Lots of Reader Quilts! 2-14-23

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone! You’re going to love the quilt show!

I got to meet Buster yesterday!

Three has taken over Colton’s spot right under my nose!

It has been raining almost all day – the snow has really disappeared!

Don’t forget that it’s Rug Day tomorrow for those of you who are following along.

44 thoughts on “Lots of Reader Quilts! 2-14-23

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Rain—I’m jealous!!! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Today was windy in advance of the storm. The sky is clear tonight—lots of stars—could the weatherman be wrong?!?!?

    Lots of pretty quilts!! Red must have been the color of the month!

  2. Joyce from NY

    You’re right, I love this quilt show!

    The weather here has been like spring this week, 40’s-50’s, snow almost gone!

  3. Vicki in Seattle

    Great quilts! Thanks for sharing them and thanks to Mary for posting all of them! And Buster is darling!!!

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful quilt show. I’m still plugging away on my quilt top. Two borders to go, so almost there! So sorry to hear about Colton. I always enjoyed your pictures of him. Three is trying his best to comfort you. They just seem to know when you need extra love.

  5. Nancy

    You’re right I loved the quilt show! It was awesome! So many beautiful quilts! I love the way Three moved right in. Cats take very good care of themselves.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, hope you enjoyed valentine day and got lots of kisses from Hazel! More wonderful quilts today, wish I had the time to make all the ones l love.We have had the tail end of a cyclone through the top half of the north island, we are safe in the lower half, but there will be a call out for household items as many houses have been flooded, so l have some quilts etc sorted out for collection. I hope all other readers are safe, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

      Sorry to hear that, Sandy, but happy you are safe! You take care, too😹

  7. Janet Gluesenkamp

    Mary, did you get my message with feedback from the dog food company? I sent it yesterday.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, all happening in New Zealand! Just had an earthquake, probably about 5 to 6 on the scale! But all well,best wishes from Sandy

  9. Sue in Oregon

    What a wonderful Valentine Quilt Show. Such fun to see them all.
    Buster is adorable.
    It’s late and I go to bed. Good night, all.

  10. Brenda

    What a wonderful quilt show! So many great quilts.
    Sandy, hope you and yours are okay. What a day for you! Take care.

  11. Vicki Ibarra

    Such a great quilt show with a great variety of colors and designs. I have saved a few of the pictures so that I can try making those quilts. I found the two early pictures of the 4 heart quilts so interesting in terms of how changing up the design a bit with solid color hearts versus those with “strip” hearts is another way quilters show their creativity. Three may sense how you are feeling about Colton’s loss. It is amazing to me when pets can sense when we need comfort.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Good morning – sunny and unseasonably warm with record high predicted to be 63 here. It’s a see saw as cooler by Friday, then back into 40’s. No snow around our place. A snowball fight fundraiser scheduled for the weekend was cancelled so must be they couldn’t even truck any snow leftover from Buffalo. I hope it’s all gone for them too. Gee Sandy in New Zealand, stay safe with all the weather situations there.
    A wonderful quilt show and I see Barbara in Missouri finished her lovely Fresh Air quilt which makes me want to return back to mine. I have more UFO’s going that keep my sewing fun. What is it about a kitty and sewing rooms! My cat loves being next to me while sewing too. He looks for things he can push around and move so I have to watch him carefully.
    Take it easy Mary and thank you for your blog.

  13. Lorraine

    Loved the quilt show. Thank you so much.
    Snowed all day here in Northern Arizona-11″ on top of the 5 feet we got 2 weeks ago. Glad your snow is almost disappeared and you are just getting rain.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lorraine – when we got up this morning the ground is white – the rain turned to snow. Hope not as much as you have!!

  14. Rhoda Ebersole

    I made the hamburger and onions in the crock pot with a liner and it worked out well. Thank you for the idea.
    Happy Valentines Day one day late. We had flurries here yesterday and it is cold today.
    Good to read your snow is disappearing.
    Lovely quilt show.
    Stay well!!!

  15. Debbie G in SE WI

    Nice collection of quilts! Love waking up to a quilt show! I’m working on lots of “unfinished business”! Planning on quilting and binding 3 more minis today. Feels good. Its so windy today. I just walked the dog and thought the gusts would sweep her little 6.5 pound body up and away! Now we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow. Looks like up to 6 inches of snow. I guess ill cancel my oil. Have appointments t for tomorrow and just stay in. There’s always another day. Please stop sending your weather this way, Mary unless its 70 and sunny! Have a good day everyone!

  16. Jeanne in Co.

    All of the quilts are beautiful. What a show. Didn’t I see a beautiful Dresden plate quilt hiding under an unsigned quilt that has a red border? Would love to see a picture of it also, it’s too apretty to hide.
    Wow, Sandy, New Zealand is really getting hit hard with both a cyclone and now an earthquake. . My daughter is visiting there (today is the halfway mark of her visit. Nine more days to go). I’m sure she didn’t expect those two surprises. She’s in Dunedin, which I believe is in the southern part of NZ. She’s going to have quite a story to tell when she comes home. I pray you are staying safe, Sandy. P.S. We are in the middle of a snow storm here in Colo, several inches so far, but I’ll take snow any day instead of cyclones and earthquakes. Jeanne in Colo.

  17. Marian

    Loved all the quilts, Mary. So much talent out there. Inspiration all over the place ❤️. Waiting for spring. Thank you for assembling the show!

  18. Micky Northern Ill.

    My oh My. I have a long way to go to keep up with all the quilt pictures that have been sent in. You girls have peeked my resolve to get back to the needle and thread. Peace Micky

  19. Pat in Michigan

    Such a great quilt show. I loved all the hearts and red themed quilts for Valentine’s Day and the month of February. It is so nice to see everyone’s quilt ideas.
    I was sorry to hear about Colton but happy to see Three so comfortable in his forever home. Loved the picture of Buster. He seems to be thriving.

  20. Holly in MN

    I was so sorry to read about Colton. I remember him from the shop days. He was such a sweet, handsome kitty.

    1. Micky Northern Ill.

      I know how much you value your 2 legged and 4 legged pets and I’m sorry for the loss of Colton. I enjoyed seeing him sleeping at your sewing machine. Peace Micky

  21. Nancy Poole

    I loved the quilt show. So encouraging. I need to work on my quilting of tops. They’re starting to pile and need to be finished.

  22. Diane and the gang in Central Ihio

    I don’t even have to leave my recliner to have an awesome quilt show on my iPad. Wow, Mary. Those are beautiful. We spent our day trying to get a better handle on my husband’s pain, first shower, and eating a friend’s delicious vegetable soup😀. It was 71* here today—wonderful
    Until 38* on Friday, but I’ll be at a quilt retreat just 45 min away. Our adult kids are staying with hubby. Three is beautiful😺

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane, I am glad surgery is behind him and recovery can begin. Prayers for healing and healthy days to come.
      Pretty much same weather for us. Warm one day, cooler the next, then warm again.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Thanks, Kathy. He is on a better meds regiment so doing better. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. It was an interesting surgery—drilled out the arthritis around 4 nerves in his neck. Enjoy the warm weather😀

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I didn’t know that was even possible – drilled out the arthritis?????

  23. Susan k in Texas

    Beautiful quilt show! That Fresh Air quilt by Barbara in Missouri just makes me want to make one. I did make 5 blocks for another quilt I’m making.
    My Klaus has been coming in the sewing room crying. I make him a snug cave in a quilt and he’s happy. I love having my kitties close while I sew. I’m glad Three is keeping you company.
    Buster sure is a cutie.

  24. Ruth Elaine Burgart

    All those BEAUTIFUL quilts get my heart racing. Which one is the Fresh Air quilt? Loved those heart quilts. Gotta make some of those.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Run, it is the fourth picture down with a red border and the paper the quilter wrote, Barbara in Missouri. It is Mary’ and Connie’s pattern from their wonderful book Fresh Start Quilts. I pulled a bunch of batiks to make it and have yet to do it, but love this design. Connie is making a king size one so maybe she might post a picture again of hers. If you get the book, you will understand why I have earmarked several quilts to make in this book…like the one called Iowa Roads. Another gem I want to make.

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