An Iowa Win! 4-1-24

It took 3 ice teas to get me thru that game but Iowa prevailed – whew! Now this next game will determine who Iowa plays in the Final Four. One reader likes UConn so that’s who I’ll cheer for, too, I guess. I am exhausted after that game but now I can get out my sewing.

I returned the chair to Staples – no problem. And stopped at the chiropractor on the way home. I’m not sure what’s wrong but here it is evening and the pain is always worse in bed so I’m dreading it. What’s with that?????

No possum so I actually closed the trap for now. I thought I’d answer some questions here – I cannot bait my trap with cat food or peanut butter or I’ll be trapping Hazel and the cats and if I’d trap them at night and it rained, they could die. Believe me, I’ve done this many many times in the past 45 years. Two years ago last November I trapped 11 possums in the month of November – they love sunflower seeds so they always ate under my birdfeeders. Then I’d haul trap and all to the nearest wildlife refuge in my van and set them free. All the dogs went along, too. Haha!!

Remember the bath Hazel had late at night? At supper time tonight she came in after snooping around the rock pile looking like this. It rained today so mud abounds.

I’m not going to rinse her off until right before bed. That would be foolish and a waste of time.

Reader photos

I made one 2×4 block. I made a log cabin quilt from shirts several years ago. I should find that.

Here’s a funny picture – the first selfie I’ve ever taken!

Old ladies can be big fans, too!

66 thoughts on “An Iowa Win! 4-1-24

  1. Dianne in northern Ohio

    Hi Mary,
    I have been following your posts about watching basketball and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. I was surprised when I heard that the finals will be played here in Cleveland. I thought about you and how you have been enjoying this woman’s basketball season. I am hoping that Iowa wins.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianne – I sure wish I was in Cleveland for the weekend!!! I’ll be watching!

  2. Farmer Tim

    I think Mary drops the possum off at my place so hey eat all my cat food! Hahahaha!

    1. Pat in AZ

      Farmer Tim, times are tough and inflation is high. A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do! Haha

  3. Linda in Estherville

    Your last sentence….containing old lady . I take great insult to that when the lady is younger than me! I stand INSUTED. But, the game was so exciting! I heard the other day that E’Ville Midgette’s great player state wide is planning to go to Minnesota! Drat….

  4. Joyce from NY

    Your selfie is great Mary, love the sweatshirt! The game was fun to watch. I was sorry to hear that LSU was not there during the National Athem, didn’t see that. The weather here is rainy today & forecast for a couple days, maybe even some snow!

  5. Connie in NV

    Oh Iowa sure came through last evening with CC’s 41 points! An outstanding performance. She should be proud of her accomplishments. UConn looks like they could be tough to beat, so I am hopeful the Hawkeyes keep a good mindset and make their shots! We may be having ice tea while watching this next game!
    The Swoon quilt is pretty! I made one as a wedding gift years ago and didn’t think at the time it was an easy pattern.
    Mary I think the sleep number adjustable bed would help your back, you should go to a store and try them out.
    Hazel is a darling dog that is doing the job her breed was born for. Not only that, she is very entertaining.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – I agree, she is quite entertaining! Ha! I think Iowa can beat UConn – I was more worried about LSU

  6. Ann in PA

    Absolutely love your selfie! Wow! What a great game! Three iced teas would keep me up all night. though! lol I find it disturbing to read that LSU walked out during the National Anthem. That’s so disrespectful. Shame on them and their coach as they embrace being the “bad girls”. My Physical Therapist said that Angel Reese calls herself, “Ghetto Barbie”. Sad! Thank goodness for Caitlin Clark and the Iowa women; they a play with class and great teamwork. So nice to see such wonderful role models for young girls. Oh, Hazel, the mud and that face…. Always nice to see the pretty reader’s quilts. Your block is lovely. I love plaids! I hope you find some relief for that nighttime pain. Someone mentioned it could be your mattress and another mentioned physical therapy- that might help. It’s 8 weeks since my knee surgery i can see how many others with different ailments are improving each week with PT. It’s pouring here – April showers and still cool. Can’t wait for IOWA vs UCONN! Go Iowa! xxoo

  7. JustGail

    Hopefully the opossum had the bejebbers scared out of it by Hazel dragging it out from under the shed and won’t be back any time soon. We haven’t had to relocate one of those yet, but will keep sunflower seeds in mind as enticement to go in the trap if we do. For raccoons, we use jelly beans and marshmallows, so far the cats have no interest in those, not sure if a dog would be or not.

  8. Kim from Wi

    Hazel is doing a super job keeping that possum at bay. She gets plenty of baths, lol. I didnt get to watch the game, went swimming at the Y with our daughter. I hope to catch up today while I play in my quilting space. I love your shirt and the selfie is perfect, keep on learning…..
    We are eating more leftovers today so no cooking. It continues to snow here in Wisconsin and its cool outside. Nice to hear from Marsha, hope she gets home soon.

  9. Diana in Des Moines

    What a great game! I sat with hubby for a few minutes but the announcers and him yelling were enough. I retreated to my sewing room, turned on the game, turned off the sound and watched while I sewed.
    You gotta love Hazel, what a little go-getter!!

    Maybe a new mattress would help? I have issues with our mattress – my hips hurt in the mornings. Hubby likes the mattress, so we won’t be getting a new one soon.

    Take more selfies – that was fun!

    1. RuthW in MD

      Maybe you could get twin-sized mattress topper, a memory foam one? It would work on a king size mattress easily. For the queen and full size ones you might want to cut off a slice to make it fit your desired width and length – after you test it out to see if you really like it, of course!
      Options, options, experiments galore…

  10. NancyTD

    Get a sewing chair and then you can go trying out beds at the stores. We bought a Sleep Number bed a few years ago. It is air . We can adjust each side as to how firm we want it. We are happy with it. There are so many beds and so many options now. Good luck.
    Maybe you are tensing up watching the games and just a new chair will help.
    Hazel is having fun getting dirty!
    Snow rain mix again today. Maybe a good day to cut out this month’s project. I know what I will do with a stripe.

  11. Carolyn Rector

    Loved watching Iowa play. They did a great job!!!! Storms are expected here in western Ohio and I swear I’m more nervous for my dog. I’d hate for the house to blow up and have the dog be loose. Weird how our minds work. Buster came into the bathroom with me last tornado warning. Didn’t seem to faze him. He is a laid back dog until someone comes up to the door. Lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – that doesn’t sound weird to me! Hazel could be blown into the next county! Buster doesn’t get freaked out during bad weather?

  12. Tama

    Another impressive performance by #22! I’m rooting for Iowa to win it all!!

  13. Donna Jo

    What a game Mary! Three iced teas to get through it wasn’t too bad! Someone already posted about LSU not coming out for the national anthem! 😡 They deserved to lose! I will never understand that! Love your selfie! I think getting a white dog is like getting a white car, shows all the dirt! Slept great last night since I was tired after that game! You’d thought I had played!☺️

  14. Suzanne in Massachusetts

    Love your 2 x 4! I have a drawer full of homespuns…I wonder if I have enough variety.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Suzanne – my block was made with men’s shirt fabrics. Several years ago I was obsessed with shopping for men’s shirts so I have many for lots of variety.

  15. Linda in MI

    Your selfie is cute! I’ve tried taking selfies, but I take horrible pictures. I used to look at pictures with my mom and every picture of me I thought was horrible. I would comment look how terrible I look and mom always said “looks just like you Lin”, affectionately!

    That little Hazel is so darn cute, even filthy, there’s no way you could stay mad at that sweet little soul. Good luck with the opossum. Last summer every evening just after dark, Sammie would want out and be gone for quite sometime. Finally when she was at the door to come in there was little Opie the opossum in the yard, playing dead. Sammie was done with Opie because he was no longer a playmate so she’d come in and about a half hour later when I checked, Opie was gone. This went on for weeks until one morning after barn chores Sammie was somewhere on the farm. When she finally came back, just outside the garage, there she sat with a opossum almost the size of her! She had killed it but sat there watching it, waiting for it to play more. I didn’t know Aussie’s were such hunters.

    Hazel must get more baths than any dog I know, but she sure has fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I’ll take a picture of Hazel this morning – I did not give her a bath yet she looks quite clean. Evidently the dirt is in Rick’s chair or her bed because I can’t believe how clean she looks. Possums are great fun because they rarely fight back and I’m not sure if the dogs have ever actually killed one.

  16. Rita in Iowa

    Mary Hazel is such a character. But you love her just the same. Mary the T-shirt is quite fitting on you. Good job on using the shirt fabrics. Been cutting up scraps into 2.5 x 4.5 for a Potato Chip quilt.
    Nancy your quilt is gorgeous, thank you for sharing,
    And the nine patch wedding quilt will be cherished for years.
    I was up early as I couldn’t sleep, my cough and throat was keeping me awake so I just got up. Yesterday I was diagnosed with Covid. First time having it. Oh well! This too shall pass.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – when I had Covid I felt very very sick and I was so tired for quite a while. Just rest if you possibly can and get some good cough medicine!

  17. Lynette in Orlando

    Hazel just has the cutest little face!!! ❤️❤️

    Happy for you that Iowa won. I am shaking my head how LSU behaved — from walking out of the National Anthem to the crown on the chair….. wow. That’s all on the coach in my opinion. What behavior that coach has taught and reinforced in those young ladies. Sad, very sad. I do hope Iowa goes all the way. Been reading that UConn is the team to beat this year. We shall see, LOVE your selfie with your Caitlin shirt!!!! 😍

    As always, the reader quilts are so beautiful and inspiring. I know I’ve said it before, but Mary thank you for taking the time to post them and share with us. It sure brightens my day.

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for posting my checkered 9 patch wedding quilt! It was a very sunny day yesterday, so l put an old quilt on the driveway and lay the 9 patch on top for the photo, l am a bit short on space inside as l have the6foot long cutting table still up taking all the space,pinning quilts and cutting out clothes. Your selfie was great, especially with the Caitlin t-shirt!
    Hazel is a handful taking mudbaths! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Kris in WI

      Sandy, I can just see the new couple snuggled under their cozy quilt, eating popcorn and watching a movie. What a thoughtful gift! Kris

  19. Martha W in WY

    The game was a great game! Hazel probably knew that the possum was in the rock pile. Smart dog!!! The first reader’s quilt (I can’t make out the name, but I can see she lives in Minnesota. ) is very striking. I also think the block made with all the striped and plaid fabrics is amazing not only because of the colors, but the lines are perfect. Making a block like that would have driven me over the edge. I can’t imagine making many of those blocks.

    1. NancyTD

      Martha. My name is Nancy TD. The pattern is Swoon by Bonnie and Camille. Glad you liked the quilt.

      1. Beryl BC

        Your quilt is beautiful. It’s a great pattern and a nice collection of fabrics.
        I couldn’t do any hand sewing during the Iowa game until about the 4th quarter, too much excitement.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – but the 2×4 blocks is actually very easy – only one size piece to cut and everything fits so nicely.

  20. Jan Smith

    Basketball has been thrilling, and I was also shocked at Duke’s elimination.
    Baseball has been just as exciting so far! Yankees are my team, and they are 5-0. It’s so fun when your team(s) are doing well, Instead of being a fair weather fan!

  21. Sally

    Cheers Mary!!! So happy Iowa is on to the Final Four! Cute selfie, love the sweatshirt! Hazel certainly keeps you busy, I love how all the dogs get along. I love the quilts and your 2×4 block. Something about the simplicity of a checkered 9 patch quilt that is so nice.
    My sister was having back/hip problems. After some physical therapy and getting a new bed, the pain is gone.

    1. Lois Ann Johnson

      I wanted to chime in about the hip pain you are having, Mary! I, too, had some a few years ago and the doctor diagnosed it as bursitis. She suggested physical therapy. It actually worked! No pain after several weeks of doing the exercises. Amazing results.

  22. Cindy K

    What a great game. So fun to watch. Oh that Hazel😂😂. Reminds of a book I used to read my kids when they were little-Harry the Dirty Dog. Nice quilts and your potato chip block makes me want to make another one. Love your selfie-and the tshirt. Prayers to Marsha

  23. Jan Hebert

    It was such a great game! Love your selfie, haha! the quilts are great too. Heading to bed. Jan on MA

  24. carlene buck

    What kind of dog breed is Hazel? She sure is an avid hunter and has a feisty nature. I bet those opossums dread having her around.
    I love that 2 x 4 block of homespuns/plaids/stripes/checks.
    I don’t follow sports, but I have learned a lot about Iowa (and national) girls basketball reading your posts. Go Caitlin! Go Iowa!
    I am a southwest Iowa girl and used to love 6 on 6 girls’ high school basketball in the 1960’s. But I guess life, work and quilting redirected me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carlene – true to her breeding, Hazel is a Jack Russell Terrier. Fierce little dogs who will go down a burrow to reach a varmint of most any kind. I remember saying I wanted an active dog instead of a big one who just laid around and now I wonder what I was thinking???? It has come back to bite me in the butt!!! Haha!

      1. Janet S

        Mary, As the say goes ‘be careful what you wish for, you might get it’. But Hazel is so adorable and full of life.
        The first quarter of the Iowa game was sure a nail biter but thankfully they pulled it together in the second half. It was very kind for coach Mulkey to give Caitlin a hug which shows how much respect she has for a super athlete. Great ending to the game. Now for the next hurdle.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Janet – I agree -Mulkey praising CC was a high point for me! I was nervous about this game and paced during the first quarter and then it got better. Next game Friday night against UConn and then S Carolina if all goes well.

  25. Marsha from Kansas

    Mary, I love your first selfie. Yes, we can be big fans at any age! My grandma used to call some kinds of hornets mud dobbers, but when I saw Hazel, that expression came to my mind. Many years since I heard it, but it just seems to fit. I want to thank everyone who has sent a card. I have so enjoyed every one of them. I’m in the hospital for probably a while hoping my kidneys start working again. Seems like health issues start a domino effect I call it. Now leading to atrial fibrillation but heart doctor says treat the kidneys, the cause of the afib. My husband is bringing some hand work up for me to work on, hope the light is enough. I am spoiled with my Dazor light by my chair at home. Love the quilts you have posted lately. So beautiful. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, Mary! You know how to brighten everyone’s day with your blog about nothing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – oh, I’m sorry you’ll be there for a bit!! Darn it anyway! We’ll all pray your kidneys get back on the job soon. Do you like to read? Do you feel up to handwork? Tell me what you like – I’ll see what I can scare up to send you. Yes, I agree Hazel looks like a mud dobber – by now that mud is all dried on and it will be futile to bathe her so maybe I won’t.

      1. Marsha from Kansas

        I’m working on Lori Holt Bee Vintage project. There are 20 blocks and I’m just getting started on my first block. I have five blocks glued down ready for the applique. Lots of prep work doing the Lori Holt applique method!

        Kidney numbers getting slowly better, .2 at a day. PT is supposed to be by today. Forward progress each day!

    2. Kim from Wi

      Oh Marsha, I’m sorry you are still in the hospital. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that your kidneys get back to working. Health issues are never a fun way to spend ones time. Glad your husband can bring you something to work on.
      Hugs, from Wisconsin

  26. Donna Sproston

    Caitlin deserves all the accolades, and even Coach Mulkey stopped to hug her! The team was ready to play. i was binding a table runner while watching but kept sticking the needle in my finger during the first half. Things got better in the third quarter and I finished it.
    You are not an old lady. Neither am I and I am now an octogenarian.
    Dreaded frozen mix then snow in the forecast tomorrow in Wisconsin.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – it’s actually spitting snow or rain here tonight. Nothing major but will contribute to more mud. Hazel will be thrilled! Ha! I saw Mulkey hug Caitlin, too, and called her a generational player.

  27. Jo in Wyoming

    2 ice teas…good for you.
    That Miss Hazel can sure have fun with the mud. It reminds me of kids who play with the box more than the toy that came in it.
    Your selfie is great…take more.
    I predict Caitlin will be in the Olympics some day. Wouldn’t that be spectacular.

  28. Mareen

    I wonder if you got a new mattress if it would help Mary and maybe you have tried that I don’t get to read your blog everyday tho so maybe it’s been discussed. The games have been great I was out here in CO and taking Kennedy to school today I saw sever teenagers with Catlin Clark shirts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – so even Colorado kids wear Caitlin Clark shirts, huh? Awesome!

  29. Lynn H

    Mary, you are not an old lady!! You do more work around your place and caring for your animals than most people can do in ten lifetimes!!!! And with pain! You are amazing! Keep on cheering for your favorite team!

  30. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Great win for Iowa! Great selfie, too. I’m enjoying all the commercials featuring Caitlin Clark. I’m sure the companies hiring her are happy, too!

  31. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Love your photo and Caitlin shirt and You bet we can be big fans!! Great win for Iowa women.’s team 🏀

  32. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I am exhausted! It is hard to play so hard–lol.
    I drank one glass of wine and put on 5 labels for Honor Flight Quilts. Whew.
    We are in for some wild weather tomorrow. Buddy is already on his fleece bed in the basement
    beside the refrigerator. No windows. He is terrified of thunder. We will be down there with him
    tomorrow. We had a few tornadoes near us last time.
    Time for bed.

  33. Mary Beth from Missouri

    I hear your literal pain about going to bed and your pain being worse when you’re trying to rest. I have the same issue with my hips and knees. Even though I have pain throughout the day, I’m going about my day moving around. I think when we’re resting comfortably for several hours in the same position, our arthritis inflames plus this stormy weather we’ve been having for the last few weeks doesn’t help. Our grandparents used to be able to tell when the weather was going to change just from their aching bones. Now I understand. I don’t know if I want to LOL or sigh….😊 Mary Beth from Missouri

  34. Shirley Andersen Smith

    I had 2 ice teas Mary….great game. They took care of business. Ya hoo.
    Stock up your ice tea for the next round.
    Shirley from Oregon

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