A Few Photos, 5-3-2020

It’s been a gorgeous weekend and the puppies have spent hours and hours outside playing. They’re honestly getting too big for me to pick up with one hand!

Becky came down on Saturday to meet Lola and Lindsey.

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They are just so wiggly!

And here’s one of their “nests” – I’m not cleaning it up till they’re gone.

This is in the sewing room – another mess.

I bought some of my flowers on Saturday even though we’re expecting a cool down next week. They can be in my garage versus outside on the street with no shelter.

This job has been waiting for me for a couple of years but I couldn’t walk good enough to tackle it. All these rocks needed to be moved from this location. I thought it would be a good idea but it sure wasn’t. The strings from the walnut tree collected in the rocks and was impossible to clean up. So now they’re moved – good job done!

Remember Sandy’s sweet granddaughter named Luna? Here’s a new picture – isn’t she sweet? This is her aunt with her in the picture.

And I’ll close with a couple Dirty Dozen finishes.

This is our pattern, Blue Shirts Quilt, still available for $5 and a SASE.

Be still…..

26 thoughts on “A Few Photos, 5-3-2020

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh, Mary, I was thinking that you had a secret to look younger, but now I know is your sister! I just loved Kay Crandall’s bright quilt talked about love at first sight, I would love to know the name of the pattern and I think it is paper pieced. Lola and Lindsey are so sweet and it looks like they are going to be quilters.
    Mary,I am not saying that you are old, by any means. We are having some needed rain. I bought just a few flowers so far….Felicia

    1. Kay Crandall

      Felicia – the pattern is Island Sunrise, a Judy Niemeyer pattern. It is paper pieced. Thanks for the nice comment!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – haha! I’m five years older and much more “worn out” than Becky, haha!

  2. Kate

    Oh, my, that is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. She looks like a little doll. Looks like the puppies are enjoying their life at your house. Will it be hard to see them go? I’d get so attached, I’m afraid I’d want to keep them. I guess you have to go into this knowing they will find new homes.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    I wrote a comment and it disappeared – will try again! Loved everything on the blog today, pictures beautiful, fun to see Becky with the pups, they certainly are arms full these days. You will miss them but Hazel will think that she got her mom back! Lovely pictures. You do such hard outside work, it must have been quite a job to move the rocks! WOW!

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Luna’s dad is my younger son, eion( Gaelic for Ian). Andrew, who sends my email.photos is the one with hedgehogs in the garden. I keep thinking those puppies will get the alphabet quilt and play with it! Have to look at bird cage now, best wishes, Sandy

  5. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    When I read the comments it’s great to see where in the country they are coming from. Thanks to folks that add that to their name. It’s starting to act like spring here and my neighbor weeded my garden so it looks better than it ever has. Blessed to have neighbors like this. Trying to make masks with some of the pretty fabric in my stash. One young college student is making them to sell to get money for college.

  6. Ruth

    …Strings from the walnut tree??!! What kind of walnut tree? Black walnut? English walnut? Some other kind? Just wondering. That baby pic is so cute!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ruth – black walnut tree – those “strings”, about 10” long, are such a nuisance, I wouldn’t mind cutting the tree down.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        What are the strings for on the walnut tree? Do the walnuts hang from them? We would gather walnuts in Iowa, but they were on the ground. They fixed up a hand corn sheller for my Gramma to take the hulls off the nut. She would crack them and pick the nuts out all winter to pass the time. Patience!

  7. Diane Bauer

    I read all the comments and then had to go back and look for birdhouses and alphabet quilts!! It’s interesting how we all focus on and notice different things!

    Kay’s quilt—wow!!!

    The pups look great!! Becky looks pretty happy to have hands full of puppies, too!! Glad you got a visit!! And you were busy on the beautiful weekend! Moving rocks is such a big job!

  8. Jean

    Mary you have such a way with fabric. I really really like your blue shirts quilt!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Loved my first go to email this morning with all these lovely pictures to start the day. It was so great seeing Baby Luna and her mom. And Becky with the pups. I couldn’t help but love the big rustic birdhouse in back of her. If that was in my yard, I would be sitting all day long watching birds. I am hooked now like my grandma was watching birds. And I feed them so Just part of my day being content staying home. It was a nice warm weekend here too. Boy did I let out a sigh of relief as last year’s capris still fit me after eating so much comfort food in recent weeks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in w.NY – I’ve been afraid to try on my capris –

      1. Kathy

        I hear ya…I was afraid too. Especially after sitting so much sewing masks. Boy I was surprised they fit so I guess my short “clear my mind” brisk walks have helped with all the chocolate I have consumed.

  10. Sandra Corrigan

    I see a corner of an alphabet quilt in the photo of the wonderful puppies.Would you show a picture of it. I have a passion for alphabet quilts. I have never made one that quite satisfied me. I have made several and that glimpse of your probably started me on my quest again.Our town is quiet. I have enjoyed living a simpler life.Retail therapy has to be satisfied by a drive through at Wendy’s. I allow myself to spend time enjoying the interaction of the pets.Amazing how Dudley (eighteen pound cat) controls Duchess (an eighty pound dog).Take care and stay safe.

  11. Joyce from NY

    Puppies are adorable. Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny, warm & breezy. Today is cooler with some rain, amazing how it can change overnight, oh well on to the next sewing project. Stay safe!!

  12. Paula Philpot

    Love the puppies. Is the little black one doing better, he still seems sad. I bet they will miss you. Paula in KY

  13. Sandy in Indiana

    Luna is such a cutie!
    The puppies are adorable
    Love your blog
    Stay safe 🙂

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, it’s Luna’s mum, Katrina in the photo, she is a lovely person and I’m very happy to have her as a daughter in law! Thank you for all the nice comments about Luna everyone, she is the sweetest little girl, her sister, Stella is having a great time with Katrina’s mum,all the best to everyone, stay safe, Sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I don’t know your other son’s name, I guess. I thought Andrew was Luna’s dad so when he said his “ sister in law” I mistook the gal in the photo for Luna’s aunt – so sorry I didn’t follow the family relationships better.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Luna is beautiful!
    Becky looks great, I think the puppies love her!
    The flowers will be a wonderful splash of color shortly, with your green thumb.
    I think puppies and kids are alike, the will make fun with whatever they have handy. My mom had a dog that snuck the Bible off the coffee table, chewed it up then went for the table. She loved that dog!
    The DD’s are fun. I’m glad we are all getting so much done.

  16. Sue in Oregon

    That sweet little Luna is so adorable, isn’t she? Just beautiful. Love Pamelas shirt quilt and Kays starburst. I will be sending you $5 for the shirt quilt pattern. Glad it is shown because I forgot to send the money when you showed yours.
    Busy puppies, but so darned cute!!

  17. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Baby Luna is very beautiful! I love the yellow and blue shirt quilt. So glad you had a good weekend, Mary. Thanks for the post. 🥰

  18. Charlotte Shira

    Great pictures!! All of them. Luna is beautiful, puppies are cute, DDs are great! I love buying flowers. I got my rhubarb planted yesterday. Hope it makes it. If I get a dog, it will probably be an older one. I couldn’t deal with puppies now.
    Have a great week!

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