A New Quilt! 11-16-22

Connie just finished this red and white quilt and it is beautiful! Our old pattern, Wild Rice, has a whole new look just in time for Christmas decorating. This should be called Wild Rice Reincarnated! Haha! I just love it – I even hung several red and white quilts yesterday after I took down the fall quilts with the pumpkins and colorful leaves. My pumpkins have been thrown out in the grove for the wild life this winter. Here is Wild Rice!

You can order a paper pattern of Wild Rice for $5 and a SASE paid in cash or check sent to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. It is not available as a pdf download. Checks should be made out to Country Threads.

As I look at this Wild Rice block I think one block would even be nice in the center of a table with something decorative in the middle – like a candle? Often my time doesn’t allow me to make 9 blocks but I can manage one. I’ll bet it’s the same with you.

Reader quilts:

These little goats remind me of the YouTube video of the baby goats in pajamas running through the barn – it is soooo cute!

Believe it or not, these are all Christmas fabrics.

I think I’m caught up with reader quilts but if I have missed yours, please let me know.

Betty Klosterman – are you reading this blog post? I’m not able to reach you by email and a reader noticed that we haven’t heard much from you lately.

So many of you have written to tell me you liked the goat picture. Thank you! Quite a few years ago I used another goat picture, probably my favorite, as my Christmas card because it almost looked like a manger scene with a baby lying in the straw with heavenly light focused on the baby. Here it is – this is Sylvia with her baby Flo Darlene.

Isn’t it just about perfect?

50 thoughts on “A New Quilt! 11-16-22

  1. Sherri in California

    I love this Wild Rice quilt. The sweet manger goat card is adorable and love all these beautiful readers quilts!
    Wishing all a BLESSED and JOY filled Thanksgiving!

  2. Mareen Nedved

    Oh Mary I remember that card – just beautiful and love the quilt Connie made- like you I love the red and white –

  3. Kathy Hanson

    What a beautiful goat picture with mom and baby! So love all your animal
    Pictures! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. brendalynne1

    not sure what the name of the quilting on the Wild Rice quilt but that straight-line quilting certainly enhances the quilt. really lik4 how neat it looks and the puffiness it creats is also so nice

  5. Deb in Idaho

    Love the red quilt,I’ve been thinking about making a red & white quilt. So many beautiful quilts to make and not enough time. I’ve been sewing flannel shirts for my hubby and myself. Haven’t done any apparel sewing for so long ,I found relaxing. Cold here in Idaho, no rain or snow.

  6. Marilyn from Placerville, CA

    Love the red quilt and I’m not a red person!
    Also love the pic of Sylvia and Flo Darlene!

  7. Jill Klop

    Wild Rice is so pretty! I’m working on my November red quilt, but this is the week for my Days for Girls meeting. It’s always a lot of prep! I love the Christmas goat picture. Precious!

  8. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the quilt show. Connie’s Wild rice is beautiful. What size is the quilt? Lots of beautiful quilts for show. Cold day here in the valley low 40’s . Working on Christmas gifts, penny rug, Santa Claus, and small wool applique. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – without checking the actual pattern I’m guessing it’s around 30” x 30”

  9. JudyE

    Recovering from hip surgery and then got Covid to add to the challenge. This blog has been a highlight of my day. I love seeing and hearing about Mary and her adventures plus, all the others who comment too. I haven’t been able to sew for over a year due
    to hip issues, I am really inspired by all the wonderful quilts shown.
    Weather in Minnesota cold and cold and cold with snow, sleet and wind. Winter came
    in fast! More colder weather on the weekend is predicted. I staying in, wish I could sew. I am making plans of all the quilts I want to make.

    1. Connie R. in NE Wis.

      Judy, You sure have had your share of health issues with hip surgery and Covid on top of it. Hopefully things are improving for you. It doesn’t help that you haven’t been able to sew either. With all the inspiration on Mary’s blog, you’ll have plenty of projects to tackle once you get back to quilting. Take care.

      1. JudyE

        Thank you for your kind words. “One day at
        a time” is my motto. I have a great stash all ready for me to sew when I can. After reading Mary’s blog and seeing all the beautiful quilts people have made I am really inspired!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy E – is it impossible for you to sit at your machine because of hip pain? Could you sew by hand in your easy chair? I would be lost without sewing – I’m so sorry for your health issues.

  10. Brenda Ks

    Love the manger goat picture so beautiful. My turkey hanging is going up as soon as fall cleaning gets done. Family coming for Thanksgiving. Get to see all the great grandkids and maybe one more soon to be born. All the quilts are beautiful. Everyone has been busy. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda Ks – Thanksgiving is days away and I didn’t even manage to get my quilts out – too late to bother with now! It will be fun for you to see those kids, won’t it?

  11. Sue in Oregon

    Connie, your Wild Rice quilt is wonderful. I love it. All the readers quilts are great and so much fun to view.
    I need to take a photo of my red mini and send it to Mary very soon.
    Asking a question of everyone. How many of you add labels to your quilts? Are they always the same ones or different? Do you add its name and your name? I can understand adding the date, though. I never make labels to suit myself. I am thinking of just not doing it anymore. After all, gift receivers will remember who gave it won’t they? And, after 2 or so generations, who cares? Just wondering….

    1. Diane and the gang in central ohio

      I Do make labels. A quilt appraiser told our fmguild it was a good idea for historical reasons. I like to do them😀

      1. Janet S

        I’m starting to make labels if for no other reason than to note the year. It is amazing how long it’s been. Most of my quilts will go to grandchildren anyway.

    2. Marsha from Kansas

      I didn’t used to make labels but now don’t consider a quilt a “finish” unless it has a label. Many members of our guild participated in documenting quilts made by Kansans. The group of ladies emphasized the importance of labeling quilts. Since then I have tried to do better. I include the name of the quilt, my name, the name of my LAQ, name of designer if I know who it is, and my city and year the quilt is completed. If I could remember, I would include when it was started. Ha ha. I purchase panels of labels, I don’t make my own. I admire those who make their own custom labels.

    3. Tina W in Oregon

      I attempt to make labels – even if I just use permanent ink on the back in a corner. It’s kinda sad when you’re looking at older quilts and the description says “unknown maker”.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    I’m still here and kicking, but glad somebody missed me? Thank you. I had written before, but guess that is how things are missed?
    Shades of great Country Threads patterns today. And the little goats in Jammies. And Diane, I have the welcome kit, but haven’t made it yet. Love seeing all the great quilts and patterns. And little goats all the other critters are so entertaining.
    We got 7″ of very fluffy, light snow yesterday – 1/2 inch was predicted? It was beautiful and the air felt so good. Today the snow makes GOOD snow balls. Supposed to be very cold and windy tomorrow.
    Love hearing all the weather reports and especially where everybody lives.
    Take care, everybody. Spring isn’t that far away, but let’s enjoy winter, too. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – a reader is the one who was missing you and wondered if you were ok? This bunch even watches out for each other across the miles. The reader is from the East coast!

    2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy I Central Ohio

      Hey, Betty. I was the one who was worried about you. I am glad to hear you are ok. We visited Tapic city in 1960 and 1982. It was so windy in “82, the semis were tipping over. If you make the WELCOME hanging, I’d recommend using a darker color than the pink flower, aThe dark leaf shows though behind it. It is a fun, quick kit although I think it took me 10’years😹😹. Thanks for another great blog, Mary. I love the Red Rice quikt, too and the photo of Baby Flo Darlene and Sylvia—just precious!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane – gosh, I somehow thought it was a Diane on the East Coast! So sorry – that fact escaped me, I guess. Thanks for thinking about Betty.

        1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

          No worries, Mary. I apologize for the typing above. Sometimes when I type on my phone, my fingers hit all the wrong keys!!

  13. Elizabeth Noorlander

    I’ve been out a few days and unable to read the blog. Thanks for making my day as always. Lots to catch up on!

  14. Susan in Illinois

    Love the Wild Rice pattern in red! Pretty sure I have that pattern in my Country Threads collection, need to find it! Love the quilt shows so much! So inspiring!

  15. Chris in Alaska

    Love all the reader quilts , and your new red quilt too Mary ! The goats in PJs are adorable 🙂

  16. Joyce from NY

    Love the wild rice quilt & will be sending a check soon! The goat pictures are adorable & reader quilts are so beautiful. Thank you!

  17. Rita in Iowa

    Mary love your Sylvia with her baby Flo Darlene picture. The Wild Rice quilt is gorgeous in the red and white.
    The readers/ladies have outdone themselves. The quilts are beautiful.
    I just added all our 50th Anniversary cards to the binder so I can mark that off my list.
    Updating my large family with the plans and current menu for thanksgiving with text messages. Seems to be the way and easier then calling the 36 families involved. Panning the grocery list to go shopping this week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – how does one plan for 36 families getting together for a meal? I couldn’t do it.

      1. Rita in Iowa

        We are having it at a community center, everyone brings a dish or two. We usually have between 50-75 people. Too big to have everyone inside spat someone’s home. This year we are doing only Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be for one’s own family.
        We have been having Easter at one of my brothers, in their garage.
        It’s a lot but so fun. Otherwise the cousins don’t get to see each other.
        The boys have been warned that the plan for next year.

        1. Betty Klosterman

          Rita, 60+ years ago my family used to rent the hall in Eagle Grove for Christmas as there were way too many of us for anybody’s house. Everybody brought stuff to eat like lefsa and kringla and all the regular food. Nobody went away hungry. Now, they have really multiplied and spread all over the United States.
          Betty in Rapid City

          1. Rita in Iowa

            Betty we have family on the East coast, west coast, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Missouri, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Montana, Florida, and New York. And good old Iowa. Mostly the nieces and nephews and of course my daughters that I’ve out of Iowa.
            We do make an effort to get together as many of us as we can.
            Thanks for your info.

  18. Charlotte S in northern California

    Oh what a great quilt show today!! I really like the Wild Rice quilt. The goat picture is a perfect manger scene. I’m taking my Christmas boxes out of the shed today and putting them in my family room. Then I can put up the tree and decorate the house when I feel like it. I’m going to my son’s for Thanksgiving day. We have 3 birthdays that week that we will be celebrating on Thanksgiving.

  19. Patti in AZ

    LOVE your goat Manger scene card, Mary!! The new red quilt is wonderful, and looks like one I could actually do without too much difficulty!!
    Any way Linda in CO could tell us where she got the pattern for her goats in pj’s 😆 quilt??!! That is adorable!!!

    1. Sheila in WI

      I was interested in the goats in pj’s too, so i googled it. It is produced by Art East Quilting Co and is called “Kidding Around – Goats in Pajamas.” The pattern is available from MO. Star quilt Co. and other sources.
      Hope this was helpful.
      Sheila 🙂

      1. Patti in AZ

        Thank you Sheila!! That IS helpful!! I have 2 grandbabies I need to make quilts for! I think one of them is going to get this quilt!! 🤗

        1. Sheila in WI

          You’re welcome. I’m looking for a quilt idea too and this one just might be the answer.

  20. Shirley from Oregon

    That is the most darling Manger scene Mary.
    Love all the reader pics.
    The rice quilt is scrumptious. When I get back home, I will hurry and remove the autumn decor and out up Christmas. Will have one day before friends arrive. Uh oh!!! Poor planning.

  21. Suzanne Golden

    I really love following your posts. The red and white quilt is very sticking. One can use it for more than Christmas.

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