Spring Patterns, 4-2-24

The Harvey patterns are now put away and I’m bringing out a couple of spring flower patterns.

Pot O’Tulips

One more time with Keeper to show scale

And Shasta Daisy

$5.00 each with SASE

Will someone send me Marsha’s address, please. I have misplaced it.

Believe it or not here is Hazel today, unbathed last night and the dirt just sort of falls off. She found a hole in the barn to investigate today.

I just have to figure out how to put a short video on this blog!

“The Game” has been discussed at length today and if you didn’t see it, Angel Reese cried through a press conference because she’s been made to be the villain. As one sports analyst said – she has gone out of her way to portray herself as the villain. Now she needs to own it.

Talk about controversy – ever since last year when she taunted Caitlin about the ring she would soon wear, it’s been quite the discussion. Even Ted Lasso (JS) got into the act last night.

Oh, well. The game is done and there’s another one to win Friday Night. I thought the most honest comment all night was from LSU coach, Kim Mulkey. She told Caitlin she’s glad she (Caitlin) won’t be around next year! Haha!!!

As I was digging in a quilt closet today I came across this afghan that I crocheted before I caught the quilting bug. In fact I made two of them – 100% wool, one was for Mom and now I’ve got them both. It is just gorgeous but so unusable – itchy thing and I can’t wash them so they both live in a closet where the cats can’t find them.

I could never do this today – I can’t believe I ever knew how.

Talk tomorrow!

69 thoughts on “Spring Patterns, 4-2-24

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Your afghan is gorgeous!!! Wish my Grandma had done a neutral that would go with everything no matter the decade. As it is, I have a green, gold, orange afghan that goes with nothing. My other grandmother did one similar in weight to yours with big flowers in every square. I love that I have something she made, but it matches nothing and was so much work for her!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I know – multicolored afghans from the 60-70s era were all those colors and they really were still a lot of work so it’s a shame we don’t really want to use them.

  2. Charlotte

    Mary, that afghan is truly a work of art! The skill and beauty of your handiwork!

  3. Cindy K

    Wow! The afghans are beautiful. My mom and Mother -in-law both crocheted. I never learned how but would like to make a crocheted rug. My mil used to make them out of old clothing.

  4. Cynthia from SW MN

    I do love the two wall hangings! Will have to send $ for the patterns! I do have Marsha’s address, I am sending a card to her tomorrow.
    Marsha Voigt
    1205 Calvert
    Wichita KS 67217

    Excited for the game Friday! I truly hope Iowa wins!

  5. Susan K in Texas

    Those two afghans are so beautiful. I understand why you wouldn’t leave them where the cats can get to them. I never got into crocheting. I don’t like the feel of yarn through my fingers.
    The media feeds and manufactures the “storyline” and it’s not always what the athletes are feeling. I get a bit tired of the drama the media tries to stir up.

  6. Debbie Miller

    We live in SC but my husband is pulling for Iowa all the way! It was a great game last night. I agree-if you put out the persona that you are so big and bad-you need to own it. Your afghans are absolutely gorgeous! I so envy people that can knit and crochet. I am very dominant left handed and just can’t seem to get it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie – thank you for pulling for Iowa but I honestly don’t know if they can beat UConn — and SC remains unbeaten – wasn’t Iowa their last loss in the quarterfinals last year? I could be wrong about that.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    Very nice crocheted afghans! Nice to remember that you did make them. I’d be knitting or crocheting now if I couldn’t make quilts. And there is enough yarn here to keep me busy for awhile, too. When Frank was in the nursing home or hospital I knit stocking caps. At Christmas I’d donate them. We can’t have enough stocking caps out here.

    I used to make afghans, too. Both crochet or knit and loved every minute. One of my Iowa cousins and family stopped out here on their way to Washington state. We didn’t know they were coming and I was thrilled. I had finished a knitted baby afghan and she was amazed. Her comment was that I had never made anything like that when I was in Iowa — to which I replied — I could only afford one skein of yarn then! And that was the truth!! I especially like making the Aran Isle afghans with all the neat bobbles, cables and whatever fancy stitches they put in.

    We got 7 1/2″ of very wet snow. At last moisture and we really do need it. Maybe we can get more rain this coming weekend. Spring has sprung, at least for today. I feel so bad for the east coast, etc. getting all the horrible storms. The storm chasers pictures are amazing.

    Take care and enjoy all the weather we get, maybe?
    Betty in Rapid City

  8. patti

    your afghans are amazing. i would hide them from my cat also. i never learned to crochet or knit. i could do printed cross stitch (made an old world map which i plan to look for before we sell my folks’ house). i guess since i loved sewing so much (my mother would buy me fabric if i would make clothes for both my sisters), it wasn’t important for me to learn anything else. your flower patterns are great. will have to see if i have the tulip one (pretty sure i have the other one). i’ve been making 4-patches from 4″ squares. today i finally managed to square up 75 of them. have a piece of darkish green that i need to press and cut for alternate squares. it will hopefully be twin-sized. would have liked to turn in the flimsy, backing and binding on friday, but alas, i doubt seriously it will be done. there is always the may meeting. your hazel surely likes to get into things, doesn’t she? she’s a hoot. more stitching, patti in florida

  9. Kim from Wi

    I love your Afghans, and I never saw wool yarn when I was knitting and crocheting, a century ago. I did enjoy doing both and made more Afghans than anything else. Now I still own the needles and a few patterns but haven’t done it in 30 plus years. I truly enjoy playing with fabric more. I love both of the quilts that you are showcasing for spring. I never got into collecting homespun fabrics but love the look of it. Glad Iowa is still winning. We got a few inches of snow today and more to arrive overnight, Its looking like winter here in middle Wisconsin.

  10. Charlotte in No. California

    Your afghans are absolutely beautiful! My grandma taught me to crochet when I was in junior high. I crocheted for years but then got hooked on quilting. My co-workers and I took knitting lessons in the 80’s but I never kept up with it. The game was so good on Monday but I only caught the second half. They just said on the news that it was the most watched NCAA game ever!! I just had to laugh at the false eyelashes. I hope they beat UConn on Friday.

  11. Sandy

    Wow! Mary, your crochet rugs are spectacular! Awinter flannel sheet on the back would make them usable, but pets are the problem too. Just had my flu jab today, so taking it easy. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Sharon Eshlaman

    Your crocheted afghans are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Judy in Mo

    The crocheted afghan is gorgeous! Worthy of being displayed, would it fit into one of those flag cases?

  14. NancyTD

    The crocheted afghans are beautiful. I have a bedspread and a tablecloth my Mom made. Both my Mom and Mother-in-law did yarn multi colored afghans in the 70’s. Maybe years from now our quilts won’t be in style with the trend’s either. I also remember my Grandma crocheted rugs with old nylon stockings. Wish I had one as a memory. Embroidery and tatting was done too.
    Snowed during the night and now high winds with gusts up to 50mph. Good day to stay home.

  15. Susan in VA

    Your crocheted blankets are gorgeous! I learned to crochet when I was 10 from a friend and still do today making occasional baby blankets and hats. I think I may have that Shasta Daisy pattern. I’ve got to look.

  16. Lynette in Orlando

    I thought LSU was so disrespectful on so many levels — the National Anthem, the crown on the chair….. I put ownership on the coach. It starts at the top…….

    Your afghan is stunning! Quite beautiful.

  17. Diana Stanfill

    Those afghans are beautiful! You have alot of talent! Plus taking care if all those animals! Your life is full and exciting! Things are getting warmer here in Florida! 84 yesterday. We have had the air conditioning on since February! Take care, I am always here reading about your life!

  18. Carolyn Rector

    I am amazed at your afghans. So beautiful. They’d go over a quilt for extra warmth. Tried my hand at everything back in the day. But didn’t have the talent you have. The counted cross stitch was something I could master! But i’d get bored and try to learn something new. I’d like to do small quilting projects now.
    Looking forward to Iowa’s next game. They sure are exciting to watch!

  19. Terri S

    I have never been able to crochet. I’m so envious of your beautiful Afghans.

  20. Diana in Des Moines

    The afghans are amazing. My grandma taught me to knit when I was in grade school. She crocheted, but I could never get the hang of that. I remember she crocheted rugs from bread bags for the kitchen. Depression era – use what you have.
    LSU got a taste of karma and they don’t like it. Just glad that Iowa did not stoop to their level of nastiness. The stats speak for themselves.
    Still working on my flannel blankets for Uganda. 20 so far. May stop this weekend and do some quilting. After I clean my machine of the flannel lint that is!

  21. Bobby Sutton

    Mary, your wool afghans are beautiful, both are works of are. They would look so pretty on a bed or draped on a chair. But I can imagine how much the kitties would love to knead and nestle in them. So into the closet they go.

    The weather across the whole country is crazy! We are having torrential rains in Maryland. The farmers can’t get into the fields. It’s causing major delays to the recovery and deconstruction of the Frances Scott Key Bridge. Everyone in our state is still reeling from the disaster, but we are resilient and better days are ahead.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    Sports in general dish dirty players and reputations stay with them till they show change. Caitlin speaks well and this isn’t the last we’ll see of her thankfully. She’s a good player and team member. We’ll be catching game too.
    It’s pouring rain here but we do need the moisture. My husband mowed our lawn Monday and he’s glad he did now.
    Wonderful spring quilts and excited to order them to sew for my front door. I love hanging seasonal quilts on it. What a gorgeous afghan Mary. But oh so warm with the wool. How well our hands worked back then without pain!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – yes, what goes around, comes around. Caitlin is a well spoken polite young woman. Our ground is literally bare dirt and even if it does rain I wonder if I’ll have to reseed parts of my lawn.

  23. Kelli

    Those afghans are gorgeous 😍 you did beautiful work – they are real keepsakes! Love your daily blog – been reading for years and it always makes me smile ❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kelli – it’s always nice to hear that someone has been reading since way back! Thank you – always remember I don’t do this alone!! The readers are the biggest part

  24. Sue

    Your afghans are amazing! I am in awe of anyone able to make something like these with so many details.

  25. Sue in PA

    I am looking forward to Friday’s game but am torn who to root for. I love both teams. We were stationed at UConn when my husband was in the Air Force and was a ROTC instructor. We lived next door to Geno Auriemma and his family when he first came to UConn as the women’s basketball coach. We were at UConn for five very happy years and feel very connected to it and always follow their games, men and women, both of which have done very well over the years. But we have loved watching Caitlin this season and wish her and the Iowa team well also. It will be Caitlin vs. Paige which will be an interesting match-up.
    Love your afghans which are so very beautiful. I am crocheting a granny square afghan right now. It was part of a Lori Holt crochet along from summer 2022. I think she finished it in a couple months and I am still working on it but can see light at the end of the tunnel. I mainly work on it in the evening while watching tv. I am putting the squares together now, then the rows. Mine is multi-color and I don’t necessarily think it has to “go” with everything in my house, although I have a rather eclectic home. It is probably a designer’s nightmare but it is homey and I love it. My big pieces of furniture are rather neutral so anything can go with them to add color.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – oh my, if you know GA personally you have an obligation to cheer for him, don’t you? I agree it will be a Caitlin Vs. Paige battle and I’m not even sure Iowa can win! UConn has always been a basketball powerhouse. I’ve watched them for years – long before Iowa and Caitlin came on the scene. I dreaded the LSU game because of all the controversy but I think Paige is a fabulous player to watch and admire, the same as Caitlin.

      1. Sue in PA

        Mary, I would love to say I know Geno personally, but I highly doubt he remembers us after all these years. After one year, they moved to a different home in a different area, but we have followed his career with interest for these 39 years. Those five years we spent in Connecticut were some of the best years for our family-great friends, church, and schools. We were sad to leave, especially to move to our next duty station which in general was not a good experience for us.

  26. Sheryl Harrison

    i love love love your afghans! I was going to suggest throwing them over a chair or couch until I saw your comment about keeping them away from the cats. The cats would love them for sure.

    The little quilts are so cute!

    I can’t wait for Friday’s game. Remember the time announced at the last game is eastern time.

  27. Stephanie Smith

    The afghans are absolutely gorgeous! Such talent. But! We are all thankful you did catch the quilting bug! Thank you Mary!

  28. Cathy D

    The crochet quilt is beautiful! I took a class to learn crochet and failed miserably. I admire anyone who can crochet like this!

  29. Hank's Mom

    I thought it was very interesting to see the difference in the LSU players ‘attitudes’ when they were behind in the game instead of ahead. Humble pie doesn’t taste very good, and after last year the LSU players needed a big ole serving of it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Hank’s mom – it’s been quite the show, hasn’t it? You around today?

  30. Gail in Ohio

    Beautiful afghans!!! I can see why you protect them – kitties could wreak havoc with them. I have crocheted, but my skill set is not that great. I focus now on quilting and cross-stitching for my enjoyment…
    Good luck to Iowa – many of us “Big Ten-ners” will be pulling for them!

  31. Mareen

    Oh Mary that is so beautiful!! So sad it cannot be displayed it is a piece of art for sure and a treasure!!
    You are so talented!! LOVE IT!!

  32. Rhoda Ebersole

    Those afghans deserve to be admired and are just beautiful Mary. Hang on the wall?

    I love the tulips pattern and will order it with my next clippings mailing to you.

  33. Jo in Wyoming

    Your afghans are incredible! They deserve to been seen, but not snagged by kitties.
    I was thinking about the GFG you modified. It should be called Great Grandmothers Flower Garden. Or Mary’s Flower Path. I just love how it turned out.

  34. Connie in NV

    Mary since you can’t use the afghans perhaps you should sell them so they can be loved by another family.
    Love your dog stories.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – should I put them up for auction here on the blog?

  35. Nancy Schulz

    Gorgeous wool Afghans! So envious…I crocheted in younger years but none of those intricate stitches. Took knitting lessons too but never mastered that art..couldn’t make them to size! A very good friend knit a cream wool Afghan for me but it stays in closet also because of our CA drought stickers and pets too. Now quilting is my addiction and my hands still let me do it…love making blocks!!
    A long time blog reader ever since I discovered it, a bright spot in my days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – see why these two beauties are hidden away? Cats, dogs, burrs, mud – I’d rather see someone have them than keep them stored away

  36. Shirley Mann

    Wow!! Absolutely lovely afghan. To make two must have taken forever!!! Shirley

  37. Teresa in Indiana

    Mary, your afghans are stunning! About 50 yrs ago my Mother crocheted an afghan using a natural colored yarn for me. I love it today as much as day 1. I cannot crocheted myself.
    I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and haven’t kept up with the comments. I’m coming along with my shoulder therapy. I’m so glad to have my husband to help.
    Hope everyone has a great day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – tell us why you’re under the weather – sounds like you have good help however. The comments ARE a lot to keep up with sometimes!! I love it.

      1. Teresa in Indiana

        I have great help. He’s a godsend! I spend most of my days doing therapy then recovery.
        I must have had a bug of some sort. Extremely cold for two days then slept continually for almost 48 hrs! It seems all better now thankfully.
        I’ve loved seeing all your pics and reader quilts . You have the best “contributors “..

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Teresa – did you have Covid? Yes, don’t I have the best contributors? This blog is great because everybody “talks”, not just me

          1. Teresa in Indiana

            No, no covid. I haven’t been out or around anyone to get it. It was just weird. I can’t sleep well with the shoulder anyway, can’t find the comfort spot. I think everything just came together at once. At least that’s my story for now. 😁

  38. Julie in CA

    Amazing work on your afghan! So many stitches!! Gosh!!

    Recently my DIL sent me a picture of her aunt and herself wearing dresses made from granny squares! Selling at Nordstroms and Bloomingdales apparently!
    Hard to get past thinking they’re walking around wearing afghans though lol!

  39. Beryl BC

    Your afghans are beautiful. I also have two things I made which I don’t know what to do with. One is an afghan knit for my parents from Red Heart Wool yarn purchased in the 1970’a from a variety store. The other is a bedspread crocheted from crochet cotton using steel hook. It was my portable craft for a long time. I’ve thought of giving it away, but no one I know uses that type of bedspread, and I really don’t want to send to Goodwill.
    We’re waiting to see what this weekend and Monday brings as we’re in the path of the solar eclipse. They’re advising people to get gas for their cars as they’re expecting a lot of people to come to the area for Monday’s eclipse. Schools in the area are closed on Monday due to the eclipse.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl – wow! I had no idea schools would close!! I have one of those crocheted white bedspreads, too, from a great aunt.

  40. San

    When I got home from work late last night, I took a moment to watch the highlights of the Iowa game on my computer. Goodness, talk about fast action. Those gals are amazing. Years of practice and dedication do pay off.

    P.S. (I’ve not had television in 24 years)

    San / Murphy, N.C. / Cloudy and cool today.

  41. Pat in AZ

    Hazel is such a great dog. She reminds me of a lab we had years ago who vigorously defended us from intruders. Unfortunately the only intruders we had were skunks and porcupines! She never gave up despite our best efforts (and multiple vet visits!). Loved that dog to pieces.
    Mary, your afghans are beyond beautiful.

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