It was a pumpkin day! 9-24-22

The church kids did a good job of loading the pumpkins – I had them all cut but there were just so many more than I had expected.

Here is one very full trailer!

I had to take lots of them off because we should have picked a variety instead of all the same kind in layers. Hindsight is 20/20.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful puzzle?

49 thoughts on “It was a pumpkin day! 9-24-22

  1. Carol Garverick

    Yes, that would be a wonderful puzzle! Do you do puzzles on your phone/tablet/computer? There are apps that let you upload your own photo.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    What a generous gesture of letting the church youth group have these to sell. I would be buying several if I lived closer cause nothing like supporting our youth fundraisers. I am sure they enjoyed all being together and later displaying them for sale. Thanks for sharing this day with us.

  3. DebMac

    What lovely pumpkins with so much variety!
    I planted 4 hills and got 3 pumpkins. Wildlife ate the biggest one before we could pick it. The other 2 are nice sized but one is orange and one is green. The vines are dying so will see if the green one ripens further. Pumpkins are always so much fun to grow because of the many shapes, sizes, and colors. You just never know what you will get.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roberta – Hi! Yes, it is a fundraiser for their mission trip next summer.

  4. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    You had a very bountiful pumpkin crop this year which you shared with your church. Bless you Mary.

    Hope your cough if better.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    WOW!!! Beautiful! Looks like you had a “bumper crop” this year for sure!! I’m sure the kids had a great time!
    That picture would be quite a challenging puzzle for sure!

  6. Bonnie McKee

    Beautiful pumpkins! What a great outing that must have been for the kids. 🎃❤️
    Bonnie in Oregon

  7. Angie from Baltimore

    There is a company that could turn your picture into a puzzle and I would get in line to purchase it. You did have a bumper crop. When I look at email yours is the first I read. It brightens my day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – would you happen to know the name of that company? Or I will search this afternoon

      1. Jo in Michigan

        Mary didn’t Country Living Magazine use to have a picture turned into a puzzle on the last page of their magazine? Maybe look there.
        What a beautiful site to see! I love pumpkins 🎃

      2. Anita

        I used PersonalizedByElsy on Etsy (and yes in the name it is “Elsy” NOT “Etsy”). They made a puzzle for my granddaughter from a picture of her dog that I sent her. I am sure there are others, but I had good luck with that Etsy shop.

  8. Jean

    Those pumpkins! What fun. Yes. I would purchase a pumpkin puzzle. Great thanksgiving day activity!

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    What a wonderful picture of the pumpkin harvest; yes, a puzzle would be great!
    We hope you are feeling better, Mary.
    Take Care, 🥰

  10. Pattie W from PA

    I love doing puzzles and that would be a great one! Received your book in the mail yesterday. Thank you. Now I just have to decide which one to make first.

  11. Jan Hebert

    Wow! A very successful year for pumpkins! We have a good crop of squash this year. The mice and/or rabbits have gnawed a few here and there but I think they’re edible. I love your variety, maybe next year we will try pumpkins! Jan in MA

  12. Sue in Oregon

    I love your pumpkins. My favs are those big green Cinderellas coach-shaped ones. I grew those one year and found they are orange inside and made good pies. Yes! That photo would make a great puzzle.

  13. Marilyn Miller

    Great activity for your church family kids. The variety of sizes and colors is beautiful and yes, it would make a great puzzle or photo for a fall greeting card.

  14. Kathy L

    Wow you got so many we didn’t get any pumpkins we got squash bugs or that’s what I’m told and kills everything. But yours are beautiful.

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Pumpkins are so much fun to grow. You can see them get bigger EVERY day! God and a bird planted a seed in our yard 28 years ago and we loved watching it grow. We didn’t know it was a pumpkin at that time. We thought it was a cucumber? Anyway we had 11 of the most beautiful pumkins and the neighbor kids had a ball with their jack-o-lanterns.
    This year a couple millet plants and 3 corn plants decided to grow and I have loved watching them, too. We can just grow our own bird seed. The ears of corn aren’t up to Iowa standards, but…..
    Enjoy this beautiful weather. We had the pumpkin festival yesterday. The different school groups–college to high school — built catapults and the contest began. The School of Mines won first, but a high school got second. And a great day was had by all.
    Take care, everybody, and enjoy everything! Betty in Rapid City

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    😱, what a site!!! They are wonderful shapes, sizes and colors.
    Fun way to raise some dollars for the youth group.

  17. Marcia- SW Ohio

    Do you remember when you planted them? I think we planted ours so much later than last year. We have lots of green ones still. That is a very full trailer.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – it was so cold this spring that these didn’t get in until almost the end of May BUT we had perfect rains this summer!!! And I bought really good seed this year – I sent for it last January while it was all still available – no hardware store or grocery store seed packets this year and I do think it made a difference.

  18. Jeanne S in Co

    I too, like the idea of making a puzzle from your lovely wagon of pumpkins. Selling the puzzles could be a second way for the youth to raise money for their mission trip. Kind of like a bonus windfall.
    What a wonderfully. generous person you are for doing this for the youth. How many years have you done this project?

  19. Kim from TN

    What a great way for the youth to raise money for their trip. I bet they had a blast picking the pumpkins and gourds that day. The wagon looks mighty full, and it would make a great puzzle.

  20. Karen Gaither

    Your pumpkins were beautiful this year! I am sure that everyone will love them. Your patch looks so healthy and full of pumpkins. Always a beautiful time in Iowa.
    I hope you are doing better and getting over Covid.

  21. Linda

    Your pumpkins and gourds are wonderful, I’d like to have the whole load at my house. We don’t have many people come up to the house, especially no trick or treaters, but I love pumpkins and usually get some to sit by the door. My husband always asks why and the answer is simple, I love them! I think about putting out seed in the spring but I would bet mine would be eaten by all the deer we see so I don’t bother. Your green thumb produced a great bounty!

  22. Quilting Sister

    That’s absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful donation to give your church. I noticed last night that the church here (located on a major highway) is already setting up for the annual pumpkin sale in their large front yard. But they don’t have a variety like you do, just orange pumpkins … yours are way better! And your puzzle idea is great … please do it!

  23. RuthW in MD

    Looks like a great idea to have the Youth Group take over the puzzle idea for their Mission fund. You wouldn’t have to do much except give them the rights to the photo.

  24. Katie

    The pumpkins r BEAUTIFUL, my favorite, time of the year, I have been buying them, to decorate, my casita,
    It’s still HOT in Gilbert,AZ.
    But I keep ‘em indoors ,
    I love Pumpkins
    Thanks for sharing
    katie in Gilbert,Az.🍁🍁🍁🎃

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Katie, I Iooked up the definition of casida. Sounds charming! Thanks for my new word of the day!

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