A Spring Breakfast, 4-20,2020

As I had given away all our eggs, I literally had to walk to the barn for breakfast!

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Add a bit of green onion and fresh asparagus.


We’re having another very windy day but the sun is out and a bit of yard work is going to happen this afternoon.

Yesterday our congregation turned out to wish two of our members who share their April 19 birthday and live on the same street a very happy 85th birthday! Our car parade was led by the police car and old fire truck, also a 1935 model! Horns, sirens, confetti and many waves were enjoyed by all – haha! Talk about simple entertainment! It was nice to see my church friends even through the windshield!

Remember our friend Sandy in New Zealand who recently returned home from Taiwan where she visited her son and wife? Meet Sandy’s new granddaughter, Luna Sandy! Oh my goodness, isn’t she sweetness wrapped up in a baby?

And remember her son in NZ talked about the hedgehogs they fed? He sent me this picture.

I showed this quilt last week and a reader wanted the measurements – this block is super easy to draft in any size you wish but here’s my 6″ block.

This is what Rick’s doing today – dirt work to get ready for tilling. Sitting in the cab of the tractor is not marred by the strong wind! I’m not sure I’m going outside to work – I’d be blown over! More UFOs have turned up – today I’m going to assemble some string blocks into rows, then into a top and then quilt it.

Catching up on Dirty Dozen quilts – I know for a fact some pictures have posted on the view of the blog that I see but evidently the owner didn’t see them so here’s an update. Keep your fingers crossed.

Four pictures – I’ve learned that YOU don’t always see the same picture I intend to post. What’s with that? Couldn’t WordPress do a better job on that little issue? I’m holding my breath as I push…..publish.

33 thoughts on “A Spring Breakfast, 4-20,2020

  1. Linette Stewart

    Thank you for the quilt measurements, beautiful photos and for not giving up on the blog 😊

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Those eggs are gorgeous. Breakfast looks good too!
    I went to the store today and found frozen cinnamon rolls. We will have a treat, thanks Mary.
    The DD doers have been busy. I’m making masks and trying to get my tops ready for quilting.
    Loretta went to the spa last week and again, she looks like a 4 month old golden retriever. She is 6 y/o.
    I wish I could go to the beauty shop and come out looking 25 years younger!!
    Let’s all have a great week, stay calm and Quilt strong.

    1. Launa

      Same here the groomer is working for our dogs, but the beauty salon is not. A Necessary Business!

  3. Sue

    The eggs are so pretty! The omelet looks delish! No fresh asparagus yet in this area.
    We’ve had a drizzly morning. Been in kitchen baking but now blanket stitching a table runner is calling.
    Thanks for all your work on the blog. I so enjoy it!
    Have a good week!

    1. Ginny in SC

      What a cute baby! I love the hedgehogs, I would like to have one for a pet but Arlo and the cats would want to play with it.
      Al’ a sisters birthday was yesterday too and he had a long conversation with her. He was so happy, I was too that he was having a good day.
      Your blog britghtens my day.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Ginny in SC – makes me happy, too, to know Al could chat with his sister. So many names in my birthday book on April 19, there’s no more space to write – ha! Yes, I’m afraid Arlo and your cats would have too much fun with a hedgehog!!!
        Well, hearing from you is pretty special as well! Stay well!

  4. Amy M

    That blue sky looks beautiful. I had a virtual sewing weekend with some friends this weekend. I enjoyed not having to load and unload everything in my car but it wasn’t as fun as getting together. I did realize my sewing table and chair are more comfortable than what I had rigged up for working at home so last night I moved my sewing machine aside and moved my monitor, laptop, keyboard and printer into my sewing room. Much more comfortable today but maybe a little distracted when I look up : )

  5. Sandy

    Thank you Mary for posting photos of my beautiful granddaughter Luna.she is so placid we think she is from the sea of tranquility! Enjoy your breakfast, best wishes, sandy

  6. Rita In Iowa

    Mary thanks for all the pictures, your breakfast looks yummy.

    I did go outside and work in the flower beds some but then it just got too windy and I didn’t need any limbs coming down on me. Things are coming up and it’s easier to weed and break up the dirt before things grow too much. I hope to head back out tomorrow. Maybe I can get the first round done this week.

    Because my daughters live in Texas and Illinois and we have been Zooming. We had an idea of having the Grandsons, ages 4 and 6 go on an adventure. So we have started with them wanting to visit each other. They have had to come up with certain items and things to do and we put it into a story. Tonight will be our 4th night. It’s fun to see what they come up with. There pets who travel with them are a horse and a lion. It gives them something fun to look forward to.

  7. Donna Sproston

    I think those egg colors are intriguing. I remember vividly gathering eggs on a farm visit as a child. Fortunately the farmer took us to all the special hiding places.

    That lovely pink and pastel collection would make beautiful friendship star blocks and remind you of all your quilting friends you continue to inspire.

  8. Launa

    As usual, Mary, your blog brightens so many readers’ days!
    A sunny, but 54o day here in Idaho. Snow is still melting on more acreage areas and I can see more of the chainsaw carved bear in the canoe resting on one edge of our pond! Things still refreeze @ night here.
    Still under STAY AT HOME and Social Distancing til April 30th.
    Idaho has: 1672 cases of virus. 4 new, 585 recovered, 151 hospitalized, 45 passed away! Remainder are recovering @ home! This from noon news.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Yummy breakfast and yup I agree that Rick has a nice shelter to work outside in today. Gosh that new grandbaby of Sandy’s is beautiful. Feels so good to see new life and also think of the fun you had yesterday celebrating those birthdays. It’s nice to feel connected to our social circles even if we have to get creative. I am imagining the smiles you brought to so many were so well received.
    Love all the show and tell as always and it’s such a joy to begin our week with great photos. Thank you so much Mary for making our days!! And for the measurements for the quilt. You make homespuns and shirt fabrics look terrific together. Wish I had your knack.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Thank you, Mary, for working so hard keeping the blog working. Computer programs can be very difficult. It is almost your diary and we all appreciate your efforts.
    It snowed and rained yesterday. Today the wind is gusting up to 50 mph. I’m inside.
    The creativity of our quilters is wonderful. We get new ideas on what and how to make something. All of our quilt guild activities are cancelled, even the June quilt show. Still making the face masks. Talked to one of the people at the hospital’s Cardiac Rehab this afternoon. The program has been stopped until this corona thing is over. He was wearing a face mask somebody had made!! Said they were glad to have them. In the meantime, back to the masks. I may even try a bit of house cleaning…..maybe? The masks will be there and cleaning will wait.
    Take care and have a very good day. Betty

  11. Anonymous

    I love the blue and white quilt, thank you for the pattern, it really inspires me to make one. I did a quilt with my sons flannel shirts that he outgrew. Had to add some more fabric from a nightgown of mine and thrift shop shirts but it turned out great. Your eggs are so pretty. Your picture of the 85th birthday parade really makes me want to go back to Iowa for a visit. Love the people.

  12. Beryl in Owatonna

    That little Luna Sandy is beautiful!! She looks so peaceful. I love the thick dark hair.
    Your omelet looks amazing, both before and after!!
    I received my patterns today! Thank you so much for sending them.
    I love the batik quilt!! It looks fun and easy, really and the finished product is awesome.
    I am working on masks again, must make a bigger dent in the cut out pile.
    I am still not getting any ads no matter which link I click on.
    Hoping this wind doesn’t blow you away and that it stops SOON!

  13. Janice Hebert

    Oh Mary, your omelette looks so good! The eggs are so pretty – did you bake the bread? I’m trying to get sourdough starter going. It’s getting a little better. I’m getting chicks this week! So excited. Just hope I can keep them safe from predators – we have coyote and hawks. Going to try keeping them in an enclosure of electric fencing. At least that’s my plan, lol. Sandy, your granddaughter is precious! What a sweet baby. And all of the finishes – such talented ladies! My husband would be jealous of Rick’s tractor, he’d love a bucket. We have a neat old (1949!) Ford 8N but no bucket. Some day! We’ve been raking the gardens along the stone walls and the side of the house. Lots of daffodils up and my hosta’s are starting to come up. Bleeding heart is doing really well, it seems to love this cool damp weather. God bless, everyone stay safe! Jan in MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Hebert – Rick’s John Deere is pretty sweet, isn’t it? When Mom died (8 years ago today!) Rick got to buy his tractor and I got to fence in the 7 acres to keep my animals safe. We thank Mom all the time!

  14. Charlotte Shira

    Mary, the pictures are great today. Luna is beautiful and the hedgehogs are so cute and that omelette!! I;m going to try that tomorrow. Great quilts ladies and thanks for the measurements of the blue and white quilt. I’m waiting on some backing so I can start quilting my #2. I have one more mask to make for a friend who doesn’t have any and it’s mandatory to wear one here in public. I went to Safeway today for milk, veggies and cottage cheese. The isles are marked one way. And of course people were not paying attention to the one way signs. I reminded 2 people of the one way isles and then gave up on 2 others!!
    Loved the parade!!

  15. Felicia Hamlin

    It has been a very windy day today, nothing new since this area is windy quite often. Sweet baby, life goes on! Boy, the hedgehogs are sure cute!’s quilts and thank you for the measurements for your quilt. Have a nice evening.

  16. Diane and Squeak

    It looks like a beautiful day there. I love Luna’s name; isn’t she just beautiful? Thank you for the postings. I look forward to them. I am going to be brave and unsubscribe from the blog because it is on my husband’s email and because of that, I will try again to get my email signed up. Don’t tell anything earth shattering until I get back on!! The DD’s are great.

  17. Kathy Hanson

    Your breakfast looked amazing!! Wish I’d been there to share it with you!!! Nothing like farm fresh eggs!
    Working on the Blue men’s shirt pattern…I am liking it so much with the shirt fabrics that I am working on. Once the person that I’m making it for gets it I will send the picture to you. I know that she doesn’t subscribe to your blog but I still think that she should see it first. Looks like you have had a beautiful day!!

  18. Sue in Oregon

    Breakfast looks delish but I am wondering….How did you get round scrambled eggs? Did you use an English Muffin mold? And, that bread looks homemade. I have been baking sandwich bread with my sourdough starter once a week. I do add some yeast too and it is a delightful loaf. However, I love what appears to be artisan bread too.
    You have given us a real show today. So many things to comment on. The dirty dozen finishes are really wonderful. Good job ladies.
    Sat. and Sun were record-breaking here. So warm, summer-like, and appreciated. Today it is cold. I try not to be let down. April always teases us.
    Baby Luna is so adorable.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – eggs made in the paper bowl in microwave – refer to photo.

  19. Holly in Two Harbors

    Your egg gathering efforts look so pretty! And your breakfast looked so delicious, I had the same thing for lunch, as near as I could make it without the fresh green onions and asparagus. (I subbed fresh chives and sauteed celery.) It was also delicious!

    Luna is definitely sweetness personified! The hedgehog picture was fun. I didn’t now they were in NZ. If I had hedgehogs around here, I’d be feeding them.

  20. Sheila

    Love your parade idea… so festive and fun! And little, baby Luna is absolutely adorable.
    Thank you again for taking time to get the measurements for your blue, baby boy quilt.

  21. Nikki M in Tx

    Had a wonderful surprise yesterday.. granddaughter brought me a surprised goodie package..she called from gate to tell me here & Do Not come out of house…she sat on chair just outside glass storm door & we had nicest visit. Sure surprised me…she drove over 100 miles just to make sure I was doing okay. Said she knew I told her was just fine but also knew that if I wasn’t I wouldn’t tell her because I wouldn’t want to worry her. Before she left she put a box on porch for me, said just a few things thought might need & few things thought would like. 3 rolls of paper towels, a 6 pack of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, jar of Jif peanut butter, and 6 Hersery’s with Almonds, gosh I love that girl. Today cleaned out under kitchen sink…how did it get so messy? Also got some of kitchen drawers cleaned out, where does the junk come from? Before got to all the drawers ran out of energy, or well no plans to go anywhere tomorrow so hopefully will finish cleaning remaining drawers then start in on pantry’s..
    Stay safe..wear your face masks, keep distancing.. this will pass.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Someone raised a very responsible granddaughter who was taught respect for her elders and you have every right to be proud of her doing this to let you know she cares. And wants to protect you. How smart and kind. Nice to read your comment this morning.

  22. Diane in WI

    Your eggs would look beautiful in an Easter basket. The son of a friend of mine had a hedgehog named Mrs. Tiggywinkle. I took care of her while they were on vacation. She was very timid but so sweet. I finished an Easter-spring table runner today. It took no time to complete so why did it take me so long to do? I am very good at procrastination. Very windy here today and now we are having rain showers. My son has been busy plowing to get the fields ready for planting. I hope everyone is being careful and safe.

  23. Sandy

    I think the hedge hogs were originally from England, and now considered apest as they eat native insects,but we love them,! They roll into a prickly ball if threatened or scurry off quickly under the house.thank you to everyone for the kind comments about my lovey granddaughter Luna, best wishes , sandy

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