thank you for keeping this blog going. I look forward to them. You made my day by saying you one pitcher from being a hoarder. I am 79 and have collected my treasures over the years and not ready to get rid of them just yet. My treasures give me pleasure and I enjoy sharing them with friends. Merry Christmas.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA.

  20. Sandy

    I love reading your blog and love all the quilts. I’m envious of all the quilts you and the other ladies turn out. I believe I’m in a rut because I don’t seem to get anything done and I have just retired, no excuse! Hoping you and all you quilters have a wonderful Christmas and we all have a healthy and happy new year.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – if you’ve just retired, give it time to sink in. Sometimes the hardest part is simply STARTING. sometimes if I just take the first cut, I feel the momentum.

  21. Sandy

    No cats or dogs on the snowball quilt, shame,I love to see your pets enjoying the quilts! Best wishes ,sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I put it on and quickly took the picture – it lasted about 30 minutes.

  22. Jeanie, Central IL

    This was a great, newsy post, Mary. It was not too long. I loved it all.
    It was sweatshirt weather here in Central IL, which was great for all our last minute holiday shopping.
    Take Care.

  23. Karen M

    Enjoyed reading your newsy post today. It is a very wet day here in FL today. 64 here this morning but wet, wet, wet. I am also working on the Frolic quilt. Have 1,2 & 3 clues done and started Clue 4 on Friday. Only got 13 sets done. Probably not much sewing will get done until school starts again on Jan 6 because I watch my 6 yr old grandson if mom and dad are working. I am 3 (soon to be 4) quilts behind in the DD. I finished the top of one of the months but it is not quilted yet. oh my, don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way? HAHA. Merry Christmas to all and a Healthy, Happy New Year.

  24. Kathy Hanson

    Always enjoy your posts!! The quilts are beautiful, the discussion on end of life issues is really helpful. Glad to hear that your surgery has been moved up, I can imagine that you are ready to have it done and have two good knees so you can get back to your real life! Best wishes to you and Rick for a very blessed Christmas and New Year ahead!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – a reader wants to know the name of the llama pattern – would you know?

  25. Penny C Maryland

    No blog from you is ever too long! Enjoyed every moment of it!

    Merry Christmas Mary and animals!!!

  26. Sunflower from Michigan

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. I returned from our trip to Florida which was so warm and lots of fun with our kids. The morning we left it started on the rain and cooler weather so our timing was perfect.
    Just a comment on making arrangements for pets. When my cousin and her husband went to Israel many years ago, they approached my son (who was in his first house) if he would take their two dogs if something happened to them. He agreed and has kept that agreement with them on several more trips they’ve taken. I was proud of him since he’s never had a dog, let alone two! After reading your blog for several years, I see the wisdom of their actions.
    Again, Merry Christmas to you and all your readers.

  27. Linda Carpenter

    Mary I’m having such problem getting your blog to open on the current day. I have to search and search for you. Any ideas? Your cookies look just like mine.

  28. Diane in WI

    I enjoy all of the posts whether they are long or short. Our weather has been wonderful, too. I guess I really don’t miss snow for Christmas. It really helps those who have to travel. I made Spritz cookies last week. Tonight I made Ghirardelli chocolate peppermint cookies, very fudgy and good. I also made butter horns. I just have to make a red velvet cake for Christmas dinner. Your cookies look delicious. I did get some sewing done for gifts. Merry Christmas to you, Mary and Rick and all the animals and also to all the readers of this blog.

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