Monday, August 26, 2019

I must be crazy to try this again but I have so many pictures to post. If it works OK, if not I’ll be very disappointed – again. I listened to a story last night on 60 Minutes about Ransomware – hackers who find vulnerability in hospitals, cities,and those entities who absolutely need their data to continue working. No hacker will ever make a penny from my blog but they must just like to disrupt people’s lives. Our host continues to blame us for installing a plugin that’s causing the problems but we haven’t installed any so we’re caught. Poor Denise – she has worked so hard and still I’m struggling.

Dirty Dozen photos are coming in – for those of you still working, you have until Saturday because on Sunday I’ll be announcing the Dirty Dozen Number for September.

And a finished Lucy Boston quilt top – this quilt pattern intrigues me like no other – all hand work and so beautiful!

Today is rug day – here is a first rug right off the frame – didn’t she do a great job?

More rug photos from readers.

I forget what this guy’s name is but you all know I like him!

I follow the Blue Jean Chef and she posted this picture of her dogs – couldn’t resist showing them to you!

And here is Mr. Peanut Butter, the grand dog of the Lucy Boston quilt top maker.

I will stop here and post the rest of the pictures later today – what if my luck runs out when I hit the “publish” button? Here goes!

69 thoughts on “Monday, August 26, 2019

  1. Mary in Litchfield Mn

    Looks like you got it right… I see pics and ads that i could close. I really enjoy your blog and hope for your sanity that it stays fixed

  2. Diane Bauer

    Success!! I was holding my breath—as I’m sure you were! Glad to see it worked!

  3. Carla J inMichigan

    Blog came thru just fine today. Six ads to close, and that hair one none of us can close. Pictures all showed, love the dogs and their photos. Thank you for your persistence to share your world with us.

  4. Beth T.

    Such fun to see everyone’s accomplishments! It’s so motivating. Isn’t it great how “makers” are inspired by other people’s accomplishments, not envious of them? I love this community. Thanks, Mary, for pulling all of this together, and thanks to everyone who submitted a photo.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Beth you said exactly what I was feeling when I saw the pictures of the amazing work our circle of friends here have made. It is inspiring to see the projects showcased here and we all thank you for making it work Mary. No judgement, no saying this or that. Just happy to have a UFO completed! What could be better than seeing the result of what we spent money on. Love all the cute animal pics and had several ads to close once I hit comments and saw the post on the internet rather than in my email. So all worked and am happy.

  5. Cynthia Lucas

    Looks great.. I also follow Blue Jean Chef and enjoy the pix of her dogs, her recipes are pretty good too!!!

  6. Rita in Iowa

    All is good. I started cutting for the FRANK wallhanging. Not one but three! Wish me luck!

  7. Sue in Oregon

    The August quilts and the rugs are fantastic. I can’t believe this month is nearly gone and I still have so much to do on mine. Just said goodbye to out of town company that were here for 4 days. Fun, but now I am really running behind the 8 ball.

  8. Kathy in Alexandria

    All came through perfectly this morning – let’s hope you’ve got this problem licked!
    Love the pics and of course, your comments!

  9. Janice Hebert

    Oh wow! Such great #3’s! Diane’s quilt is lovely as is Tina’s and Marsha’s but oh my goodness, Lucy Boston’s is amazing. All hand done? I wish I had the patience to do something that big by hand. The rugs! I love the autumn colors in the first one and congratulations to Sherry on her Blue Ribbon! The dog pictures are great. Going to check out the Blue Jean Chef’s blog. Looking forward to the next post. Thanks Mary! Jan in MA

  10. Vickie Devore

    Some have been good, some bad; but this was all great and was able to delete all ads!!!! Love the pics, your stories and so happy things are getting better for you.

  11. Caryn Goulden

    Everything looked great! Enjoyed seeing other people’s work. I am so far behind! Closed 6 ads.

  12. Paula In Texas

    Great post with Awesome pictures! Thank you for continuing to share your work and the work of others. I do appreciate your effort and tenacity!

  13. Deb Harrison

    No ads; pictures of rugs quilt and dogs were there! I am behind on the 2nd dirty dozen as I had to go down to Wichita to care for my sister recovering from shoulder replacement. Has to have 2nd shoulder done when this one heals. She has degenerative bone and scoliosis. Would you remind me where to send dirty dozen #1 picture? I remember I must put name sign on front of quilt.

    1. Anonymous

      Good job, Mary! So much fun to read the blog and see the pictures! Thanks for hanging in there!

  14. Caro Reents

    Worked perfectly. Just like the post used to be. I missed you over the weekend so I was worried. I also had ads to close.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    I, too, saw the hacker piece on 60 minutes last night…my immediate thought was you! I know troubleshooting a computer problem, you can spend hours and end up back at the beginning of the circle. We are so very thankful and grateful for your work. And when it works, we smile all day long.
    The pictures are great…I wonder if the Boston one is EPP. When I enlarge the pix, it looks English Paper Pieced. There are all beautiful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – all the Lucy Boston’s I have seen are paper pieced – yes! Thanks, Jo!

  16. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    Whew. It worked:) I love seeing the variety of Dirty Dozen projects from this group! At first, I thought the little dog with the pink ears was an ad–LOL. Thanks for keeping trying on this, Mary.

    PS I am making my rug with flannel and it is very different from my first one. Some of the flannels are heavier so it is kind of lumpy this time, but I think it will be okay once it’s finished and we walk on it.

  17. Bobby sutton

    Everything worked perfectly…pictures, blog, and advertisements. Yea! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. It’s always so inspiring.

    Bobby in Maryland

  18. Joyce from NY

    When I hadn’t seen a post from you in a couple days I was afraid you had given up. Glad to see you haven’t. All the dirty dozen pictures are wonderful & the rugs so creative. Closed just one ad.

  19. Judy

    GREAT pics of GREAT quilts and rugs!!!!!

    Love this group when we add the pups too!

    Roasting in Texas,
    Hopefully this is our last 100 degree day!
    Judy in Texas

  20. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Your luck held, Mary, great pictures. Love the Lucy Boston quilt. I remember visiting her home many years ago: a mediaeval house in a beautiful English countryside setting.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Fiona at Ice Bear – how interesting! I know nothing of the history of Lucy Boston!

  21. Launa

    Great pictures, Mary! No ads to close for me. Thanks for continuing with this great blog!
    It’s 55o out @ 11 am…have a little fire going in the wood stove just to take the chill off. The Aspens around our pond are starting to change colors already!
    The rugs look wonderful, too!

  22. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Success! Saw all the pics and words!!! Thank you fir persisting with this!!!❤️❤️

  23. Nikki M in Yx

    Great pictures ! Loved seeing all the beautiful work. Mine still needs some work to be completed…have decided if not completed by Saturday night will place it & all supplies needed for completion in pillowcase with cousins name on it & note inside apologizing for not finishing it… that way when I have passed on she will think I was finally making a quilt for her….(this is woman who wants you make & tell you how..she does no handwork of any kind..& points out all flaws….karma)…..oh that is so evil of me.

  24. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Got the pictures and the ads to close. Thank you for persevering through all this.

  25. Jeanine

    So good to hear from you again. Enjoyed all the pictures. Closed 6 ads and will close them again after I post this. Also, wanted to thank Marsha from Kansas for her name on her quilt! Very easy to read!

  26. Kathy Hanson

    The quilters are really completing some gorgeous things – thank heaven for the “Dirty Dozen”! We are all getting to get things done, how fantastic! Love all the pictures, lots of beautiful things. Loved the dog pictures too, of course!! I know now how to get the ads to click on….If I just open the email to read it I don’t see any ads, but, if I go to where it says “country threads” the whole thing comes up as well as the ads. SO, I always open it at “country threads” and click away as well as seeing the pictures. Hooray!! Looking forward to starting whatever number comes up on September 1st! lots more things to get finished!! lol

  27. Paula S.

    Love all of the pictures! Hang in there Mary – it looks like the kinks are getting worked out finally.

  28. Mary M Rhodes

    Like all pictures! I missed the 60 minutes show too tried. Happy Dog Day!! Lucy Boston is paper pieced. Although there is one shop show how to do it on machine, I cant remember which shop. Lucy Boston does take long time to do! I’m still working on mine been 4 years! I’m so sorry you are having hard time with posting pics. Hope it will get better.

  29. Diane in WI

    Everything came out beautifully. Also had some ads to close. I wish hackers would find something constructive to do with their time and energy. Frank came in the mail; what a cutie! Lots of rain here today. Have a good day.

  30. Jill Klop

    The little white dog on the blue rug is Mulligan! He’s a rescue dog, so he’s getting a ‘mulligan ‘. I’m still cranking out the rag projects. Since I finished the blue rug, I’ve finished three placemats and a brown/black rag rug. I’ve got rug number three on the frame already!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jill Knop – oh, thank you for identifying Mulligan! He’s a doll! And I had misplaced the info – you are a rug making machine! Makes me so happy!

  31. Connie R.

    Love all the pictures. Thanks to Diane for including the name of her quilt on her name tag.

  32. Betty Klosterman

    Am I seeing things? The first time I went down to “comments” I saw the Arrow quilt first. Then when I went out and back into “Comments” there were more pictures of finished projects…….
    When we now say “if the creek doesn’t rise” we had better mean it because it CAN rise and fast! We actually had 6 days in a row with no rain. Everything is still so green and it is the end of August. Unbelievable for this country.
    You know we all love “Show and Tell” getting to see what everybody is making.

  33. Carol Garner

    Mary, congratulations, I see picures! Yea, pray this is fixed and behind you. Love your posts!

  34. Jan from TN

    Mary, I received your entire blog post as an email. Generally I just get a few lone with a “click to show more” to bring me to the blog. I’m not complaining but thought you should know. I was able to close 3 of 5 ads. Those particular cell phone ads on the right side just will NOT close. But that’s probably the least of your concerns. Just glad all the pics posted! Love see everyone’s finished quilts.

  35. Paula Philpot

    All the #3’s look really nice. Love your pictures posting but no ads to close. Paula in KY

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