A Morning Chat

I felt like a different person this morning getting up to a much cleaner house after I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning floors, burning trash, changing all the kitty litter, straightening up the garage so I could walk thru, putting stuff away and just generally tidying up. It was a wonderful feeling which I’ve got to remember!

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I have ignored my plants to the point of losing many – both scheffeleras, the geraniums, several other houseplants and my succulents are sitting here with limp leaves! Nobody can accuse me of overwatering! So I have spent a good hour this morning trying to revive them. I’ve always said people tend to overwater – ha! Obviously not me! I’d better pay more attention.

Sitting here at the table in the sunny southeast corner I reminisce about my mom turning on the radio to KSMN at 9:30 every morning. That’s when Kitchen Klatter came on and I was first introduced to listening to family members, other than my own, chat and visit about daily life. I’ve said this so many times before but it’s true – what goes around, comes around. That was the 50’s and 60’s. They also printed a small magazine which brings me to the 90’s through 20012 or so when I wrote the Goat Gazette and Mom laughed and teased me that my newspaper was very similar to the Kitchen Klatter Magazine. On to 2014 to the present – writing this blog is just a continuation of radio, newspaper and has become the 21st Century family chat. Wow, I can’t believe this phenomenon of people wanting to read daily posts about everyday life. The only time I can really understand it is when I hear about YOUR life and what’s happening – like Kathy’s milk cows, Jo’s new grandson, Connie’s new puppy (not Betty, a different Connie who has Addie), weather across the country, what’s happening in Canada and Australia – I could go on and on.

Thanks for all the advice concerning my cracked fingers – I swear I’ve tried them all but the minute I don’t think I need it, they crack again. I have to be more diligent!

Thanks for all the book suggestions – we’re going to have quite a list this month.

I took these pictures once again because I’m going to print these to remind myself next summer how much I really love warm weather and green grass.

This is where my houseplants live all summer. So hard to imagine that today.

And I just took this picture from my window – 3 squirrels chomping away!

And I keep sunflower seeds in this red can – luckily the lid is still visible so I can open the can. The laundry tub is full to the brim with snow. And did you hear we are expecting another weekend blizzard? The post on FB was written by a meteorologist whose birthday is Sunday, March 10th, so he labeled this storm The Birthday Blizzard! – which is pretty funny because it’s Rick’s birthday, too.

I’ve been saving my orange peels so I could make this air freshener. Saw it on Pinterest – fill a quart jar with orange peels and cover with vinegar. Leave it sit for 2 weeks, then strain out the peels and put it in a spray bottle. I’ll let you know if it really works.

I could spend hours on Pinterest – I love it! It’s like looking at every great quilt, decorating, gardening and cooking magazine all in one. Feel free to look at my Pinterest boards if you like such things. Not only do I like to Pin new ideas, I also like to look over the boards I’ve already saved. Oh, like I need another idea!!!!

This orchid in front of me continues to bloom even though the leaves look pretty sad. I don’t understand orchids at all!

Very sunny here today but also very cold and windy! The afternoon is ahead – what will I choose to work on? What will YOU work on?

77 thoughts on “A Morning Chat

  1. Mary Ann Platt

    I truly appreciate the time you spend on this blog. I loved the Goat Gazette, so was really happy when you started this. You inspire me to be better.

  2. Sunflower

    Mary, I just received my Battlefield book today! You may laugh at this, but it came addressed to my husband because I ran out of address labels of my own. He got today’s mail and said, I wonder what I ordered? I quickly grabbed it from his hand and said “ oh, that’s mine!” He said it wasn’t mine because it was addressed to him. I said, no, it’s a quilt book from my friend, Mary! And that is how I think of you even though we’ve never meant. I love your blog, your stories, your passion for animals and your quilts. Thank you for brightening my day, too!😊
    Jo’s comment that she was getting ready “to go to jail” made me laugh out loud! And, honestly, my first thought was that I hope they don’t keep her!but maybe she wouldn’t mind!

  3. Carolyn in Ms.

    Hi, Mary. It’s so funny that you mention the radio show. I have been thinking lately about a radio show my family liked when I was growing up in Gulfport, Ms. It was a homey guy, with a strong southern accent. Of course he sounded just regular to a bunch of southerners listening. Lol. But he talked about “goings on” and frequently had things for sale from other people. My mom and dad would sometimes call the people up and go buy whatever they had. Once a wonderful dog that we all loved dearly. Isn’t it funny how we wouldn’t even consider giving out our phone on a radio station now. I think that’s why we all become devoted to blogs like yours. It reminds me that they’re are good and kind people still around and they’re willing to share the things of their lives with us. I also follow people on YouTube for the same reason. Thanks for that bright spot, Mary.

  4. Margie Braaksma

    Your orchid is beautiful! I work in a greenhouse in Sibley IA
    Planting all the annual plugs now that will be sold as 4 1/2” pots, hanging baskets, etc. love to be playing in the dirt this time of year

  5. Rhoda Ebersole

    I read The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester and liked it but also read
    The Likac Gurks by Martha Hall Kelly and it fell flat. Both are about WW II era.
    Have almost finished The Last Boat iutvif Shanghai by Helen Zia and it is excellent based on true stories.

    Rain here this morning in NV which doesn’t bode well for weather in your direction.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda – would you clarify your book titles for me, please?

  6. Janine

    Reading your blog every morning is a great start to my day. If you don’t post that day, I just re-read the post from the day before! Like everyone else, I loved the Goat Gazette – when I opened the mailbox and it was there, all other plans vanished. I tried to read it slowly to make it last longer! Your blog is like a daily version of the Gazette. Thank you for doing it.

  7. Martha Engstler

    Don’t know if you read comments from this late but I also enjoyed the Goat Gazette and the idea of making it into a book would be so much fun to read. Love your blog too, it brightens my day. Thank you for your time.

  8. Pat Williams

    Love the stories about Kitchen Klatter. As many have said my grandmother also listened faithfully to the “girls” every morning. Names I remember her talking about were Frederick and Leona Driftmier. She lived in Creston, not far from Shenendoah. She and mom would talk about what these folks were doing every Sunday when we went to Grandma’s for dinner. One day I asked why these people didn’t join us for Sunday dinner—I thought they were relatives the way they talked about them! Ha! Mom tried to explain who they were but not sure I “got it” til I was older. They sure seemed like relatives to me! Good memories. I loved the Goat Gazette too. Thanks for all the “chatter”. It is good for us all and thanks Mary for keeping us all engaged with this blog. Pat in Ia City

  9. Barb

    Please don’t forget to have Connie tell us how she hangs her quilts. Yup, more snow on the way – – – AGAIN!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barb – Connie posted the answer in a comment – can you go back and read that?

  10. Sue in Marion, IN

    Ladies, for really dry, cracked skin try Surgeon’s Skin Secret by Jamark Labs. They have a website or you can order from Amazon. The lab is in Grand Rapids, MI and they used to have a booth at the AQS quilt show. I’m involved with The Quilters’ Hall of Fame in my hometown of Marion, Indiana and we had a vendor booth at GR show for several years. When we weren’t staffing the booth we were free to walk around and I kept passing their booth…tried free samples and they had a good special, so I bought some. It’s amazing. The doctor who invented it didn’t like how slowly his patients’ surgical scars healed and came up with this stuff. It really does the trick.

  11. Carolyn Rector

    I listened to a great book about southeastern Nebraska, Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps by poet Ted Kooser

  12. Beth Laverty

    I too love listening to family chatter!! Your dismay over your Schefflera reminds me. When we lived on a Navy Base in Puerto Rico I planted a Shefflera in a location without too much sun in front of my townhouse. By the time we left (3 years later) that Schefflera was so tall ….. It was half way up the SECOND floor of the front of the house…… I had NO IDEA they grew that big. I have had Scheffleras in both houses we have lived in since and they never get any where’s near that tall. The one I have in my kitchen window now must be a miniature version…. AND Poinsettias grow to be trees in Puerto Rico…. not the puny little plants we get at Christmas. I don’t wish to be back in Puerto Rico but wouldn’t mind a bit of their warmth right now. This cold is getting OLD!!!!

  13. Gloria, CC

    This particular blog brings back some memories to me. I remember when daylight savings time was being proposed and the Des Moines Register was interviewing people on the street for their opinion. This one lady (in all seriousness) said her flowers would get one hour less of sunlight! She was so upset! Ha
    I still have some of my Goat Gazettes too. Thinking about the recipes you printed reminded me that one of my favorite recipe books is the Country Threads recipe book. What wonderful recipes!!
    I drove up to our lake home in NW Wisconsin last Saturday and couldn’t believe how much snow there was. At least three times more snow than Charles City and 18 degrees below zero. My answer to that was to start my Spring cleaning here and decorate with Spring. Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life with your blog Mary. I know it’s an incredible amount of work but we all appreciate it.

  14. Kate Schloemer

    As a girl I spent as much time as I could with my grandma. She also listened to the Kitchen Klatter on the radio. When grandma aged and had to live elsewhere I found and latched onto one of many cookbooks. It’s a Kitchen Klatter. I use I all the time and like you it warms my heart to remenist of my childhood and grandma.

  15. Sue in Oregon

    Today was my Quilt Club meeting. It takes most of the day because it takes me an hour to get there. We have the meeting, then we eat and gab, then we shop because the meeting is in a quilt store.
    And, then, of course, an hour home.
    Today was special because we gave 27 lap quilts to Hospice. We do that every March and then again in July after our show. We donate fabric and orphan blocks to the project. One member puts kits together in her home and then the members make them up. One of the Hospice ladies comes to get them and tells us sweet stories about the recipients and their families. We love doing it, especially with that kind of feedback.
    We continue to have very cold nights here. We had a few sunny days, but today back to cold rain. On those sunny days my chickens loved being able to free range. They rewarded me with a few eggs.
    Your orchid is lovely. I give mine ice cubes for their watering. That way the water drips and seeps very slowly into the soil/bark and doesn’t just flash through. And, no….it doesn’t seem to make them too cold.

  16. Becky from TX

    I used to get the Goat Gazette. I loved the stories then, recipes, patterns, advice and all other stuff you wrote about that was in that magazine. You have just a way of writing about life as it goes on. You are just a part of us. My friend makes me that lotion. I love it….you will love it! I used it on on everything! Love you!

  17. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I also remember Kitchen Klatter on the radio. My Mom would always say, “Be quiet now. I HAVE to listen to the radio.” I also remember their flavorings for baking. I don’t know if there were other products or not. I have a couple issues of the magazine yet.
    The orange peel thing looks interesting. It is pretty as it is.
    Somebody was wondering about this hand cream made with Vaseline and baby lotion. I make this all the time. I got the information from Pinterest (I think).
    16 oz. Baby Lotion (I use Johnson & Johnson pink)
    8 oz. Vaseline
    8 oz. Vitamin E cream (Buy at Wal Mart, Dollar Store, Drug Store, etc.)
    Mix with electric mixer until it resembles frosting. Put in small jars. (I use Ball 4 oz. jars.) Makes about 7 or 8 jars.

    Today the rendering truck came to get the rest of our cows–we now have lost 15. Busy cleaning up all the lumber and metal. So much snow and so much cold and another”snow event” probably Sat. into Sun.

    1. Lois Ann Johnson

      Kathy: I, too, have that same recipe for hand cream. I’ve made it and used it for years. My reflexologist uses it in her therapy and gave me the recipe.

    2. Dianna


      Thank you for the hand cream recipe. I’m going to make some, it sounds wonderful.
      I see Minnesota is in for more snow, our son and family live south of Minneapolis so I watch the weather all the time. I hope you didn’t lose your cattle to weather issues, that is so sad.
      I must say that Minnesota has the most beautiful springs, hope it arrives soon.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Diana – if you read back you’ll find that Kathy lost her cows when a roof collapsed on top of them due to heavy snow. So very sad!

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz- KK also made cleaners and my mom had them all! So did my neighbor Emma.

  18. Pat Smith

    I really love reading both your blog and the comments from all over the country. I don’t know why, but I never heard of Kitchen Klatter and Lois Ann (another commenter) and I grew up in the same town, Ottumwa, Iowa. Also, we are cousins and it is so fun for me to read her comments from so far away. I just came back from a week in Jackson, WY from a snowshoe, cross country, dog sledding week. It snowed for 5 days and nights in a row without stopping. That part of Wyoming got 52 inches of snow in only Feb. The employees where I was staying weren’t even allowed to walk from the parking lot to the lodge but were picked up in a bus and driven about 100 yds. We could hear the blasts every morning from avalanche control. We were lucky to see the sun on our last day, and the beauty of the Tetons was stunning. Would I want to live there year around? Probably not, but I’m glad I went.

    1. loiis ann johnson

      Hey, Pat: Your trip sounds interesting! You mentioned not remembering Kitchen Klatter? Remember, you are much younger than I am, Dear Cousin. Or maybe Aunt Frances didn’t listen to Kitchen Klatter. Weather here in Iowa has been ghastly, as you have probably figured out from reading Mary’s “Country Threads” blog.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I am so impressed with everything you did in Jackson, WY!

  19. Candy

    “Two Steps Forward” by Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist (Simsion’s wife) is an entertaining, light read. Simsion also wrote “The Rosie Project”, “The Rosie Effect”, and “The Rosie Result” (available in 2019 … not sure if it’s out yet).

  20. Joyce C

    My mom listened to WCCO radio and all their talk shows.. then it was Queen for a Day and the Art Linkletter Show on TV. She would iron to all those shows… yes even the pillowcases and Dads handkerchiefs! Oh how I wish I could read your Goat Gazette… I think they’d make a great Farm Book …!!!! Hint Hint… We’re bracing for the storm this weekend .. as it passes through on its way to Iowa. So ready for spring!

    1. Diane Bauer

      Oh, Joyce! My Mom ironed Dad’s handkerchiefs as well–in fact, she still does!!!! So guess what? I iron my pillowcases and dishtowels. I think it’s in the blood!!

      1. Diane in Central Ohio

        I learned to iron on pillowcases and my dad’s handkerchiefs. Now I just iron or press fabric. Works for me:)

      2. Joyce C

        That’s too funny Diane… I have been known to iron the top sheets turn back so it lies smooth….. ugh!

  21. Nikki M

    Have to share with you what a friend would always do..would always put masking tape on bathroom light switch and say bulb out &waiting for husband to come home (he was a long haul driver) & light a candle in front of mirror. Everything got thrown in tub & shower curtain pulled. Funny thing was she was a great housekeeper…that & would put cinnamon sticks & if had orange peels in pot of water to boil so house smelled good.. to this day when I have wood stove going I put pot on it with water &cinnamon sticks…love the smell

  22. Linette

    I can’t believe all that you accomplished! The Goat Magazine you mentioned reminded me of the Grit magazine my grandmother used to subscribe to. I used to love looking through that.

  23. Dianna

    My mom listened to party line in Racine, WI, wonderful memories. Thanks for reminding me about it.
    Quilting is getting me through this awful winter. Today I started fixing a Strawberry Shortcake quilt that I made in 1983. My daughter asked if I could repair it, doing machine quilting on it instead of the hand sewing I had done when it was originally made. The grandkids like to use it while watching TV.
    For my sore thumbs I cut a vitamin E capsule and apply the contents to the sore and wrap it well. This works the best for bedtime. Those sore hurt so much and interferes with chores and sewing.
    I like to leave the vacuum somewhere where visitors can see it and then if needed I can say “Oh, I was just going to start cleaning”. You can get a couple of hours sewing in before you have to use it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dianna – I love your hint about leaving the vacuum in plain sight! I’m going to do that! They would never know, would they?

  24. Connie T

    I also love the blog and loved the “Goat Gazette”!!! Yes, you do join a bunch of us together and we’re all thankful!! We can’t wait to see “country-threads-chicken-scratch.com” in our mail box!! It makes our day!! Thank you so very much!!

    A note about Addie!! She and her half sister Silvie are doing great!! Coming out of a puppy mill at 2 and 3, they are learning just like a puppy!! They picked up on potty training the first week!! Yay!! But, the rest of the training is a hoot!! It sometimes ends in a chase or wrestling match!! We have time to work on it, so it’s fine!! There are more smiles and laughter here now than since we lost our Maddie last Nov. We feel blessed!!

    Sorry we’re sending you another blizzard. I wish it was our last! But, I doubt we’re that lucky!! Hope everyone outside does well!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie T – you just gotta hug Addie for me – training will have to start here again just as soon as the weather permits. Please don’t send any more storms! Connie has 3 boys but if she’d have had a daughter, her name would have been Addie – now there’s a coincidence, huh?

  25. Paula Philpot

    My Dad’s birthday was also March 10 and we are expecting bad weather this weekend also. What have I been working on? My goal is to make 4 red/white quilts first thing this year. I have two made and started another today. I love looking at the red/white quilts at Christmas time. Just had my sewing room renovated last month with shiplap and whitewash flooring. I have my grandma’s old jelly cabinet, an old flour cabinet rescued from a junk store and ab old shiparobe I purchased from the convent when the sisters moved. This room is my happy place. I decorate the tops of these treasures with antique cheddar, gold and orange quilts I have collected or been given over the years. Ok, that is my story for the day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I love reading your everyday. As far as animals, we have cows, donkeys and a german shepherd. Also, squirrels trying to take over my potting shed. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula P – I do love to hear what you’re doing and about your sewing rooms, etc. what patterns are you using for the red and white quilts? Are they all different? Or maybe they’re gifts so they’re all alike?

      1. Paula Philpot

        All patterns are different and two will be used to teach mystery classes. The one I can tell you about is the Snowball I saw on your blog, I loved it so much I am making it now. I did a 9 patch snowball many years ago but I love the way yours is just all snowballs. Paula in KY

  26. Diane in WI

    I have enjoyed the pictures from yesterday and today. My mom listened to “Ask your Neighbor” on WTMJ out of Milwaukee. People called in with recipes and advice. The wind has been awful here the past two days. Warmer by the weekend and then rain. The impatient I saved over the winter has decided to bloom. I recently read A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry; easy reading and a good book. I’m trying to make a wall hanging for St. Patrick’ s Day. It is from a Nancy Halvorsen book. We had six cardinals at the feeders today. They are so beautiful against the snow. This is a bunch of comments about everything! Take care.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – I’d give anything to have cardinals at my feeders! Evidently most of our moms listened to some type of home chat show.

  27. Marlene in upstate NY

    I also enjoy your daily posts. I check my inbox several times until I see it, then I take my break and read all the comments too. I recheck after dinner and catch up. Isn’t it funny how many of us love to hate the weather. It sure has been a crazy winter. The past 2 days have been sunny in upstate NY, I’ll take it. We have a group of 6 turkeys hanging out in our backyard and woods. Last night one of them roosted in a really large tree. I had no clue they hung out in trees at night, I just thought they hung out together in the woods like everybody else. It has been so cool watching them today. I scattered a bunch of bird seed down on our lower deck and they come right up to eat, amazing. I’m ready to stitch my binding on a quilt and watch the evening news. Stay warm!

  28. Lynn Lahr

    Your blog is like a letter from home. I am a fellow Iowan and can relate to the weather. This winter sure has been something. Spring should be just around the corner, but not this year. I did visit Country Threads a few times, mostly when you had your barn sales. I was a beginning quilter back then. Always a fun day with friends. Just got your new book, cannot decide which quilt to make first. I love them all, my style exactly. I recently found your blog and always look forward to see what you’ve been up to with each post. Loved the sewing room tours. I cannnot imagine. I’ve got my quilting stash confined to one small bedroom. Oh the fun I could have at your place. Thanks for sharing your life and your wisdom. You are a joy!

  29. Julie

    I loved the Goat Gazette!! I read it from cover to cover every issue I received! I wait patiently for your blog posts now every day or every other day with just as much excitement! I love reading about the “normal” in you and Connie’s lives and quilts, of course!! Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures and blog!
    What am I working on today? Finishing potholders. The Alpha Delta Kappa teacher’s sorority that I belong to had two workshops on making potholders which will be given to the Extension nutrition program “Buy, Live and Eat Healthy” graduates. Families are trained on buying groceries, preparation of food and healthy eating. The potholders are given as a graduation present.
    By the way, I promise not to do any complaining this summer about heat or mowing the lawn! I may not always like it, but after this winter I am not going to complain!! Stay warm!

  30. Diane in Central Ohio

    Mary,in Western NY we didn’t have Kitchen Klatter. I subscribed to The Goat Gazette for years! Our cats Pyramus, Thisbee, Spike, and Koti all appeared in it😺😺. I don’t think Squeak did. I loved receiving it and was so happy when you started Chicken Scratch. I still have some copies of the Gazette and many recipes. Thanks for joining together this amazing group of women and one (?) man.

  31. Nancy A Poole

    I love seeing your winter pictures of snow. I haven’t lived in snow since I left Minnesota 55 years ago. I do remember the cold but the fun as a kid. I just can’t understand how you do all you do in that weather. I complain about all this rain. Our storm tonight will be your weekend blizzard, sorry. I love everything you share in the blog. Like sitting at the table with Grandma B, Mom and the Aunties.

  32. Carol

    What I worked on (after the gym, breakfast out, showers, dentist appointments, gassing the car, stopping for groceries… that took til noon!)… this week I am dating, keeping and tossing photographs, dating back to 1970’s!!! WHAT??? Why did I take pictures, look at them, enjoy them and then put them undated and not labeled in boxes? What a nightmare! Like we all say, if our kids see a mess like this, they will just toss out the boxes, so I’m diligently finding their birth photos, birthday parties, trips and special moments… proms, graduations, sacraments, holidays. Also labeling the long gone elders, making sure both sons have photos of grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. Someday, if they toss these out like so much junk, at least I didn’t leave them a pile of stuff to (not) sort! There goes this week!

  33. Connie

    I too, look forward to reading your blog everyday. You have such a talent of making us feel like we know you personally through your daily life entries. It’s like getting a letter in the mail. Thank you.

  34. Donna

    Hi Mary, It’s cold in Kentucky, but I have been staying in practicing my Applique on quilt blocks. I have five done and four more to go. Love your blog, it’s always a daybrightener. Stay warm.

  35. Shirley

    Book suggestions:

    Last Days of Night by Graham Moore

    Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

    News of the World by Paulette Jiles
    (One of my favorites. Rumor has it it’s going to be made into a movie starring Tom Hanks.)

  36. Julie Burkhardt

    Oh Mary..I loved the goat gazette..in fact I had something published in the Goat..but now can’t remember what it was. I know I have a copy of it somewhere in the house. Sarah and I would get an issue when we visited the store and Sarah would read it to me on our drive back to Cedar Falls. Fond memories and lots of laughs.

    Don’t ever stop writing..I look for your email and read it first..just brightens my day. Thanks so much for opening your heart and home to all of us.

    1. Karen

      I too lso loved getting The Goat Gazette! So chock full of everything — photos, quilt patterns for sale, recipes, always some kind of “make it”, pictures of the animals, and so forth. Spent more time reading through it than through many a quilt magazine.
      Today continuing on with trying to organize my stash and hopefully, downsize a bit so I can find things although keep thinking of things to use the things in/with/on I think I can let go of so not much progress on that front.
      Made Nacho Cheese Soup for dinner that Takes about 15 minutes to make from scratch and that is DH’s favorite.
      No snow for us here on the Gulf and I shiver as I’ve followed the winter on news and weather channel up your way. Have a son “next door” to you in IN but he says isn’t as bad as where you are.

  37. Susan Moore

    I read a good book this month Vada Faith by Barbara Whittington it was free on amazon

  38. Fiona at Ice Bear quilts

    Hi Mary, great to have another update! Stay warm. In the ‘70s en ‘80s we used to listen to A Prairie Home Companion: it was aired on the radio in Europe early in the evening on Saturdays, I think probably a week or so after it aired in the US. We used to listen while we were doing evening chores and preparing dinner. I never met a city person who had ever heard of it, but lots of farmers and country people listened. A book suggestion: The Golden Thread – How fabric changed history by Kassia St Clair, an easy to read and fascinating look into various aspects of the development and use of fabrics- not a ‘history’ of fabric, but about a dozen chapters, each examining a specific fabric or use through the course of history, from the first humans to the astronauts space suits. For a quilter, what’s not to love!

  39. Ellie

    Thanks for sharing the photos. It’s very cold and windy today in IN. Yesterday was colder but without the wind. I hate the wind as it goes right through me! I can’t believe our shepherd is already shedding his winter coat! Dog hair everywhere. I take him out and brush him when it’s not so cold but right now I’m only going out for emergencies! I’m staying in and sewing!

  40. PJ

    Again it made my day to read your blog n I so
    Love Pinterest I pin so many things n may not
    Ever use them…but I might 😊 Thanks for sharing !!

  41. Arrowhead Gramma

    Though nothing like the weather you are having, I too live in cold climate with snow, etc. and have been having issues with cracking on my fingers also. Remembered something my husband (he was a dermatologist) used and that is Hydrocortisone 1% cream. I have used this three nights now before bed and already seeing a difference. It is an over the counter med and not expensive. I actually was able to get it at my local grocery store. Just a suggestion. ❤️😘🧵❤️

  42. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with the comment above that we all feel connected to you. And yes, we crave the simpler times even though we can’t go back, but we can adjust the best we can figure out how to. Your blog is the only one i read all the comments cause it’s like a sisterhood. And yesterday’s comment about company coming….she said you can stop in and see her anytime but if you want to see the house, make an appointment. That is one I have never heard in my 67 years on this planet but I will use it from now on!! I am giving myself a staycation for 4 days…..my face from the fall on ice is every color in the crayons box so rather than dream up some exciting story of what happened I am enjoying staying inside on these cold bright sunny days and using the natural light to create a quilt. Then it’s onto Harvey. Thanks for sending the pattern.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – does your bruised face hurt? Or just look really bad? I’m also going to remember that line about making an appointment to see my house! Love it! Take care and enjoy your staycation!

    2. Janice Brown

      Kathy, try some vitamin K cream on your face. It is suppose to help heal the bruising quicker. Learned about it from my sister. She used it for bruising after a nasty fall and mentioned how quickly the colors / bruising disappeared.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Thanks Janice for the good tip. This is my first bad fall. I don’t feel bad Mary, but I told my family to watch me for odd behavior cause I chose not to seek my medical doctor. I knew a cat scan would have to be done and I had one a couple months ago which wasn’t easy for me.
        No headaches, just a tender nose. And with these cold temps here, I am okay being inside. But I do want to pursue taking a balance class at senior center or similar program. I need to be conscious as I age and stay in cold temps. Thanks for all your concern.

  43. Diana

    I was raised in DM, but remember Grandma listening to her radio shows every day. You are right about the continuation of the chat forum – we thrive on our interaction with other people. I love to read about your farm life and share your posts with my friends who remember your shop. I have my first grandbaby coming in August, so making making baby quilts, burp cloths and bibs. Can you imagine how busy I will be be when I find out what it is!!??!! HAHA

  44. Diane in Maryland

    Have cooked a pot if jambalaya for our dinner tonight in honor of my growing up in Mobile, AL. Daughter, son-in-law,and grandson will be here and the table is ready with beads and masks! Pancake Day for many and Fasnacht Day for PA. Dutch friends. They are a homemade donut to me and I am sure my husband, the donut lover, would like to be at their house.
    Mary, my husband’s 73rd birthday is March 11th!
    Very cold but tomorrow is predicted to be worse with high’s around 20 and windy. But, no snow. I will try not to whine when it is hot and humid this summer. Stay safe and warm if you get another blizzard.

    1. Ann Barlament

      For Pancake day ~ have you ever made Apple Skivers? They are a Danish treat, made in a special apple skiver pan and flipped with a “hat pin”. They can be rolled in sugar, dipped in jam or syrup. Like a mini plump pancake, but mighty delicious!!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Ann B – my dad’s mom was Danish but I was young when she died. I have eaten them and they are scrumptious but I have not made them. One of my friends has the special pan.

  45. Jo in Wyoming

    I’ve spent the morning running the vacuum, sharpening rotary blades and scissors, getting ready to go to jail. I’m taking Beyond The Battlefield for show and tell. I can share where so many of there supplies got started, and how people across the nation care about their success. How quilters care for quilters.
    Boy, I hope your fingers get better soon. I have lotion bottles all over my house and must use lotion all the time. My sewing box has lotion in it, even my jail bag has lotion in it! Get it and use it!!!

  46. Carmen

    I have an old Kitchen Klatter cookbook; some of the recipes seem downright odd! There is a squirrel in the big tree across the street. Fun to watch, yesterday he was plowing through the snow! I’m working on Farm Girl Vintage. Not many more blocks to make, and then finish. I’ve been working on it for or several years, and am determined to finish up! Stay warm!

  47. Jane dum

    Oh those orchids. Very unpredictable plant#, mine has a plethora of leaves but not sign of blooming. It puts out those big new leaves in pairs and nothing else but roots. Hopefully your “dry” plants will revive. Mine always do. My old poinsettia is blooming now so spring is on its way. We are trying to get a little Willy’sjeep moved to Denver from Pagosa Springs and the snow on Wolf Creek Pass is so heavy we are afraid to count on two days of good weather. Can you believe we gomon daylight saving time Saturday!

  48. Diane Bauer

    Just a guess, but I think part of the reason we all love to read your blog is that we long for a simpler time. Our lives are so full of running, running, running that it’s a joy to slow down and read a bit about life in the country where life revolves around taking care of animals and finding joy in staying warm and out of the snow!
    I’m busy cutting multiples of Small Harvey today as the pattern arrived in my mailbox last night. I have put aside Caring Hands for just a bit so I can get some Easter decor going. Easter is my favorite holiday to decorate for, even above Christmas and I LOVE Christmas! I am so enjoying using up some of my stash!!! Harvey will be made out of a springy fabric collection I bought for a quilt way back when and never did anything with. It’s perfect for Harvey!
    We are thawing out from our weekend blizzard and cold snap. Still cold today but the sun is out and that means the melt has begun. I hope you all get sunshine and thawing as well and the next blizzard brings moisture but not so much cold!

  49. Lois Ann Johnson

    I think your comparison of “Kitchen Klatter” to “Country Threads” is right on. In fact, I was thinking the very same thing the other day while reading your blog. I well remember listening to that long ago radio program out of Shenendoah, Iowa. It made us all feel connected! That is how your blog works, too, Mary. Thank you for sharing your photos of your life. I especially love the animals.

  50. Paula S.

    Oh Mary, I remember Kitchen Klatter too. My grandmother would talk about it on the phone with one of her friends, so I just got her side of the conversation, but that brings back memories.
    I enjoy seeing all of your pictures and hearing about you plants, animals, etc. Yes, we are to have some weather event this weekend, but ours will be a thunderstorm! We had our snow last weekend and there was ice before that. Seems like some weather deal every weekend this year. I’m in south-central Kansas and we’ve not had much snow the past couple of winters but it’s making up for it this winter.

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