May Day! 5-1-2020

Do you remember making May baskets, filling them with candy and delivering them to friends? I do! We’d take them to our neighbors on the farm and hang it on the door and knock – nobody had a doorbell. If they came to the door before we got back to the car, they got to kiss us! Is that what you remember? And I remember Mom always being disappointed that the May baskets tipped over in the box before we delivered them. I suppose we made paper cones – duh – no wonder they tipped over!

Puppy Update – they are doing so good! I remember when I got them they felt like skin and bones – coat was so wrinkled because they were so skinny. No extra skin now! They have filled out and today returned for puppy shots where I learned all but one of this litter of 7 has been adopted. Oh wow!!!

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I’ll be anxious to see Lola and Lindsey going home with their new families. When I arrived at the shelter, people were standing in the lot waiting to pick up their new dogs! It was quite a sight! How does Deb do it – keep track of all those dogs and adoptive families? I am so impressed!

A dead hibiscus shrub is wonderful fun!

What are those things????

What is this place? Doesn’t smell like the house?


They like to be REAL close to me at all times – little Velcro dogs!

Here are some great Dirty Dozens:

Here is my DD – don’t know if I should finish it at this point or use it as a medallion and continue adding to it. I like the red and pink and think it might be pretty sweet on my little cupboard bed. I could treat it as a sampler – I love making blocks!

Is your community slowly resuming business? I think North Iowa will slowly come to life after this weekend – greenhouses are calling to me and I think it’s time to plant up some pots of annuals. It would be a real mood lifter, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Diane and Squeak

    Hazel wants to be your “one and only” just like Squeak! It is exciting that the puppies will have good homes to go to from your good home:)

  2. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    May Day in Cuba, New York meant my mom took my sister and me to our elementary teachers’ houses and we dropped May Baskets with flowers and cookies in them. I was a pretty fast little kid, but we always let them catch us.

    Did the puppies follow Hazel into the barn? Will she be happy when they leave? I have two new pups on my walking route that look just like your two–one black–Coda and one brown–Scooby. Very cute, but with very sharp teeth. They don’t quite know how to take a treat without my hand, too–lol.

    Question to the Dianes in the group. Were you all born around the 1950″s? In our small town, I had 4 Dianes and one Diana in my Kindergarten class in 1955.

    I love all of the DD’s and am anxious to start #10.

    Your pictures and comments are always so much fun, Mary. Thanks. PS 71 here today

    1. Diane Bauer

      Hi Diane!! I was born in 1960 and was the only Diane I knew until I was an adult. Now, at 60, I have two dear friends who are Dianes. Both are also 60!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – yes, puppy teeth are like little needles! Hazel will be ecstatic when the puppies leave! Yes, they are now accustomed to going into the barn. I will miss them but I keep reminding myself that their new adoptive families are waiting anxiously for them and that is comforting to me!

  3. Pat Smith

    I can’t figure out why my iPad unsubscribed me to the blog. I resubscribed but still haven’t gotten any posts. Today i resubscribed again with my husband’s help as he is more computer savvy than me. I have my fingers crossed. I can still go to the blog site to get posts, but I have to keep checking for new ones. Yes, we did May baskets so similar to others descriptions. Ours were flat bottomed with a handle that we filled with flowers and candy to hang on our neighbors door handles. Happy times in the 50’s and 60’s. Once my daughter asked which decade I’d go back to if I could. I answered quickly, “The 50’s!” She was surprised at my quick answer given with no thought at all. Our greatest worries seemed to be Eisenhower’s golf game! Wonderful years. Adorable puppies. You are giving them such a great start.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I do not understand why someone gets dropped – it has happened to me, too. I have a gal who could probably direct me to an answer.

  4. Celene

    Love, love, love the little giraffe quilt in the Dirty Dozen. Any chance of finding out the pattern? Glad you are doing well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Celene – look back in the comments – somebody posted the pattern info.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    Oh you will miss your little pups, and so wonderful that they are so attached to you…but harder for you too! So sorry they won’t get to be together but they will adjust. I am needing a pet now that the llamas live 35 miles from us. They still know who I am but don’t understand why I just show up now and then and don’t feed them. So it is nice to see them but so different now. So, I need a dog!! Not really able to have a cat again. Loving this nice weather, taking a walk some days but sewing, sewing, sewing! If I can’t get my hair cut and fixed soon I won’t even know myself!! Oh well. This too shall pass! Loved everyones DD pictures, so many talented quilters in this group! I am sure you miss playing for church and all your connections there. I watch Mass on the computer on Sunday and sometimes other days too. Things will have to change slowly I think!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – Paws and Claws can help you find a doggy! Would be fun to walk the dog, wouldn’t it? Are you or husband allergic to cats? Cats are much easier to have than dogs but not nearly so personable. And it’s hard to “walk the cat”!

  6. MarleneT in upstate NY

    Love the pups, they are doing so good. Hope they both get good homes and maybe can visit each other once in awhile.
    I totally agree with Kathy in western NY. We are 25 miles south of Albany NY and we live in the country in a small town. Our total cases have been around 120 but mostly resolved in our county. Thank God only 5 deaths. It’s just not worth taking the risk when not everything is known about this virus. I will still be using my mask when shopping and I am so glad for the store clerks that they at least have a plastic shield at the counter. Hopefully, they will use them every winter with the flu season. I talk everyday to a few close friends who have to help older relatives and you have to respect that 6 ft. mark. I have only encountered a few inconsiderate shoppers, but I do speak up if someone is too close and without a mask. Sometimes people need a reality check. Sadly, everything here is still on pause; schools are now closed until Fall, church is on YouTube, no 1st communion, no confirmation, no funerals and weddings are being cancelled.
    Some days I get a bunch of chores done and other days not so much. Have been trying to start spring cleaning and then this past week got 4 inches of rain. I have at least tossed a bunch of old quilt magazines- just ripped out the articles I wanted to keep. I just pressed the fabric for a baby quilt and hope to cut the squares this weekend. It’s real scrappy and should go rather fast, hope to take a picture and send it. Everyone stay safe and we will all get through this. Thanks for this blog, I love seeing the cute animals and great quilts.

  7. Donna M

    When we were little in Ft Wayne, IN my sister and I made little baskets and put violets and bright yellow dandelions in them . Gave them to our two elderly next door neighbors and our mom. That was always so much fun! My daughter has her children make flower baskets with potted flowers. They give them to me and their neighbors. My grands love doing this and I love being the recipient!

    Will miss seeing the pups! Glad they’ve been adopted though. The brown one (Lola?) Looks just like my previous grand puppy. He was a delight and adored his daddy (my son).

    In KS we will be slowly opening up. My pup has a grooming appointment in 3 weeks. Yay! He’s one shaggy dog! My hairdresser doesn’t know yet when she will get to open. I need a haircut, too!

    Mary your medallion quilt will be awesome! Keep adding blocks for a bed quilt. That’s my vote.

    I don’t know when I’ll get to my DDs. I’ve been unable to finish any of mine! Sigh.

  8. Marilyn Magelitz

    Love all your pics posted of your farm and those happy, healthy pups!
    Is your Snowman pattern still available? If so, will 2 patterns fit in one envelope, would like to order the blue quilt pattern as well.
    Keep well and sew on,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marilyn Magelitz – yes, Mr. Snowman is available for $10. It has more than one page so I will need to put both patterns together in a Manila envelope. Please add $1.00 for postage of ordering both patterns at once.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I have my up and downs with reopening. As much as I selfishly want to enjoy my regular haunts, I am smart enough to know this virus isn’t gone by no means and attacks each person a different way. My friend lost her mom to the virus last night and it was horrible not to be by her side as she is exposed then and at her age, it was risky too. Another friend went back to work last Monday as rules relaxed in his state and now is sick and waiting for his test results so his week has consequences. I will continue to stay in for a few more weeks and only grocery shop every 2 weeks like I am comfortable with going in and out quickly at a local store, not a big store. I never gave them a lot of support till now even if I pay more. I will do what I can not to be included in rising numbers and be content for a while longer. I have been sewing masks for so long I am ready to work on my own stash so happy days for me till it’s warmer to be outside puttering.

  10. Gwen

    I remember May baskets too. What ever happened to that tradition? It was so much fun in elementary school.

  11. B. J. Berlo

    I remember May Baskets also. My mother and I made little square boxes, attached a handle and decorated with crepe paper. We made one for every child in my classroom. I grew up in New England and we never made them for neighbors. That was back in the mid to late 40’s! A blast from the past. Now I’m making masks for my neighbors.

  12. jan VanDeWalle

    Yes we made May basket and filled them with flowers, We hung them on the neighbors doors and ran. We had May poles too nearly every year thru HS I graduated in 1957
    The DD quilts were pretty today the Giraffes are very cute will have to try that one.
    The puppies are really growing . Things are still closed up here in Oregon, but they are going to let hospitals and dentists start seeing patients again, if they have enough PPE.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    My friend and I made May baskets and filled them flowers. My mothers, I think. Then we would hang them on the door, ring and run…and hide to see them find their surprise. I am sure we giggled.
    The DD quilts are really great, especially the giraffes.

  14. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I remember the May baskets. I think we always put popcorn and candy in them. We also knocked on the door and ran.
    You did well with the puppies. they will miss you also.
    A friend of ours is now hauling dead hogs to “somewhere in Nebraska.” He has a semi (a pot belly) and gets $2 for each hog. These were killed( 3,000 of them) in Worthington, MN when the JBS plant was closed due to the virus. I don’t know how many he hauls at once. Wtgn. is 30 miles from here. There are 375 cases in that county at this time. Sad.
    The DD were wonderful. A day brightener. Thanks to all.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – oh, that is so sad about the hogs! I see pictures on FB and just can’t believe it – think of all the starving people in the world that could be fed! What about the milk cows? Are you OK? You’re still milking, aren’t you? My friend Margaret said they have hogs to go out today – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they do. $2/hog – devastating! I wonder how many people really understand what’s happening to the farmers!

      1. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

        Thanks for asking. We are still milking and did not dump any milk. The milk price is hopeless right now. We sell our milk to Associated Milk Producers, Inc. (AMPI). Most all of their milk is made into butter and cheese, so they had a market. One of our neighbors sells to Land O Lakes. They called him and asked if they could dump a load of milk in his lagoon. (What would he do with that? Pay to have it hauled to the fields)Think of the stink of sour milk. He said no. We called the person who butchers for us and he is full until Sept. We thought we would butcher one of our younger holsteins to put in the freezer. We called another butcher and he can do it in Sept. People must think there is going to be a meat shortage. I think we will have meat, but the price will be high. Today, (Sat.) there are 425 cases in Wtgn.
        Blessings to all.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kathy Schwartz – glad to hear you haven’t had to dump any milk – we realize what the prices are and you are very brave to continue milking! And what, pray tell, was Land O Lakes thinking asking to dump a load into the lagoon????? Yikes!
          People don’t realize how livestock becomes meat in the store. I read a comment from a neighbor who said “I’ll give you a hog – no problem. Now what are you going to do with it? “. Can’t get into a locker – they think it magically becomes pork chops! People!!! We’re hoping our meat supply will lasts us until this is over.
          I think about you guys often – I, for one, know how hard it is for farmers right now!!

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    We made May baskets from wallpaper sample books. Cones, candy and a little handle. They were so pretty. Rang and ran!
    I saw that little white butt escaping from the barn.
    I’m glad our community is opening up, but hope all will go well.
    Stay calm and safe.

  16. Susy Boyer

    Happy May Day… and beautiful puppies. You’ve done a great job with them.
    My elementary school always had May Day dances. We learned line dancing and lots of square dancing. It was really fun. I loved it. Looking back it was a wonderful way to teach socializing.

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, you are going to miss those sweet babies. It would have been so nice for them to have been adopted together. But with a lot of love, they will adapt to new surroundings. Some cute quilts that got done. I am still plowing along with my small blocks, but I am sloooow! Take care.

  18. Sherrill

    YES! We started opening up today! I was so ready so I headed to my fave Mexican restaurant (who didn’t have my fave soup on their limited menu during lockdown) and had my avocado soup while sitting outside on the patio. It was so pretty today as it has been of late but SUPER WINDY!! Then I ran by the antique mall with my favorite tea room inside. They were OPEN TOO!! YAY! And lastly I ran to Hobby Lobby and browsed around a bit (bought a couple of things).

  19. Dot

    My sister and I made May baskets in California, using the Danish woven heart basket our Iowa-born Danish-American mother taught us. But we used pastel paper, not red and white. We filled them with geraniums from our yard, and hung them on the neighbors’ doors. I don’t think anybody else in our neighborhood did it.
    Here in North Carolina, things aren’t opening quite yet, aside from a few beaches. There’s not enough testing yet. Perhaps in a week, the slow opening will begin.

  20. Launa

    I also made May baskets and filled with a few fresh flowers. Hung them on favorite neighbors’ doors, rang bell n ran! Most were older people!
    Nice news about the litter adoptions!

  21. Agatha

    I remember May Day just as said. Kisses and all!! I had three daughters and I remember making 70 some baskets and driving all over town taking them to houses. So much fun. The puppies are so cute you are such a special person to take them in. Glad they are doing well.

  22. Diane Bauer

    We, too, made May baskets and hooked them on neighbor’s door knobs, rang, and ran away! I remember we made them in cone shapes, filled them with candy and flowers. So fun!!

    The puppies are adorable and look so healthy and happy now! Are these two not yet spoken for because they are fostered?

    I’m with you—ready to plant!! I’ve learned my lesson though and will wait at least until after Mother’s Day. Last year we had snow into June, so may wait that late!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – both of my girls, Lola and Lindsey, have been adopted. The only puppy that has NOT been adopted yet is the little white one who is being fostered at another home. All 7 puppies are in foster care – they were sad pups a week ago.

      1. Diane Bauer

        Amazing how much progress you’ve made with them in just one short week!!

  23. Diana in Des Moines

    We have a greenhouse about 3 minutes from home and I’ve already been there several times I try to go during the week to beat the crowds, but today I needed a couple things. It was packed. We have not had restrictions lifted in Polk county, so I was surprised at the crowds. Anyway, garden is in, and now we wait. Sewing on the docket for tomorrow. I need something to brighten this dark mood of mine. Miss sewing with my friends, church, and getting my hair cut. Enough whining. Thanks, Mary for brightening my day. 😘

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana in DM – things are quite normal around here once again except for wearing masks. Our church starts up again on May 10 and I’ll be so glad! Our choir director brought me some music last evening and it was so fun to see her again – anxious to get back to choir practice but now we won’t meet till Fall.

  24. Betty Klosterman

    I went to school in Clarion, Iowa. The 6th grade girls always danced around the May Pole in our pastel dresses weaving our way thru. When I got out into the world I discovered the May Pole was really a phallic symbol for fertility!!! What we never knew then.
    Spring is here, maybe, and what could be better. Take care everybody.

    1. Mary Lu in Oregon

      My sisters and I also made May baskets, hung them on the door knobs & tried to run away before anyone answered the door.

      Dancing around the May pole with colored crepe paper streamers was also special.

    2. Diane and Squeak In Central Ohio

      HI Betty, I have been waiting to tell you that I will send a picture to Mary of Squeak, but she could just post one of her Millie because they could be twins. They are both Tuxedo kitties–mostly black with white chest (like a shirt) and sometimes white paws, sometimes white spots, and sometimes a pink or black nose.
      We have a neighbor kitty, Buckeye (Ohio) who is a beautiful gray Tuxedo with some Siamese in him.

  25. Jan from TN

    I gotta tell you that I just love Lola & Lindsey! I think they’ll need to be adopted together as a bonded pair or whoever adopts them may have issues with the separation.
    Great dirty dozen finishes!
    Have a great weekend. We’re finally supposed to have a weekend that’s rainfree & temps in the 70’s! Yay!

  26. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Oh my gosh, those puppies are so cute. You must have patience of a saint!
    I am 62 years old and went to a 4 room school house in Nashotah wi. We were very rural back then. I remember May day as having a weighted pole in a bucket and all kinds of colored crepe paper streamers were attached to the top of the pole. Then some music played, I believe it was it was a Polish song? We all took a streamer and danced around the pole with streamer in our hands. Girls danced one way and boys danced opposite from us. When we stopped dancing the whole pole looked liked a beautiful braid. It seems so vivid in my mind? I know I loved it. I think I was in second grade? Anybody else remember this?

    1. Marj Roach

      I used to go to that school as part of our baseball program. I went to Bark River, a neighboring school, I graduated in 1956 from there, I am now 77. But we did the same thing at our school, in the lower grades. We were a two room school.

      1. Linda Rouse

        OMG, small world. I lived in Nashotah for 20 years. My mom and dad bought their brand new house for 20,000. Can you imagine? Now we are selling that home as my mom died on March 4th of liver cancer. She was my best friend.
        Where do you live now? I am so excited that someone remembers what I do! Did I remember correctly?


  27. Cheryl

    May Day! We lived in Albert Lea until I was eight and we made May Baskets at school and gave them away on our way home. I don’t remember any kisses! In the south since 1961 and they could care less about May Day. For years I’ve tried to find the basket we made. It was not a cone but a folded construction paper origami type basket with a cut out handle. The puppies are super cute. Barbers and hair salons open here next Wednesday!

  28. Diane from TN

    Oh Mary, you will be so sad when those puppies leave. Will they be adopted together? They are so cute. Love the dirty dozens too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane from TN – they each have been adopted by separate families. Yes, they will miss each other!

  29. Susan Moore

    I would like to know where to get the pattern for the giraffe quilt. I didn’t see a name on it.

    1. Diane from TN

      I just made two of the giraffe quilts. A couple of new babies on the way. The pattern is Giraffes in a Row by Lorna McMahon. You can get it from sew fresh quilts. (

      1. Diane and Squeak

        I have the pattern and the fabric pack to go with it. Diane, was it hard? I am going to make it for my grand daughter’s first grand child. Now, she is only 16 so I think I have time–lol!!

        1. Diane from

          I was born in 1955. Didn’t know anyone with the same name while I was growing up, but in the quilt club of about 20 members, there are three Diane’s each spelled differently.

          As for the giraffe quilt, It wasn’t very difficult to put together if you follow the diagrams for the sub sections. Also, your quarter inch seams need to be exact. Luckily, when I quilted the first one I made, it wasn’t noticeable that I had to adjust a little. The second one was much better since I learned that I needed to slow down and be more accurate.

  30. Rhoda Ebersole

    Happy May Day!
    Love your Velcro puppies.
    Only 99 here yesterday!

    Went to the post office to mail off some masks and the line would have been a 1 hour Wait so we left.
    What happens on the first Friday of the month???

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda Ebersole – on the first DAY of the month I announce the Dirty Dozen Number for that month giving the quilter a month to finish it.

  31. Charlotte Shira

    The puppies are so cute out exploring! Love all the DDs.
    Any DD for May?

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