A quick post – 9-25-22

The trailer full of pumpkins was a hit at church today and I will replenish some of the favorites the next time I go to town. The youth group will be going on a mission trip next summer and I’ve heard several locations mentioned. I ordered the seed last January before any of the heirloom varieties were sold out. Rick tilled the two big gardens and since he was not able to work in the garden this summer, I took over both plots with the exception of a few peas and tomatoes and planted hill after hill of pumpkins and fancy gourds. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t kill myself weeding them – what the vines produced without any attention from me was what it was going to be. Period. And wow! The vines really produced – people have asked what I did and actually I didn’t do much of anything except buy really good seed. And we had really nice rains throughout the summer.

Would you like me to list the varieties? I will if anyone is interested.

I would also like to address the many suggestions of having a puzzle made. If you want to have a puzzle made for your own personal enjoyment, write to me and I will give you written permission for one puzzle. After some research, I found that each puzzle would cost around $35.00 plus shipping and handling. Everything costs so much!

Reader quilts:

Playhouse Pumpkin

Wow! Wasn’t that a Bullseye show? Makes me want to start another one – how about you? Thank you, MOE! I loved it!

October 1 is right around the corner – I’ll be drawing a Dirty Dozen number as well as a color of the month – choose one or the other or both?

Many of you have asked how I’m feeling and I wouldn’t offer this unless I was asked. My cough is still sometimes so violent I gag. By evening my neck, jaw and head all hurt probably from coughing. I’m pretty tired and many days need a nap after dinner but I’m retired so I guess it’s ok. I told Rick just this morning that I’m so tired of not feeling 100%.

Our nighttime temps are heading down by freezing this week which means the plants have to be brought in or covered. Ugh. Tomorrow a carpenter is coming to put new screen on the porch. This is what I did this afternoon west of the barn where I think the hawk or owl is getting my chickens. Maybe those rippling strips will keep the predator away or maybe it will keep the chickens from going out there. Anything is worth a try.

More pictures, fewer words tonight.

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  1. Deb in Japan

    This is going to sound really funky and off the wall but….. My daughter had a similar problem with a horrible, persistent cough that the doctors assured her would go away shortly on it’s own. No such luck. I heard of a weird way to stop coughs – spread Vick’s vapo rub on your feet (put it on kinda thick) and sleep with a pair of cotton socks on. After about 4 or 5 nights of doing this, her cough was gone. Her feet were soft too.

    Now I’m not sure it would work for you, but worth a try? Let me know.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb in Japan – I, too, have heard of it and have done it in the past. It has been so hot I couldn’t stand the thought of socks but tonight’s the night! I’m doing it!

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, we call the big pumpkin Queensland blues, great for soup, pumpkin scones and muffins (although l love the term used yesterday Cinderella coaches!). They are great as roast vegetables also.l do hope the Vicks vapour rub works for you Mary. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Dorothy

    So sorry you are still not feeling well Mary. Hang in there, one day it will happen and you won’t even remember feeling sick. Can’t believe that all of those pumpkins came from your garden. Quite a haul.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Hello Moe, Kim, Geri and Sandy. So nice to see reader faces with their quilts. What a wonderful show tonight! And I love all the bullseye’s quilts and you’re right, Mary, it does make me want to make another one.
    The kitties are so sweet to see. Thanks for watching over all the animals you do, Mary. You are a jewel. Now I am already worrying about the animals in FL in the path of this next hurricane so it’s on my mind tonight. Hopefully new people who have moved there take this seriously to protect themselves and their pets.
    I hope you have a good nights sleep. No fun feeling so lousy day after day.

  5. Lynne from NJ

    Loved seeing all the bullseye quilts. I’m going to have to make one. Maybe you could train Keeper to be a livestock guardian dog to protect the chickens. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    It’s so hard to have a great attitude while feeling poorly. I do hope something helps you. Something has to help.
    The bulls eye retreat looks like a lot of fun. I’m going on our fall retreat next week and there are many email exchanges on what kind of snacks will be brought. I’d rather quilt than cook. I have that cookbook, I should check it out for recipes.
    Love the pictures tonight.

  7. Kay

    Amazing all those pumpkins. Great idea for puzzle.
    Live all the pictures of Bullseye quilt, I’m working on one also .

  8. Betsy Scurlock

    Mary I would like to know what seeds you planted to get such lovely pumpkins and gourds. I have wanted to plant some but mine never do good. I live in Ohio.
    Thank you Mary

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – I’d like to make another, too, and how many have I made???? Maybe this winter

  9. Sue in Oregon

    All of those Bullseye quilts are wonderful! And, yes, I should make another one. I have quite a few blocks left over from the last one, so why don’t I do it?? They are fun to make and quite warm. Maybe from all the layers. I know because I use mine in the winter.
    So worried about you and your cough. I have heard of the Vicks thing rubbed on feet and that it really works so hope you do try it. Wouldn’t that be great? Also…send for some elderberry cough syrup from an on-line source. And, try honey, too.
    Keeper looks like he is inside a van or motor home. Is that where he is? Those ears! I love his ears.

  10. Debbie Miller

    Yes-gorgeous photos! So sorry about the persistent cough-I don’t have any suggestions. I’ve never heard of the vaporub on the feet but my mom always used it in a vaporizer when she was sick and also rubbed in her nose. Being in the vaporizer we all got the benefits! I too love Keeper’s ears!

  11. Linda Carpenter

    Hi Mary, I would love to hear more about Keeper. What is his personality? How does he do with the chickens and the cats?

  12. Sandra Goddard

    I would love to know the seed names you used. Did you mail order them? Your puppy just makes me grin every time I see him. Those ears!. Wish you feel 100% soon. No fun feeling off your game. Asking for prayers for my husband tomorrow. He is having prostate surgery. Not too serious no “C” word. Needs to open up the passage to allow a better flow. Still it is worrisome. Thanks for always being here. Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra – you and Margie should be in contact – both having husbands with prostrate issues.

  13. Judy

    Hi! Your pictures are sonice to see. The pumpkins are just wonderful. I would love to know what seeds you are buying. I’m sorry you are still not at your peak healthwise and I hope you start having a very fast recovery. Rest is always good.

  14. Margie

    Am keeping you in my prayers Mary. Sandra, will keep you and your husband in my prayers. My husband will be getting radiation for prostate cancer soon. Loved all the pics today! Keeper is so lucky to be with you and Rick.

  15. Mary Markert

    Love reading all your stories and seeing all the pictures and quilts you share. Look forward to your posts everyday!!!

  16. Wendy T.

    Thanks Mary. Loved all the pictures! And yes – I have been thinking about making another Bullseye Quilt. I keep coming across my “leftovers” from the last one I did and remembering how much fun I had making it.

  17. Louverna

    I had not thought to use one prominent color range in a bullseye quilt. Love the red and blue. Mine is made in Christmas colors. (Not finished, as usual.)
    I hope the kids make lots of money for their mission trip. You are so generous in so many ways.
    Wish I lived close so I could purchase some pumpkins.
    Louverna (in Ohio)

  18. Pat Farrell

    The quilts posted are all beautiful and it is a nice quilt show with the postings.
    The pumpkin patch you supplied the children with as a fund raiser was a great
    idea and hopefully will sell well.
    Now about Keeper I love his ears and I would love to give him a hug, so I am sending
    a hug to him from Ma. You surely have earned your angel wings with all the wonderful
    deeds you accomplish.
    Thank you for all your work. Pat

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Farrell – everybody loves Keeper’s big ears – I’m wondering if he’ll grow into them or if they’ll keep getting bigger, too. Yes, I’m also hoping the pumpkins bring in a pile of money for the kids.

  19. Rhoda

    Have you tested for Covid Mary?
    Pics are beautiful and yes the pumpkin/ gourd pic would make an excellent puzzle.

    Thank you for sharing all the lovely pics

  20. Marsha

    The pumpkins are amazing!

    The bullseye quilts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Could you have long covid or pneumonia? Maybe you should see a dr. It’s been quite awhile!


  21. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    1. Your cough. Do try the Vicks and also a humidifier in your room. Hope it helps, but maybe a chest x-ray?
    2. Quilts are awesome. Isn’t it nice to think you and Aunt Amy (?) are the originators of the popularity of that quilt?😀😀
    3. My husband reads your blog, too. And he commented on the lovely quilt show! He painted houses in the summer—many were the “Painted Ladies” with 3 to 5 or even 7 colors so he is my “ color man”.
    4. My grandson asked for another quilt. Might just be a Bullseye😀
    5. Love the pumpkins and would like to know the seeds, too.
    6. I am sad. My most favorite dog ( 14 1/2 year old Bulldog, Butterbeab)) on my walking route was found to have a cancerous mass on her liver. The Vet said they couldn’t wait a week so they made an appointment for last Friday, but she passed Thursday night. She was adorable and even had a special bark when she saw me coming. 🥲🐶.

  22. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Mary, I would love to have you list all the pumpkin varieties on the blog and also where you ordered them. I love growing pumpkins and am always looking for new ones! Thanks.

  23. Marilyn Magelitz

    I don’t comment much but love your blog and look forward to it everyday. Love all your pics and the pumpkin one is really an excellent one. Would make a great puzzle!
    I did make the bullseye quilt and is one of my very favorites. A friend and I made 2 comfort quilts from the cut out circles to donate to our quilt Guild.
    I hope the streamers work and pray that your cough gets better very soon.
    Blessings, Marilyn

  24. Sandi

    Mary, I’m so sorry that you are unwell. You do so much each day, it must be difficult to rest and heal. Take care.

  25. Connie R.

    I too, would like to know details on your pumpkin seeds. What a wonderful crop and such a generous fundraiser donation on your part.
    The Bullseye quilt is still one of the favorites I made from your pattern. I’ve also made your Mr Green Jeans pattern in denim and scraps like the one Sandy pictured. That was fun to make too.
    That picture of Keeper in the van makes me laugh. What a great unplanned addition to your home . “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – yes, Keeper is certainly God’s hand at work – I sure wasn’t looking for another dog!

  26. Lynn in Scottsdale. AZ

    What great quilts today. Thanks for the show.

    Margie and Sandra-Will put you both and your husbands on our prayer list.

    Diane-Sorry about Butterbeab’s passing and your sad heart. Thank goodness for sewing to help ease our sorrows.

    Mary-Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

      Thank you, Lynn. I pass her house every day and it’s sad. I have known her for her whole life. Very sweet girl🥲

  27. Jan Hebert

    We have two Sandy’s from Illinois! Hello all of you lovely ladies! Love seeing faces to go along with names (and quilts!). So many awesome Bull’s Eye’s! Makes me want to finish mine. I love seeing all of the border choices. I’d like to make another too but this time with more intentional color choices. I’d love to see your Christmas fabric one Louverna. Keeper in the van, so cute! And the kitty pictures make me smile…we just got a kitten! Well, he’s a little older than a kitten but he’s very pretty – a gray tiger striped kitty. After all of my husband’s insisting on not having another animal, I think he’s pretty smitten with our kitten! I hope the Vick’s is helping Mary, let us know! And I look forward to your list of pumpkins/gourds. Jan in MA

  28. Vicki

    I love the colors in Sandy’s quilt. I wouldn’t have thought of putting them together, but the total picture is quite striking. That is one thing I love about all the projects that people share – seeing what people come up with that starts me thinking of what I can do.

    Mary, I too have recently heard about the Vicks rub. It is worth a try. Mom used it on my chest when I got a bad cold as a child. I just remember the smell.

    We are cleaning off the garden at our house. Only tomato and pepper plants left and they are still producing.

  29. Kathy Hanson

    So sorry that you are still feeling lousy! That hard coughing is so hard on your body! Prayers that you will be better very soon! Love all the pictures, so glad your pumpkins made such a treat! Well worth your time and effort and so glad you didn’t have to put very much work into it!!! Keeper is looking wonderful!

  30. Jayne

    I would like to know where you ordered your seed from and what variety they were. I love the bullseye quilt. I did the sew along with you a few years ago. Thanks for all of the pictures.

  31. Jan Smith

    Praying for an answer to your nasty cough, and return to your energetic self.
    It was fun to see your Mr. Greenjeans pattern. Oh, how I loved Mr. Greenjeans on Captain Kangaroo. I would be excited when he was on the show. No idea why! Does anyone remember that show?

    1. Deb in Japan

      Jan, I too remember the show and how we loved to watch it everyday. I grew up in Minneapolis so we also had Axel’s Treehouse (with Nurse Carmen) in the early morning, Casey Jones at lunchtime and Dave Lee and Pete after school. In fact, I was just thinking of Mr. Rabbit when I saw a stuffed toy this past weekend.

      1. Jan Smith

        Now I haven’t heard of that. Perhaps it was local? How about Romper Room? As I recall, it was the one with kids sitting in a circle around the teacher. She would look in her magic mirror, and say, “I see Bobby, Susie or whomever”. She never called my name, and I would be sad for a while each day.

        1. deb

          I think most of the shows we watched as kids (in the 50s and 60s) were local but I do remember Miss Betty on Romper Room.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Smith – are you kidding? Captan Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans were my whole childhood! Haha!!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        And Mr. Moose and BunBun and Dancing Bear and Grandfather Clock….. My mom made me a Captain Kangaroo costume and my brother a Mr. Green Jeans costume one year for Halloween!

        1. Sherry Whalen

          Oops – I was Mr. Green Jeans and my brother was the Captain! I should have proofed my comment lol.

        2. Jan Smith

          I had forgotten about the Grandfather clock!. Don’t remember the others, but my husband does. I’ll have to look them up on YouTube.

  32. Susy Boyer from San Diego

    Lots of great pictures today! Thank you talking about the gardening of your great pumpkins and such!

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