May Dirty Dozen Number

Haha! Ya think I have other things on my brain? Forgot all about posting the May number but since there’s only two numbers left, you could have picked either one to finish.

May’s Dirty Dozen Number is 10 – Number Ten.

Good luck to all of you finishing another project in your pile!! And when you finish, don’t forget to send me a picture! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “May Dirty Dozen Number

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    #10! I thought we did that last year. Goes to show how well I keep up.🤪
    This year I’m going to put mine in boxes with numbers. I love having a goal every month.
    Enjoy spring

  2. Nancy TD

    I have truly enjoyed doing the DD’s. I have finished things and done things from start to finish that I would never have gotten done. My granddaughter numbered them with post it notes and then made a list of where they were. LOL!!! I will reach my goal and a few extra.
    It is a perfect spring day. Going to keep busy outside.

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