Des Moines Quilt Show

I will have to break this post into three just so I don’t crash in the middle. We got to the show at 10:30 this morning to find a good crowd at the 4-H building at the State Fair Grounds. Honestly we get so busy looking that I forget to take pictures and some vendors do not allow photos.

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This is our friend Leanne Anderson of Whole Country Caboodle and we’re standing in front of her very fun dog patterns.

Here are the three dog patterns I purchased. Years ago I used Leanne’s first dog pattern to make 9 dog heads in a wallhanging and we sold many of her patterns – until someone stole our quilt right off the wall! Very sad that a customer would stoop so low as to take a quilt from a quilt shop!

Here are some friends at the quilt show.

Here are some antique quilt tops from the Pilgrim Roy Collection -so,so many of them that we liked! Loved!

This quilt was the 2017 Quiltmania project printed in 4 issues. It was magnificent!

Meet Janet, a blog reader who stopped me in the aisle to say “hi”!

Two Bonnie Hunter quilts – Jared Takes A Wife and Ringo Lake.

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10 thoughts on “Des Moines Quilt Show

  1. Sue Munn

    Hey! There’s Chris Moline holding up a medallion quilt! I served on the board of The Quilters’ Hall of Fame with her! (My term just ended, but Chris is still on). She’s a great person…..very knowledgeable!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue Mann – she is definitely knowledgeable and took down several quilts for us to view!

  2. Pamela

    Just went to Whole Country Caboodle’s website. I HAVE to get some of her dog patterns. How adorable.

  3. Patricia Campbell

    Thanks for your always interesting and entertaining blog / column!! I look forward to reading it every day! 😁
    I’m excited about the doggie quilt info as well!
    And that 2017 applique quilt is insane!! Wow!!

  4. Susie Q

    Well thanks, as someone said on the third post… love doing a show in my jammies. There certainly were a variety of quilts and the photos were well done to see those little things we look for.

  5. Ann Barlament

    I absolutely love the colors in Jared Lake!!

    How fun to wake up and go to a quilt show! Thank you so much for this fun opportunity!!!

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