A Frosty Morning

Fog last night made it very frosty this morning – such as this bale of hay.

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Inside the barn however it was very toasty.

The chickens were very busy.

The goats were just hangin’ out under the heat lamps.

Mama Kitty was warm and snug in her box.

And then there’s Emma relaxing in her chair!

Here’s the new/used loveseat that I bought on Saturday dressed up for Christmas with a Country Threads quilt hanging above – no, I don’t even remember the name of the quilt pattern. Too many to remember. The red plaid ottoman is leftover from a chair I had years ago which is gone but the ottoman is perfect.

I thought you might be interested in this pillow made from one of my Christmas sweaters years ago. You might have a sweater that you don’t wear anymore – front and back are cut, laid right sides together and stitched, leaving an opening to stuff and turn.

That’s Heidi on the back of the loveseat.

I’m going to work on Mystery Clue #3 today – I need a day at home – I’ve been gone too much lately. Ginny is taking Arlo today at 1:00 for his surgery. I will keep you posted.

35 thoughts on “A Frosty Morning

  1. Debbie

    Gorgeous love seat picture! All the reds are perfect together-looks so comfy and cozy! Love the cushions-especially the moose.

  2. Carla J

    Book Club suggestion “The Paris Seamstress” by Natasha Lester, great read early WWII Paris and US and then modern days.

  3. Diane Bauer

    I, too, love the love seat picture! Actually, I love all of the pictures you post. Your home looks so cozy and welcoming! We are at 34 degrees right now, heading for 60. The dogs are anxious to get out for their walks and aren’t understanding why I’m holding off a bit!

  4. Marian Stever

    Yes, a beautiful frosty morning. Jack Frost was busy! Love your photos–they are so nice and large on my PC with the large screen. Love the loveseat with the cover (snowball pattern?), the colors, and the kitty, of course. The BARN looks so inviting–I want to hang out with the goats and chickens. Mama kitty, too.
    I am almost finished with the Lilac Girls. Quite an undertaking by author Kelly.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    How cozy your love seat arrangement looks, Mary. Love all the pillows and the quilts.
    And, those barn photos are priceless. Makes me wish we had a cozy barn like that, especially for my hens.
    The sun is out here and I must get going.
    I am reading When We Were Sisters. Not done yet. Let you know later about it.

  6. Holly in TH

    Your love seat looks great! When I lived by Owatonna, I loved to go to Kasson and scrounge around in Miller’s, which was packed with goods from estate sales and auctions. I spent many happy hours there and came home with probably too much stuff. Ha!

    The animals all look so cozy in the barn. They are certainly lucky critters!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Holly in TH – whoa there – I don’t know about Miller’s! This place was east of Burger King on the south side of town. Where is Miller’s and is it still there?

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Hi Mary, Millers has been gone for many years – probably like 10 years. It was a fun place – so much stuff. It was on main street, next to the train tracks, a depot before it was Millers. The building is located on the south side of main street between the current liquor store and the old city hall(which is now an antique business). I am trying to think of the peoples’ first names, but they bought estate sale items. It was always REALLY full, and had everything – upstairs and down in the basement, and there was a giant ‘elevator’ in the southeast corner. It is now a 24 hour fitness business. Oh and I love the red snowball quilt. I spent quite a bit of time under mine this weekend, way long story…

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sherry Whalen – I thought of you so many times last Saturday! I hope you weren’t sick all weekend. Reed loved the Hubbell House – well do it again sometime and have you meet us there.

  7. Diane Emanuelson

    What Mystery are you working on? Michelle & I are doing one as well. Friendships with Portsmouth fabrics.
    Diane 🙂 Chicks are doing very well!!! I decorated the coop Sunday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane E – I’ve been wondering about your girls! I put Christmas lights in my barn, too. I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery called Good Fortune. Clues are posted every Friday. Very fun!

      1. Beryl BC

        I have my fabric for “Good Fortune” but haven’t started yet. I ordered a “kit” of fabric. One of the neutrals is labeled on the selvage, “Farmland Classics by CountryThreads for Benartex” Was that your Country Threads fabric?

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Beryl BC – yes, we designed that fabric for Benartex a lifetime ago. Honestly that fabric is really old, I’m sorry to say. Sounds like they were trying to get rid of it. Which is not what you were wanting to hear!

  8. Launa

    Been thinking of ARLO all weekend and this morning, too. You have more snow than here.
    Your red Snowball quilt looks wonderful on your new loveseat and with the wall quilt above. Is it a Seven Sisters pattern?
    Emma always knows a comfy place to relax!
    Snow is due here today. It’s a toasty 22 degrees @ noon; better than the lows on last weekend.
    Been staying up late watching the National Finals Rodeo from Las Vegas.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Love seeing all your animals well cared for by you. Such a kind person you are to keeping those pets safe from predators and warm. Your plaid ottoman is perfect with the loveseat and quilts. I have always wanted to do a snowball quilt and yours makes me want to dig out my reds and start one. BUT I will wait and use them when your bullseye is started. I once made a small pillow from a red Santa sweater design I liked but it’s long gone now. Yours is so much cuter than mine was. Back to sewing microwave bowl cozies for friends gifts. I love that they bring me homemade cookies so I give them something sewn. I treasure those homemade Christmas cookies.

  10. Paula S.

    I love your winter pictures and the pictures of the animals. You did a great job with decorating the loveseat. It looks very inviting and Heidi thinks so too! Enjoy your day at home.

  11. Donna O

    Mary your new love seat looks so inviting & the pillows are cute. Heidi knows how make the most of your new purchase. Red is my favorite color so if you tire of your new piece let me know, of course I’d want all those cute things that are currently on your couch.

  12. Marsha from Kansas

    I was thinking of Arlo, too. I wondered when his surgery was scheduled. I enjoy your pictures of your animals hanging out in the barn. Love your loveseat and quilts. I am working on my Good Fortune Step #3 today, too. Took a break to check e-mails as my brother is with my mother at a dental procedure and was awaiting a report from him. She is already back home and resting, so far so good. If she needs somebody overnight, it will be my turn to take over. My husband and I will take her to the doctor on Thursday. She is 91 and is still able to live at home so we are glad to help her out to let her stay at home. She loves gardening and working in her yard. It keeps her going.

  13. Diane in Central Ohio

    Good luck to Arlo. Surgery is no fun, but I hope it helps him. Poor guy.
    Your house looks great with all the red and white beautiful quilts:) Gotta love Emma in
    her special chair:) Our Emma is 17, but she’s a grand daughter:) She loves that your goat
    has the same name:)

    Only 30 here in Central Ohio, but not much snow. Poor NC–lots for them!

  14. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the way you decorated your loveseat with the snowball quilt & pillows and of course kitty.
    Everything seems comfy and cozy. Seven inches of snow here in the valley yesterday. We were to have just flurries. Carolyn B

  15. Pat Smith

    Just love the barn pictures with your animals all cozy, even Emma in her chair. The red love seat was a real find, I think. It looks just great with your quilts and pillows. Did the person who bought your leather sofa for $25 come and get it? It looked really heavy! We are off to VT tomorrow finally after delaying 2 days due to the awful storm in NC, VA, etc. We have AWD but are leery about driving through states where snow is not a usual event and people aren’t used to it. I read there were over 500 accidents in NC! Ugh! I love hearing about your field trips with Reed. Think what the world would be like if everyone had a mentor like you are being to him. He’s had so many experiences and learned how to do so many things because of your attention and influence.

  16. Cheryl

    That loveseat looks like it was designed for you! Good catch!

    This is a crazy, crazy month for church musicians. Isn’t it? I have three services this week, one at a care center, another at my church on Wednesday and a funeral at another church on Saturday. Throw in the grandkids piano recital, school music program, Sunday school program and a theatre performance of A Wonderful Life.

    I’m envious of Emma!
    Not complaining though. We are blessed,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – we are performing our cantata at a senior center this week and at our church next Sunday night. I never think Christmas is as busy as the Lenten season however.

  17. Jan Behm

    Awesome red love seat & LOVE all your red & white quilts! Looks like a great, cozy reading nook! Still praying for Arlo & total recovery from all of his injuries! It’ll take a while but there are a lot of us pulling for him!
    We had our first snow overnight Sunday into Monday. About 1″ total! (A big deal in TN!) It was a heavy wet snow mostly on grass & trees & rooftops. The back of our yard is heavily wooded so the scene this am looked like an old Currier & Ives Christmas card! Beautiful! We had just a couple quick peaks at the sun today so most of the snow is melted.

  18. Becky from TX

    Love the sweater into a pillow idea! All the critters look so warm and cozy! Your barn would be one of my favorite places!!!!

  19. Louverna Tomer

    Could the quilt on the wall be ‘Circling Swallows’or something like that?
    I think I have a kit I bought from you.

  20. SusanfromKentucky

    Your house looks so festive and cozy! I love the quilts and everything with your new loveseat!
    The animals look like they’re keeping quite warm!

  21. Beverly in Texas

    Mary, you decorate for Christmas with such love! If Garner has a Parade of Homes, you should be included !

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beverly in Texas – oh, I could never be in a parade of homes! Too many dogs and cats! Haha!

  22. Wendy

    Oh Mary – I am so warmed by looking at your cozy barn and animals and Christmas decorations. The weather may be cold but all I see is fuzzy, warm and cozy, well loved animals and treasures! You work so hard and care so much and it really shows. Well done.

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