A First For Me! 5-27-2020

This will give you a chuckle – I put some screens on without bothering to wash the outside glass – haha! Nobody will be coming to judge my housekeeping skills so what the heck do I care?

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Some great finishes today. From Rita who made this king size quilt for her sister. I asked for a close up so I could see the pattern – I love it!

Maybe I need a new red and white pattern?

And from Gloria-

And you might recognize the name Pat Smith from comments. This is Pat with her two dogs, Jack and Sonny. I met Pat during the Winnebago Grand National Rally a couple of years ago and Jack had just been killed the day before in a terrible car accident leaving Sonny as well as Pat and her husband grieving. You understand, I know.

I’m almost finished reading American Dirt and would just love to discuss it with anyone else who has read it – Lois Ann?

And now I’m going to write a separate post of all patterns currently available. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose the post in the middle – the pictures are on my IPad but hard to find. PLEASE keep this list however you choose – this is a huge job and I don’t like having to do it. But I will because someone asked.

28 thoughts on “A First For Me! 5-27-2020

  1. Sue in Oregon

    I love Rita’s quilt, too. It’s beautiful, Rita. And Glorias are great as well.
    So sad about Pat’s dog, Jack. That must have been a terrible loss. They look like Shelties, only larger and more merled. Such beautiful dogs.
    It is very warm here for this coastal Oregon area. Feels like July. The breeze will come up soon, though, and cool us down. Either that or the late afternoon fog. I think I can hear my tomatoes growing.
    I have been working on a mystery quilt-a-long on FB. I haven’t done one for a long time. Clue #2 came up today so I need to work on it later. I also want to start the Stars and Stripes wallhanging pattern you sent me.

    1. Pat Smith

      Both Jack and Sonny came from our local animal shelter and are blue Merle shelties weighing about 16 pounds. We have no idea why they were at the shelter, but we think they were dropped off by a breeder for reasons unknown to us. Jack had a very strong herding gene and a trait we didn’t know about—he was frantic to go after rotating things like bikes and sadly as we learned also car tires. Here in FL they are never off the leash except inside the dog park, but where we live in VT in the summer they had a lot more freedom to run in the yard because we live at the end of a little one lane dirt road. We had no idea Jack would go after our car tires when my husband drove in.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Pat Smith – how could those gorgeous dogs be at a shelter???? I didn’t realize that, Pat!

      2. Diane and Squeak

        Pat, So sorry to hear about Jack. Our neighbors have a lovely Sheltie, Romeo, who was in a Sheltie rescue because his little feet are HUGE (about the size of my hand!) and he has little growths that come on them. that really hurt him. They wrap his feet and put medicine on them, but there is really nothing more they can do. He also LOVES to bark at and try to catch cars!! Is that part of their nature? I keep telling the neighbors he will catch them a car. He is not near the road and is not off his leash in the yard anymore because he can’t take walks on his poor feet and he is very old. They also have an Australian Shepherd that was at the Pound!!

  2. Lois Ann Johnson

    What a pleasant surprise to see my cousin’s photo on your blog today–along with her two dogs: Sonny and Jack. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and Sonny a few years ago when the Smith’s were in Iowa for a few days. They came in their Winnebago motor home and camped up at Forest City near the plant. I was saddened to learn of Jack’s sudden death later. They were such nice dogs. I, too, am about finished with “American Dirt.” I’ve had a difficult time reading it lately because it has gotten pretty tense and violent. I don’t want to divulge anything from the plot and spoil it for future readers, but it is a very intense story about migrants traveling north to safety.

  3. Amy M

    Beautiful red and white quilt. And King Size. I made one king size (also for my sister) and decided that was my one and only. You wouldn’t think there is that much difference between a king and a queen but for some reason that king was so much fabric to wrestle. I agree, who is going to see your windows and let them judge away if they come to see you. I believe a terrible wind storm but spring dust on there : ) Don’t laugh but I have been reading the story of how Pioneer Woman (the cooking show) and her husband met. It is almost like a romance novel but easy reading, don’t have to keep up with too many characters. Our libraries are just starting to reopen. They are quarantining returned books for 72 hours, the news showed piles of books on the floor in rooms in the libraries (not open to the public yet). They have a few locations with drive up windows so all the holds were moved to those libraries and some people waited an hour in their cars in line yesterday to pick up their holds. I think I’ll wait until next week 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – I’ve made 2 king size quilts and never want to make another one! And boring! The same thing over and over – ick! I’d never laugh at what you’re reading! Reading is such a pleasure – I can’t imagine why everybody doesn’t read for fun!!

  4. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh, Mary, how sad! Are these Border Collies? They are beautiful! I totally understand. Nice finishes, the red and white quilt is very pretty. Take care, my friend.

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I love how the fabric used in the small squares has a pattern that really enhances the quilt greatly! Done people sure have talent for selecting the just right Fabrics! Gloria’s quilt is beautiful too. And the punch needle-sweet!


    I love love love Gloria’s little quilt!! Did she tell about the pattern? Would she volunteer where she got the pattern??? Thank you for your wonderful posts

  7. Ellie

    What beautiful dogs and how tragic one was killed.. Lovely finishes ladies on your work! I may have to make the red and white one too.

  8. Marj Roach

    I recently joined your group, love your daily blogs. Wish I had your green thumb, as hard as I try, mine is more brown. Need to go check my asparagus bed for anything new that has popped up. Trying to get it weeded better before the recent rains and now heat brings out the misquito batch. Has been nice to sit on my porch without bugs, wish it was screened in like yours. Hope to get that done later this year.

  9. Diane in TN

    I am listening to American dirt on audible right now. Thanks for sharing your post, I probably would not have selected it. The red and white quilt is beautiful. I always wanted to make a red and white quilt but just haven’t. I am trying to finish up on all of my old projects but it is taking me so long. When I see other bloggers finishing up their quilts in a couple of days time, I wonder how do they do it. Is there a secret formula? If so, share it with me.

  10. Diane Bauer

    I LOVE Rita’s quilt–and Gloria’s too!! Beautiful! Red is my favorite color and it finds it’s way into many of my quilts, but I’ve never made a red and white quilt. Perhaps it’s time!

    Beautiful pups as well. So sad to hear Jack was lost in a car accident, no doubt leaving the entire rest of the family grieving, including Sonny. I worry a bit about my girls being 5 years apart and how Skyler will fare when Akira leaves us. I don’t even want to think about losing either of them!!

    I haven’t read American Dirt but am thinking I may need to look into it. I read The Feather Thief over the weekend and would highly recommend it!

  11. Kate Schloemer

    Your my kind of friend… who cares if the windows are washed!!! Lol certainly not me…
    the red and white quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! Always wanted to do that pattern and haven’t done it yet.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with Katie…you have my kind of thinking! This pandemic has shown me what truly is important in life! Some things will only be dirty within days…and if you have dogs, it could be hours. I love red and white quilts, I made one from a mystery in creams and reds and it’s one of my favorite scrap quilts. My snowball quilt , the one like yours , is my next one as it’s my leader and Ender project.

  13. Joyce from NY

    Love all the quilt pictures.
    I have put American Dirt audiobook on hold, quite a long wait list.
    My daughter helped me wash some windows, but not the screens.
    Sad news about the little dog.
    In the 90’s last couple of days, back to 60’s by the weekend. Crazy

    1. Rita in Iowa

      This is RITA from Iowa and the red and white quilt is from the book “Simple Comforts, by Kim Diehl. The pattern name Twilight Hopscotch. The original pattern called for 16 blocks, mine had 49 blocks. Each block has 53 pieces and the quilt has a total of 3057 pieces. I did something totally different when sewing the quilt together by sewing the blocks into units with the sashing and borders sewn to the units. It was so much easier with handling the quilts in smaller sections.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Rita in Iowa – THANK YOU! That’s really good to know about sewing it together in sections – that’s a lot of pieces, Rita!!!!

  14. Gloria from CC

    Carolyn Barnett – I’m glad you like the little quilt. It’s only 20” x 20” and the pattern is Cobblestones by Country Threads. I believe they’ve renamed it Square in a Square and is one of the patterns that is for sale right now.
    So sorry about the little Sheltie. That story is heartbreaking.

  15. Pat in Michigan

    So sorry about Jack. We had a dog named Jack when we lived on the farm in Iowa. Good memories! The quilt finishes are beautiful and I also really liked the punch needle design. Heat and humidity here in Michigan this week. Lots of grass mowing to do.

  16. Mary G

    I made a red and white quilt from a Judy Martin pattern and was pleased that it won Viewers’ Choice at Gulf States Quilt Show in New Orleans one year and especially that my mother was there to see it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary G – that’s something to be very proud of! Red and white quilts are my favorites!

  17. Jan R

    I also read American Dirt, and thought it was fabulous. Not easy, but life is hard at times. I would highly recommend it. Any amazing saga of what people will endure in an effort to make a better life for their families.

  18. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Has anyone read Britt Marie Was Here by Fredrick Backman, the man who wrote A Man Called One. It is a quirky, wonderfully fun book! Britt Marie showed up in my Little Library which is outside our house. I saw one in a magazine and then my husband’s woodworking magazine had one on the cover the next week. He didn’t have a choice, but to build it for me!! It has had LOTS of action since our libraries are closed. I use Lysol or Clorox wipes on the books that come in and hope they are safe. I guess surfaces are not as bad as they thought. I have books for kids, too:)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and squeak – I think I read it but don’t remember the story.

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