A Quiet Day on the Farm

Not much happening today but thought I’d show you how brave little Tasha is when she goes into the barn with me.  Libby, the barker, is too timid to come with me but quiet little Tasha just can’t wait to do the chores.

Emma is already beginning to lose her winter coat even though I’m quite sure we have lots of winter still ahead of us.  (I can’t get this photo to turn – so sorry!)

Here is the low volume scrap vortex quilt on the machine and I think I can finish it today.

I finished this book last night and enjoyed it very much.  It takes place in the mid 50’s in a small town in Minnesota and talks about the Twins and other Minnesota  “landmarks” that I recognized.  Could be classified as a murder mystery.

Loaded all 4 dogs into the car this morning and went to the grocery store only to arrive there, 15 miles away, without my detailed list or my bags.  Obviously I can’t handle 4 dogs AND grocery shopping at the same time.  Ugh – back tomorrow with my list.  Very windy here today.  I’m feeling better – I slept in a twin bed which left room for just Libby and Tasha to join me.

11 thoughts on “A Quiet Day on the Farm

  1. Martha Engstler

    Those dogs have it so great, I see why people want to board their dogs with you and why the dogs seem to really enjoy their stay with you.

  2. Paula S.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Just remember to not over-do it too quickly. Also, love the low volume quilt!

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Great post, Tasha the Brave, Goat Coat Report, Show and Tell (Love the low volume prints and the quilting) and a book review! Is Tasha a Shih Tzu, she reminds me of my first dog Mu-C’hi (pronounced Mooch), he was a Shih Tzu, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between that and a Japanese Chin.

  4. Kathy

    Your quilt is beautiful. I would love to start something creative like this but time is spent writing. I must take time for creating something in fabric! Is your dog Tasha a Shitzu? They both are cute, small dogs which would fit my house nicely! Thanks for your photos that portray a full and well-lived life.

  5. Launa

    Oh Mary, I appreciate you sharing your lovely light scrap vortex today as I’ve been working on second Friday of Temecula’s Circa 2016 sew along;(12) 9 patches with a different dark center. Scrap quilts are my favorites. The chair backing was such a good choice for your previous quilt. Looking forward to the Pro football game from Hawaii on Sunday as Carr (RAIDER QB) was selected to replace Aaron Rodgers. Can’t wait for the following weekend’s SUPER BOWL from the new Levi stadium. Libby has a “tea dyed” version who visits me often when my fourth granddaughter brings her along. Looks like the weekend rain will be here by Sunday; we can certainly use a shower or two and more snowpack in the Sierras, but we are a long way from enough rain here to solve the drought.
    Good to hear you had a good night’s rest; get well my friend.

  6. Miriam

    Your scrap vortex quilt is beautiful!!! I really want to start piecing my scraps when I look at your quilts.

    I laughed at your store trip with four dogs. I take three when I go. I went to the quilt shop for my BOM and was looking at fabrics when several ladies walked in laughing. They were talking about the little truck full of dogs. I drive a Nissan, and 50-pound Tinker Bell always moves to the driver seat and sits patiently waiting for me while the two smaller terrier mutts take up the passenger seat. All of our pets are rescue dogs that people dump in the country thinking farmers will take them in. We’re full now. Vet care and upkeep is not inexpensive, and I still need fabric and thread money!

  7. Diane

    Little Tasha is brave; that is one scary chicken!! Your vortex quilt is so different; I really like it. Thanks for sharing the pics of the goats, too. I hope Emma doesn’t get cold. We have a grand daughter, Emma, who would love your farm. She lives in the city so has Chinchillas for her 4-H project. Thanks for letting us see your world:)

  8. Ann Barlament

    Chores look like fun around your place….I think I would want to “tag along” as well!

    Always looking for a good book to read….now I can check this one out. Your Vortex is wonderful.

    Last week I completed a small table topper for my friend (upstairs) using 1-1/4 cut strips. She thinks I’m crazy to use such small pieces and that’s why I did it! lol

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