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The minute I got out of bed last Friday I knew I had a cold – my nose was running non stop and I had a headache. Oh no – what if this was the flu? I started a Z-pack immediately and by today I was good. Wow! I’ve been taking Airborne regularly so maybe that helped.

The first sign of spring – Emma is shedding her winter coat.

Hazel loves to sleep in my lap. Can you tell?

My cat family in the barn sleeps together on a chair cushion under a heat bulb.

Remember this UFO? Vola’s quilt – my next project to finish.

We’re under a winter advisory for tomorrow – ice!

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    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Haha! Yes, she is pretty spoiled – I don’t know why else anyone would want a dog, do you?

  1. Betty Klosterman

    It started snowing at noon with wind. Between the snow and blowing snow, visibility was not good. I’d hate to be in the country. Now there is no travel advised from the Wyoming border to Wall. And this is supposed to go all day tomorrow ending on Tuesday! It is winter!! Hope everybody is hunkered down where it is warm and dry. Plus calving has started. Get them babies warm and dry.
    Stay safe everybody.

  2. Diane

    Oh no. I hope it’s just a cold. Hazel looks soooo comfy and relaxed:) Your Mama cat and babies look warm. Is Mama on the right? Do your indoor cats ever have “Let’s go wild” days? Squeak is in one of those moods–racing from one end of the house to the other!! I hope you don’t get too much ice. We are going to be 61 in Central Ohio tomorrow. Feel better, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, mama is on the right. We had one of those days just this week when they all must have been running races through the house – cabin fever, for sure.

  3. Paula

    So glad you are feeling better. We still have so many people, old and young developing the flu.
    Hazel looks Wonderful sleeping in your lap! That is the look of a Happy Life!
    Hope the Winter advisory is wrong, and that the next weather front is mild.

    Paula in Texas

  4. Melody Lenart

    Love the goat, love the dog, love the cats. Glad you’re feeling better. Don’t send the ice to Chicago.

  5. Sue

    Your photos are wonderful, especially the goat in the chair. Made me laugh out loud. Hazel is adorable sleeping like that and reminds me of my little Vinnie from long ago. Cats look warm and toasty under their light. And, I love that scrap quilt. Might have to do that one one day.
    After all of our nice early spring weather, we are now into winter the way it is supposed to be. Very cold with lots of hail all day. Snow has been predicted and is supposed to start around midnight. It is 9PM now. My chickens look unhappy when I went out to feed them.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Sandy Kolarik

    Love all your photo’s and always look forward to your posts. I have a small terrier and she loves to snuggle too. Glad you’re feeling better, I had a bad cold and a week later the flu not fun.

  7. Kathy

    Hope you continue to feel well Mary as there are so much bugs out there. This flu sure branched out to a bunch of different nasties over these months. You would think these cold spells would shoe them away but it doesn’t unfortunately. Glad to see everyone snug as a bug there being so lovingly cared for you. Here in western NY we will be in the 60’s tomorrow and Wednesday. I noticed how green the grass was this morning being out with the dogs. My flowers better not get fooled cause we still will get more winter.

  8. Susan

    Goat in a chair! What a hoot! I always have a dachshund in my lap under a blanket when I sit down. It’s like have a heating pad on high on my legs. No better love than your pets. Hope you chased your cold away, Mary.

  9. Janice

    Recovering from the flu here in MA. Love seeing your posts – they make me smile. I love the picture of Emma in the chair, haha! She knows where to sit. We have warming temperatures here this week, I feel so guilty hearing about your weather but I’m sure we too will have more winter before spring arrives – and maybe even after, lol. We did have snow a couple of nights ago, about six inches which is manageable. I’m feeling well enough that I am going to attempt a few ufo’s that I have waiting in baskets – yes, that is baskets with an “s” as there are a few!! For the rest of the day I will probably sit on the couch watching movies with my little Coton, Louis. He loves snuggling too! Oh, has anyone read “Alias Grace”? I’m watching the Netflix mini series and it’s very interesting, thinking about reading the book. Take care of yourself, Mary and I hope all of your readers are being careful too. This flu is very dangerous! The doctors here are realizing that the test they have been doing is giving false negatives and so are going by symptoms – which apparently are similar to a cold but with a pounding head, fever, chills, body aches. The medicine they give Tamiflu has to be taken within 48 hours of the first symptoms of sore throat, congestion, etc. to be effective. I think that healthy young people are probably able to shake it off, but young kids and old people (they use 65 as a number) with heart conditions etc. should be treated. Parents should insist that their doctor treat their kids in my opinion! I can’t believe so many little ones have died from the flu, it is so sad. Sorry to rant.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    This should be a very good quilting day – hope you get lots done. Stay in and safe!
    Hope Emma has it right and Spring is coming soon. So cute to see her in a chair. Obviously a family member! Ah Hazel – how much fun it is to see you with her sleeping in your lap – there is nothing like it!! Glad that your cold seems to be not an issue, I hope that is still the same today. Your blog makes my day!

  11. Jeanie

    Hope you continue to feel better, Mary. I love seeing Mama Kitty and her babies all snuggly warm; they are quite the success story. You are so kind, and your animals are so blessed.

  12. Sue H

    Love how everyone hunkers down to keep warm. Glad you’re planning on making progress on your UFO. We are being inundated with rain through tomorrow. Better than ice though! Keep taking that Airborne and stay well!

  13. Dee T.

    The animals have it so good. I hope they realize it. I didn’t know that goats blew their coats. Just like dogs, ha!

  14. Paula S.

    Love seeing all of your posts and pictures. I’m glad you’re feeling better and stay warm!

  15. Kate

    You take such good care of your animals. They all look so happy. Ice coming to Iowa means it’s coming our way. Keep safe.

  16. Diane M

    All the animals look comfy and cozy. We’ve had about 2 inches of rain on frozen ground. Lots of flooding in the low spots. A month from today it is spring. Glad you are feeling better.

  17. Bea knight

    Hi Mary,
    Glad you are feeling better! I love all the pictures especially Hazel sound asleep! She a gorgeous girl!

  18. Martha Engstler

    Hope you are feeling much better. It was in the mid 70’s Tuesday and Wednesday (it broke records both days) which seems to make more people sick. Today is cold and rain. We will get your weather here in PA soon. The ski resort we are next to had a fabulous weekend but with the two warm days and now 3 or 4 days of rain to come, I think the season is over. They can’t make snow, to warm.

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    Everybody looks so comfy. Hope your cold by now is over, knock on wood we have been lucky so far. Zena enjoys sleeping on Bill’s lap and likes to be right next to me. Those kitties are gorgeouus and so big.

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