A Few More Pictures

Mama hen, a Golden Campine, with her two chicks – one large and I’m pretty sure it’s a rooster and one small – doesn’t walk well but Mama waits for her to catch up. Both were hatched the same day – I have no idea what has caused the discrepancy in size.

The polka dot mama hen taking her chicks to bed in the barn. Photo will be. Larry because I enlarged it.

My front yard beside the ramp. Several years ago I planted Karl Forster grass here but it just isn’t doing well in the semi-shade so I’m moving it to other sunny locations and replacing it with Annabelle hydrangeas – the only flower I can grow well.

Well, that’s it for tonight – this picture would not load and I’m not going to keep trying. I know better from experience. I will try again tomorrow. So disappointing after the post this morning that I had no trouble with. What in the world????? I’m not a swearing sort of person but this is close.

24 thoughts on “A Few More Pictures

  1. maryjane

    i also am having problems with my computer…I now get these messages in my SPAM folder. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from CThreads. I only ck my SPAM once a week or so..and there you were…I am almost giving up on Yahoo, they keep changing their format and now again it has happened. Enough of my problems, I found you and now looking forward to seeing my next project on Sun…Saw a good movie the other day, if any of you read the book THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, (which was good) the movie follows the book, bring Kleenex … Happy Labor Day to all…PICNICS !!

  2. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    I love your chickens! Guessing you are right about the little chick, but who knows? I will “root” for her survival….she has a good mama!

  3. Carolyn Rector

    I think they do grieve. I think they grieve for us when they lose a human. We had a wild duck quacking up a storm one night, came to the front of the house to quack loudly. Her nest was attacked and all the eggs smashed. I think she was trying to get some help from us. We live in a house in town and her nest was in our flower bed on the side of the house. Don’t know what got into her nest, but she was pretty upset.

  4. Jessica in Florida

    Oh my goodness…both hens are stunning! I loved seeing the polka dot mama tucking in with the littles. It makes me sad to think that the smaller chick won’t be there one morning, but I know that’s just a part of farm life…and life in general. Sorry if this is a stupid question but do the hens grieve after losing a chick? I always associate human emotions to every animal without really knowing!

  5. Nikki M in Tx

    Makes me miss my chickens…
    Rainy..1 & 1/2 inch so far…@ least cooling things down…temporarily.
    Over weekend attended North Texas Quilt Expo..300 + quilts on display.

  6. Sue in Oregon

    Your hens are beautiful. And, aren’t they proudest mamas? I am so happy for you that all the other chicks are girls, except possibly that new large chick.
    My newest hens that I got last spring are getting ready for their first molt. I always hate that for them. They look so miserable, not to mention featherless. But, they must go through it and their new feathers always look so beautiful.
    I have one little hen that has discovered a way out of the pen. So she is out and about while the others are still in and jealous. Can’t find the hole.
    No ads with x’s today.

  7. Dee Carter

    First time for pictures to show up without clicking on the country threads . Hooray! Closed 4 ads. Seems like more ads appear now!!

  8. Beth Laverty

    Love the pictures of the chickens and chicks. I have been sharing them with a couple of friends who don’t do the internet but DO raise chickens.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth Laverne – just curious about your friends who raise chickens – what kind do they raise? Are they laying hens or just for fun – like mine? If I get eggs, it’s just a bonus! Ha!

  9. Jean

    WONDERFUL pics of the chickens! In just love them. So awfully sorry about the continuing difficulties with the computer.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    OH MY WORD, those chickens are just gorgeous, no wonder you love seeing them around your yard.

  11. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Love the polka dot chicken. So much fun to see the little ones.

  12. Mary

    I very much doubt that young chicken will survive, so sorry, The larger chick if it starts to grow pointed feathers in its saddle aria it is a cockerel! I love the other picture of chicks and mama.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – I agree it won’t survive – I’ve thought of taking it away from mom and keeping it confined but can’t bear to take away her joy – every day I look for the mom and immediately look for 2 chicks – one day I won’t see the little one. Remember those 5 chicks hatched last winter that I prayed would all be hens? I think my prayers have been answered! Can all 5 really be girls? I see no feathers, combs or sounds like a young rooster!

  13. Diane Bauer

    Your chickens are wonderful!! So colorful!

    I’ve been seeing all day—one of my favorite ways to spend a day! Frank is mostly done—just putting in the binding this evening! So fun! I love these tall guys!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – like I said on Instagram, I think you’re the first one to finish Frank! Guess what? We’ve got another tall guy coming called The Count! Maybe in a day or two Connie will be finished with him.

  14. Pat Smith

    Love the pictures of your chickens. Can’t imagine why one chick is so much smaller than the other. Is it that one is probably male and the other female? I don’t know enough about chickens to know if there’s that big a difference between males and females in terms of their size.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – yes, I think the big chick is definitely a rooster – darn it! The little one won’t likely survive but she’s living her best life now with her mom.

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