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The Countdown Is On! 7-23-2020

Tomorrow morning at 10 am our online store will open with these four patterns:

Louise and Friends

Civil Unrest

The Blue and the Gray

Up North, Down South

This is very exciting for us and we owe it all to Kayla! Three cheers for Kayla!

So our new adventure begins with at least 4 new patterns added each week. Next Thursday night, I’ll let you know what’s coming on Friday so keep reading.

Speaking of new adventures, Connie and I have tried many new things over the past 40 years. Some worked, some didn’t. But we were always ready to try something and it’s the same situation here. If this turns out to be just lukewarm, we’ll go back to being retired. So either way, we’ll be happy!

I’m remaking Chicken Gumbo – here’s a peak.

This is what I did today – I hung this great old flag but it’s not quite big enough. I have others – I will look for a bigger one.

Ivy plays hard and then crashes!

She’s a little stinker when it comes to eating because she devours both our dry food and Fresh Pet but won’t touch it at home!

Today’s Dirty Dozen:

Our friend, Jo in Wyoming, has just suffered a severe hailstorm breaking windshields in both their cars and destroying their garden among other damages!

Mary Hawk posted this picture and I was so taken with it because I’ve never seen it before and I love it!

I just showed my friend Jane this old sheet music and I told her that I tell Hazel she’s MY pal of my dreams!

Guess that’s all for tonite! Don’t forget to tune in to our store at 10 am tomorrow, July 24!

Tuesday, 7-21-2020

My hands, arms and shoulders ached all night from moving that stupid rug – it’s going to find another home when I’m sick of it! Beautiful day here and it even rained a bit this afternoon – so pleasant to sit in the porch and watch it rain.

Connie has been at the lake with the grandkids, Claire and Ben. Look how they’ve grown!

Their favorite fun thing to do is to go to the middle of the lake in the boat – with Betty in her life jacket and they in theirs – and jump in the water and swim with Betty.

When they’re done swimming, they give Betty a boost using the handle on her life jacket to get back in the boat.

I wonder if Betty was afraid the first time they put her in the water – it looks like she loves it now!

Here’s a few more barn animal pictures:

The two amigos are still hanging in there!

FYI – this is actually Fred, the rooster. Daddio is so happy in his pen with his girls and he doesn’t come out anymore. He’s getting really old and I’ll be surprised if he’s with us next summer.

Dirty Dozen Quilts:

When the rain moved through late this afternoon, it was so pretty!

Ivy is coming tomorrow through Friday – I know she’ll love running in the grove!

Kayla and I are still working on opening our online store this Friday – we will continue to add patterns that have been popular in the past but feel free to suggest ones you hope to find available. We will probably add 4-6 per week depending on Kayla’s schedule. Did you like what she did with our Facebook page? I did!

Watch the blog or Facebook for more info before we open for business!

Dirty Dozen #5, 7-9-2020

We heard you, loud and clear. DD#5 will be available for $5 and a SASE sent to Country Threads. We aim to please!

And here’s a picture of the elderberry flowers turning into berries.

More DD pictures. Thank you!

Remember Baby Luna and her big sister Stella? They’re growing!

And for you Ernie Joe Mauer fans, here’s the big guy relaxing! Takes two tables for him to stretch out!

Another finish! Just a charm pack made into triangle squares but isn’t it pretty with the hydrangeas?

I couldn’t have said it better!