A New Day, 2-5-20

I have gotten over that hump of not sleeping because my knee hurts – hallelujah!!!! I wake up in my chair and I’m so comfy and cozy that I don’t want to get up. This morning I even set my alarm for 6:45 – I shut it off, turned on the tv and …… fell asleep again! This Thursday will be four weeks and since I’ve had several emails about having or not having the surgery, all I will say is this: if you have knee pain and a knee replacement will get rid of that pain for you, do it! What are you waiting for?

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This is my big job today – organizing these books so I can get my newest books on the shelves. What a huge job ahead of me but I want my books to be organized like Connie’s. If I’m looking for a book, she can walk right to hers – not me. Mine are willy-nilly on my shelves and I can’t find anything! That changes today!

And look here – my oats are up! I’m sprouting oats for my chickens who are starving for some green in their diet. Have you ever seen grass in pots at Petco, usually by the checkout? It’s oat grass and my cats will love chewing on this, too, so today I planted another bowl just for the cats. I’ll take a picture when it’s up – about a week from now.

Before my surgery I went to the coop to buy a bag of whole oats and was told oats came in a 50 lb. bag. I said I couldn’t carry a 50 lb. bag – could I open it and split it into two bags? Nope. Luckily a friend’s husband happened to be there and he said he’d drop it off at my house on his way home. Wasn’t that a nice neighborly gesture? I thought so.

I got a surprise package in the mail last week from my friends in MD. They obviously think I should start the blue and white snowball quilt because they sent me a starter pack. Ha ha!

I will get a box and label it for this and as I work, I’ll add to this starter pack. Very sweet of my friends, wasn’t it? But I can’t get off my current project of 72 nine patches and hundreds of four patches. I’m not very motivated to work on that either.

I’m happy for all the support you’ve given me about Ethel. I just could not put her through all that testing – she ate cat treats almost exclusively and I know that’s the cause of the problem and I knew that wouldn’t change.

Ethel arrived here with Rox several years ago when Rick’s brother moved out of state. I sure didn’t need another cat but we took her in anyway. She wouldn’t come out from under the guest room bed for weeks – at least when we were awake. Then we lost her in the grove for awhile – I was sure she didn’t know this was her home now. But finally she made her peace with us and was content in the house. She was a very big cat when she came but she started losing weight and not eating. The vet said he couldn’t find anything wrong really and I should just keep offering her different foods. So she’s been eating on top of a wooden box in the kitchen for quite awhile. Her toenails clicked on our wood floors and sometimes her claws would get caught in one of the rugs. She didn’t like being held and was content to sit in the chair – here she is with Owen.

So that’s Ethel’s story. Right now she’s curled up in a bag in the freezer until spring. She was happy here.

36 thoughts on “A New Day, 2-5-20

  1. Kathy

    If you want a way to keep track of your book inventory, since you are organizing anyway, you can try an app that lets you scan barcodes even to make a list. It is called Libib. It did not recognize my old Red Wagon ones. Had to manually enter.

    1. Gayle Shumaker

      Kathy thank you for the app info. I am going to give it a try with all my books. They definitely need to be organized and I need a list so I don’t buy the same book again. Lol my daughter-in-law has the start of a quilt book library.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – thank you for that info but I have tons of old books which wouldn’t have barcodes. I’m going to ask Connie how hers are organized.

    3. Sherry Whalen

      Kathy – thank you for the Libib app idea! I downloaded it and scanned all of my quilting books and it is awesome. I did have to manually enter about a fourth of them but some were pretty old and many of those didn’t even have barcodes or the store covered the barcode with their label, but it was still very simple to manually add. I really like that you can have different library sections for quilting, crafts, fiction etc and then you can sort them by title or author!!! Thanks again – Sherry


    Mary – I’m 74 and I had my first knee done when I was 50 years old. Then when I was 55 I had the second knew done. Best think I ever did in my life for myself. I have no trouble with either knee and try not to fall. I want to keep my hips. I tell everyone to go for it. I’m going to die with these knee’s. Not just yet I have more quilts to make. Take care. Nancy P.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy – count you as another happy knee person! I love everybody chiming in that knee replacements are the way to go !

  3. Mary

    I also had both knees done–amazing. I only notice a light scar from the surgery when I shower. I have no pain and laugh when I think of when I pass, what will my frame look like with just metal parts!!!
    It’s wonderful to read your stories and all the comments from other readers. I love the quilt projects you and others are working on. A real inspiration. Don’t ever stop.

  4. Joyce

    Closed some ads..😊 Bless you for giving Ethel a warm home. I’m curious how Connie organized her books? I’ve Death cleaned my basement which was a huge undertaking with stuff from my parents farm when they passed 40 yrs ago!! It’s a good feeling. Now my fabric closet needs to be re-worked! Never ending.. ha ha

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Mary thanks for sharing your news on feeling better and all your pictures. I love that your readers share so much information. I will have to try the app on organizing books. Have a good night.

  5. Connie R.

    I’m also curious as to how Connie organized her quilt books. I Would love to have a system where I could find the one I’m looking for.

  6. Carla

    I, too, was wonder ping how Connie organizes her books.
    I have started, but not sure I want to have topics separately or author.
    I had started with author, but then those big oversized ones just don’t fit well.
    Both knees replaced here, absolutely love walking with no pain. Best decision was to just do it.
    Then I retired so all the better to enjoy them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carla – I am so looking forward to walking outside and taking Hazel for walks in town. Thanks for confirming my decision to fix both knees!

  7. Nikki M in Tx

    Iced in..No driving..29 degrees right now & that is the high projected for today. 2 inches of accumulated snow & more forecast for later today. Was 75 Sunday!!!
    Ms Maci hunkered down in her blankets. Decided to clean kitchen & clear counters…DONE…now for some fun. Will see on some of blocks for my Painted Lady’s quilt. While fabrics are out of my comfort zone I am enjoying this project & have decided I like it. This is a house quilt, I seem to be on a house quilt journey…do others find they seem to get on a journey of making similar patterns? Soup in crockpot & will put rolls in oven later…sitting on stool in den near wood stove rising..fire feels good.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Seems we keep accumulating more boxes of leaders and Enders. I just get too enthusiastic about one more project. I have a blue and cream box for snowballs, a brown and tan box for 4 patches, strips in another with very used dryer sheets for foundations, but I do like variety as I want to sew everyday between charity and my own quilts to give away.
    Your story of giving Ethel a much needed home was very kind of you to provide all the comfort to her this many years. I know you chose what was right for her as hard as it is to decide. Stay well and safe.

  9. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    My daughter bought me one of those label makers so I organized my books by Country Threads, Burns, Memory, QOV, Small, Quick etc etc. It was fun! I stuck the labels under the area on the book shelf where they go. It works great–ESPECIALLY if I put them back in the right places–lol. I try to.

    Home from Florida to 37 degrees. Ah well, it was soooo nice down there, but now laundry then headed to retreat on Friday:) Fun.

    Squeak will be sad when I leave again; she hasn’t left my side since we returned at 1 PM. Poor little baby, but hubby will be here.

  10. Diane and Squeak

    PS. After about 6 months, you will not have pain and you’ll be super happy with your new knees. That is according to my husband with his new knees:)

  11. Cathie

    Glad your pain is better and think you did the right thing with Ethel. She is at least in peace now.
    How do you keep your cats from eating your plants? I notice you have them all over your sunroom –
    our cats eat the leaves as soon as I put them out. (They live in one bathroom all winter – the plants
    not the cats!!)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cathie – most of my plants are succulents so that’s why probably why but I do have one small plant they sometimes chew on. That’s why I think they’ll like the oat grass. Maybe you should get your cats a pot of grass?

  12. Carol

    The best gift I ever gave to myself is to have my knees total replacement. It’s not an easy surgery but when I think of the pain I tolerated before I wonder what took so long. However, it took me far longer than six months to totally heal.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    You set the alarm!…didn’t you get the message? Retired people get up when they want to.
    Please get Connie’s system for organizing books. I need help.
    I’m thinking about converting a shelf/rack unit to an UFO center. One shelf could hold tops that need quilted. Another for binding, sleeves, etc. groups that need pieced, scraps that need stripped.
    Now that I’ve put it in writing, and told the whole world, I better get it done.
    #’s 1-12 for 2020!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – my intentions were good but you did read that I turned it off and went back to sleep! Your organization idea sounds good!

  14. Betty Klosterman

    I believe some vets like to have all the tests taking advantage of the pet owners making them think they would be horrible if they don’t do everything the vet says. I had a friend whose cat had diabetes. Well, how are you going to know how much the cat eats and how much insulin to give the cat? The vet made lots of money with all the tests. The whole problem was solved by her 13 year-old son. He was responsible for taking care of the cat. He didn’t know there were different insulins, got the wrong one and gave the cat it’s shot, killing the cat. That had to be horrible for the son, but he survived. When our cat had the bladder crystals it would show me the blood. I’d call the vet and he prescribed meds for the problem. They would cure the problem until the next episode. And our cat was 16 when me died. She had a stroke at 14 1/2 and was an old cat after that. She died in 1981 and I could still cry if I think about it too much.

  15. Pat Smith

    Over the years the loss of every cat made us so sad. Each one had different personality traits and we have funny stories about each one. When our family is together at Christmas we talk about all those cats from former times. We remember each of the places we’ve lived by which cat we had then. You did the right thing with Ethyl. Once a cat has kidney failure, it spells the end. Additional vet intervention only makes the cat miserable. She looks so small sitting in that chair.

  16. Julie D.

    Mary I am so very sorry about your cat, but I believe you did the right thing. It makes me so sad to put an animal down. I’m glad though that your knee has turned the corner and you’re feeling better. I have the same issue with books and no bookcase to set them upright in. So they sit flat on a shelf in a cupboard–not the best system either.

  17. Mary Says Sew!

    It just sucks that he last, best thing we can do for our pets is to end their pain by ending their lives. But there’s just no other way around it. We’ve done it dozens of times for our pets, and it always sucks.

    Bless you for giving Ethel a home when she needed one, and for your care and compassion during the time she lived with you, and at the end of her life.

    I wish we could choose that kind of end for our own lives when there’s no good outcome ahead for ourselves.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Says Sew – i agree – I think euthanasia for people would be kind. I wish I could leave those wishes for my own care instead of possibly dying inch by inch and not even be conscious – wouldn’t that be a comfort?

  18. Pam W.

    I had both my knees replaced at the same time when I was 58. I’d hoped to be able to wait until I was 60. Glad I didn’t do it one at a time. Unfortunately, the replacement made my broken femur worse–shattered it. I wish it was going to heal as quickly as my knee replacements did. Still trying to figure out what the universe is trying to teach me about this challenge.
    I tried organizing my books by subject–bed size, log cabin, stars, minature, etc. and sometimes by author. I’m going to check into the app too. I’ve tried to write down each book I have by publisher, but it’s a mess.
    I was going to get organized when I broke my femur. Sigh. Of course, all my stuff is in the basement!
    I’m sorry about your cat. I think the best we can do for our animal family is to help them have a peaceful end of life.
    Looking forward to hearing about your recovery and projects! Always interesting and inspiring!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam W – oh, I feel so bad for you! What’s keeping your femur from healing? I just hope I don’t fall and wreck my leg like you did – I couldn’t stand being cooped up for months again. A friend of mine had both her knees done at the same time, too, and it was offered to me but I needed to play for the cantata and needed my right foot to work well. Hang in there, Pam! Better days are coming!

      1. Pam W.

        Thanks, Mary. I’m looking into getting a stair lift so at least I can get to my “stuff” and get some projects finished and others started, as well as getting organized to know what I’ve got and space to use it! My femur was so badly broken/shattered, that it’s going to take awhile for the bone to grow back together. After 6 weeks, there was no sign of it growing back. At 3 months, there was some growth. I’ll find out in April–at 6 months–if there’s enough growth or if I’ll have to have a femur replacement. I feel pretty confident that I won’t have to hav more surgery. It’d be too cruel to go through all this for 6 months to have to have more surgery–although the healing is suppose to be much faster. Probably like getting a knee replacement. (still not fun!!) Even though the PT is agony, I’ve got to believe it’s helping. Just putting weight on my leg should help with the bone development. Thanks for the pep talk, Mary!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Pam W – I simply cannot imagine a femur replacement – how do they do that??? Is it a steel rod they put in your leg? Wow – when will you know if you need it? What a recuperation that will be! Sounds like you’re up for it however. Do you have help in your home? I sure hope so! I forget where you live.

  19. Diane Bauer

    Hardest decision I ever had to make was putting my beloved Mariah down, despite knowing it was definitely time to do so. Our pets rely on us to help them to the Rainbow Bridge as sometimes they can’t do it themselves. I’m sorry you’ve lost Ethel but agree you did what was right and necessary. You gave her a beautiful second lease on life. Your animals are the lucky ones!

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve reached the point where you know the knee replacement surgery was the right thing! I haven’t needed to have it done but my sister and brother-in-law both have, along with several friends. Rehab is HARD!! But you’re almost there!

    I spent the evening playing with the embroidery function of my machine and I’m excited to now be able to make embroidered labels for all of my quilts! I’ve bound three quilts in the last three days and am excited to be getting some projects completed. I still have a whopping six more to bind to get through the backlog!

    3 degrees here this morning, but at least the sun was shining all day long. I know I’m spoiled with our 300+ sunny days a year, but I sure get blue when we have a couple of days of clouds!! Spring can’t come soon enough!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – you’re wading through that pile of quilts needing binding, aren’t you? I have a stack by the quilting machine that will get worked on when I’m able to stand on concrete for several hours instead of several minutes. Today I feel like I could accomplish something – have pt at 1:00 however and after that I’ll be shot for the rest of the day.

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