Chaos, 5-31-2020

I know you’re all probably watching the news as I am – it’s tragic no matter what side you’re looking at, don’t you agree?

I finished piecing This Old Farmhouse and promise to take a picture tomorrow. Tonight I’m making a birthday present and I’ll show that, too, when I finish.

I’ve been working hard outside mowing and weeding. Connie let me dig up one of her big hostas.

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Yes, that’s just one of her huge hostas – it filled the back of the golf cart!

I started digging on the north side of the porch.

I don’t even like gardening in the ground. I won’t be able to walk tomorrow!!!

I thought we should follow Tim’s corn crop again this year. This is one week ago.

This is today.

Pagoda Dogwood tree in bloom.

Climbing hydrangea starting to bloom.

Sue in Texas, Colton says “hi!”

We might have a gosling explosion – 2 separate nests, 3 mamas on each nest!!!

Photos from readers.

Here’s Scott working on my computer with Deano helping. Since I’ve been having some computer issues, please resend any pictures that you have sent but I have not posted.

My apologies.

Dirty face!!!

60 thoughts on “Chaos, 5-31-2020

  1. Cathie Braman

    Thanks so much for being up late. This is so sad and and we don’t know where it will end. Stay safe!

  2. Peggy S

    What wonderful pictures from the “quilties!”. Hazel with the dirty face must have been helping you plant hostas!! How nice of Connie to share that big plant. Next year you’ll have several plants about that size!!
    Be still & stay safe everyone.
    Peggy S

  3. Mareen

    Connie has beautiful hostess to say this least. Ha! She won’t even notice it’s gone! They are a great addition to your yard Mary!

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    Would be nice if we could get the whole story…s’pose that will never come out. All of this rioting is so senseless. I am not sure what they are trying to prove.
    What an absolutely beautiful weekend!!! We could have this weather the rest of the summer as far as I am concerned. I am not looking forward to the 80’s this next week.
    I drove back to MN yesterday, the corn is growing! It was interesting to see how far along it was in different areas. Some of it is actually tall enough to move in the wind! It will be fun to see where it is when I go back to Iowa Sat. or Sunday.
    Your flowers will look so good!! I didn’t realize you could divide the hosta like that. That row will be gorgeous along that wall!!

  5. Carol Reents

    Hostas are best moved in the fall or just when they emerge n the spring. If the transplants don’t perk up in a few days, cut the leaves and stalks back to near soil levels. The plant will then put out new leaves. The leaves won’t be as big as the original one but healthy leaves you will have. I had several that got heavily damaged by the hard freeze we had her in Indiana in April. I had no choice but to cut off all the mushy dead leaves. I now have a plant with albeit smaller leaves looking very healthy.

  6. Diane Bauer

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a hosta that large!!! We have a few here in Colorado, but nothing like in the Midwest.

    I started a baby quilt today—the first one I made matches nothing they have decided to do for the nursery, so I’m back to the drawing board!

    Denver is in “chaos” tonight according to the local news—certainly nothing like Minneapolis in terms of the destruction, but sad nonetheless. Everything seems to stay pretty calm during the day. The trouble starts when the curfew starts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – Des Moines is still rioting tonight – a mall, Target and a few other places.

  7. Diane Bauer

    I barely recognize that I live in America any longer. I’m glad I don’t live in a bigger city. It has made me think a lot about where I live, the type of house I live in, etc.

  8. Sue in Oregon

    Yes, I do agree with you. It is terribly sad. If only they would realize that their horrible destruction is working against them. And, if only the arrest had happened right away, as it should have. I am sad that we, the older generation, are handing what was once a proud and wonderful nation to our young ones coming up. Maybe they will fix it. I hope so because we sure weren’t able to. Sorry. You can delete my rant if you want to.

    We have gone through a period of cold rain and chilly nights. Now, we are supposed to warm up. Our garden is looking great despite the weather, but the slugs are out now in full force.

    I love hostas. They will be gorgeous on your north side. My one and only is lovely this year.

  9. Judi L.

    The video was vile, repulsive, disgusting, sickening and a lot of other words I can’t use to describe. As much as I am concerned with the climate in other areas of our country, I am especially a concerned for the funeral service as Mr. Floyd will brought home to Houston (where I live). I pray for our community and our first responders.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judi L – oh my, you’re right! I did hear he was from Houston – oh, I hate to think of what could happen at the funeral. You were referring to the actual video of the “arrest”, right? Actually not arrest, the murder, if truth be told. I just wish our lives could return to what we considered normal just a few months ago, don’t you?

      1. Judi L.

        Yes, I agree with you. Even though a few months ago was our “new” normal. So many changes. I pray that arrests will be made for the other three officers. They were certainly complicit by way of just standing there and pretending nothing was wrong. How incredibly sad. Unfortunately, until they are formally charged, I think the unrest will continue. I just wish everyone would take a breath since Mr. Floyd can’t, and BE STILL (as a wise woman keeps saying). Thanks for allowing me too vent. Keep up the good work with the blog. Helps me ree=member the Country Threads days.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Judy L – did you know the other three officers were also kneeling on Floyd – neck, chest, knees and ankles from what I’ve read – assuming that is true, of course. Yes, they should also be charged – in MY opinion.

    2. Felici Hamlin

      Judy, I hope that they will be respectful! There are elements who want to bring this country down and they are hurting so many people by looting and destroying. Those actions don’t honor Mr. Floyd’s memory. I hope those in attendance will behave, but who knows.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks again for all the lovely pictures you share with us. It gets my mind off this turmoil we are in as I can’t sleep tonight. Riots were in our city last night but I live in a suburb so I was away from it. I grew up in the 60’s and sure remember protests but nothing of this magnitude with disrespect. People who were able to go to work now have no place to work cause it’s been destroyed and I just don’t get it when there still is a highly contagious virus we are all trying to avoid getting. A quilting friends cousin was just intubated yesterday on a respirator with Covid. She’s only 35 and worked in a nursing home. So sad to me this is continuing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – it is all so terribly sad! I have to just know that God will take care of me – all of it is unbelievable, isn’t it? The economy has taken such a hard hit due to the virus and now this! I wonder if the virus will now explode – what about all those people crowding together in the street? If someone had told me last year that this would be our lives today, I would not have believed them. I see a few friends at a distance and go to the grocery store, I play for church and sit far away from anyone else and other than that I have to be content to work on the farm, clean house, cook, sew, read and take care of animals. It’s not a bad life but just doesn’t feel normal yet. Hope you can find some comfort in your family and dogs. I’m so sorry to hear about such a young woman on a ventilator – unbelievable.

      1. Kathy

        Hi Mary. I think you could write a wonderful meaningful post on how it is to return to church in this new day and age. So many of us aren’t able to yet, as well as I accept there will be many who will not be returning till more measures are enacted for their health. Is it hard to social distance at it for talking? Has yours shortened so exposer is limited? It was strange to go grocery shopping, breathing thru a cloth mask, kinda feeling like I am trick and treating with my bag putting this and that in it. Then I got better going once every two weeks and using the cleaned cart an attendant gave me but still every movement is cautious as I don’t want to be the one who picks the virus up. We know people who died and are suffering thru the affects of having it and it’s not what many think it is. I just want it gone and pray it doesn’t return in fall or these crowds we see on tv aren’t spreading it longer around.

  11. Dee Winter

    I love your pictures, dogs, cats, babies! Your blog never fails to give me a smile. Thanks.

  12. laurie a

    I always enjoy seeing all the pictures you post. I didn’t even know there was a climbing hydrangea! The deer ate the ones in my side yard last year, so now I have little itty bitty ones. Fortunately they are green and growing. My sister swears by the milk she sprays on her plants, so I may have to give that a try.

  13. Jan VanDeWalle

    Portland , Oregon has been full of protester for 3 nights, They start out as peaceful and then turn violent. So far tonight is fairly peaceful but some broke into the Federal Courthouse and set a fire. They are crazy.
    Love the Hosta’s they will be beautiful when they get going again. They grow great here too.
    Your pictures are fun tonight love the geese and the pretty quilts. loved the Bullseye quilt in blue
    I had not heard of spraying milk to keep the deer from eating plants. I had to build a fence around my prune tree, but the rose bush that my husband tried to kill and came back from the roots is looking pretty naked as they eat all the new leaves and buds. The taller shoots are blooming single blooms that are red. It was a Peace Rose before he moved it.
    Stay safe, and still. Jan

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for posting Stella’s photo with the Maltese dog and my Bella, bishon freis mix rescue.the other baby is beautiful in her smoked outfit! I am very sad for the USA,thank goodness you live in a peaceful place, take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  15. Diana Stanfill

    I do love hostas. I had many when I lived in Illinois. But now that we are in Florida, I dont see any.

  16. Charlotte Shira

    I love hostas, dogwoods and hydrangeas!! I didn’t get any of the photos from readers. I’ll try again tomorrow.
    Praying for the USA. The freeway off ramps closest to my home (3/4 of a mile) are closed tonight. Target and other stores are on the other side of the freeway. It is scary!

    1. Charlotte Shira

      The pictures all loaded when I scrolled back up. Love them all.

      1. Mary

        Love your quilt, Charlotte. Could you share info about the pattern. I would love to make one like that.

  17. Jane from St Marys

    Love the big hosta plant. They are one of my favorites. I have a couple of big ones up by our calving barn where boots get scraped off & the soil is very fertile!!! But the best thing I saw….your cupola!! Oh how I wish I had one of those!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane from St Mary’s – the cupola is pretty cool, isn’t it? I love it!

  18. Paula Philpot

    Monthly Number, don’t forget!!! I love seeing all the farm pics. I’m still watching for Karla T. to post so I can ask for her pattern for the weave quilt. Stay safe when you get out and about. Paula in KY.

    1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

      Hey Paula, I noticed a while ago that you opened a quilt shop in Kentucky. Where is it? I live in Ohio so maybe someday I’ll get to it! Thanks. Diane

      1. Karla T

        Hi Paula– the weave quilt pattern is called “Over and Down Under” by Bonnie Sullivan.
        Here is her website
        Sorry I didn’t see your request sooner– I am behind on checking comments. Happy quilting! ~ Karla T

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – you’ve only got one number left.

  19. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, your blog is a bright spot in our lives! Through it we know there are good people all over the country and the world. Thank you! I too lived thru the rioting of the 60’s. When will people learn that committing crimes to correct a crime doesn’t help? Yes, so sad on all levels.
    I love all the pictures! Especially love that young boy with his puppy! Readers, this is shameless as he is my grandson! haha

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in MD – English labs have gotten very popular around here versus a “regular” lab. Connie’s Betty is an English lab – very stout and very strong just like Huk will be!

  20. Diana in Des Moines

    I was up late watching the “protests” here in Des Moines. Sad. I have other words for it, but I just feel sad.

    Where has Reed been? I understand quarantine, but I miss his smiling face and his quilting.

    Take care

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana in DM – I miss Reed, too, but he is sewing with his grandma now. 😞

  21. Gayle Shumaker

    Wonderful pictures today! My heart breaks. I support peaceful protest but rioting and looting have no place in creating positive change. I watched that unfold in the 60’s in Detroit. It ended when rioters started shooting at police and the police shot back with real bullets and had better aim. I remember my dad finally going to his office not knowing what he would find. He was lucky, one of the beer manufacturers had a warehouse a few blocks away from his office and passed out free beer to the National Guard troops. Suffice to say that area had a lot of troop activity.

  22. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The bulls eye quilt has inspired me to get started on mine. Love the blue colors in the one posted. I have a small garden and there are about a dozen hostas that have just about taken over which is okay because the weeds don’t stand a chance. They were all transplanted and separated from my old house. Yours will also be wonderful in years to come. We are so blessed to live in a rural area away from Washington DC, My daughter-in-law and grand daughter live in the suburbs of DC and between the virus and riots they live in a certain level of fear.

  23. Kathy Hanson

    There is so much to say that I think I will only say what your beautiful pictures, children, flowers, plants, cats, dogs and all have done to make the world still be something of beauty and love! It surely is a very difficult time but – “we will all get through this TOGETHER!!”

  24. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    What a feast for the eyes in your blog today, Mary 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful quilts. The blue string quilt is just an old one I have. Question from “black thumb” here. Do you spray for deer or don’t they bother your plants? That Hosta will be beautiful. The baby pictures are so cute. We live 45 minutes from Columbus, Ohio. From what the paper said, a lot of the looters there were not even residents of Columbus or even Ohio, but anarchists and rabble rousers from out of state. As others have said, it is so sad.
    That’s why it is so nice to have your blog to cheer us up, Mary. Thank you!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – since we have 6 foot fences, the deer can’t jump over so I have no deer issues. Yes, the riots are sad and when I come to the blog, I don’t want to think about them.

  25. Linda baker

    Is Colton a six-toed cat? He looks like he’s wearing little snowshoes on his feet,Ha!
    I, too, remember the riots in the sixties. Every night that’s all you saw on the news, the Watts riots, the Black Panthers, the riots in Detroit, it seemed to go on forever. There was a lot of destruction in Grand Rapids Saturday night, but we live fifteen miles from there, so I didn’t even know about it til I watched the news on Sunday night. My daughter lives north of Atlanta, and she’s scared. I hope we see an end to all of this soon. Stay safe, everyone, be calm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Baker – no, Colton isn’t a polydactyl but Ernie is. Colton has gotten so huge however that his paws look big, too.

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Mary,
    I was at your last or almost last retreat and Colton was just a youngster. I wanted him so bad but couldn’t take him, so I just love when you sent pictures of him.
    Since we took our lambs back a couple of yrs ago things got boring I guess, so I adopted 8 production reds. I’m up to around 5 eggs a day! What a fun project. But the poop I clean up everyday is incredible!
    Have a most wonderful day. And your gardens are so amazing🌸🌸
    Sue, Argyle Texas

  27. Sue davis

    Hi Mary,
    I was at your last or almost last retreat and Colton was just a youngster. I wanted him so bad but couldn’t take him, so I just love when you sent pictures of him.
    Since we took our lambs back a couple of yrs ago things got boring I guess, so I adopted 8 production reds. I’m up to around 5 eggs a day! What a fun project. But the poop I clean up everyday is incredible!
    Have a most wonderful day. And your gardens are so amazing🌸🌸
    Sue, Argyle Texas

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue Davis – I’ll bet you do miss your cute sheep but chickens are really fun, too. Don’t you just love having your own fresh eggs? I don’t clean up everyday but we will clean the whole barn sometime this summer. I can shovel the chicken ______ but the goat _____ is just too packed down and heavy. I’m hoping to hire some kids from church. Don’t know if you can tell how big Colton is – I’ll bet he weighs 15-20 lbs!

  28. Liz Schrader

    I so enjoy reading your blog Mary. The quilts are all beautiful. I need to send photos of the ones I have finished during this shelter-in-place. There was lots of rioting in downtown Dallas over the weekend. I agree with all the comments on this terrible situation in our lives right now. My comfort is in my sewing room where I am making smaller items to give as gifts. God Bless America! And stay safe!

  29. Elizabeth Rodgers

    Thank you, your blog helps so many of us during this horrible year. The pics are great. Quilts, pets, and babies, who can ask for more, me. Thank you again.

  30. Jo in Wyoming

    I was thinking about how scrappy quilts are the most interesting. No one color dominates, yet all together the result is spectacular. I feel these folks that show up to instill violence, riot and lootIng is certainly destroying the very fabric of our beautiful quilt. That’s wrong. It’s wrong for all of us. We have the right to speak and to be heard. My husband has 3 Purple Hearts defending that right. We don’t have the right to create violence and harm others.
    Give peace a chance.

    Sorry, Mary…your pictures are great today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Join Wyoming – oh my goodness – 3 Purple Hearts????? Wow and wow again! Please tell him thank you! I so wish the world would return to what I remember as normal!!

    2. Felicia Hamlin

      Jo in Wyoming, a big thank you to your husband for his service! Tske care, Felicia

  31. Anonymous

    Hi again Mary
    Actually, I miss my sheep, I hear they are doing wonderful back home in Ohio. But the work was so hard. And I’m not a young chicken anymore. I don’t know how you keep up with your beautiful property. At the ripe old age of 73 I can hardly keep up with 1 1/2 acres. But the chickens are fun and they love to be held. Colton is wonderful and he has turned out to be a big big boy. Take care 🌺🌺

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I think about my workload every day and I really hope next summer will be easier when my knees are better. I really enjoy the work but at age 72 it’s hard.

  32. Judith Ann Jaques

    Hosta. I had over 350 ,different varities,removed last spring. The whole north side of our property was a hosta garden/pond area. Years in the making. The landscaper came, dug them all with his forklift machine. It was amazing. He put them on the edge of the street and people came and took them away.Many as large as the one you have. Some by the pick up load. I picked some favorites to have planted in small areas. Very liberating, but sad— was for the best. I can no longer do all I once did.I would love to share a picture of my former garden but not sure how to on this page. I did plant green beans in large tubs they are just now coming up.So I will have fresh green beans. I am late but the weather has not been right on the days I could plant.
    I can not even watch the craziness that is going on in our country. It makes me angry, sad, fearful for our children and grandchildren, also makes me wonder how it will all be resolved. It has been 2 beautiful days for working outside. Tomorrow is going to be HOT I
    do not do well with heat so will do some sewing. Hope you did not over do. blessings judy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith Ann Jacques – I missed your comment two days ago – why did you remove all those beautiful hostas? The pond, too? Oh, how sad! Is it just easier to mow than take care of all of that hosta garden? I’ve always told Connie that as I get older I can still mow but can’t weed especially now with new knees. You can send a picture to my email and I can post it on the blog. Thank you – I’d love to see it!

  33. Tanya in Houston

    Jo in Wyoming, WOW! THREE Purple Hearts! We watched a show on WWII’s D Day on Normandy Beaches last night on Netflix. It was all about Point Du Hoc and Rudder’s Rangers, about an hour long, and made us so grateful for brave heroes.

    Also, I just finished a new book called Carville’s Cure by Pam Fessler. It’s all about the Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) clinic in Louisiana and patients and treatments there over the years as they were searching for a cure. So fascinating. Brave people in so many ways in our country!

    Yes, keep Houston in your prayers for continued peaceful encounters, safety for citizens and police, and respect for a grieving family.

  34. Sandy

    Hi Mary, nobody seems to have claimed the beautiful little girl in the smocked dress yet. She is gorgeous! Be kind to each other as we say in New Zealand,best wishes, sandy

  35. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary, love that little Stella and when I saw the picture of the boy for a second I thought that it was Reed. The baby is so sweet and so are the dogs and the cats. Love so many of the quilts Especially that one that looks like delectable mountains. I have some sort of Clematis similar to the hydrangea. Your Hosta was huge, the deer have already nibbled on mine. It is so upsetting.

    It is hurtful to see all the destruction that is being done to so many places. Take care, stay healthy everybody.

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