Country Threads’ Patterns Available,5-27-2020

Uncle Sam – $10.00

Paper pieced houses – $5

Paper pieced cups – $5 (this is on my wish list to do!)

New Glory Itty Bitty – $3

USA Itty Bitty – $3

May Flowers Itty Bitty – $3

Wish Big Itty Bitty – $3

Square in a Square Tablerunner – $3

Salute To Summer – $5

Blue Shirt Quilt – $5

Alphabet Quilt – $10

Polka Dot Stars – $3

This Old Farmhouse – $10

Beyond the Battlefield book – $15.00 plus $8 ( can’t find photo)

Rugs From Rags book and dvd – $20

These will not be pictured again except Farmhouse but will remain available. Please help with postage – if you’re ordering just one or two patterns, PLEASE enclose a SASE.

If you’re ordering multiples, we need to put them in a brown envelope – include $1 for each pattern ordered.

Book needs $8 postage.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some details – wish I could correct them now – this was a lot of patterns so read carefully and follow my instructions. The minute I hit “publish” I’ll remember something I forgot! Apologies in advance – praying this post will publish!

8 thoughts on “Country Threads’ Patterns Available,5-27-2020

  1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Wow! Lots of neat patterns. I have many of them. If you readers haven’t tried a rug, it is really fun and uses lots of leftovers😃😃. 85 here today.

  2. Lillian

    What has happened to the young man who was always learning to make quilts and such from you? Can’t remember his name.
    Thank you Lillian

  3. Karen K.

    I am fairly new to your blog But it has become my nightly ritual to see what’s going on with quilts and the farm and the animals. It makes my day. I have only started quilting a couple years ago but I love it. My first big project was a quilt by you ladies called The Blue and the gray. Not the book of patterns but the pattern itself named that. After seeing this quilt in a quilt shop and hearing that the book was out of publication I searched until I found it on eBay. THEN, as I was In the process of making the quilt I heard you ladies were coming to my small city for a book signing and trunk show.
    I Mark it on my calendar and got to meet you both in person. That’s where I found out about your blog.
    So…. I have fallen in love with another one of your quilts. The alphabet quilt and I see it is $10. How do I order this from you?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen K – send your money to the address on the blog home page – that’s it.

  4. laurie a

    Thank you so much for putting this information together! I really appreciate all the time you took to gather all this information. I was going back through the blog trying to refind the things I wanted to order. My order will be in tomorrow’s mail.

  5. Sunflower from Michigan

    Thanks for showing all the patterns. I have several of them also. Really looking forward to the thrift shops opening so I can get some striped shirts. Take care.

  6. Gwen

    I love the polka dot quilt. I have been collecting polka dot fabric for a long time. This gives me a good idea on how to use some of it. I also love the tiny houses. I was looking at some of my books and found I have your book where it was published.

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