A Bad Day, 2-15-23

Many things went bad for me today but this is the worst – a website called Popular Free Quilt Patterns is actually giving our pattern called Best of All — FREE! Nobody asked and no credit is given to Country Threads. And I’ve never had anyone use my own photo taken in my yard! Here it is.

I complained on their website and the administrator has already removed my comment. Their Facebook site – Popular Free Quilt Patterns has many administrators and I can’t get a message through to any on them.

Has anyone ever heard of integrity? This picture was taken this afternoon when Cathy and I were working on her shirt quilt so you can see the quilt is in my possession. Three dogs helped!

Rug post coming tonight after choir practice.

89 thoughts on “A Bad Day, 2-15-23

  1. Quilting Sister

    Bummer, that’s absolutely unreal … what do you have to do, put a “watermark” with your biz name on every single photo? There are definitely some negative things related to the Internet.

  2. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    I’m just seeing this now, so I’m a bit late, but I’m totally disgusted. People have no shame! That’s just outright theft. I’m so sorry. 😖💔

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – forgot to say in my post that the pattern Best of All is available for $5 and a SASE

  3. Sharon in North Carolina (previously in Oswego, Illinois)

    Disheartening, and disgusting. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  4. Peggy Grandberg

    So sorry about your quilt pattern Mary. Am I wrong in my understanding that a quilt block is public domain but it is the design of the quilt that is copy written. The site seems to have changed their cover photo.

  5. Jean Elliott

    Oh wow, responses are coming up in my feed. I don’t know if they’re on there page or not. However, I tried to respond to some new comments today and my comments are declined so I can’t post them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I think they got the message, don’t you? Thank you for your efforts on my behalf!

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      Great site! This may do the job, though one wonders how long it would take. But it may permanently help not only Country Threads, but others if the site was “punished” by removal from Facebook.

  6. Linda in Michigan

    Unfortunately, this is the world we live in-dishonesty, no regard for any law, no integrity it’s all about ME, ME, ME.

  7. Mrs. Goodneedle

    This is such a sad occurrence; the worst part is that it happens a lot! Integrity and common decency aren’t so common anymore. I think it hurts even more, though, when it’s quilters. Shameful behavior!

  8. Ruth Elaine Burgart

    Mary, What a terrible thing to encounter. Was it copyrighted? Is there such a thing for quilt designs? What can we do to help? Sounds like they’re turning a deaf ear to you on Facebook. So sorry.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruth – yes, of course it was copyrighted. The site is still up and Facebook has ignored me.

  9. Linda in MI

    How very sad that these people are using your pattern and artistry without permission! Some people have no mind for anything but themselves and what benefits only them. So selfish and rude! I’m sorry you are going through this, hopefully they are not quilters. And I hope everyone who reads your blog never uses their website, if we collectively can hurt their bank accounts that may make an impact!

    Keep up the good work Mary. I read your blog everyday but don’t comment daily, and I love seeing your farm and animals.

  10. Cynthia

    So sorry this is happening to you
    Happened to others also
    When row by row was going on people bought lots of kits and sold them on line for lots more than they paid for them. The shop got grief because the buyers thought the shop was selling them
    Some people have no integrity

  11. Sharon

    I bought your pattern years ago at the road to California quilt show ! I love that one,it’s my favorite!

  12. Suzanne

    Keep bombarding their site with your comments, threatening legal action. Add again after they remove your comment????

  13. Karen A Hammond

    I attempted to find that website to give them a piece of my mind. The gall posting your pattern for free.
    Good news is that I could not find it, so perhaps it was taken . Perhaps they should face legal action.

    i am not good about posting comments but have enjoyed your website and emails for a long time.

    1. Alice

      Karen, I couldn’t find it either! I had clicked on it a week ago & it seemed like “click bait”. I just wondered what was on the site & was taken to something else. Lots of click bait sites anymore!

  14. Brenda

    Mary, I’m so sorry your hard work is being stolen. Can Martingale help with this. They would certainly have a vested interest if they still have the books for sale as e-books.
    I don’t use Facebook but it makes sense to me that they should be contacted about this site. Infringing on copyright laws must be against policy and you have proof.
    Brenda in No CA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – Martingale has gone out of business and is also selling our patterns from our books. No, they will not be of any help. I’m sure if I read through all the legal contracts that it was probably stated they have the right to do it but who could understand all the legal mumbo jumbo all those years ago. Martingale has sold us down the river so to speak. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were behind this whole fiasco.

  15. Susan K in Texas

    There is a designer in Australia who designs stuffed animals. She works hard to perfect her designs. A company is copying her patterns and selling them on multiple sites. Every time she tries to contact them, she finds herself blocked from even seeing their websites. The writing on their sites seem to be written by someone for whom English is a second language. They have various addresses in the US and various names. She is very frustrated with trying to get them to stop copying her patterns.
    It seems to be a widespread issue and is so frustrating for people who do the design work and the work to perfect their patterns.
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – you’re kidding! That’s even worse – stuffed animals are hard – and yes, as soon as you’re onto them, they block you. Overseas – administrators seem to have foreign names. My friend Cathy and I sewed together this afternoon and drank a bottle of wine to offset my discouragement – haha!!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Stuffed animals are hard. She shares her design process and works very hard to get her patterns perfect.

        I’m glad you found a good way to deal with the stress. A good friend, a sew day, and some wine – perfect!

  16. Jean Elliott

    I just checked their page on Facebook. They have taken down all of our comments and there were a lot of them. They even took down the ones from people just saying they like the pattern.

  17. Chris in Alaska

    That’s terrible !! Theft too ! I think all of us who follow you and support you should flood them with complaints .

  18. Lynda Arduser

    I can’t understand people that can do things like that!!! Sorry this is happening again.

  19. Cathie

    So sorry. Seems no one appears to have any “integrity” any more. I do hope
    you can find someone to complain to.

  20. Louise K.

    Something about that Facebook page is suspicious. I’d avoid it. I’ve seen before Facebook pages that seem like they are bogus, possibly set up to harvest emails and/or information? There are only 2 photos there now.

  21. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m so sorry this has happened again. I had a friend who liked a fabric group designed by the ones who stole Bullseye. I told her what they did and the kind of people they were and she didn’t buy any. Word of mouth can help however much. What good is a copyright?

  22. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sorry you are having trouble with people stealing your patterns,some people are evil! I’m glad you have canine helpers in the sewing room, pity they can’t thread needles for ! Terrible areas of devastation up north, l have a couple of sacks of quilts, linen and clothing ready for when we hear where to send it, one way to keep downsizing! I had some carpet wet with the jeavy rain and underground sump over loaded, but got the dehumidifier on to it! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  23. Katherine Gourley

    I have purchased every one of your books and I respect copywrite laws with passion. It is so wrong for individuals to steal the designs of others. I once read an article about patterns being originals and I was struck by the lack of understanding. The author of the article said, “just change one thing in the pattern and it is not longer the same and can be taken.” That seems very wrong to me and I do not agree with it, but many do.

  24. Rosie Westerhold

    I HATE when bad things happen to good people. Sooo, I’ve been trying to check out some of those “free patterns.” Very interesting, too. Sometimes, clicking on one of those patterns will take me to instructions for the quilt pictured. But MOST of the time I was taken to a random page with a lot of different quilts, not the one which was pictured. Kind of like a “bait and switch” scheme. But it STILL burns my butt that are even trying to do this to you!! I’m still trying to post a comment that what they are doing is WRONG. And all of my comments have been declined because I am not following their “rules.” Grrr😡😡😡. I’ve also had a crappy past few weeks. So trying to fight this is exactly what I need to let out anger and frustration over something else. But so so sorry that this happened yet again. Just ugh to all the dishonest people out there. And there are more than we even care to know about😩😩!!

  25. Debra Noll

    Shame on them. I wonder if they are even giving the pattern, or collecting email addresses for something else. Sure a weird thing to do. But everything right now is backwards.

  26. Rosie Westerhold

    I actually searched the site after clicking on the “instructions.” Your pattern didn’t ever come up in my limited search. I’m STILL going to try to post a comment over there.

  27. Rosie Westerhold

    I tried posting MULTIPLE comments on their website, and ALL were declined😱😱. Even just wrote: WOW
    That was declined as well. TOTALLY yucky group, but I see many of your followers had their comments posted. I’ll keep trying. Interesting how my comment, which was very close t comments from others, was declined. And I wasn’t even CURSING!! Kind of the way my life has been going lately. UGH.

  28. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, I am sorry this has happened to you again. I know the frustration as it has happened to me. I am a rug hooker and drew out a rabbit design and the teacher had her husband take a picture of it and the following week she was selling my design on her web site. Your quilt is beautiful.
    We had a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was 68 degrees. My star magnolia bush has some blooms on and never has it bloomed before April, day lilies are up 3 inches and daffodils are up 4 to 5 inches and some you can see the bud to blossom.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah VAlley Va

  29. Deb in Japan

    Does anyone know the facebook page so we can all rally ’round Mary? I’m up for spreading the word.

  30. Ginger S

    That is just awful Mary. I have always loved that quilt. It is in you Beyond The Battlefield book which I purchased specifically for that pattern. I hope you get that resolved. I tried to find it on facebook. I may have to join their group just so I can point out the thievery. I would be spitting nails.

  31. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy from Central Ohio

    What? That is outrageous! Why do people ignore copyright laws? I agree, a letter from an attorney would help. I will do what you tell us to do, Mary. I did that before with Bullseye. I don’t do Facebook, but I can write! I love the quilt and don’t think I remember seeing it. It it’s not from a book, I would buy it😀. Hang in there, Mary, we’re behind you!

  32. Sally in Georgia

    I, too, just left a comment with the many others indicating that they should not be offering this as a free pattern. Shame on them. Everyone who reads Mary’s blog should do the same. There will be so many reports they will have to take it down.
    On Facebook, at the top, I just searched for ‘Popular Free Quilt Patterns’.

  33. Nancy K Walker

    What a beautiful quilt! What a shame they stole the pattern and your picture, the nerve! They have no shame! Are you going to sell that pattern on your website? It is a gorgeous quilt! I’ll buy one. Very sincerely, Nancy K Walker

  34. Kathy in western NY

    It’s a beautiful quilt and this is so wrong. I read quilters and designers blogs but have never heard of this site for free patterns. What can we do to stand behind our beloved Country Threads?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do. Try going to their Facebook site and leave a comment. I think it might be an overseas group – see what you think.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        I must know how to comment as it would not let me since I won’t join the group. I do believe it’s a bogus group that redirects you to sites for email addresses to send you their spam. Reading through it says the same repeated sorrowful tale at the beginning that no one liked their quilts and commented on them so would someone like it. Sounds sketchy to me. I really doubt people clicking on it are able to get your directions, unless someone here tried and can let you see if they really are your exact measurements. Lesson learned we all need to put our names on quilt pictures.

      2. Peggy Grandberg

        Did you find the actual pattern on the website. I have found that these free pattern posts when clicked on do not go to the pattern for the picture. Sorry about this.

  35. Kathy Niemann

    I am incensed!
    That pattern is one of your very best and that is saying a lot!
    What can I/anyone do?

  36. Teresa in Indiana

    I’m so sorry Mary. That is not right! Some people have no scruples let alone integrity. Please let us know if we can help in any way. It’s a wonderful quilt. Teresa in Indiana

  37. Charlotte Barnard

    How about all of us going on the Facebook page to point out their dishonesty? And yes a cease and desist letter from an attorney usually works.

  38. Jean Elliott

    I just posted this on their Facebook page under a comment from you Mary.
    This pattern should not be given away free…it was designed & the rights are owned by Country Threads!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – thank you! Let me know when you want to pick up those patterns.

  39. Rita in Iowa

    Mary this just is not right. One thing all of us can do is put our name on the quilt when we post it or send to you to post. If you look at most designers this is what they do to deter people from posting it as theirs.
    I hope this helps all readers as we matter too.
    Stay safe in the mid west tomorrow. We are under a winter warning for tomorrow.

  40. Linda Schaefer

    Well that just stinks!! Seems to be happening a lot nowadays! So sorry this is happening to you! ❤️

  41. Jan Hebert

    I tried to find the site (so that I could complain!) but I couldn’t find it. That must be so frustrating! I have five of the blocks for that quilt done, this makes me want to finish it! I love that pattern! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. In the meantime, try not to worry about it too much. I can imagine what your blood pressure is right now! Jan in MA

      1. Deb in Japan

        I checked it out on the Patchwork Square website and it says that it is copyrighted by Wendy Russell. Her name or initials appear on every picture and page.

        1. Betty Klosterman

          Very interesting….. No ethics in this world. What is mine is mine and what yours is mine, too. Has Wendy Russell also used the same picture? Shame on her. She probably thinks you died years ago?? Is she selling it? How much?
          Shame on her.
          Betty in Rapid City

          1. Deb in Japan

            It is a free pattern and there is no picture, only drawings with how to and layout. It does have complete instructions for different size squares though. Maybe that’s why she can have her own copyright on it?

        2. Mary Etherington Post author

          What made you look at that website, Deb? This was posted on a Facebook page – and who is Wendy Russell? I am so confused.

          1. Beamer's Mom

            I went to the FB page for Popular Free Quilt Patterns and it only has 2 photos on their site and no posts or CT quilts that i could tell. So, at least that’s not including any of your patterns.

  42. Susie Lenz

    I have best of show on my wall in our dining room.It is one of my favorite quilts!!! I am so sorry someone feels they have the power to share something that doesn’t belong to them.We should all boycott or comment on their site-that’s just awful! Obviously they have never designed a pattern of their own-so much work is involved. They are thieves……….😡

  43. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    The nerve of some people! Mary do you or Connie know an attorney who might be able to fire off a headed ‘cease and desist’ letter or e-mail for you for free? Oftentimes an official message from a ‘legal’ source gets people’s attention in the way a comment from a citizen just does not. It’s worked for me in the past: simply the credible threat of legal action (a letter from an attorney) was enough to solve the problem.
    Good luck!

  44. Becki

    Mary, I am so sorry to hear of someone using your patterns . Is there anything your followers can do?

  45. Jill Klop

    That’s just horrible. I haven’t heard of them. I won’t go to their site now for sure. I hope that karma is real and will get them in the end!

  46. Robin Anderson kelso , Wa

    I can’t believe some people taking advantage of another person. Makes me sick I’m so sorry this happening to you

  47. Pamela Dempsey

    Just shaking my head 🤬! The nerve of some people! So sorry this has happened to you! Beautiful quilt 🥰

  48. Diane in Colorado

    Ugh!!! I am so sorry this is happening again (I am thinking Bullseye). Integrity is is very short supply. And they are refusing to engage with you because they know they are in the wrong.

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