A Huge Win, 3-3-24

Avenging their lost to Ohio State in January, Caitlin and the Hawkeyes won today 93-83 in another record breaking game. Her childhood idol, Maya Moore surprised her before the game – even Jake from State Farm was there! She surpassed Pete Maravich in scoring and she has set the bar high for those coming after her. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching her.

The Big Ten Tournament starts later this week – Iowa drew two byes and won’t play until Friday night at 6:30. I’ll be watching.

I didn’t post last night because I was getting ready for the game today – hahaha!!!!


I promised another house tour and tonight’s your lucky night. My friend Gloria lives in a gorgeous house but we’re going to tour her Quilting Lodge. Yes, that’s right – an entire building – kitchen, living room, bedrooms and her sewing room – all in a building located not far from her house in the woods.

The remainder of the tour will be on post #2.

42 thoughts on “A Huge Win, 3-3-24

  1. Diane in Colorado

    I need a Sellers cabinet—my paternal grandmother was a Sellers.
    Such a fun home tour. I love the antiques!!

  2. Rita in Iowa

    So much to take in but lovely. Thank you for sharing. Very windy day in Eastern Iowa. Took down 2 large trees and 5 very small trees. Cleanup happened before too windy this morning. No burning as there is a burn ban right now. Hope we get the rain they are forecasting.
    Continue to work on hand quilting and making items for my daughter!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – the front came through here this afternoon and the wind switched to the west/northwest and it has gotten much colder. Did we have that wind for 3-1/2 days? It was horrible! Took the wilderness trail today and two smaller trees were uprooted. Sounds like you had quite a cleanup.

  3. Patty

    I hurried home from church to watch the game. Great game! Nice to see someone without a bunch of tatoos. Ready for the games later in the week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty – yes – no tattoos, fake nails or hair extensions! Normal girls, right?

  4. Deb in Japan

    The game must have been amazing – can’t wait to follow the tournament play.

    Gloria is a collector for sure but I want to know about the table topper in the last picture. So may questions, are the circles backed and then turned (the edges particularly) ?? And, can we all book weekends to stay and snoop??

    Great pictures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb in Japan – I made that table topper pattern, too, but I’ll have to think how I did it. I’ll make sure Gloria sees your question.

    2. Gloria from CC

      Deb in Japan – it’s called Cathedral Window. Another name I’ve seen it called is “Got Scraps?” by “Charlie” Bement. This quilt is still my all time favorite to put together.

    3. Donna Jo

      Deb where are you living in Japan? My mother was from Shiriuchi in southern Hokkaido. I was so blessed to go to Japan last year and meet my first and second cousins! It’s a beautiful country! Quilting is huge over there especially hand quilting. I have been to the Paducah quilt show where the Japanese won all the hand quilting competitions!

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, another wow house tour! And it’s not the main house(l would love to see that too). I laughed at the possum cabinet, why is it called that? Our possums in New Zealand look different to yours, they can carry TB ,and regarded as a pest to native species. My grandma had a sellers cabinet in the kitchen, it was just called an old fashioned cabinet. Wet and windy here in wellington again! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  6. Jan Hebert

    I love Deb in Japan’s idea – stay for a few days to take in all that Gloria has collected! What a great idea! Jan in MA

  7. Barbara Yarnell

    Such wonderful pieces and what a talented decorator! Can’t wait to see part two.

  8. Shirley Andersen Smith

    It was so much fun watching Caitlin today. No wonder you have been enthralled with it all.
    I hope we can see thr tournament out here in the west.
    Love the tour and all the goodies. I bet all those suitcases hold goodies too.
    Shirley in central OR

      1. Joy in NW Iowa

        Gloria, I love your ‘house’ it is amazing! I should collect old suitcases to hide my fabric kits in, then I could just start over in my closet and do what I want ….. instead of old kits that are who knows how old! My mind is rambling, but, those antiques reminded me of the dry goods store when I was little. So many well kept treasures! Do you do retreats there?

        1. Gloria from CC

          Joy – no I’ve never done a retreat here but I definitely could. Another thing for me to think about.😊

  9. Sharon Forman

    What a wonderful house tour!It must have been so fun looking for all the antiques ! I love it all!

  10. Martha W in WY

    Jo, we had fun watching the game. #45 is so good under the basket. She had almost as many points as Caitlin. Gloria’s quilting lodge is gorgeous! I was wondering where she lives…CC? Also, what is the difference between the cabinet she called a Sellers cabinet and a Hoosier cabinet?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – yes, she lives by CC – how do you know that??? She will answer your question.

    2. Gloria from CC

      Martha – I live 1-1/2 hours from Mary in Iowa. Hoosier is the name given to a free standing kitchen cabinet and Sellers is the man who first manufactured this cabinet. In 1898. So Hoosier and Sellers are the same.

      1. Sue in Marion, Indiana

        Re: Hoosier cabinets—they’re a style invented in Indiana. Several companies around the state made them, but it originated in New Castle with the Hoosier Manufacturing Company, which is where it gets its name. It was so popular the term “Hoosier cabinet” became generic, like Kleenex. The Sellers company was located in Elwood, which is about 20 miles south of me here in Marion.

        On a sports note, I’m so excited for Caitlin! For her to have broken Pete Maravich’s scoring record that has stood for 50 years is just phenomenal! And she’s not done! Indy Star reported yesterday that WNBA ticket sales for next year have increased dramatically and Indiana Fever sales are through the roof! Fabulous!

  11. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Congratul ations to Caitlin Clark!! And to the Iowa Hawkeyes! A very exciting game.
    A fan from Ohio

  12. DebMac

    Wow, what a wonderful collection of antiques and so nicely displayed. And the added touch of class is the fur toppers/capes on the dining room chairs. I have never seen that and would never have thought of it either. So, so many fun things.

  13. Cindy K

    I have made the table runner too. I got my pattern from a tutorial that The Missouri Star Quilt Company has on YouTube called circle play. Like Gloria’s color choices

  14. Dorothy

    I have loved watching Caitlin and her team, but I have to take a stand against of NO “braids/tattoos”.
    I am 82 and have tattoos (and I am “white”) My grand niece is 13 and wears “braids”, and yes, she is “white” too. She follows Caitlin. and wants to be “just like her when she grows up and goes to college”
    This is an “open” blog and I have followed it for years—please don’t discriminate

  15. Janet Beyea

    What a gorgeous space. I can tell how much care and love has gone into creating those gorgeous rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Maureen

    What a beautiful space! The game was great and I thought of you when I was watching it!

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Thank you Gloria and Mary for making this blog such an enjoyable read.
    Yes Caitlin is a delight to watch and our news last night had such nice stories of her success. NBC news last night Peter Alexander said it best that she is an inspiration to girls and boys everywhere. No better compliment payed to live by.

  18. Donna Jo

    Don’t we all need a Quilting Lodge! How fabulous! The game was thrilling! Mary I should have started following Iowa when you first started posting about it! Dang! All the fun I have missed!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – just because I’ve been enthralled with women’s basketball, I never meant to dominate my blog posts about it but I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it. Every year when March Madness is over in April I fall into a sad depression because I have nothing to look forward to watching in the evenings or weekends. Then I’ll have to watch streaming services. Yes, we all need a quilting lodge!

      1. Donna Jo

        Mary, you didn’t dominate your blog with basketball. You exposed your readers to it! I usually pick and choose what interests me when reading all the blogs I follow. I am glad I decided to checkout Iowa basketball.

  19. NancyTD

    Thanks for sharing all your collections, Gloria. I was going to ask if the sellers cabinet was like a Hoosier. Now I know. So many things to see.

  20. Linda in Central Iowa

    Gloria’s lodge is absolutely fantastic. Although I am not an antiques fan, I find it amazing what gorgeous (and well made) furniture people can find, their decorating ideas – just WOW! Welcomed rain in the DM metro area – but not nearly enough. We all need to know the huge difference between personal opinion and what is discrimination. I showed my hubby how Hazel killed the fish – he thought it was hilarious!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – Hazel doesn’t tear apart other toys but the fish moved and made sounds so it didn’t have a chance! We got a sprinkle of rain and that’s all – we didn’t even get any snow like your area did so it is bad here. Yes, Gloria’s lodge is gorgeous – so is her house. My “antiques” probably came from the thrift store so you know how they compare to Gloria’s – haha!!

  21. Debbie R.

    Wow, what a beautiful lodge for sewing!! I am so jealous. Thanks for sharing. Love all the antiques and I’m so glad there are people that still have these in their home.

  22. Joy in NW Oowa

    The ‘lodge’ is just so interesting and brings back old times going to the dry goods store in town! I can just picture the shoe boxes in the back. Thread in the cabinets! I think I have looked at all those pictures in your post at lest four times and I see something new each time.
    WE didn’t get any moisture this weekend. I don’t mind the mild temps but I think the lack of moisture is a great concern!
    I’m not a sports fan of any sport but Caitlin is just so down to earth normal and lovable! So, it is so easy to just watch and read what is happening.
    Take care!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – we are so dry! When I got up this morning and saw a few drops on the skylight I was encouraged – but that’s all it was. Yes, it is very concerning. The Caitlin Craze is real – for the world now! Did you see the huge Nike banner that said – It was never a long shot! Yes,she is very humble and I’ve never seen her even exclaim when she hits a shot – she just keeps playing. It has been so much fun!! Makes me very proud to be an Iowan

  23. Debra Reber

    So happy for Caitlin, and so happy she is doing wonders for women’s basketball. I have been a basketball fan since I was a little girl. Loved the tour of the “Quilt Lodge”, Amazing!!

  24. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Thanks so much for the tour of Gloria’s lodge/sewing space. She has an amazing collection!
    We actually had some rain tonight complete with thunder and lightening.
    Take Care, 🥰

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