One Woman Quilt Show, 12-30-20

Mary – 

These are pictures of guilt tops I donated (with backings and bindings) in the Fall to the Flathead Quilters Guild Outreach program in Kalispell, MT. They will quilt them and bind them to use in support of the many requests they have. They are all in the twin size range, approximately 75”’x 90”. There is a tumbler in fall colors, a disappearing 9 patch in red, white and blue, 3 of your Bullseye pattern (redrafted into 15” blocks) all done in batiks, each with a different border, and a Scrap Vortex and 3 string pieced tops, all in red, black and white. 9 shown plus another which I did not get a photo of.  My granddaughters perched themselves on the tailgate of my Tundra and reached to the sky so that I could get these pictures. It was a beautiful October day in Kalispell. 

I have 4 more Bullseye tops under construction plus way too many other projects. I am not participating in your DD challenge, but I try to get done what I can. I actually live in Spokane Valley, WA, about 4 hours from Kalispell. It was a fun grandma and granddaughters long getaway weekend that had a trail ride near Glacier Park thrown in.

I visited your shop twice, emailed quite awhile back, sometimes comment on your blog, and read all your posts about your farm, family and friends, quilts, animals, adventures … your life’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations, accomplishments and celebrations.

It took me awhile to share this, but I want you to know what an inspiration you are. I appreciate all that you do.

Sandy Mills

Thank you, Sandy! This was such fun and I feel like a slug compared to you! Seeing those bullseye quilts again is pretty tempting to start another one. I have also made a scrap vortex and loved doing it so maybe that’s what I should start on New Year’s Day instead of what I had already planned. Planning is the best part for me – I love pulling the fabrics and combining them. It’s the quilting and especially the binding that I hate. When I try to do the binding by hand my fingers go to sleep just putting on a thimble and trying to hold on to the needle. Danged old fingers!!!!

Wasn’t this fun? Thanks again, Sandy!

52 thoughts on “One Woman Quilt Show, 12-30-20

  1. Katherine Gourley

    Mary — thanks for sharing. Sandy — you are prolific and such beautiful work. Thank you for brightening my day.

  2. Diane Moffett

    This was fun! I love the quilt shows. Sandy, these are very pretty! I should take a selfie and post it with the word “slug” under it! I am binding my Baltimore Album quilt now. I started this in a class in 2004! I am determined to have it finished before the clock strikes midnight for the New Year!

  3. Peggy S

    Oh, my goodness!! What a wonderful quilt show. Such a marvelous effort and to donate to charity. Way to go, Sandy. See, Mary, what an inspiration you are for so many of us. What would we do without you my friend. Keep up the wonderful work you do.
    Peggy S

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Great show. I especially like the fabrics you used in the disappearing 9 patch. It isn’t overly busy and looks great. Have you made a dent in your scraps yet? Have fun and thank the granddaughters for a very good job displaying the quilts.
    Mary, are you collecting Christmas trees for the goats?
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – yes,I’ve put the word out for Christmas trees – some day right before the city does a pick up, I’m going to drive the pickup to town and fill up the back – the goats will have a feast!

  5. Tanya T. in Houston

    Yes, let’s do another Bull’s Eye together! Maybe we can try Sandy’s 15 inch block pattern?

    BEAUTIFUL work, Sandy. Thanks for sharing with us all. So inspiring!

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Beautiful quilts! There are going to be happy recipients of those quilts! Thanks for the quilt show to inspire us going into 2021! Happy New Year!

  7. Eileen

    What a wonderful quilt show!!! Lots of color,creativity and lots of work!!! Fantastic finish for 2020!

  8. Robin Boggan

    Oh my gosh ! So much fun to see all of your quilt tops Sandy! What a wonderful thing to donate all those quilt. Someone is going to love have one! Thanks Mary for sharing her story! ❤

  9. Susan

    Sandy, your quilts are a testament to your generous heart. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything when I look at all these. I especially like the red ones. I’ve always wanted to do a red/black/white quilt. Maybe 2021 will be the year! Time for me to start devoting more time to quilting. Thanks for the inspiration! Many people will benefit from your giving heart.

    1. Sue in PA

      Sandy, your quilts are absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed the quilt show so much and it inspired me to get going on finishing up my bullseye quilt. Mary, why don’t you consider sewing down your bindings with your machine? I refused to do that for a long time but just started doing it recently and it is wonderful! Unless it is a real heirloom quality quilt, I no longer want to spend hours hand stitching the binding, plus my hands have some arthritis issues which sometimes make it uncomfortable. Just food for thought.

      1. Sue In OR

        Me too, Sue. I have discovered a good way to do it. Plus, I really think they are stronger than hand-stitched ones.

        1. Betty Klosterman

          When I joined Project Warmth at our guild, I volunteered to bind quilts. I asked how they wanted them finished to which they said ‘you can do it any way you want.’ My choice was the sewing machine and it passed the ‘experts’ inspections with flying colors. I did 121 of them and actually got better with the tricks to get the job done.
          Happy New Year in Rapid City.

          1. Janice Brown

            Betty, Please share, via one of Mary’s post, the binding tricks you learned. I default to hand sewing because I am really bad at machine sewing. Thank you.

  10. Debbie

    What an accomplishment – Sandy!!!!! How generous you are to share your time, talent and resources with others! You are a blessing and an example to all!

  11. Kathy Hanson

    Sandy, what an amazing job that you have done – and how wonderful for the people doing the binding, etc. and especially the folks who will receive these beautiful quilts! WOW! What a labor of love that you have done. Thanks for sharing and thank you, Mary for letting us all see them!!

  12. Charlotte Shira

    Thanks for sharing this quilt show Mary. Sandy, you are an inspiration! Such beautiful work! I can’t wait to get my machine back next week.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  13. Marian

    Oh Mary, your friend Sandy certainly gave us a show. So inspiring to see what one woman can do! Beautiful quilts and a worthwhile mission.

  14. Margaret

    What an inspiration, stunning quilts and what a blessing to your family. So glad you got to post this. Mary so sorry for your hands, I get more fumbly
    each day ,especially if I don’t keep sewing. Just praising God for all that I can do. May the new year bring you strength, health and many more quilts. You inspire all of us.
    So sorry bout Jo, hope they can help her. So very sad.

  15. Sue In OR

    Amazing, fantastic, wonderful quilts. They are all stunning, but my fav is the Tumbler quilt. I only wish I were as organized as you must be, Sandy. I think I am at the end of the slug trail.

    1. Pamela forsling

      Curious about your cardinal quilt posted previously.Beautiful. Fabric or embroidery? If fabric..remember what it is? Thanks and have a Blessed New Year.

  16. Lyn

    Wow Sandy love the Bullseyes! I have done several & had just been thinking of starting another for a Grandson. Mine have all been flannel and 9 inch block. You have really inspired me. I also am from Washington State…..Lake Tapps other side of mountains! Thank you for sharing. And to Mary also!

  17. Sunflower from Michigan

    Beautiful, Sandy, and inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us, Mary. Happy New Year everyone.

  18. Rita in Iowa

    Sandy the quilts are fantastic. You are a wonderful person to share you love of sewing to help others.
    Mary thanks for sharing these with all of us.
    This year is just about over and we will all look forward to a better 2021.

  19. Sally J.

    Wonderful quilts!! You are a true inspiration and a very kind spirit to generously share with others. Bless you in all that you continue to do.
    Happy New Year to all!! Be still and know that God is always in control.

  20. Vicki in Seattle

    Thanks, Sandy, for sharing your beautiful quilts with us! You and Mary are inspiring us to get sewing in the New Year! Stay safe and well everyone!

  21. Sandra Pierson

    WOW Sandi Mills what an inspiration you are! I have been gathering red and white fabrics for about 3 years now to make a tumbler quilt but boy do I love your fall version. Wha5 size did you cut your tumblers?
    I lived in the Spokane area for a few years and Kalispell in the mid 80’s. I am going up there as soon as this Covid stuff is over………Maybe I’ll run in to you in one of the Quilt Shops up there.
    Sandy Pierson

  22. Sandra Mann

    Sandy Mills thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how the different borders pick up colors. I don’t follow Mary’s DD either, but every January I make a list of 12 I’d like to finish that year. Sometimes they get held over to the next year because I needed a baby quilt or someone requested a Christmas tree skirt. Over the years I’ve whittled down my UFO projects. I only have two left, but I have plenty of projects NOT started. I’m grateful to be moving forward and love this hobby during quarantine. Thanks, again. Love your blog, Mary.

    Sandy from Indiana

  23. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Wow! What a great show on this rainy day in Central Ohio. Thank you, Sandy, for sharing with us and also with the people who will receive them. That is very nice:) Thank you to you , Mary, for sharing the pictures.

  24. Gloria from CC

    Thank you Mary for sharing Sandy’s quilts with us on this cold, snowy day. The quilts are beautiful and how nice to be giving them to people in need. I agree with everyone else that Sandy is an inspiration! Happy New Year everyone.

  25. B. J. Berlo

    I agree with others, Mary! Until recently, I always would hand sew the binding to the back – it was very soothing to do. But severe arthritis in hands put a halt to that. Machine sew the binding down on the back.
    The binding will look nice on the front and since the front is what we all see, who cares if there is a visible line of stitching on the back? If you use the same color thread as the back of is just barely visible. Sometimes we just have to change the way we do things.

  26. Kathy in western NY

    I love a good quilt show and who would think I would be treated to one so nice during this crazy upside down year. What a wonderful tale to read. Quilters are so giving, I wish every one had a quilt to wrap themselves up with! Looking at the bullseye quilt makes me think I should do another one, I love my flannel one as I know Diane in Ohio does too. I should make it point to work with more flannel but keep trying to dwindle down the cotton stash.

  27. Kathy Burton

    Wow, Sandy your quilts are so nice and each one looks time consuming. I donate twin quilts to a local school where my daughter teaches. The school counselor picks a child then I’m given a first name so I can put their name on the back. So many children have difficult situations at home and just need a bit of joy in their lives. It brings me such great joy to make these quilts. I’ve also been making tons of pillowcases so I can reach more children.
    Sandy, your quilts are just beautiful. Mine are super simple compared to yours. Quilting is such a wonderful way to share our love of fabric. Mary mentioned that she loves to plan and pick out fabrics, that’s the hard part for me. I overthink everything.
    Let’s all keep sewing!!
    Kathy from Ohio

  28. Pat

    Beautiful quilt show and an inspiration to all of us. This gives us quilters all ideas and thoughts about what we can try next on our quilting adventures. Thank you Mary for sharing this with your readers.

  29. Jean

    Wow. I just do not know how people can get so much done! My body requires so much sleep I guess. I just keep plugging away at my list of quilts to do however. Sandy is an inspiration.

  30. Jennie Cruzan

    Would love to do another bullseye quilt!! Enjoyed the quilt show. Thanks. Great job Sandy.Jennie

  31. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Your quilts are wonderful, Sandy. I especially love the tumbler. Thanks so much for posting, Mary.

  32. Janice Brown

    Sandy, Your quilts are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with Mary and us, and bless you for providing such nice quilts for donation.

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