Easter Happenings, 3-31-24

Nice church service – Sonrise service, breakfast, morning service with communion – full church as it normally is on Easter. It’s kind of aggravating to me who is there every week. Same thing with the choir.

Here is the continuing possum story. Throughout the evening last night I went out to the grove where the trap was set. Nothing. About 10 pm I didn’t know where Hazel was so off to the grove I went again. Yup, sure enough, there she was….and there was the possum that she was nudging around with her nose. Of course the possum was playing dead so Hazel was having her way with it, not hurting it, just play fighting with it. I made her come to the house with me – she had mud caked on her chin, her chest, her front feet – all from digging under the shed. Into the sink she went for a bath leaving the water black.

I shut her in the house for the night and went back to set the trap. I got up very early to drag the trap into the lawn mower shed until I got home from church to get rid of him. NO POSSUM IN THE TRAP!!! Dang. So tonight I’ll try again.

Games again today – some big surprises – such as Duke getting beat. And then there’s tomorrow night’s game.

Another find in the grove – has to be an oriole nest – lined with fiberfill probably from a torn apart dog toy. Scissors shown for scale.

Saw this in the yard yesterday – a small area covered with downy feathers and a few tail feathers from some type of bird. It’s a mystery.

Tomorrow is Dirty Dozen Day – April 1. The number for April is eight – 8. Alternate color is STRIPE of any kind. Let’s see how many readers ask me tomorrow what the number is. I will post again.

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30 thoughts on “Easter Happenings, 3-31-24

  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Happy Easter! We had a lovely day here, no wild animal tales, though. 😉 I’m married to a Purdue grad so our basketball viewing today was a happy event. It’s hard being a Big 10 fan in ACC country. I hope that your trapping will prove successful soon! Love that nest.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I’ll remember your Mr. when I watch Purdue. Haha! Big 10 in ACC – good one!!

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, have just sent photos of the wedding quilt to you, beautiful sunny day here In New Zealand. I have seen a lot of the chicken bowls (in the reader photo) on yhe internet, they seem to be as popular as house hippos!So, now it’s back to the improved 9 patch blocks, 19 to go!
    Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Lynette in Orlando

    Happy Easter Mary. I hear you about church — I feel the same way. Christmas also……

    1. Janet S

      Lynette, Funny you should say that. When I was a kid, the minister got up on Easter morning and wished everyone a Merry Christmas as would be the next time he would see them.
      Some things never change.

  4. Connie in kansas

    Easter and Christmas our church is always packed. Our minister starts the service with welcomes and announcements. He tells the congregation that we have a special group in church today. We are asked to stand and welcome the CEOs
    Christmas and Easter only
    He always gets a big laugh

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Yea, I think Christmas and Easter are popular here too.
    I was invited out for dinner, but they canceled due to being sick. Bummer. I hope they get well soon. It’s cold here and a bit windy.
    I forgot to mention the cleaning lady suggestion you made. Yes, I finally got one and wouldn’t trade her anything. After the guilt of getting her passed, I love having her. Good ones are hard to find.

  6. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Do you think the possum is wise about the live trap? I would imagine you are tired of giving Hazel midnight baths.
    We tried to catch a stray male cat; he just sat by the trap and looked at the can of tuna. I think his mama taught him well. That was four years ago, and he is still unaltered. 🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🙄
    Nancy TD Minnesota, your table runner is beautiful, and I love the chicken dish.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – he might be trap savvy but I won’t give up. Have you ever covered the trap and put something on the wire floor so he doesn’t know it’s the trap?

    2. NancyTD

      Jeanie S . Thanks. I was playing with scraps and learning a new machine. The pattern is from the Big Book of Table Toppers. Rhubarb Crisp by Jo Morton. (P94). It is also on the cover of the book.

  7. Linda in So CA

    That downy bird…please be careful that whatever got the bird doesn’t go after your chickens. Rained all last night and all day today. The sun came out briefly, about dinner time. We need the rain but enough is enough. Tomorrow they measure the snow pack which helps determine how much water we have this year. Will send pics of 5 day old hummers right outside my front door. Mom is taking great care of them…well fed and dry. Happy April Fools day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – oh, I can’t wait to see those baby birds! I’ll bet they’re tiny. I only have 9 hens and they rarely leave the barn. Yes, it sounds like you folks have had enough rain!!

  8. Sue In OR

    What kind of bait are you using to trap the possum? I just read that canned pet food is a good one and also apples. I see there is a You Tube video about catching possums in a live trap. I didn’t watch it but I did see where to click to view it. Perhaps you already have….
    Does Hazel fight you when you give her a bath every night? I would bet she is pretty disgruntled about it.
    Pretty little bird nest. Do you think the feathers and the nest are related. Gee….Hope not.

  9. Barbara Yarnell

    So excited to work on my Dirty Dozen this month which will be my copycat of the Grandmothers Flower Garden. Although I won’t have much time to sew this month as I’m traveling this week and organizing a yard sale of everything in my late brother’s house when I get back. But I already trimmed my blocks, planned the layout, and chose the setting fabric.
    Sandy: can’t wait to see pictures of the Improved 9 patch blocks! Is it as hard as it looks?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – I’m thrilled that you were inspired to trim your blocks!

  10. Donna Jo

    Never a dull moment with Hazel and possums!☺️ I sure hope you catch it! What an interesting nest. My BIL thinks Iowa is going to win tonight. He’s very confident; said LSU won on Saturday because of some bad calls. I hope he’s right!

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I recently heard a term for Christmas and Easter church folks….Christers. I skipped going knowing it was going to be crowded and having had a mild case of Covid almost a month ago, I want to make sure my resistance builds up and not pick up a cold or cough which are going around. I still believe in testing as I’m around older folks and don’t want to harm their fragile systems.
    Today I am doing one of your favorite things Mary! Pulling fabrics for an Eclipse quilt pattern to make this week. Looking forward to a nice ham sandwich and chips while we watch the big game tonight. News said it will be the most watched game and women’s sales of tickets have far exceeded the men’s prices.

  12. Diana in Des Moines

    Our pastor calls those people who only attend church twice a year “Easter people”. If I miss church, it’s usually because one of is sick, then we watch live stream. My week is out of whack if we don’t go!

    Found some yellow feathers out behind our barn yesterday. Will need to inspect further for any clues as to what it was. We had a lovely bonfire yesterday, until the rain came.

    I sewed all weekend on donation quilts for Uganda. 2 layers of flannel, no batting. A friend I sew with gave my church 4 boxes of flannel scraps, mostly strips from binding cut offs and a few yardage pieces. I cleaned out 2 of those boxes and have 14 quilts done. I want to get as much done until my patio and garden call my name!!

    Good ole Hazel!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – 14 quilts! Well done! Yes, Hazel is being a typical terrier, isn’t she? Sometimes I wonder if those naysayers were right when they said Hazel would be too much for an old lady like me!

  13. Pat in AZ

    Nancy TD, your table topper is so awesome. Those are some teeny tiny geese!
    Hazel is one determined little girl. I’m sure you are getting tired of the middle of the night baths.

  14. Louverna Tomer

    We had a church full as well. I pray for them that they listen to the sermon and they get the point of salvation. Hopefully some of them will start coming each week. If not, I tried. Church attendance is getting less and less, and you can see it by the way the country is going. So sad. Mary, never a dull moment with Hazel.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Louverna – we do have quite a few young families with little kids which is really encouraging. Most go to the local Christian school. When it’s time for the children’s sermon I sit right next to them on the piano bench so I count them each week- sometimes there’s 40-50 kids!!!

  15. Launa

    Returning your chair ASAP Mary? Picture showed it Cozy in the quilts!!
    Many watch Church on TV!
    No new snow here this morning…sun is shining this April Fools Day!
    28o up here in Idaho!

  16. Ann in PA

    Our Church had sunrise service at Calvary Cemetery. There is a beautiful statue of The Pieta at the top of the hill where everyone gathers around the altar. I love the peaceful sounds of early morning with Song Sparrows, Robins, & Cardinals singing as we celebrate Easter as the sun rises in the sky. My good friend said her Church was “standing room only” for Saturday Easter Vigil, and both Sunday services. Her friend made a comment about the “holiday crowd” taking up seats. I guess it’s better they come, even if it’s only twice a year; maybe something will touch their hearts to come more often. So many are calling Faithful Christians, extremists. That nest looks like an Oriole’s nest. They build softball size, soft nest that are deep and dangle and sway softly in the treetops. Not sure what those feathers belonged to…Titmouse? Junco? Some hawk had a nice meal. I always wish they would get invasive house sparrows or European starlings and not the “good birds”.
    Hazel is true to her breed! No fun giving baths late at night when you want to relax an go to bed. Pretty reader quilt of Flying Geese. Watched Villanova & Penn State Women’s game today but heading for a shower now to ready for the Iowa vs LSU game. It’s early here – hoping that it doesn’t get too rough and that the refs calls are fair. Go IOWA! xxoo

  17. Chris in Alaska

    Easter blessings to everyone ! Stripes are my favorite color 🙂 Glad Hazel survived the possum ! We’re expecting a big winter storm this week , not fair after our week of teasing 40 degree temps .

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