A Quick Note

Connie and I are going to the Des Moines Quilt Show tomorrow. I will try to take pictures of things that interest us at the vendor mall and quilts we admire at the show. I hope I will have time to post tomorrow night.

Checked our booth at Junkin Gal this morning.

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We both took in some new items for sale and agreed that if something doesn’t sell in a month, it’s going to the thrift store. Our husbands don’t believe that we’ll actually get rid of the stuff but we are determined to sort out the “stuff”. While I was there I ran into Diane H. who also has a booth there. She said her dog Journey was in the car and I have not seen her in awhile. Oh, she is so cute! Can you tell I kinda liked her?

Spent the afternoon mowing because more rain is expected this weekend.

Day off tomorrow – off to the quilt show!!!

11 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. Carol

    If you have little quilts to sell at your venue, and they don’t…which would never happen… let us see photos and bid!!!!

    But then you’d have the job of shipping, and it’s pretty evident you have enough jobs already!
    You do look great… is it new glasses, or puppy love ???

    My girlfriend’s first grandchild is coming tomorrow pm, it’s been a rough nine months of major complications and health issues. C-section at 1:30 pm, those who believe in the power of prayer… please keep Betsey and Baby Girl in your prayers tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. Kathy

      We have a Betsey in our family spelled the same way with the e added. Prayers for a new baby to be welcomed soon. Let us all know. And Mary you look so happy loving that puppy dog. Have fun on your well deserved day of play.

  2. Jan

    Love the pictures! Journey is so cute. Have fun and look forward to your pictures of the quilt show – AFTER your day off!

  3. VA Mann

    Have fun at the quilt show! Love the pictures of you and Journey..we certainly know your love of animals.

  4. Kate Schloemer

    I always love your post. I don’t comment very often.
    I always have the same problem with jelly. Never sets up.
    I only have a couple succulent plants to come in the house. Guess they will come in today.
    Enjoy the quilt show!!!

  5. Carrolyn v

    Such happiness in your face when lovely a dog! My husband is like you! But me….not a dog fan. Allergies have a lot to do with that!

  6. Pat Smith

    Oh a quilt show in Des Moines! I’m jealous and wish I was going. Adorable dog, that Journey. I love reading the blog of someone who loves animals as much as I do. Hope you and Connie have a wonderful time tomorrow!

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