A Quilt Suggestion, 12-29-20

If you don’t already have an idea what you’re going to sew on New Year’s Day, here’s a free pattern from Country Threads to use with a charm pack or with 5″ squares from your fabric collection.

This is an odd way to write a pattern but posting the photos from Connie’s computer – when all else fails – is what I’m going to do here.

Note – when sizing your blocks, measure the width of your blocks first to determine what size you will trim the length of the block so they end up square. Another hint – sometimes it helps to sew strips in alternate directions to keep the block straight.

This is a quick project that can be finished in an afternoon of watching football! And if you already have a project for New Year’s Day, this is a good one to have on hand when you need a quick gift.

Tomorrow I’ve got a one woman quilt show for you!

24 thoughts on “A Quilt Suggestion, 12-29-20

  1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I look forward to making that little quilt on New Year’s Day. Tomorrow I am digging out fabric for 5” squares. Due to Covid heavy duty cleaning, I covered our oak table with a piece of fabric-backed vinyl. I need a new table topper to liven up the vinyl.
    Thanks, Mary. 🥰

  2. Lauriejo

    I was just looking through a bin of scraps that need to be organized and found a bunch of square pieces! I guess I know what I’m gonna do on New Year’s Day. Thanks Mary

  3. Jan Smith

    Thank you do the free pattern!
    My heart just sunk when I read that Jo had to be sent back. Happy to know she is going to a family that has had success in the past with a traumatized dog.
    Happy new year to you! It’s bound to be better – fingers crossed.

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You so Much for this cute little pattern, looks like a lot of fun and very doable!! Now I have to go and find those charm packs I have been saving!
    Mary, you gave Jo the very best of you, not everyone can do what you do!! You are one special lady for trying!!!
    Hopefully she will continue to improve!

  5. Michele

    I got a chuckle from the pictures of Connie’s computer. Bottom right shows envelope marked “Florida $”. She must be getting ready to leave for FL. We do the same thing – set money aside for our upcoming trip to FL. Cant wait to leave, we had snow and ice last night. Ugh. Happy 2021 everyone.

    1. Connie

      Hi Michele…Connie here
      You are very observant!!! We go to Sanibel in February. I can hardly wait. Where do you go?

  6. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    Hoping Jo will get better in the new home. God bless you for trying so hard to help her.
    Thankyou for the little quilt pattern! It’s very cute!
    Have a Happy Healthy New Year!
    Bea knight

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bra Knight – I’ve got baby food on my grocery list so I can try making the treat recipe you sent.

  7. Dorothy

    1 1/8″ strips ?? YEEKS !!! Will enlarge since I don’t do “table mats, etc.” Sorry for you that you had to let Jo go, but am praying the new family has the magic touch. Sometimes “our” magic touch is just not enough. Hugs

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, you were a step in jo,s recovery, 100% better than her old life, we all wish her the best for the future. My aim is to finish my summer dressing gown in between sorting out 40 years of my husband’s stuff, going to be 2021,s project.happy new year everyone, best wishes from sandy

  9. Sue In OR

    Darling little quilt. Just how I like them these days. I will look check to see if I have something that will work.
    Can’t wait for the quilt show tomorrow.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like a lot of fun…thanks.
    Here’s hoping 2021 is a great year for all.

    Mary, it’s ok to 😢

  11. Luci

    Really love the table topper, fabric and pattern. Thank you for sharing this idea. My New Year sewing just got better.

    Mary, my heart hurts for Jo and you. I know you had such high hopes for her.

  12. Donna Sproston

    Thank you for the pattern! I have oodles of strips left from my Christmas mini log cabin binge and a couple of charm packs waiting for inspration. This pattern is just what I needed.

  13. Peggy S

    Gee thanks for the New Years inspiration. Just might have to dig out a charm pack!! Looks interesting & a quick sew!! Looking forward to a “quilt show” tomorrow. Never get tired of seeing quilts!!
    Happy New Year, Mary, to you & yours!L
    Peggy S

  14. Margaret in North Texas

    Looking forward to the one woman quilt show. Thanks for a quick pattern. Happy New Year to all.

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