A Little Retail Therapy, 4-17-2020

Connie always recommends a little retail therapy to change a person’s attitude. Today we headed out to the farm store and the grocery store and Connie made me a mask! Only a true scrap quilter would make a mask with 4 coordinating fabrics – right?

A lady at the farm store came up to me and said, “Oh, what a cute mask! Did you make it yourself?” I said “Yes, I did!” Haha! We have advanced to complimenting people on their masks. None of the men had a mask on – the jerks.

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I have this note on my calendar: Recil Troxel, Marlow, OK is 93 years old today. I have no idea who this is – does anybody know? I wonder why it’s on my calendar. Happy Birthday, Recil!

I found a bag of fabric that just made my day! Look at this beautiful collection from a long time ago but I still love it. Now what should I make? Got any ideas? I want to be able to use the large floral in a bigger piece. I’m going to finish a few more things first and then I’m going to actually let myself start a new quilt!

And this is my favorite piece – I think there’s 2 yards.

I sewed these blocks together tonight and might even get it quilted tomorrow.

Remember those aged muslins by Marcus from years ago? That’s what these fabrics are and I love them!

Got this picture from a good friend today – love it!

I got these blocks sewed together tonite – maybe I can quilt it tomorrow.

And now I’m going to whine a bit. I want you to know I read every single comment – every…single…one! And comment on many. But when I ask a question nobody answers me. I might have a question about your comment but do you ever go back to check? I maybe asked for your email – no answer. I may ask about your quilt – no answer. It’s very discouraging.

It’s going to be a nice day tomorrow – yard work, here I come!

92 thoughts on “A Little Retail Therapy, 4-17-2020

  1. Cindy

    Retail therapy does help. We do not have a shelter in place order here in Arkansas. We can pickup food curbside at restaurants. I work at a local quilt store, the Stitchin’ Post here in Little Rock. We have remained open with shopping rules such as few may be in the store at the same time and all MUST wear a mask. We also wipe down door handles and credit card machine after each use. We have been quite busy selling to regular customers, a lot of internet orders and many new customers who are making mask. I love that many say they have not sewn in a long time but are making mask and enjoying sewing again. We have had a lot on inquiries about our quilting and sewing classes for after this is all past. Your mask is beautiful. Quilters have stylish mask. We should make mask quilts after this is over, like the aids quilts. Stay safe.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    Oh, Mary, do I have ideas for the fabric you pulled! Most of them are your patterns!

    Here are three from other designers:

    Grandpa George’s Cabin

    Make the sampler, or use just the block layout from Quiltmaker’s Fat Quarter Sampler from 2006:

    A French General pattern from Moda:

    There are plenty of Country Threads patterns I thought of for this group of fabrics:

    2-Hour Couch quilt
    Bunkhouse quilt

    from your Sew Charming book, but with bigger pieces:
    Christmas Chevron
    Spilt Squares
    Snowballs and Nine Patches
    Simple Nine Patch
    Nine Patch and Squares

    from Beyond the Battlefield:
    Dashed Dreams, with larger pieces of the red print replacing some sections of the smaller strips
    A Labor of Love, but larger pieces

    from A Country’s Call:
    First Lessons

    If you add some subtle greens, you could slant this to a Christmas quilt….

    Such gorgeous fabric – so many possibilities!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Roxanne – an log cabin is always a favorite of mine! Thank you!

  3. mj

    I am a little late in my response here. I thought we may see a selfie of Mary and Connie in their new accessory, the lovely face masks… I wore mine Friday to the market and found alot of others had one on also. The gal who checked me out had one on BUT the men who were restocking the shelves did not. Also the plastic shields placed in front of the check outs. It was such a foreign feeling to me. One has to reset ones mind to all the new things we all must do now in public, when we get there. But I will obey !! I am so saddened by the lose of all the elders in the nursing homes. Just too many grieving families. Impossible this is happening. So please all, be safe, be still, pray and remember to wash your hands. !!!

  4. Judy

    Your mask is very pretty. I have made about 8 masks and still have a couple more to do. We have not been going out at all except for our daily walks and then we stay away from other people. I walk on the sidewalk so that I am facing traffic then I can be the one to go out into the road and distance myself from anyone walking towards me. We have been ordering our food from Costco and having it delivered. My daughter is still working so she goes to the grocery stores and always asks us what we need.and gets us the things we can’t get from Costco We also get add things for her in our Costco order. It’s working out pretty well for us.
    I do try to go back and look to see if you made a response to my comment. When I first started commenting I didn’t realize that you responded within the blog as some people send an email in response to blog comments. It seems to be different for each blog and once I realized that was how yours worked then I did go back and look. Also I get behind on blog reading and may forget that I even made a comment so I apologize if I have not answered any question that you have asked me.

  5. Sheila

    In your previous post ( titled Let’s Talk) you featured a baby boy quilt. It was blue/ aqua. Is there a pattern available for this quilt or the name of the pattern? Thanks for thinking about this. If I’m too late inquiring about it, please just disregard. Thank you!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      Sheila, I think the baby boy quilt might be the one called Blue Shirts. It is $5.00. You send a SAE and stamped with the $5 to Country Threads 2345 Palm Ave., Garner Iowa 50438. All of the patterns are talked about on 4-11 Two New Quilts. She said we should copy the pictures as there aren’t colored pictures with the patterns.

      1. Sheila Otte

        Reply #2.. I guess the first one didn’t post. Thank you for your quick reply, Beryl. I know which quilt you are referring to and have already ordered that pattern. I was looking at a different quilt that she posted on April 16. It didn’t have a name and was labeled baby boy quilt. I loved the colors and the design and thought there might be a name for it. Thanks again for responding to my question.

  6. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Hi Mary and all other readers,
    Thank you Mary and all the commenters, you all give me a feeling of calm while I have a cup of tea and read. I’ve been making masks like many, someone just picked up an order of 7 which included one for a 10 year old and a 7 year old. A retreat center where I go in May and Sept. is going to house first responders if they need to quarantine away from their families. We are making masks for them when they need to leave their room to pick up meals in the dining hall. I’ve done drive up for groceries twice but next week I need to go to Costco for the 60 and over hour. 😷
    Thanks to everyone here, I’m so glad that we are Quilters that give and comfort. Blessings to all of you.

    1. Pat in Michigan

      We all appreciate all the time and effort you spend on your blog and supplying your readers with information and entertainment. It is always the highlight of my day to stop and read your blog and find what is happening in your world. I really like the triangle quilt blocks you are putting together. Do you have a pattern you can share with us?

  7. San

    Those are gorgeous fabrics. I vote for a log cabin quilt with a bit more red and maybe soft brown or green thrown in. Whatever you make, it will be lovely.

    This morning I made 2 trips to the feed store where the traffic looked like Monday morning in Atlanta.
    It seems that everyone is preparing to garden this summer. I thought the mushroom compost was rather high at $35.00 a load. Have any of your readers used it?

  8. Frances

    Your pink fabric is lovely. I was sorry about the puppies. So sad. I will try your suggestion for the follow up comments. Happy quilting.

  9. Rosslie

    I don’t usually go back and read the comments a second time.
    Live the fabric you found – what about making a scrappy 9 patch or disappearing 9 patch with the other fabrics and alternative with same size block in the pink print.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Mary I know you read each comment and I am just going to put it out there that you have provided a safe place for us all to express our feelings and hope each is taken with respect to their thoughts. It’s been a frightening anxious tense month with loved ones losing jobs, learning of another family stricken with disease, the feeling of helplessness and the feeling of continued giving.
    And you let all of us chat like we are in one big circle of friends. Thank you for allowing new ways of doing things be put forth or just learning another way something might work. It’s because of you I hope more will see a light at the end of the tunnel. Just this morning after speaking directly with someone I love who feels they need a mental health counselor to go on right now and I assured Its okay to, I am grateful to have busy hands, happy heart, and the many comments to read that tell me you have the best followers of your blog! A big thanks.

        1. Diane Bauer

          Thank you, Kathy!! Sometimes I fear I get too wordy!!! I so appreciate the community Mary has built on this blog, that I forget you don’t all know me!!

          1. Diane in Maryland

            Lol… I suspect she was talking to all of us! I enjoy all the comments by the readers!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – thank you for those kind words! I really enjoy all of you and just hate to complain but it’s only because I value you and your opinion! I do spend hours on this blog and it just hurts my feelings when the readers don’t want to spend the time answering me back. I think I just have a very limited life and this blog has filled a void for me. No kids, no grandkids – it makes a huge difference. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel .

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary – YOU make the difference in our lives! It’s so great when there is a blog post from you in my email cause it’s like family saying “ how are you today”. I miss you terribly when you take a few days off and then I say to myself “now don’t be selfish. She does have other things to do besides blog” but really I do miss when I don’t hear how your day is going no matter how uneventful it is to you. It isn’t to us. You are part of our lives. And you can always count on hearing from Some of us !!! 😀

      2. Frances

        Mary, don’t throw in the towel. We all love your blog! I clicked on “Notify me of follow up comment”, but the problem with that is that I receive too many emails from your followers. While, they are sometimes interesting, it is just too much. I wish they had an option to notify me if you respond to my comment. I follow you on Instagram.

      3. Jo in Wyoming

        Mary, you have created a great big circle of friends. You are an inspiration, motivating, teacher to all of us. I check my email looking for you first. Don’t leave us. You are needed.
        Be calm, be safe and quilt strong.

      4. Lynn in Scottsdale

        Mary, as long as you make this world a better place by being in it, you are a success even if you can’t put children and grandchildren on your resume. Just think of all the beauty, Joy, and caring you have given to this world.

        Thank you for all you do.

      5. Jeanine from Iowa

        No, you can’t do that!! We would be very disappointed if you did. Your blog is my favorite of any I read. I love the quilts, animals and just your everyday life on the farm. I read every comment and go back to see if there are any new comments several times a day. Do we dare click on ads every time we do that? I usually do, but don’t want to get in trouble for doing it. Have a wonderful week ahead. We are suppose to have nicer weather in Iowa this week. Yay!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jeanine from Iowa – YES! Click away on those ads so we can pay the few bills we do have! We appreciate your support!

  11. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Somehow I missed the Aged Muslins. I must’ve been living overseas at the time. I came and visited your shop in August of 1999. We had just been moved back to the US and taken our son to Purdue for his freshman year. I convinced Mr. Goodneedle that since we were already in Indiana it wasn’t that far to IA! We spent the night in Clear Lake after visiting you at the shop. I even watched your longarmer in the building next door working her wonders with stars and loops on a quilt- I was mesmerized! Shopping at CT was such a treat for me after living away– I came out with armloads of homespuns and a few of your books and patterns. Shortly after that visit we relocated to the Hartford, CT area. I was a true empty nester then, Mr. G. traveled all the timethen and I recall setting up my sewing room there and working on my 21st Century Bull’s Eye quilt- Quilts from Aunt Amy was hot off the press and my new best friend!

    I love your bundle of found fabrics, the pink floral is gorgeous!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I enjoyed your story of visiting our shop and your location, etc. our longarmer, Ina, is 95 years old today! I’ll bet your going to sit in your beautiful porch today!

      1. Mrs. Goodneedle

        Our porch is being used for an emergency Church Council meeting today, all the council members (my husband and five others) are in face masks and sitting at least 6 ft. apart– pressing church business! I’ll get out there later on today for reading time.

        I’ve been thinking about your pink collection~ I can see it being used for a basket quilt (May baskets on my mind?) with the lovely floral piece that you have the most of being the border– even, maybe, a scalloped border! Wouldn’t that be pretty?

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Mrs. Good Needle – baskets! I love baskets – another great idea!!

  12. Linda baker

    Mary, your “found fabrics” are great (I’m a big fan of pink, ha,ha.) When I saw the pic of the 2 yard piece, it immediately reminded me of something you made from a man’s Hawaiian shirt. That was probably two or three years ago, and i don’t remember if you made a quilt, table-topper, or what. Do you know what I’m talking about? I also feel the frustration with those who are not taking this virus seriously. Seeing the protest that went on against the governor of my state made me nauseous. Don’t these people realize she is trying to save lives? I could get on a real rant here, but will spare all of you, LOL!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Baker – yes, I remember that small quilt! Evidently I like red florals, huh?

  13. Janice Hebert

    Love the fabrics you found Mary! Look forward to seeing what you make with them. And Connie did make such a cute mask for you! I haven’t made a lot of masks but my town is now asking for donations of masks as the state is requiring wearing of masks along with social distancing. MA has quite a few cases so our peak is still a week or so off. I’m trying to stay out of the grocery stores but about once a week I have gone during the early morning hours that are reserved for us folks over 60. My friend said that her husband has found that later in the day there are fewer people there than the mornings but I don’t think there are things like toilet paper by that time. Thank you for the book recommendations – I’m going to try the audio ones. I’ve never listened to a book before, sounds like fun. I’m ordering chicks soon, looking forward to that! Jan in MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Hebert – what kind of chicks are you going to order? And how many?

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Love the mask .. cheerful
    Just a reminder to those of us wearing masks when we venture out…mask are a ONE TIME wear then wash.. immediately put in bucket of water with soap when you get home if not doing a load of wash..have found a second mask pattern that I personally like & free download.. Ami Simms pattern… just found this pattern yesterday.. made myself one.. here in Texas mask have become a requirement in public places.. grocery store etc.. in Ft Worth where son employed masks must be warm in public & even inside all city building durning all work hours, this is along with social distancing… a good idea also is fresh fruit from grocery has been handled by ? # of people & good idea to not just wash under running water but to rinse in a solution of 1 gallon water with 2 caps of chlorox (sing the Happy Birthday song is long enough) then rinse with running water….and it goes without saying to wipe all packages/cans with a wipe. You can call me a germaphobe if you want.. better safe than sorry. My bathrooms & kitchen have never been cleaner…lol. One of cheapest & definitely best disinfectant in use a spray bottle..32 oz size is great.. fill almost full (3 3/4th cup) water & add 1 cap full chlorox…spray away.
    Stay safe.. wash hands.. distancing….wear mask in public..we will beat this.
    Ok I’m off my soapbox..have a Great Day Y’all!!

  15. Linda

    Your mask is so cute! I think I’ll get more creative with my next one. Just a thought about masks with ties vs elastic: I have hearing aids and wear glasses. My ears full! The ties are so much better for me. Went to Costco yesterday and only about 40% of the people were wearing masks. They are free to wear them or not; but they don’t have the right to possibly expose the rest of us. We woke up to snow yesterday in southern Iowa and it was beautiful; fortunately it was pretty much all gone by noon. Starting today we are going to be warming up with temps in the 60’s next week! Our resident chipmunk must have gone back to sleep for a while as we haven’t seen it this past week.

  16. Paula Philpot

    Our charity thru our quilt club is called Farmhouse Friends because my shop is in my grandparents old farmhouse and this is where some of us meet once a month. Thru this charity and our club and friends we have made 1,454 masks which have been give to local hospitals, etc and went to 12 other states besides KY.
    I got out this morning and went to the local Kroger, it feels different just getting out since we are having to stay in. Paula in KY

  17. Susan

    I went back and replied to a reply you left me on April 11 about my dog, Lady. Sorry I didn’t see it earlier. I will check “notify me of follow-up comments by email” from now on. Thanks for the time you put in this blog. It’s a bright spot in my day!

  18. Kay Crandall

    Mary, I love your fabrics! When I looked at that picture of them all together it actually made me feel calmer!
    I, too, am guilty of not going back through the comments – I did click on the notify me of follow-up comments by e-mail one time but was so overwhelmed with all the e-mails coming in (besides all the ones I get daily from Michaels, JoAnns, etc.) that I had to stop – it took so long to get through them all that I didn’t have time to do anything else. I am spending WAY too much time on the computer these days – I don’t have the energy/gumption to do anything else. I’ve got to have a serious attitude adjustment – I’m thinking some retail therapy might just be the answer. LOL Stay healthy everyone!

  19. Sue

    Is there a site with Connie’s mask pattern! That looks as if it would fit better than mine.

  20. Diane and Sqyeak in Central Ohio

    To Mary—I do try to go back to check, but sometimes get caught up in too many things. I will try harder.
    To Diane Bauer. That woman was putting many people at risk. Cancer survivors are soooo scared of the virus. I made my friend, an Ovarian cancer survivor, two masks. I did not touch them after I washed them, they dropped into a Ziplock, put it on the porch, she lifted that bag with two fingernails, sprayed the masks with Lysol, and let them sit fir 24 hours before wearing. That is how afraid they are. We can help by wearing masks. I think Of myself as Super Heroine wearing my Snoopy Easter egg fabric mask!! I love yours, Mary, and can’t wait to see what you make with those gorgeous fabrics!

  21. Judy

    Always fun to “find” new fabrics. We’ll be watching for what you do with the pinks. Note about the pound of yeast….I just made some cinnamon rolls with yeast I had purchased in December of 2015. They turned out beautifully. I store my yeast in the refrigerator. I know a lady that has a contract with Tyson meatpacking for 2400 masks. She and 3 others are working on them. She was ironing while talking to me on the phone. She wasn’t sure that they would get that many made.

  22. Sandy

    Each time I flew to Taiwan and back I would get a dose of the flu that put me out of action for 2 weeks, so on Feb 5 when I flew back to New Zealand I wore a mask as we were aware of problems in China, no flu when I got home! It’s an 11 hour flight so a lot of recycled air! The mask protects you .hop everyone is keeping safe, best wishes, sandy. Hope

  23. Karen Gaither

    I live the mask that Connie made you. I am surprised she didn’t paper piece something like she has been doing on the pin cushions. lol
    I have made family & friends over 60 masks & shipped them all over the country. My brothers girlfriend is a nurse and wanted 3 white with Red Cross. I drafted the paper pieced pattern and made them. But all others are two fabrics, generally a patterned fabric mask with solid red, black or white trim. I tried to think of their personalities when selecting their fabric.
    I found out I lost my job today along with 8 others, so I will have a lot of sewing time!

  24. Betty Klosterman

    As I live alone and don’t get many calls as everybody is so busy, I go into your blog many times a day. It really brightens my day to see all your comments, ideas, problems, etc. I, too, am making masks. The first one took 2 hours for each mask. It interferes with eye glasses. The latest pattern I’m using is called the Olson Mask and I got it thru “Made @ Generate” on the Avera website, plus there is a tutorial. The pattern looks complicated but the tutorial makes it very simple. It is fitted to the face, nose and mouth with no pleats or extra fabric and doesn’t interfere with eye glasses. Also has a built in pocket for the special masks like N95. Also have been using ties as I didn’t have much elastic. Also am going to try the T shirts. Have used up most of my bias tape and will use Rick Rack next. This mask is very popular. The people are choosing it. Don’t worry, I won’t run out of fabric in this lifetime as I’ve been collecting fabric for years – and I love every bit of it.
    Along with people not answering questions, they read it and don’t go back for additions. I find this is a problem with my questions to others–or maybe I ask too many questions? AND not everybody can read very well and/or they are doing at least 4 other things while they are reading.
    In the meantime, take care, and relax. This,, too, will pass. Getting back to whatever normal will be interesting. Thank you for writing this blog for all of us.

  25. Beryl in Owatonna

    The mask Connie made is the same pattern we have been making! We have used 3 different fabrics. One is pretty masculine with mustaches! My brother wanted one of those. One small flower print and a bias plaid that is red, white, and black…it could be used by men or women. I use a 5″ piece of pipe cleaner at the nose to give it a little shape,, it is sewn into the seam allowance at the top. We are giving ours to the VA center in Marshalltown. I will email you a picture, I don’t see where I can attach a picture here.
    We got about an inch or so of snow last night, it disappeared pretty quick this morning.
    No ads again tonight.
    I love the fabrics your found!! Will be fun to see what you have chosen for the pattern. The blue triangle quilt turned out nice! I need to get the masks done so I can quilt again. The receiving blankets went in the mail today.

    Enjoy the warm weather tomorrow!! It will be nice for sure.

  26. Judi

    Today I went to the grocery store, with my mask on (even though my glasses kept getting fogged up)! I was able to get everything on my list even…wait for it…yeast! I’m still trying to figure out why there has been no yeast available anywhere in my area of Houston. Not Kroger, not HEB, not Walmart, not Aldi, not the various Dollar stores. I guess everyone is baking bread. I just wanted to try a new recipe for cinnamon rolls. Well, lo and behold, today I got the yeast. Not a brand I was familiar with, and it came in a 1# bag. It might be as sacred as toilet paper! I love reading your blog, Mary. Your found fabric is very pretty and I love the mask Connie made for you. Wear it in good health.

    1. Anonymous

      Put your leftover yeast in the freezer to prevent expiration. My local Kroger seems to be stocked better this past week.

  27. Charlotte Shira

    I love your pastel fabrics. Can’t wait to see what you make. Your mask is beautiful. Of course Connie coordinated the fabrics. Yours is much prettier than mine, but I got 2 compliments on my mask today waiting in line at the bank (had to get a form signed by my financial institution to get my husband’s ssn off of our joint trust acct. and use mine or I wouldn’t have waited in line.) I also complimented another lady on her deep purple mask. I guess that’s where we are now! The homemade ones are much more interesting. We have to wear masks in our city if we are in any public place. I’m sure the county will adopt the same policy.

  28. Liz Schrader

    I like the mask Connie made. That is just like the ones that I have been making. I have made almost 50 now. I went to get some groceries yesterday early during “elderly” hour. Almost every shopper had a mask on except a few men. My son has been getting my groceries but I just had to get out!

  29. Kathy Hanson

    What a nice mask, Connie is a jewel! I love the pretty pink fabrics that you found, Can’t wait to see what you make with them!! I have made quite a number of masks, my daughter takes them to the hospital where she is a nurse midwife. The other gals in my quilt group have been making a lot too. I am taking a break from making them at the moment. I am doing a mystery quilt with Calico Hutch quilt shop. Got the second clue today, I am finding it fun. So, quite a bit of sewing with this stay at home thing, nice to be able to get things done as we don’t go much of anywhere! Toke a ride to see what birds we could see, took flowers to the cemetery as it was my younger daughter’s angelversary. More sewing tomorrow I think!!

  30. Kim J LeMere

    I often comment on your post but I didn’t realize until lately that unless I hit the “Notify me of new email responses” I don’t see any follow up or future responses. I’m so glad that I accidently clicked that and saw many more responses after me including yours Mary. I look forward to seeing what you do with those cute prints. I got a wonderful surprise today my yellow irises have bloomed and oh how I love them.

  31. Jo in Wyoming

    The first time I wore my mask, the awkward feeling lasted about 3 minutes. Then I felt like those without a mask were the odd ones. I felt the store workers not wearing one were very inconsiderate. They should be required.
    I spent all day trying out a new mask pattern because the old one took too long!!!, all day! I’m going to try Connie’s pattern next. With my stash, one mask a day just isn’t going to cut it.

    Laramie set a new record temperature, -11 last night, Cheyenne did too at 5 above. That’s cold! 9” of heavy wet snow.

    Your fabric find will look great with any pattern. It’s so pretty.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Jo – the one Connie made does seem to go faster for me and I think it fit me better on the sides of my face. People keep asking for them so it must feel okay. I use a thin interfacing between the two tiight woven cottons (even using batiks up that I had big dreams for when I bought them and you know how that goes…tastes change) so folding the pleats goes well too. I even found the old simplicity bias tape maker machine packed away and gives my husband something to do while he watches tv. But today I want to try the tee shirt ties and wear that mask around so I can see how that feels to offer to make people. I loved hearing the comments on those ties or I might not have experimented with it so thanks everyone.

  32. Linda West

    We have been under a stay-at-home order here in Ohio. The last time I went grocery shopping was March 11. I have had groceries delivered. We finally got some TP! We weren’t out but were starting to get worried. Our daughter brought us some needed items too. She sets it in the garage and stays at least 6 feet away when we talk. She brought our granddaughters to see us but they stay outside on the driveway while we stay in the garage. The girls are 6 and 3 and have been really good about the social distancing. I ask the 6 yo how she knew how far away to stand. She said “that’s how long Daddy is”. I love hearing about your life on the farm. I was raised on a farm and lived in the country all my life until 6 years ago. I’m now living in the city and miss the quiet countryside.

  33. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I’m inspired to try to make some masks. Hope the pattern I got from the newspaper works for me. It doesn’t look like rocket science. Yours are so pretty.

  34. Sandi

    This is a reply to Diane Bauer, whoever was in charge should have told the woman she could not stay! She was putting everyone else at risk. Now, your fabrics are lovely. I have been doing my fair share to help support my quilt stores by mail. Retail therapy is always good. Can we order the two patterns yet that you showed the other day. The stars made with polka dots and the blue one ? Hugs, Sandi

      1. Diane Bauer

        Unfortunately, the woman who refused to wear a mask was the ‘supervisor’ of our little volunteer crew and has long been the lead on the project. I know, right??? She should have been enforcing the guidelines, not mocking them. I’m not actually a member of this particular church–just a ‘regular attender’ so that complicates my ability to contact anyone about it. I have drafted an email to the pastor, but my friend that I went with has asked I not send it until she talks to the volunteer coordinator this morning during the distribution.

  35. Donna Sproston

    Oh, Mary, I do not sign up for the other comments. Perhaps I should. I have a wardrobe of masks for my stay at Mayos but they are not as cute as yours. Perhaps it is because the elastic makes my ears stick out! People are so busy staring at my elf ears, they miss the cute prints. I am a very tall elf! Elastic is just as hard to find as g.p.I Masks are required. I asked for now long, and they said at least until the end of summer. One man made his from the knee of camo jeans and used the seams as ties.
    I know it must have been traumatic to lose those poor puppies. You are such a good caregiver so it must have been very hard to listen to their cries and not be able to help.

  36. Judy A

    I love the compliment on your mask (which is very pretty) – we have to make fashion statements while we’re at it, yes? We call it Stylin’ at Aldi 🙂

    And a comment on your comment about not receiving comments…. I’ve check the box to get follow-up comments, but was frustrated by ALL the comments coming in single emails. I’d love to see your comments on my comments and some of the others, but just don’t have the time to read all the others. So sorry. I AM checking the box on this one 🙂

  37. Felicia Hamlin

    Love the girly, girly fabrics and the quilt with thevdenim looking fabric.

  38. Mareen

    Oh how cute I guess I really should have one since I’m an essential employee huh?

  39. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The pastel fabrics are very rich looking. Anxious to see what you will do with them. The HST piece is very nice; great combination of colors. The “chicken towel” fits into your life.
    Today I had to have my blood checked so I could renew my med for thyroid. I had to go to Worthington, (30 miles away) and was told to drive to the front door of the clinic (“go between the cones”) and someone will come out to the drivers side of the car. A nurse/lab tech person, came out. I rolled up my sleeve, she took the blood, put a band aid on the arm and said, “have a nice day.” I did not sign anything, give her my medicare card or anything. When I got home the message was there that “all is well.”
    I heard on the radio, (when I was driving home) that they now have 15 new cases at the JBS (pork plant) in Wtgn. About 2,000 people work there. I don’t know if they will close the plant. Sad.

  40. Diane in Maryland

    All of us need to be better blog friends! I love the fabrics you found! You are so great at finding the perfect pattern for fabrics so I can’t wait to see what you decide. Love the blue blocks you just sewed together. Great mask! I made 12 of them today. Beginning tomorrow all people in Md must have a mask on when they are in a store or in public.

  41. Diane Bauer

    I hear your frustration, Mary!! I go back often to check to see if there are responses or questions, but am not sure if there may be an easier way to know if you’ve responded. I think if people will check the box for “notify me of follow-up comments by email” they would know if you’ve commented back to them.

    I love that someone commented on your mask!! It’s beautiful!! I had a really, really frustrating experience with the whole mask thing today, so I’m rather sensitive to the whole idea. It amazes me that people are unwilling to wear a mask during this time. I’m noticing, too, that men are much less often seen wearing masks than women are. I went to church today to help put together bags of food to be distributed for the food bank tomorrow morning. A woman came to volunteer and, when asked if she had a mask, replied that she was NOT going to wear a mask as she believed that the CDC had no basis for asking people to wear them. Then she admitted she had been out of the country in March. I should have left immediately, but was embarrassed by her condescending and demeaning attitude. Now I am self-quarantining as I’m nervous I may have been exposed. I’m mad that I was put in such a position. I will not volunteer there again if she is going to be there. I find that really sad because there are so many people who need food right now and I’d like to be able to help. So frustrating to have someone so blatantly disregarding other people’s health and well-being.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Oh Diane, I am just sick when I read what you experienced today. That is appauling someone has so little regard for others health and well being to ignore guidelines. Moving ahead, we need to accept there will be changes in so many areas like Temperatures taken before entering workplaces. I am sorry but it makes me angry, very angry that ignorance is acceptable.

      What a good friend Connie is to keep you safe. As soon as I finished making masks for family and friends, someone else would contact me to make them some. I don’t mind at all. Days go so fast. Sooner we do what’s right for health and safety the sooner we will be able to freely go out again. Yes when I was in the grocery store it was the men with no masks standing in the aisles blocking and not moving so their women partners could shop. I even saw a woman yell for him to get out of the way.

      Mary I feel your frustration on comments not responding back to you…I think tonight I could go on and on. It’s all becoming so overwhelming to me to think of our food plants have that many ill workers in our food chain and the impact. I am going to bed and hope tomorrow i will find some people acting a little more intelligent. I can only hope and pray.

      1. Susan Stringfellow

        All of our stores that have remained opened have requested that ONE person do the shopping- makes sense to have fewer people to have to keep distance from!

        1. Diane in Maryland

          Good idea about only one member doing the shopping. My husband has been doing any shopping and errands. We thought maybe this way if one of us got the virus the other could be a care giver. He has been wearing a mask for awhile and Md. now requires everyone to wear one in stores and in public. Of course we have many residents who are touting it is their constitutional right to do as they please and supposedly are going to have rallies in Annapolis today to re-open the government. It’s raining…I’m so glad…haha Don’t get me started! Freedom of Speech is our constitutional right too but we don’t have the right to scream “fire” in a crowded building! These people are having a fit because “they aren’t sick”! Well, they may be but many of those dead people were well a week ago! This is not easy on anyone. I’d bet we all have a family member who is out of work right now. I’m so thankful we are all alive!

          1. Susan Stringfellow

            Yes- of course, the last time I went, there was a young man pushing a cart with two elementary age or younger children in it- I wanted to say, “What are you thinking?” but then I thought that maybe he was a single father and didn’t have a choice so I kept my opinion to myself!

    2. Judi Leventhal

      Diane, I admire you standing up for you. The person in charge should have told the lady that she could help, but a mask was mandatory. I’m guessing the other volunteers were all wearing masks. The should have given the inconsiderate lady a hint.

      1. Judy

        I agree. When around others trying to protect themselves, they should have left if they wanted to go against the policy

    3. Sherry Whalen

      Thank you to all who are wearing masks to help protect each other. The group leader can and should limit the volunteers to those who are willing to wear their masks. This rude person has the right to not wear a mask, but she doesn’t have the right to put others in danger. If she can’t or won’t comply with the rules, she can be required to leave. The people who won’t comply with the guidelines (wash your hands, use sanitizer, wear a mask, stay home,etc) are the ones who will make this drag on and on.

      1. Diane Bauer

        Sherry–yes, I agree that she should have been asked to leave. Unfortunately, she actually was the lead on the volunteer project yesterday and there were only three of us. I find I’m still upset this morning, probably because it’s unresolved for me. I’ll need to self-quarantine for 14 days to really feel safe again. This is complicated by the fact I’m not actually a member of this church–just a ‘regular attender’, so it’s awkward to contact anyone else about it. Many thanks for your thoughts of support–they are appreciated!

        1. Sherry Whalen

          Wow – I hope the food shelf that is receiving the packed food knows about her refusal to pack the food in a safe manner. I’ve seen food packing events that weren’t happening during a pandemic – EVERYONE is gowned, gloved and masked. Not only was this unsafe for your group, it is unsafe for the people at the food shelf, and the people receiving the life saving food. Studies have shown that the virus can live for days on packaging, passing along to everyone handling these packages. Wow. Just wow.

  42. Paula in Texas

    So glad you got out and wore such a pretty mask. I am ready for the stores to open, especially the Quilt Shops. Congratulations on finding the gorgeous fabrics!! Planning and starting a new project is always exciting. I have finished SIX UFOs since March 11th. I have started the Edyta Sitar Mystery quilt with fabrics from my stash. I love her finished quilt, with her newest collection. I hope I am happy with my “stash busting” version!!

    1. Pamela in Missouri

      Paula, I did Edyta Sitar’s mystery quilt, also with fabric from my stash. Wasn’t it fun? Mine went to the machine quilter yesterday.

      Mary, I just ordered a bunch of soft pink fabric. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. I have no idea yet what to do with mine.

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