A New Day, 2-16-23

After yesterday I was exhausted last night and did not write the follow up post I had intended. Choir practice was a great diversion and when I got home there was basketball to watch.

Your support means everything to me! You are such a great community of friends and I feel so lucky that you’re in my corner so I know you’ll understand what I did last night. I removed all the rug posts from the internet. I will help ANYONE via email or telephone with any problems but no more internet.

Now here’s the good news – Jo left a comment on their site that explains something called Click Bait. I am too naive to know these things but today I’m going to have a good day and forget the whole fiasco.

I’ve got some great reader quilts to show you!

(Makes me want to make another Bullseye but Kay said she never will make another one – see what she did with those leftover circles?)
Heidi is my oldest cat and she is so small and frail – I’m starting to worry about her.
I’m hoping to get this quilted this weekend.

And I’ll close on a happy funny note!

46 thoughts on “A New Day, 2-16-23

  1. Donna

    Hi Mary;
    I too am sad that someone has the guts to post something they had no part of. Integrity is a thing of the past for some.

    Where can I get a legit copy of that pattern! Best if All? It is a beautiful quilt!

    Love all the pictures you have posted of quilts. It always fun to see what others are doing.

    Keep up the good work I do enjoy your blog!!!

  2. Kathy Hanson

    Sweet Heidi, what a special kitty!! We have a neighbor who has a 22 year old cat that is still going strong, amazing! How old is Heidi? She looks so sweet! Per her for me!

  3. Janet S

    Don’t worry about Heidi, she is just getting worn out from life and dreaming about heaven. It’s natural. I am curious as to what happened to the few ads that were on your site. Every day, I would page through and ‘x’ out two ads but they have been gone for a couple days.
    The quilts today are really bright and fun. It always gives me new ideas.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – thank you for trying to click on the ads – I have no idea why they have disappeared. And nobody to ask to help me figure it out.

  4. patti leal

    mary, so sorry you are dealing with the ‘poachers’ again. i try hard to remind myself that ‘what goes around, comes around’ and they will pay a price. those of us who know and respect you can feel your pain. as i get older i am learning to let go more.. this c.o.p.d. has forced me to be more laid back. i’ve always been an ‘a’ type personality and very outgoing. now learning that i can’t expect people to stay in contact and/or jump thru hoops just to visit. i thank God every day that i wake up. life now is just too short to be in a constant state of angst. as my dad would say,”smile, i will hurt people worse.” take care. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – oh, you are so wise! This is what I tell myself – God knows! And then I let go of it and I have. I have so many other things to fill my days that I won’t give up any more of my precious time to this situation.
      I understand Type A personality! Haha! Wish I were close enough so I could visit. Is there anyone who comments on the blog that I could put you on touch with to chat with?

  5. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Wonderful quilt show today. Thank you! It’s always inspiring to see all of that creativity, isn’t it? Hope you can forget about those evil ones, stealing from you. So sorry that has happened to you. Time to cuddle with those cute kitties! Thanks for the dog picture: too funny!

  6. Pat A.


    I also would be interested in the ‘couch quilt’ pattern, please.

    Thank you … and got quite a chuckle out of the last picture, dog poop!

  7. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Music always raises our spirits doesn’t it? I am so happy you have the choir.
    That pic at the end is hilarious. I am excited because we have new neighbors with kids and a dog. I will meet all of them next week. I love all of the quilts. As soon as my husband gets better, I am getting busy again. I am going to a quilt retreat tomorrow so I hope to finish something!! Mary, I am so angry about that stupid web site. They should be ashamed! Buddy just came out of the basement; we have been thunderstorms and he is afraid. He is my sweet boy😺

  8. Deb in Idaho

    I laughed so hard about the dog poop, just finished my daily walk with my dog and picking up poop is natural foe me. Love all the quilts and sorry scammers on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook.

  9. Diana in Des Moines

    If some people worked as hard at a job as they do scamming others, they would be very successful! I have noticed more and more fake people on Facebook, trying to pass off quilt photos as their own work. As a result, I follow very few pages. Sad state of our country.
    Please keep writing – you are a bright spot in my day!

  10. Kim from TN

    Loved the last picture and it did make me giggle. Wonderful quilts today and I really liked the one with the envelope/ heart pattern, so cute. Glad to hear that Choir practice was enjoyable. We have had 3 days of high winds and lots of rain, our lawns are soggy. Hope the sun comes out this weekend.

  11. Linda from Georgia

    I feel your pain! The older I get the worse it gets. I just can’t let go so I agonize over it for at least 24 hours. Not everyone understands that some of us just grew up with a pencil and paper not electronics. I just need to sew more and learn to let go. Love all the wonderful quilts today.

  12. Joy in NW Iowa

    Great quilts and cute kitties and a funny joke! Good one!
    Cold here but the sun did come out. We are northwest of the snow today! Got a little sewing done today. Hubby helped defrost our freezer today…he really did 99% and I helped sort stuff as it went back in. Big job finished! Well, I think I will go down stairs and sew or make some cards. I need birthday and sympathy again.
    Have a good night!

  13. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    I would just be besides myself if that had happened to me. I guess there will always be people doing underhanded things. It’s just not right! I picked up a copy of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and was so surprised to see you and Connie on the last page. What a nice article! Loved the quilt show and the doggie picture!

  14. Kristine

    Mary – I love your rugs. Back in the day when you still had your retail shop open I purchased a large rug frame – I became a dining room decoration for years until my husband decided the dining room needed a little sprucing up and moved it to the basement. I purchased second hand yard goods for putting my warp on the loom – I just need to make myself sit down and start weaving. I purchased the book and cd – hopefully my laptop will be able to play the cd for me when I get stuck and need help. I am not a huge fan of keeping up with technology – I’m old school – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
    I enjoy reading your newsletters and seeing all the beautiful quilts that fellow quilty friends send in.
    Blessings for a good day.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Yes these truly are wonderful quilts to look at and admire. I love the colors used in all of them. I was just looking at your books I have collected and thinking Of how you and Connie make different colored ones now as I just love the one you are planning to quilt soon. Course bullseyes will remain my forever favorite and remembering all the fun your readers had when we did them for a sew along.
    It’s like anything ….things change, people demand freedom of speech, disregard laws, and internet is a free for all to say and do what they want so quilt blogs is my social media to read and enjoy. But then I don’t know if that’s even social media, so that’s how computer savvy I am!

  16. Rita in Iowa

    Beautiful quilts today. Sent the picture of the dog sign to my daughters. They will get a laugh over that.
    One has a Great Dane and the other a Dalmatian. Not small poopers or dogs.

    Hope you all have a great day, watching it snow in Eastern Iowa.

  17. Mrs Goodneedle

    I hope that you can truly leave this behind and move forward. The pattern pirates will always be put there I suppose, ruining the fun for those who play by the rules. Your prolific readers always put on the best shows!! Love the funny joke at the end! 😂

  18. Jean Elliott

    Hopefully they will stop giving away your patterns! There were lots of comments from your supporters!
    It’s snowing here..expecting up to 10″..but supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow. Hope it will be as I’m driving to Garner tomorrow. I hope to pick up the patterns from you on Saturday.

  19. Jean

    What the heck good are laws in our country anymore! Anarchy! I’m disgusted and so sorry for country threads.

  20. Debbie R.

    Thanks for the good laugh from your last post about dog poop!! I am sitting on a beach in Mexico by myself today while my husband is working in Puerto Vallarta. Got a few strange looks as I am laughing out loud by myself. Thanks for the quilt show everyone!!

  21. Connie R. In NE Wis.

    I’m glad your day is going better this morning. Quilters know how much talent and thought go into quilt patterns, especially Country Threads designs. For someone to deliberately take them as their own, is very sad.
    The quilt show today was great. Thanks for everyone sharing!
    We had a nice stretch on unseasonably mild weather that makes one think Spring is around the corner. But, then you remember it’s only the middle of February with plenty winter ahead. Cold here today with the yard turned into an ice skating rink.

  22. Frances E

    I’m so sorry that there are unscrupulous people
    on the internet. Know that we all love you and your life.

  23. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes click bait is very real.
    Facebook is most unsafe for all of us.
    Websites looking official may not be trustworthy at all.
    Sad comment on our modern age isn’t it???
    And that is how many hackers around the world make their money!!!!! Illegally
    The good and the bad of our internet age!
    But we quilters will keep on quilting and keep on giving of our time and our quilts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Thanks, Rhoda – sounds like you’re knowledgeable about the downfalls of Facebook.

  24. Donna Sproston

    We all have your back! Great quilts today. Our neighborhood dog walkers are very good about picking up the poop thanks to free baggies at the poop disposal stations, but that last photo was hilarious.

  25. Georgia in Colorado

    Mary, what a beautiful display of quilts!! The colors are spectacular!! I’ve been meaning to share the latest quilt I’ve finished – a circle quilt using coffee filters! I cut them in quarters and then paper piece in narrow strips, with a center strip on the point, then sewing them back together. It was fun to make, and the papers are easily removed. Unfortunately I gave it away before I remembered to take a picture. I’ve since started another one though since the scrap supply seems to multiply overnight!!
    I enjoy your blog every day- not just the quilting, but your animals and life in general on the farm!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Georgia – we will all want to try this! I’ve never heard of it so please send a picture of your quilt when you finish.

  26. Mareen Nedved

    I don’t sew as you know but I do love reading your blog Mary and all the pictures. The one dog picture reminded me of Gracie. I do miss her so….I have always wondered about posts and wondered how people hack things off the internet…….so sad that people have no more to do. Have a good day everyone!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – I think Aviv might be a relative of Gracie’s – she came from a breeder named Dave in FC and he has a litter of puppies again right now. Cathy went to see them the other day. Aviv is a lot of energetic puppy right now – nearly uncontrollable so she and Keeper get along great.

  27. Joan West

    Oh Mary, that picture of the man holding his dog was hilarious !! Was having a bad start to my day but I laughed so hard – you really cheered me up. Thank you & thank you for all you do for all of us in spite of the people who take advantage of you.
    Joan, Buddy’s mom

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joan – how is Buddy? I’ll never forget the day you picked him up. It’s almost the reason I don’t want to foster anymore – when I had to bring the dog back they put it back in a kennel and the dog was so sad – almost like I betrayed them. I cried. But when you got Buddy it was so rewarding to see you welcome him. I’ll never forget it. And Buddy didn’t have to spend any more time in the kennel!!!

  28. Marilyn Miller

    I can certainly understand your frustration over the stolen picture and pattern given no acknowledgement or credit for your very own work and photograph. And then, no place to go to formally vetch and complain. There is little accountability obvious in our world anymore. It’s as if anything goes IF you can get way with it. Shameful. Your work continues to be beautiful and memories of your wonderful shop will live on for those of us lucky enough to have been familiar with it.

  29. Sue

    Mary – I so understand & support you. I’ll continue to make my rugs. I have 2 of them going now. Was hoping to pick up some more tips from you to make my rugs better. We learn not only from our own experiences, but the experiences of others too. Hope you have a great day!

  30. Mary

    I love that pattern you said you “hope to get quilted this weekend “! Will it be one of your $5.00 patterns? Also the pic with the dog was too funny!😂😂😂 I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the “click bait”, people need to grow up and become mature, responsible citizens! Sadly to many believe they are “entitled “. Have a good day!🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary – yes, I’ll get that “couch quilt” pattern ready to send out. Maybe it won’t get quilted before then. I’ll see. I “ad libbed” a lot on that quilt so be prepared.

  31. Celene

    Dear Mary,

    I am so very sorry about what happened to you. It’s just a shame when you are trying to do something wonderfully nice and some stinker decides to try to profit. All I can say is Shame on Them! Please keep sending your daily messages – I really do look forward to reading them and enjoy them so very much. Just know that all of your readers consider you a treasured friend. Hugs to you this day and every day!

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