A Happy Visit! 11-6-20

I arrived at Patriots For Pets today to this wonderful scene in the parking lot – a little boy’s arms wrapped around Willie’s neck!

His name is Cash and his grandma was adopting Willie – I told him they could be related because their hair was similar in color! He just smiled and then I said the name Willie Cash sounded like a country singer – he smiled even wider!

After my scary experience last Sunday when Willie got loose, I was overjoyed to see Willie with a smile on HIS face, too!

I was at Patriots to pick up my newest foster dog named Teya. I don’t know anything about her except that she arrived just yesterday on a 20 hour transport from Texas. I have never seen such a terrified dog – so scared she couldn’t stand up or walk.

Right now she is in the kennel in the quilt shop – relaxing and getting comfortable. She ate a bowl of food this afternoon and I will spend the evening working out there tonight.

Poor Teya – so scared. I have my work cut out for me.

Here are the Dirty Dozen quilts:

Reader used a Little Quilts pattern for this –

And for some reason I can’t remember that this pattern is named Sock It To Me NOT Knock Your Socks Off. The memory goes first.

And here is my Number 1 – a partially finished Pokeberry Quilt – ugh. Hand applique to finish and even though I made the overall quilt smaller than the original, it’s still not finished. I vow to finish it before December 1!

Boy, has my taste changed since I started this!

Another beautiful 75 degree day! We have been so lucky to have so many nice days this fall, haven’t we?

49 thoughts on “A Happy Visit! 11-6-20

  1. Sue Jacobson

    Feta looks so incredibly sad! She is in a good place. Hopefully, she will get comfy & accept your love!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Angie from Baltimore

    Bless Teya she is now safe and loved. She will feel your love and slowly will trust again. As for Willy he will get lots of love and exercise a win win.

  3. Charlotte

    Mary! God is always present. Willie found his furr-ever home and quicker than we thought, and Teya desperately needs you so God is guiding all this and has you all in the palm of His hand. The resiliency of dogs to heal is astounding and should be an inspiration to us humans. I know this will have a happy ending. I am praying with you every step of the way. God bless and keep you both and God heal Teya. I predict Teya will be sleeping on your bed in a matter of days if not weeks. Much love!!!

  4. Paula

    Mary you have such a kind heart for those furry friends in need!💕. Patriots is lucky to have you on their team. Thank you for ALL you do for so many. Enjoy loving on sweet Taya.😍

  5. Pat

    Such interesting finishes. Moth in the window is a stunner!
    And another dog to heal and love. Teya is in the right place to recover.
    I am so happy for Willie and his new friend.
    They look happy together.

  6. Paula Nordt

    I am a born and raised native Texan and it upsets me no end that some of us don’t know how to treat and love pets! I would love to see these monsters (can’t dignify them with the term of people) dealt the same treatment they deal out. Thank you, Mary for helping find better lives. I’m going to go cry now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Nordt – I couldn’t agree more! Why aren’t our laws stricter on animal abusers? It has no bearing on YOU that both of my recent fosters have arrived here from Texas – animal abuse and neglect is everywhere and I can’t look at the horrible pictures or read about them without having nightmares! I-35 is the route from south to north for transports. By writing about fostering and rescue here on the blog, I can only hope I will influence readers to look into it in their area. I am compelled to help – I can’t help myself – but I’m only one person. It will take all of us to change lives of abused and neglected dogs across America. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to vent!

  7. Joan West

    Oh Mary, she looks so sad. She reminds me very much of Buddy, the fur coloring is the same, the same colors on her face, even the ears are similar. And that same lost look.
    Coming from the same state I wonder if they could be related ???? She surely needs your love & she’s come to the right place to heal.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joan West – Rick and I have both said we’ve never seen such a terrified dog! So scared she can’t even stand up! I just want her to start to recognize my voice and know that I bring treats – which she has just started accepting after I laid the treat on the edge of her bed. And she ate her supper! Such small but wonderful milestones! She is taller than Buddy but I agree that their coloring is very similar.

  8. Amy M

    I am so glad you were there when Willie was being adopted. I know you would have worried about him had you not seen the happy faces of Cash and his new friend Willie. And as the others have said, another dog needed you more. You won’t have any trouble loving on Teya and get her back to being happy. She will soon find out she is safe, warm and fed.

    Now I have to ask, if you no longer like the style of your DD why are you finishing it? Can you take it apart and reassemble the finished parts and call it good? I have to move on to a project I like, the old projects that I have lost interest in get donated to the guild/church group etc where someone else might think it is great and like to finish it. I know you have plenty of other projects : ) so it isn’t that!

    How many other readers do this, finish it even if they no longer like it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – I just have to finish it because there’s so much hand applique in this project! Since I just can’t do hand applique anymore, I can’t let it go so I will finish it. Gosh, was it just a week ago that you were here?????

    2. Jean

      Taya. What an interesting name. I can’t wait to get news that she has wagged her tail! It hurts my heart to know that poor pup is scared witless. She has won the lottery though ending up at country threads!!!
      I too back in the day loved the pokeberry quilt. Not so much anymore! I’ve got alot of those it seems. Tastes and styles change.

  9. Diana in Des Moines

    My son and his wife adopted a dog that was transported to Des Moines from Oklahoma 2 years ago. She is just a puppy at heart, and kind of wild sometimes, but she loves my grandson and tolerates all of his 15 month old squeezes and squeels! Not sure of her circumstances and how she came to be in Iowa, but we all love her.

    Bless you for taking in this poor scared little girl. I’ve no doubt she will flourish in your care. Here’s a little prayer that her and Millie can get along.

  10. Sherrill

    So happy Willie got a home and I know Teya will thrive under your care!! I know what you mean about your tastes changing..I’ve been going through ALL of my old quilt magazines and I’d come across something I marked and thought ‘what the hell was I thinking?!!’. HA Yes, our tastes do change..makes the world go round, right?

  11. Diane in Maryland

    I have to admit that I agree with Paula! Mary, you have a magic touch with animals so Teya will know you care about her. You have the patience and love to bring Teya around.

    It’s Nov 6th and all these DD #1’s finished! Wow! I I got my #1 out…the directions are on a CD-R and I don’t have anything that will play it. Did I mention it is from 2015? I just may begin DD #13! Haha

    So glad your Covid tests were negative! Every time I have to cough or sneeze I wonder. Hope everyone stays well!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in MD – there’s always another project to take its place! Every cupboard I open coughs up another UFO! And yet tonight I’m just sitting here watching Netflix!

  12. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, mayGod bless you for bringing Teya home with you. I know you will work your doggy magic on her. ❤️🐶❤️

  13. Susan K in Texas

    Great news that Willie is being adopted and you got to see such a happy little boy with him! And poor Teya – she’s in a good place and hopefully will soon be feeling at home.
    I love the Moth in the Window quilt by Sherry Whalen – I’m glad you posted a picture of the back too. Great quilt! The tablerunner by Jane in Iowa is so pretty. It’s a great piece to use in the winter. It’s so fun to see the quilts and other projects everyone is working on.
    I may not be able to finish this month’s project as I have a couple of projects for others that must be finished.

  14. Ginny

    I know Teya will thrive and gain confidence at Lucky Dog Farm. I am looking forward to seeing her blossom with your loving care.

  15. Diane Bauer

    I want to sit down on the floor with Teya and just pet her until she can accept my love. I trust she will soon warm up to being safe with you. These poor puos have nothing but love to give. She will be so thrilled to experience the love you provide to her!!

    I am so ready for the weekend!! I did a fun thing yesterday (my hot air balloon flight), but am exhausted after our historic election week.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I think we are all politically exhausted! I know I am!

  16. Kathy Hanson

    I can’t say anything that everyone before me had said but you will be a Godsend to Teya! I will look forward to seeing how she comes along with your love and care! Hooray for Willie!! He looked so happy with his new friend, Cash! Good for you for finishing your DD project. I will look forward to seeing it when you are done. I have quite a bit left on mine. I am doing a mystery quilt from Pine Needles here but I may have to put that on hold!

  17. Judith Ann Jaques

    Mary, I thought of you with 8 puppies and the mama. I am not a nice person when I get a sinus infection/big headache. Today my Ava( 1 1/2 year old sheltie.) really stretched my patience. I wrote what follows to my friends.

    We did get cleaned up and after some medicine I was better. I will have to get all plants off the boot holders on the floor and up on tables. I really could never give her away just to be clear.
    She is a really sweet girl. I have wondered about my rescues life before I got her. She is such a big bear of a dog and she and Ava are my reason to get up each day.
    Your new girl will be a joy, once she settles.. Poor thing has come so far away from all she knew. Glad Willie got a home. j

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith – yes, the puppies and Nala were really lots of work when I think back to that time but when it was happening there wasn’t a glimmer of thought to do anything else. Teya is very afraid – I hope tomorrow she will venture outside but I won’t force her – I can clean up any mess she makes – I have had lots of practice! Haha!

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    Teya will quickly learn to love and trust because of you. What a good feeling it gives you and Rick.
    Stunning DD’s today. WOW
    I think 75-82 is perfect outside temps. We are enjoying that too, till Sunday, then snow again.
    It looks like Willie found the perfect companion.

  19. Connie R.

    As Ginny so perfectly put it, your home is truly Lucky Dog Farm. It is so sad to see Teya so afraid. Thank you for having such a big heart.

  20. Betty Klosterman

    Unfinished projects — yep, our interests change over the years. I belong to the Quilt Guild and we always have a table at meetings for “free stuff.” Other people really enjoy what they find and finish it. One time I had tried Nutella and we didn’t appreciate it, so I put it on the free table and it was gone! We get lots of stuff people have started and never finished and we are thrilled. So, don’t worry about a waste of time to finish like people say you should. Pass it on and work on what you like. It is not a sin. It’s sharing. Life is too short so we should enjoy what we would like to do. There are enough things we have to do but don’t appreciate. When Old Quilters die, we get their fabric stash, unfinished projects, patterns, tools and we really appreciate all of it. You should see what our ladies can do. One of our quilters had a friend that was going thru a bad thing, so she taught her how to make 5″ log cabin blocks. She just loved making that block. It was a collection of pastel fabrics that was wonderful. Then she was alright and sent the big box of blocks to us. As far as I know, the ladies put at least 7 big quilts together and lots of smaller ones. Better therapy than a pill?
    With the older people being in lockdown during the pandemic, our quilters made kits of squares to make quilts and delivered them. They all got their sewing machines out and are really going to town. Just give us a sewing machine and fabric and we’re off and running.
    Willy did look like he needed a boy!
    Take care, ALL of this stuff will pass…..someday.

  21. Cathy

    Teya was sent to the right person. You have such patience & so much love she will thrive under your care.

  22. Paula in Texas

    So glad Willie Cash has a new home, with a boy! Let their Adventures Begin! Best of luck with Teya, she will soon know that she can trust you and discover love.

    The November project is Beautiful! I look forward to seeing the completed quilt!

  23. Sandy

    Hi mary, willie is lucky,he is going to have a lot of fun with the young lad!Poor tea, she looks so lost, but with your love and care she will thrive a d become a wonderful companion.the quilts are all great,l am getting close to finish quilting my second queen size quilt made during lock down, then 7 hexagon quilts need my attention (passed on by a friend).take care everyone best wishes from sandy

  24. Sheila in WI

    Aww! Poor Teya. Thank you for taking her in and starting the process of loving her as she deserves.
    Love all the quilts you posted.

  25. Jeanne H

    “Knock Your Socks Off” is a much more interesting title than “Sock It to Me”. I think you should call it what you want – it’s your quilt! ; )
    Poor Teya, but she is in a good place with a kind, loving foster mom.

  26. Kathy in western NY

    Until a person has adopted an abused, terrified dog they don’t understand how much patience and repeated pettings it takes to reassure them they won’t ever be hurt again. I know the work you do is with love and care so you will gain Teya’s trust to have her walk freely again with no harm done to her. It takes a while but as I told our vet, we are two old people who have all the time in the world to pay attention to our rescues. Like you, cleaning up after them never bothered me and now we have the most patient pets who ride in the motor home, can play in our fenced in backyard and have no more cages to confine them. They are so well behaved just by guiding them. People should not own animals if they don’t want to invest time in them so I applaud your group for screening and using due diligence. It’s something I am proud to have done in my lifetime adopting 2 rescues a couple years apart – I know you are honored to do what’s right as well. Once again thank you for the quilt show you give us.
    I have been on a sewing break for a week with this wonderful weather so what a blessing for November to have been given all these days in a row of warm sunny days….I think Mother Nature won our election telling us brighter days are ahead!

  27. Sue Stringfellow

    I just don’t understand how people can mistreat animals. Love the work you are doing. We have also had a stretch of beautiful weather in northern Indiana- makes it a pleasure to get out and do that yard work!

  28. Lorraine McGeough

    So happy for Willie and such a wonderful happy smile on that little boy’s face. Good luck with Teya and I am sure she will come around. It has been lots of changes and traveling for her. Bless you for fostering these doggies

  29. Vickie L. Devore

    Teya’s eyes are so terrified and scared — not sure why, but she is making me cry. lov u for all you do besides quilting!

  30. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    You are an Angel from God for all these dogs! I absolutely love all your posts so much!! Thankyou so much for taking Teya.
    Even my husband enjoys your posts because we both love dogs and cats so very much
    Pure unconditional love in this world!
    Thankyou for all you do!
    God bless you always
    Bea knight

  31. Lee Bowers

    Mary, my son adopted a walker coonhound from an agency that takes dogs abused in the south and
    sends them north to better homes… My son lives in Maryland. They are waiting for a boxer named Tillly
    from somewhere south that was shot in the mouth. She is getting fixed up in New York and they will drive to New York state to pick her up. She is a cutie.
    Their coonhound doesn’t howl but wants to be outside …..so he whines they walk him a lot. His name is Hank.
    Good luck with your sweet dog. Lee

  32. Anita Fetzer

    She is so sad. GOD only knows what she’s experienced. You will make her smile again I’m sure.

  33. Ruthie

    Imagine being about 2 feet tall , you don’t know the language and all you have known is abuse . Now your in a strange place ! They say dogs live in the moment, the now . So hopeful now that she is in the best place she could have possibly imagined, she will soon realize she is safe and loved. Mary, God Bless You !

  34. Anonymous

    How lucky she is to have you Mary. I recall when my Bonnie came to me, it took me months before she wasn’t afraid of everything. Even getting up off the couch too quickly made her cringe in fear. Do you think a radio set on a quiet music station would help?

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