Change of Plans! 11-15-22

At 6 am the snow was coming down and the traffic on the highway was creeping along so I stayed home just in case it got worse during the day.

Yesterday I spent 3-4 hours cleaning all the leaves out of the rock garden in front of the house. I have not always done this in the past but then by spring the leaves are frozen into every crevice.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am today to have that job finished! It’s hard to do it before all the leaves are off the trees and some trees still have leaves in January!!! Ugh. So much work.

Jessa and I do not have the online store completed yet so I’m asking for more patience from all of you.

Reader quilts:

The Sew Along for this cover quilt starts today – Connie is writing this and I’m following along.

I said I was going to use a blue background – I’ll give it a try. Right after I finish shoveling and doing the barn chores. You liked the goat picture and Betty asked if goats groom themselves. I don’t think so – she has the start of her winter coat so she looks really fluffy. Not fat – fluffy!

Rick is now home and has another appointment in December – groan. How can this go on before it begins to heal?

I’m closing with a smile at this cat!

46 thoughts on “Change of Plans! 11-15-22

  1. Dee

    The snow is beautiful !?? Love the quilt on the cover of your new book. Isn’t it amazing how our taste change for colors & types of quilts thru the years .

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – yes! The premise of the book was to change up our normal palette and it was very fun and a very new look for us!

  2. Susan K in Texas

    I love the snow pictures. I took snow pictures on our drive across Iowa and into Missouri yesterday. We don’t get snow like that. If we get snow I don’t leave the house except to maybe walk around the neighborhood.
    I really like the tractor quilt and the cat picture.
    Take care of yourselves everyone. It sounds as though quite a few are going through health challenges. It really tries the patience sometimes.

  3. Judy - Michigan

    That is a lot of snow! I am so happy for you too that you got your leaves cleared out. Sorry to hear that Rick is not all healed yet. What a long process. Chin up girl!
    Love your posts!

  4. Vicki Ibarra

    My husband bought a leaf blower a few years ago that sits on his back like a backpack. He loves that thing and uses it often during the fall for leaves on the lawn, flowerbeds, foundation plantings, etc. It is a Godsend for me as I have very little to rake in the spring. Yay for equipment that someone loves to use! (Better than the hot dog heater he bought me one year….what was up with that?! I don’t even like hot dogs that much.)

    Love the goat picture and the comments from this group are fun to follow. I never know what I will read when I look at comments. It is a blessing to have this group.

        1. Lynne from NJ

          Hot dog heater – too funny. I hope he does better this year. Was the snowmen pillow yours? I love it. Can you share the pattern name?

          1. Vicki Ibarra

            The pattern is “Snow Much Fun Quilt” by Bird and Brain designs. I bought it several years ago and it has 9 blocks one can make for a 38 x 49 inch quilt. After making two blocks, I decided I had invested enough time in this particular quilt as I am not an embroidery queen. Thus the pillow rather than a quilt. I actually did the embroidery for the pillow 2 years ago, so it is truly an unfinished project that needed to get finished. Laugh! I sometimes put those on my DD list.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I have seen these – is it gas powered? I got my cordless blower for my birthday last summer and it is really quite good but I need more! Ha!

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        It is gas powered. It uses a mixture of a special oil and non-ethanol gas. I know the specifics because I am the mixer. I figure it is a small price to pay when he does the leaf removal. Ours is a Stihl brand and it has been great.

  5. Connie Heffner

    I cover all my flower beds and landscaping where I have mulch, with old sheets ot tablecloths anything like that to keep the leaves out. It helps keep about 90 percent of them out.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – so from the first of October you have to look at old sheets covering the flower beds?

  6. Marcia

    The winter pictures with your beautiful barn in the background are always breathtaking.
    You captured a stunning photo of your ‘fluffy’ goat. I don’t know if it’s the goat or the lighting or a combination, but it’s certainly a keeper thanks for sharing your life on the farm.
    Marcia in Minnesota

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    We do have a bunch of fun people on this blog😹. Sing on, Robin!! The goat is adorable. I am hoping Rick’s leg will heal
    Soon. The cat is so cute and the quilt and pillow are super. Somewhere in my sewing room I have a whole book of blue work and some partially finished ones. Dies anyone know what I did with them??😹😹😹.
    Cold here.

  8. Kathy Duval

    My husband had surgery last year, Sept. 20 and we’re still dealing with a paralyzed stomach. We made another trip to Omaha today to see the cancer Dr. That’s a 2.5 hour trip one way and also we have to drop our dog off for boarding as well. Physically he is doing better with therapy, but that stomach is giving him fits. So we know that it can take a long time for things to heal. Hang in there, things will get better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Duval – oh, I’m so sorry! Our trip to Mayo is about 2.25 hours but it’s such a hassle with all the animals – as you well know. It’s comforting to know we’re not the only ones going through a health crisis. You hang in there, too!

  9. Brenda

    I love that cat – and the goat – and the quilts – and you. Thanks so much for all you do.

  10. Joy in N W Iowa

    It snowed a little here but not enough to do any scooping. It did cause fender benders in Sioux Falls, I finished the binding on a quilt for my almost 6 month old baby boy. He is coming for thanksgiving hopefully! Hope his mommy likes it. I’m not sure about you. If I think It if cold! Brrrr!
    I will have to look at the sew along tomorrow, but, I also have to start getting the house easy for our son and family. They r coming Monday and staying til Friday. 💕

  11. Ginny from Up State South Carolina

    Love the kitty!
    It is cold and dreary here today but tomorrow is supposed to have some sun. It has rained all day, where was the rain this summer?
    My South Carolina Native Plant Society meeting is tonight, it is on wildflowers of the Smokey Mountains so that will lift spirits from the weather.

  12. Robin Ciuffetti

    Thank you for sharing that goat picture! I just love goats and this pic is so sweet, wanted me to break out in my loud version of Mary did you know? It’s good for the Vegas nerve so I did and both of my dogs looked at me…”mom, what did we say about ever singing out loud again?”
    Anyway, it is precious…. your farm looks amazing even in the winter.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Oh Robin I was laughing out loud with your singing Mary did you know!!! My pets look at me when I sing along with something probably thinking the same thing as yours.
      It’s cold and windy here tonight and a light dusting of snow fell after our dinner as the dogs went outside. Big flakes. We still have a maple tree that is full of leaves. Suppose to be 46 here on Thanksgiving so cold hasn’t set in yet. Hang in there Mary with the wound as it can take awhile. We know as we dealt with it for a very long time going to Infectious Disease doctors and wound clinic.
      Lovely pictures and very cute snowman embroidered pillow in the blues.

    2. Jan Hebert

      That was a great picture of your beautiful goat, Mary! I can hear you now, Robin! Love that song! And I agree, Mary’s farm looks amazing in any season. Jan in MA

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin – oh, you make me laugh! Love the song Mary did you know! I’ll make sure I take regular pictures of the goats. I wish I were younger and could get some more. There is NOTHING cuter than a bunch of baby goats!

  13. Jean Fuder

    Mary, good luck with the wound care. My husband had a cyst removed from his back that was the size of a hockey puck. We went to Fargo which is about an hour from our house. We went to wound care and had excellent care there, but it took 6 months to heal. And lots of TLC and many trips to Fargo. I think it was twice a week trip.
    We are now doctoring in Mayo Rochester to repair a back surgery that didn’t fuse. Good luck, it will eventually heal, just takes time and lots of patience.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – Gosh, Jean, from Fargo to Rochester? Is it your back or your husband’s? Mayo is a fabulous place – I just want this to be over. And I’m sure you feel the same way.

  14. Joyce from NY

    In the 30’s here today, just enough breeze to make you shiver!! Love the goat!
    Expecting snow tonight, hopefully not too much!

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Fun post today. It’s cold here. We had some sun, but now just clouds and wind.
    The readers quilts are always fun…I need some motivation. Well, maybe tomorrow.
    I hope Rick get better soon. I’m sure he’s running low on patience too.
    Stay warm.

  16. Paula S.

    Thanks for the short quilt show and picture of the goat. I won’t say anything about sick husbands. Mine has something wrong all the time and I wonder if he just likes to go see the doctor!

  17. Tina W in Oregon

    Love the reader quilts today – especially Nancy’s tractor quilt. The cat picture is perfect.
    Here in NE Oregon, it’s a beautiful sunshiny 38* out. And since there’s only a slight wind, I got busy and cleaned out a flower bed. Only one more to go but will have to wait until next week. Six friends and I will leave Thursday for a three day quilt retreat in Lind, WA. Have never been to this one before but it’s located in an old church. There are great pictures on their web site: crazy quilter

  18. MaureenHP

    Beautiful photo of the barn!
    Praying tonight that Rick’s healing will move along and that each of you will have the strength you need.

  19. Dee from Shell Rock

    I know that stay home for the animals mentality. You just can’t take a chance of getting stranded when you have babies depending on you. Love the goats. Hate the yardwork. I have an oak tree that doesn’t loose it’s leaves til late either. So I will work at them come spring. Be safe.

  20. Diana in Des Moines

    I feel you and Rick’s frustration. My hubs wound is still open, and just continuing to not heal. New appt with a dr specializing in wound care coming up, so hopefully we’ll get it fixed.
    I’ll continue to pray for both of you. Hang in there!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – ultrasound next month to see if it has gone to the bone. How about you guys?

  21. Debby

    I try to ‘x’ the ads for you, but today’s ads are saying they can’t be found, that no web page could be found for the ad. I’m in VA and we’ve got cold and rain but no snow yet. Hope the snow misses us this year!

  22. Micky Northern Ill.

    I know what you say about the yardwork in fall and in spring, glad you got yours done. Betty looks warm. Glad Rick is home and hope the appt. in Dec. will be a good one. I love the cat smile. Peace Micky

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