A Quick Post, 4-3-24

I started watching Six Feet Under on Netflix last night and I can’t wait to get back to it so here’s the reader photos – please leave any details about your quilt in the comments. Thanks to all!

Does anyone know what type of needlework this is?

Hazel received a package in the mail today – just about the homeliest toy I’ve ever seen – an opossum! Hazel is in love with it!

Do you notice how white she is? And I never gave her a bath! I think it just falls off her coarse hair.

And I visited Hank today – think he may have grown a bit? Haha!!!

Hard to take a picture of a wiggling puppy!

New patterns – Pot ‘O Tulips and Shasta Daisy will each require their own envelope and I think one stamp per envelope will do it.

Would anyone have a clue as to how to conduct an online auction here on the blog? Besides the afghan, I have many other things I’d love to move out of here – only if they’re easy to ship.

Thanks to those who sent me Marsha’s address.

Having a day out with friends tomorrow – I’ll tell you all about it!

61 thoughts on “A Quick Post, 4-3-24

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I think the crochet on that bed spread is called filet crochet? The pattern is like cross stitch, except they use a double crochet instead of an X. Ladies would make bible verses, etc for pictures, doilies, etc.

  1. Cindy K

    Great reader photos. What a perfect toy for Hazel😂 And yes, Hank is growing-still adorable!

  2. Li

    In the past it looks like Jo Morton does a lot of detail work in keeping track of her auctions. I think she assigns a number to each item and posts a list of images. In the comments bidders state “#19 red top $15” and somehow, I’ll bet her daughter, keeps track. Sound familiar? The winning bidder emails Jo the mailing address. Sends a check? Do you ever use payPal?

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sue – I’m sure she means Jo Kramer and as luck would have it I’m meeting her for lunch tomorrow!

  3. Vickie Harris

    Check with Jo Kramer(Jo’s Country Junction). She usually does a couple of online auctions a yr. I’ve bid on a couple of things & pay with Pay Pal $ transfer.

    1. brendalynne1

      this is what I was going to suggest. If she is tied up with tests and or treatments her girls are also quite knowledgeable.

  4. Gayla from Littleton Co

    I believe those afghans can be washed. When I took weaving classes they had a special wash product for wool scarves etc. Of course you need to use cold water.

    About a chair, I would check with quilt stores. They carry chairs that are adjustable. Becky Goldsmith from Piece O Cake would probably recommend exercises to build core.

    About the crocheted panels the technique is called filet crochet.

    1. RuthW in MD

      Cold water only and NO DRYER HEAT. Spin dry in the washer and let air dry on the line, if you have one. Otherwise the wool fabric will shrink a lot.

  5. Angie from Baltimore

    I think it was called candle wicking on the quilt that had embroidery. I love how Hazel feels she has finally got the opossum. AND didn’t get dirty.
    When I was watching the game with Iowa women I couldn’t help but think how excited you were watching the game. Since Iowa knocked out MD not as exciting to me.
    Would love to participate in an auction

  6. Barbara Yarnell

    I love the way Hazel is smiling about that possum! What a great gift for her.
    The tumbler block quilt is just outstanding and I hope the maker of the Owl quilt gives us more info about it. So pretty, I love it.

    1. Connie in NV

      The owl quilt is a college quilt I made with a Laura Heine patttern. She has a whole collection of patterns so there is something for everyone.

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    Beautiful quilts. that owl one is a piece of art. I am in love with Hank. He is growing. I will be sending for the pot O tulips. Hope you have a fun day.
    We had hail, rain and sun and then a double rainbow.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Virginia

  8. Martha W in WY

    About the afghan: filet crochet in the middle and trapunto quilting ( you can Google trapunto and beautiful pictures come up). And yes you can do an auction on the blog. Jo Kramer does them. I suggest you contact her as I think she’s worked out many “bugs” in how it’s done (why reinvent the wheel. HA!!!) I’m wondering how long the possum toy will last. Any bets?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – it’s similar to trapunto but it’s French boutis. I will explain in the next post. Or you can look it up. I’m having lunch with Jo tomorrow!!

  9. Kim from Wi

    Hank the hunk is getting big and more adorable. Lucky you to visit with him and his family. Love the O’ possum toy for Hazel, hope it lasts more than a day. Some lovely quilts today, I do enjoy seeing what everyone is working on. Snow here in Wisconsin and some blustery winds….its should be better by Friday.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – seems very similar to trapunto but it’s French boutis. Yup, look it up – I did.

  10. Diane in Colorado

    Hank has grown a bunch already!!!!! And that’s why I always want to raise puppies—they aren’t puppies very long!!

    I’m in a Smokey Bear group that does auctions regularly. They just post a photo of the item plus any specifics. List dimensions and other pertinent information. They usually give a “starting bid” and a timeframe. Highest bidder in the comments is the winner at the end of the time frame. If there is a minimum acceptable for the item—there’s a name for that that I can’t remember at the moment—if the auction does reach that amount, you can either re-list or take it out of bidding.

  11. Jeanie S, Central IL

    This post has wonderful pictures: I love the tumbler quilt, Hank is adorable and clearly has a lovely family, and that possum toy is the best dog toy ever!
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  12. San

    Could the white on white coverlet have a filet crochet panel? The embroidery probably has a specific name, as it is all raised. Lovely piece.

    Oh my goodness, I have puppy envy. Hank is gorgeous.

    It’s pretty cool out tonight. The cold front has moved in.

    San / Murphy, N.C.

    1. Susan in AL

      “Puppy Envy” LOL
      It must be highly contagious as I have it too!
      “Hank the Hunk” has legions of adoring fans.

      1. Hank's Mom

        Thanks Susan. We love Hank and as fast as he is growing he will soon be referred to as Hank the Tank but I like Hank the Hunk too. 🙂

  13. Cynthia

    Jo Kramer at Jo’s Country Junction does them a lot. Maybe she could give you some suggestions

  14. Kris in WI

    French Boutis…Huh. Well, there is my “learn something new” for the day! I would have said trapunto, too. And is there another name for what I think is fillet crochet? Whatever you call it, it is lovely. I really admire the skill it takes to create needlework treasures like your white afghans and this coverlet.
    This was an ooh and aah quilt show tonight. Thanks, everyone.
    Hazel caught her possum…and stayed remarkably clean!
    I had to smile at the oriole’s nest picture earlier this week. We saw one at our nearby State Park that had bright colors woven into it. I thought at first it was made with yarn scraps, but no, it was shreds of blue and orange plastic tarps! Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – I know those tarps strips! I also see fiberfill from dog toys in the bottom of the nest – comfy!!

  15. Lisa B

    Jo Kramer had done auctions on her blog Joscountryjunction.com. She covers it thoroughly in her blog. There were more rules/guidelines in the last couple of auctions.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the cat reminded me of my first. Cat, 50 years ago, Tibbs, she was beautiful and soft, but not so happy when a second, pregnant cat arrived! I made a carrot cake today, while putting it in the oven the spring on the round cake tin popped! Mixture oozing out over open oven, bench and floor, so l quickly grabbed the mixing bowl and managed to save 75%, but a yucky Clean up job!Cake was yummy!
    I think one of Jo,s daughter’s helped with the fabric auctions, enjoy your visit with her. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Susan in AL

    The quilts are so gorgeous today, and having a French name makes the very special white one even fancier!

    Mary, your Hazel is so squishable and adorable. I have kept Westies for years (my senior guy is 14 now), and they have a similar coat to Hazel. Our Alabama soil (known as Bama Dirt LOL) is a red clay and quite the challenge to get out of things like baseball pants. However, after it dries, it just brushes right off their white fur. Sometimes, a little red-orange “stain” remains, but it is not as long-lived as the grass stains these dogs get when running in the freshly cut grass. Who knew? A grass-stained dog!

  18. Rita in Iowa

    Mary and all the quilt providers of the pictures, they were wonderful. Our group has such great talent.
    Hazel looks to be in heaven with her toy. Enjoy Hazel while it’s last. Hank is going to be quite a hunk.
    Mary tell Jo Hello from all of us. She is a woman to be admired for all her positivity. I’m knocking down the Covid thing no temp for 24 hours.

  19. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Oh, Mary! What a small world that you’re having lunch with Miss Jo tomorrow! I was going to suggest her for the auction info but already done. I love her! She’s so sweet and generous with her knowledge. I hate she’s going through her health problems but she’s a shining example of how to endure with faith, grace and patience. I learned to make a scrappy spiderweb 🕸️ quilt from her videos 😻.
    I also love six feet under! I watched it a few years ago and then again a few months ago. I enjoyed how each opening was a different death. The sex I could do without but enjoyed the family drama and fell in love with the second son. Loved him in Dexter 🥰.
    The quilts are great and hunky Hank is just too cute! Would love to hold him a while, they are so lucky. The possum toy is ideal!

  20. Kathy in western NY

    Nice quilts made by your readers!! It’s so special to look at what others are making from the comforts of our homes. Thanks Mary!
    And we get to see Hank and Hazel and a cute kitty. Perfect way to begin the day with happy pictures.
    I’m determined to sew an Eclipse quilt for Monday as we are in the path of totality and it’s a big deal around here with events, schools closed, and a few minutes of total darkness in middle of the afternoon. Mother Nature once again works her wonder.

  21. Linda in MI

    My husband loves to bid on items at an on-line auction but it is huge and they have software for it so I’m no help to you.

    I love the quilts today and the afghan is simply beautiful. And dear Hazel, she has her own opie! I don’t think that will keep her from digging for the real opossum so I’m hoping you catch him and relocate him a good distance away. Good luck!!

  22. Donna Jo

    I think Hank’s new nickname should be Hank the Tank! He’s growing so fast! That is one ugly opossum toy! Hope it lasts. Great quilt show this morning.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – we do sometimes call him Hank the Tank. He has gone from a round pudgy puppy to getting taller and longer. He’s going to have an overnight here in May – won’t he and Hazel be a pair?

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Donna Jo – didn’t you read that he’s coming for an overnight on May 4?

  23. Vicki Ibarra

    Yes, this is a quilting blog, but today what tickled my fancy were the pictures of the cat on the quilt, the opossum toy, and the pictures of Hazel and Hank. They brought smiles, each and every picture. We had a good amount of rain over the past few days – over 2.5 inches, that was sorely needed. I will be interested in what you learn about an on-line auction. Sounds like fun.

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    Hazel and Hank give me he giggles! They will keep you busy on their play date.
    Fun quilt show today.
    It’s a beautiful spring morning in Wyoming today. Winds and snow are forecasted for this weekend..

  25. Kelli

    I think the raises part of the quilt is called trapunto? Someone pls correct me if I’m wrong 🤣 I look for to reading all the answers.

    Have no idea about how to do an auction, but I am interested in the wool afghan if you figure it out!

    Love Hazel’s toy – she is such a cutie! Thanks for what you call the blog about nothing – to me it’s a daily joy🥰

  26. Kelli

    Boy do I feel silly 😱 I should have read all the comments – pls forgive my trapunto guess 🙄

  27. Connie inNV

    Hazel is either smiling over her toy or giving you warning not to touch her new toy – not quite sure what her expression is. But she is certainly an adorable dog.
    Hank the Hunk gets bigger in every picture, but has not lost a bit of his puppy charm!
    I had to look up boutis and found it to be to labor intensive for me to try. On the downhill side of life I need to make easy things to get through the mountain of fabric in my stash.
    Certainly enjoy seeing the creative endeavors of fellow quilters posted in your blog. Thank you Mary

  28. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love Hank the Hunk, too, and all of the quilts! I had no clue about French Boutis so I will Google. I will send a pic of our new neighbor baby, Sunny. She is adorable.
    We had a total of 6” of rain, plus sun, and hail yesterday and then snow this AM! Wild, but no tornadoes in our area. Buddy was in the basement, but it is sunny now. We are at the Dr for possibly husband’s last check up😀🤞. He is doing pretty well.

  29. Diane and the gang

    I just found out that tickets for the finals in Cleveland are $2,300.00! Sad that normal every day fans can’t go! We could stay with our son, but beyond our price range!! Thank goodness for TV!

  30. Anne from Wisconsin

    You could try facebook marketplace
    I’ve had luck with that if you post to specific groups… like quilting sales sites

  31. janice in middle TN

    Hank is absolutely adorable!! What a perfect gift that Hazel received. She is a character.


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