Rug Update Photos

Here is Liz Morgan’s progress:

Beautiful primitive country colors, I think.  And here is Rhonda’s finished rug – in place and in use.

I just love getting to see these rugs!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!  I hope there are more rugs in your future.

20 thoughts on “Rug Update Photos

  1. Angie Rowland

    The rugs are wonderful. I do feel sorry for those in Iowa that are being bombarded by politicians before the Monday from Hell. At least you will be able to answer your phones and watch tv soon. Good excuse to listen to music and weave rugs. If you never have heard the duo called “the piano guys” They are wonderful.

  2. Louise

    Love the rugs, especially the second one…so pretty!
    Wish I didn’t have sew many UFOs doggone it.. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cindy

    I was wondering how I can get the pattern on how to make these beautiful rugs and how to make the rug loom or whatever you call it

  4. Carol

    Absolutely gorgeous, both! I love the muted tones of the first rug, and the cheeriness of the second!

  5. Deb

    Love them all and have to make some. I have a feeling they are addictive! I’m working my husband over in hopes he will make me a frame

  6. Diane

    Those are both gorgeous. I love the larger strips of the same color in #2 and the muted tones in #1. Both so pretty. I have about 10 more inches to go. Mary, thank you for introducing us to the rugs; I already have plans for my second one!!

  7. Penny Brooks

    Good afternoon everyone, I just have to tell Liz Morgan how I love the rug she is making. The colours are just what I want to work with. I would love to know what materials she used. Old clothes, yardage from her stash???? Rhonda your bright coloured rug is stunning and so large, wow. Thank you to both ladies for showing us their handy work. Great job gals!

  8. Betty Klosterman

    The rugs are great. Especially the pink one. I really like the rag rugs with a color plan. I don’t dare start one as I’ve got more than enough to get done now….. Oh, my cousins in Ft. Dodge put their house phone in the garage so they didn’t have to listen to it ring.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    I love seeing these rugs. I especially like the warping in Liz’s rug. I definitely am a rag rug addict, I’ve made two rugs so far, then I ordered a mini mug rug frame and have made 8 mug rugs and ordered a two in one frame which will make table runners and placemats. What I love about making rugs is it’s relaxing, a great way to use up a lot of fabric from scraps and stash and once it’s taken off the frame, you’re done and ready to be used. Thanks again Mary for finally getting me to make use of my rug frame which was sitting around for 10 years.

    1. Susan Woods

      Rose, where do you get the frames. I would love to do mug rugs and placemats and runners.

  10. Rhonda D

    Thanks again Mary for doing the rug-along and for answering my questions- it’s been so much fun.
    I’ve got to say how much I LOVE Liz’s rug colors! Liz, your rug is the inspiration for my next rug 🙂

  11. Kathy Schwartz

    The rugs are just awesome!!
    I wonder if the predicted weather will have any outcome for the caucus.
    Thanks for sharing all of your photos of the four leggers in your care.

    1. Cindy

      How much of the jelly rolls did you use for one rug and was the gold color in the roll or did you add those? I guess what my question should be, which jelly roll line did you use, designer, manufacture?
      Even if it is not still available it would give us an idea of where to start our hunt for something similar. Beautiful work Liz, did you have to block it or did it come off the frame that pretty and even?
      I am sure others and myself included, are looking forward to your second rug. Maybe you could send in a picture of how you support or hold the frame while working with it.

  12. Cindy Sabinske

    Is the second rug made with the large loom? I have ordered mine, and did not want to make too small of one. Looking at that pretty rug, well, makes me want to stop sewing and start cutting strips to roll into balls for the rug!! My cousin and I saw a beautiful rug made by a lady in Eagan MN last August, she used prom dresses to weave across and the fabrics were so pretty. She was at garage sale to buy more prom dresses for $1 and start cutting them up for rugs, she did t shirt rug also, she brought her project in process and completed to show the gals that she bought the dresses from the previous year!! That was so fun to see, hope to do my own rugs soon. Hope I can. Your book is good, just anxious to ‘start’ and do!!

  13. Ann Barlament

    Love the rich colors of the purple one!!! How fun for you all to have rugs that you made yourselves!!

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