Greetings From Sanibel Island, 2-4-20

Pictures and greetings from Connie at Sanibel Island, FL.

I think Betty looks so happy playing in the water and the sand!

I have another book to talk about – “I Love Houses” by Yoko Saito. Connie also loves houses and has a great collection.

Such gorgeous projects and such detailed directions! Here is my favorite project – called a pencil case.

Book retails for $32.95.

Sad news about Ethel – yesterday morning she was straining to pee and only could produce drops of blood. Here’s Ethel sitting with Owen last week.

When the vet wanted to keep her and put in an IV, start a catheter, and monitor her, I said “no”. I could not put the poor cat through all that and he wouldn’t give her an antibiotic injection without hundreds of dollars worth of tests. So I chose to put her down. She was very thin and would not eat a healthy diet and her balance was off. The only thing she wanted to eat was cat treats! I have no idea how old she was nor her medical history. Sad but if I hadn’t made that decision, she’d still be suffering. It was a long day yesterday and I know the vet was very busy – we did the best we could.

52 thoughts on “Greetings From Sanibel Island, 2-4-20

  1. Lois Ann Johnson

    My condolences on losing Ethel. It is never easy giving the word to have a loved pet “put down.” EVER! And Betty looks like she is livin’ the dream! I’ve missed seeing her on your blog. Lucky them getting to enjoy warmth and sunshine during this awful week in Iowa. This has been quite a week for us: Super Bowl on Sunday; Caucuses on Monday; State of the Union tonight; and tomorrow the Senate will adjourn the impeachment trial and we can all get back to normal. Hooray!

  2. Mary Rhodes

    So sorry about Ethel. It’s hard to loose a furry friend. Yep Betty looks like she having fabulous time! Sanibel I heard is great place for hunting shells! Looks so warm!

  3. Maggey

    So sorry bout kitty.. I love that house book, always wanted it.. hope you get back to normal soon. Praying for good knees..

  4. Holly A Woodyatt

    so sorry about Ethel. prayers for you both as she crosses to the rainbow bridge.

  5. Rosalie

    So sorry about Ethel. It seems that just comfort care without a bunch of tests is hard to come by at today’s vets. They want to do lab work etc and it gets to be hundreds of dollars. I sent a feral cat to the vet with my son as we were heading out of town- for exam and euthanasia it was over $150! And he wanted to do lab work too but I refused.

  6. Carol F.

    You did the right thing for Ethel. We owe it to our pets to not have them suffer! I am also a house fan, looks like a nice book!

  7. Betty Klosterman

    A beautiful black dog and water diamonds. How pretty.
    And loosing a perfect friend. They don’t ask for much, just love and Friskies. The way it goes.
    In the meantime, the weather is beautiful here with lots of sun shine. May get snow in the next few days, but it is winter. I’ve got groceries and gas AND I got a perm yesterday. I’m ready for whatever. Oh, my sewing machine and lots of stuff to sew, too, and my snow shovel. Could even do a bit of housework if so inclined????? Have a good week. Betty

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – sounds like you’ve got it all together, Betty. Go ahead and sew instead of cleaning – you have my permission! Hahaha!

  8. Launa

    Good Ethel is over the bridge peacefully now!
    I could see Betty enjoying my deep snow, too!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Nikki M

    So sorry for you lose, always hard when we lose a fur baby. Son had to put Amy downs week ago today, she was an Australian Shepard, 16 years old and vet said kidney’s functioning less than 25%.
    Ms Macy cuddled up in her bed in front of wood stove & seems quite content. Soups in crock pot , have handwork by the recliner & plan to park myself there when finish some much needed cleaning…made a list & divided chores I absolutely hate into 2 hour segments & several days..that way not overwhelming & if I go longer so be it but as long as do 2 hours feel like I accomplished task for the day…silly I know but works for me. Then I get to play…sew without feeling I should be doing something else.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I think the two hour plan is something that would work for me but I’d break it down to one hour – ha! Your evening sounds so inviting – the fire, soup, dog, handwork – how perfect!

  10. Jane Dumler

    So sorry to hear about Ethel. She had a Wonderful life at your home and you certainly made the right decision. It is hard to say good bye but it is kinder than letting her suffer. Take care.
    Love Yoko’s books. They are just pretty to look at and the projects are wonderful.

  11. Montana Kathy

    So very sorry about little Ethel. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. But at least she’s no longer suffering. You did the right thing. How sad.

  12. Susan B.

    So sorry about Ethel. Sounds like you made the right decision, though. No need for her to suffer any longer!
    Are you giving the book away? I love houses, too! Would love to have the book!

  13. Holly in Two Harbors

    I’m so sorry to hear about Ethel. We have such hard decisions to make when we have pets in our lives, but they sure are worth it.

  14. Mary Kannas

    Oh Mary, so sorry for your loss of Ethel. If it means anything I agree with your decision to let her go. You gave her a loving home during her time here on earth.

  15. Kate

    It’s almost as expensive to go to the vet’s as it is to the doctor’s office. Sad that they would put animals through so much when a simple shot might give them relief. Sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. And I am so jealous looking at Connie on Sanibel Island. Looks like heaven right now.

  16. Rhoda Ebersole

    You made the right decision Mary and sorry for the loss of your Ethel the kitty.
    Not an easy decision to make but yes her suffering
    Is over.

  17. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I am so sorry you had to let Ethel go. Our furry babies leave their paw prints on our hearts forever. I’m glad she is no longer in pain, but now there is a hole Ethel used to occupy.

  18. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Sorry about Ethel. Hard to let them go. Could you tell us a little about her life as a memorial to her like how you named her, how she ended up in your home, and things she did to make you smile? Thanks.

  19. Patricia

    Sorry you had to let Ethel go. There’s always an empty space after. Some sunshine and real warmth would feel good right now – even sand between my toes. Hope that knee is feeling better each day. Very mild here the last few days but rain and colder temps are on the way. Ugh. I know that Spring will come soon -er or later. I love Yoko Saito’s work.

  20. Sandy in Indiana

    sad news about Ethel….such a sweet baby
    You made the right call, but it is never an easy one to make
    sending HUGS
    Love the pics from Sanibel….everyone looks very happy!!

  21. Linda in Iowa

    We are much kinder to our pets than our humans…what pain she must have been in.

    And, the photo looks like I would be happier with Sanibel than Yuma. What a windy drive to Redland from LA yesterday, then, when we got close to the border…it was a sandstorm. It was good to get to Suni and park here in Yuma. We drove north to a vegetable stand after lunch. I can just live on the veggies here! Fresh Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Spinach, the tightest head of lettuce, tomatoes, avacados, radishes….oh what a salad for tonight!

    I started and finished two quilt tops for Church for the community project. I have enough for two more, I think. If it stays so cold, that will happen quickly.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in Iowa – I wish I liked vegetables but I really don’t. My mom didn’t feed us vegetables because she didn’t like them so now I don’t Like them. I est the simple ones but no Spinach for me! Hope your weather turns around!

  22. Kate Schloemer

    I’m so sorry for your loss of Ethel. I definitely agree not to make them suffer. It’s always so sad and leaves a ache in our hearts
    Connie and hubby look like they’re going to enjoy themselves.

  23. mary jane from Wisconsin

    I do envy Betty, enough already of this years winter..enough of the gray days too.. So who wouldn’t want to wade in the water and play in the sand…I would…
    I also am sorry about your Ethel. Most of us have probably gone thru this loosing a loving pet. I am grateful that we, and the Vet, can help them with their pain and other dealings. Having pictures and memories are also good keepers of them. For me they leave a hole in my spirit for years. My Vet made a footprint in Plaster of Paris, I think, so I have that near a picture of my cat, Otis.
    Not that I have taken the time for much reading lately, but are we going to have another book listening ? I share the list with a few friends and they too are delighted. I know you are in PT yet and everything else that goes with the winter months, so just asking. I got my #11 out, OH another whole quilt…got to stop buying kits for awhile..
    Happy February to all..keep warm and safe…

  24. Felicia Hamlin

    A big hug to you, Mary, as you mourn for yet another pet. It is so sad to let them go, you know that we are going thru the problems of keeping our dog healthy and it is so expensive. In your case I think I would have done the same, never easy, but the time comes when we have to say good bye.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – and I might have decided differently if it had been Telly or Hazel – I would have wanted more tests for treatment. I just wish Sunshine would turn the corner and be well again!

  25. Judy

    So sorry to hear about saying goodbye to Ethel.

    Betty looks so gorgeous in the sparkling water!

    North winds are bloooooowing cold into Texas! Quilting time!

  26. Diane and Squeak

    Aww. I am sorry about Ethel, too. It is hard to do, but kinder to let them go. Betty looks very excited to be at Sanibel. We were just in Venice , FL and it was warm and sunny. Quilt retreat this weekend.

  27. Tammy Guerrero

    So very sorry about your kitty. It’s always a very hard decision to put a family member down. Hope you are doing better and healing, getting stronger everyday.

  28. LaNan Eldridge

    It’s the hardest day ever. We had to do that four years ago. Thinking of you.

  29. Anonymous

    It is always HARD to lose a fur-baby. Both of our boys are reaching 13 and I dread the thought of losing either of them. The cat is my husbands’ PTSD stress releaser , He is a s good as any service dog, altho our dog does a pretty good job of keeping Jim happy;

  30. Deb Bayne

    So sorry about Ethel. Sounds like she led a very long and varied life.

    Just an FYI for everyone. Connecting Threads has all their books on sale at 40% off. The Yoko Saito, I Love Houses is listed at $19.77.

  31. Jennie

    Making the right choices concerning our pets can be stressful. Ethel will have no more pain.

  32. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, thanks for sharing the news of Ethel. It is so hard to make that decision. She has joined the other critters thanking you for a great life. Bless your heart.

    I’ve watched Yoko hand sew her patchwork, mesmerizing. I love her color combination, her style.
    Looks like Betty, Connie and Roy are having a great time. Hope they come home!!!

  33. Sandra

    I am so sorry about Ethel. I know how hard it is to make that hard decision. I had just thought that my Dudley was one of God’s useless creatures,then I read about Ethel. I told Dudley I was sorry.He is such a warm cuddly cat. strange how thinking about parting with him can make me appreciate him,even if he does shed fur twenty-four seven.Stay warm.

  34. Sharon B.

    Awww…poor Ethel…I’m guessing the vets need to do what they need to do to “protect themselves” from misdiagnosing…but, it drives me nuts when they can’t just help give the poor creature some comfort (and common sense) from symptoms I’m sure they have seen plenty of times before? Why rack up a big bill of tests? Especially considering they know you…

  35. Kris in Naperville

    Oh Ethel…. the circle of life stinks at the end… she was lucky to be your furry friend and I commiserate with you on having to make that decision. Betty in her element sure makes me smile! Have a good day Mary!

  36. Sue in Marion, IN

    So sorry about Ethel…those decisions are hard. A couple of weeks ago we had to put down our dear kitty Emily. I was sad, but not too upset as she was 20 years, 6 months, and 15 days old, and was in the final stages of kidney failure. Her brother Little Bear lived to 18. We got them as 8-week-old kittens from Asherwood, an outdoor education center owned by our school system, when our kids were 5 and 9. I’m just glad they both lived good, long lives. I’m so glad we have Henry, who is 2 and half-Siamese and was feral for part of his life, and Frankie, who is 6, weighs probably 17-18 pounds and looks like a dustmop. We inherited him from our daughter, who got him as a kitten from my friend CIndy who rescues dumped cats…his pregnant mom showed up on Cindy’s doorstep. Frankie had lived with dogs most of his life, but Katie got a black lab/pitbull mix puppy who drove poor Frankie to distraction, so we took him.

  37. Jessica in Florida

    So sorry about Ethel, making that decision is never easy.

    Connie is about 30 minutes from where I live! Hope they’re having a blast!

    I’m doing well, getting infused every 3 weeks until June and then I *should* be cancer free.

  38. Diane in WI

    Mary, I’m sorry for your loss of Ethel. There is a point when to let them go. It is such a difficult decision. She had a wonderful life at the farm.

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