New Years Eve, 12-31-20

Happy New Year! And good riddance to 2020! I’m spending my evening at the sewing machine in my fat girl pants with a beer close by – how’s that for living it up?

Because I know you’ll be watching for the January Dirty Dozen number by the crack of dawn, I made things easy on myself and drew the number this afternoon.

The January Dirty Dozen number is 12! Twelve, 12! You could even start tomorrow if you’re wondering what to sew. Connie and I promise we’ll do better this month and get our Number 12 finished.

Here’s what I made yesterday – a black and white uneven four patch. I sorted the charms and used only the black and white/cream ones from several different packs.

Here’s the red and white quilt that prompted me to sew this – I was putting away all the red and white quilts and since I love this one, I decided to make a small table mat/wallhanging with charms.

Such a fun project! Here it is not quilted yet – maybe tomorrow.

And here are the final Dirty Dozen projects for 2020 – here’s to finishing up more quilts in 2021!

Here’s another little dog quilt made with a fat quarter of fabric called Fetch. It’s pretty small because that’s all the fabric I had but I loved it and just wanted to do something with it.

When I see that this post has published, I’m going through my IPad and deleting all the Dirty Dozen photos that I’ve received so……if for some reason I didn’t post yours, you will have to resend it to me. I gotta do a little housecleaning and tonight’s the night.

Happy New Year, Everybody! I’m looking forward to visiting with all of you in 2021!

64 thoughts on “New Years Eve, 12-31-20

  1. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Happy New Year, praying it will be a good one for Mary and all that follow her blog.

  2. Meta O’Connell

    Is there anyway to get the name of the quilt pattern Linda G from Iowa made? It is next to last on your post tonight. Thank you.

    Happy New Year! 🎉🥳

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meta – I hope Linda G sees your comment and answers – I am not familiar with that quilt pattern so I’m no help.

    2. Linda Greethurst

      That Dirty Dozen #4 that you liked: It is from a booklet called “Quilts of the Winter Solstice” by Jason Yenter. It was printed in 2011 so I don’t know if it’s available anywhere or not. This quilt is called Reflections of Winter. Another one in the book I made is called Ice Dreams (done in blues). The booklet contains patterns for 5 large wall hangings and also a tree skirt.

      Linda G

      1. Meta O’Connell

        Thanks Linda. I too found the book on Amazon.
        Love the fabrics you picked, especially what you used for the border.

        1. Linda Greethurst

          The border is one of Jason Yenter’s product line. In fact I bought the fabric, including the border, from my local store when they were featuring it. Hmm, I thought I started this project 4 years ago, maybe it was more! But I do have many USP (unstarted projects) sitting around here.

    3. Janet Orr

      I’d love to know that name of it also! It is stunning!

      Happy New Year everyone!


      1. Janet Orr

        Oh thanks! I just found a copy on Amazon – used but I don’t care! Can’t wait to get it! Thank you for sharing your fabulous quilt with us!!!

      2. Linda Greethurst

        It’s from a booklet called “Quilts of the Winter Solstice” by Jason Yenter; name of pattern is Reflections of Winter. Booklet published in 2011.

    4. Linda H

      “Reflections of Winter” from the Jason Yenter book “Quilts of the Winter Solstice “.

  3. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    HAPPY 2021🎉🎉🍷🍻🥂 May it be much better than 2020!! Just the two of us celebrating—freezing rain on the way. Ugh. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday for most.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    WOW, WOW, WOW, all the DD’ are spectacular!
    I think the only thing that could make a New Years Eve better would be a bag of Reese Peanutbutter Cups all to your self…no sharing. Or some cheese popcorn to go with the beer.

    Good ridence to 2020
    Happy 2021 to all.

  5. Diane Bauer

    Happy New Year, Mary!! May 2021 bring peace and tranquility to your corner of Iowa!

    Pretty dull here, so I am heading to bed early—no sense prolonging 2020!!! The dogs and I ended the year with 5 1/2 miles walking today snd we hope to start 2021 the same way!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – when you walk that far, are your dogs off leash? Is there traffic close by? I live on rural country roads but cars and pickups drive very fast and I’m afraid to try it?

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Happy New Year dear blog friends! And a very Happy. New Year to you Mary and to Connie too! Another wonderful year of reading your blog and hearing from all of the other readers who look forward to every one! Will find #12 tomorrow and make a plan to getting it done! A fresh start tomorrow with hope for a new year with positive things to come!!!

  7. Lynne from NJ

    Happy New Year Mary. Good riddance to 2020 for sure. Let’s hope 2021 is better, a happy and healthy new year Be still.

    1. Jeanne

      Happy 2021 everyone. Mary, I moved to Colo. 2019 after the death of my dear husband of 68 years. Your blog has brought a touch of Ia. to me every time I read it. We visited your shop several times in past years and what a
      wonderful shop it was. I am still quilting at 88 1/2. It has been a welcome diversion from being isolated from the covid. Have enjoyed your DD’s and would have joined in the fun too since I too am trying to complete all of my unfinished projects, but great grandchild number 16 came along and I have been appliqueing and quilting his quilt instead. Thank you for all you and Kayla do to keep the blog going. I cried when I read about Jo, but know that your love, patience and kindness to her has helped her to get to this next step of her healing. You are an angel.

  8. Janice Hebert

    Happy New Year everyone! We had a great couple of days. My 9 year old granddaughter has stayed here for a couple of days. Her family had Covid the week before Thanksgiving. This is the second year she’s been with us for New Years! Hoping it will be a tradition. We make big messes doing lots of fun things! Jan in MA

  9. Deb Harrison

    I see that one dirty dozen quilt is from Jeanine in the Mahaska County area of Iowa, so hello to a Southern Iowa quilter. I am from Bloomfield in Davis County but have lived up north in Butler County for 45 years. Still claim my Southern roots!

    Mary, I love the Fetch and the black and white quilts!

    1. Jeanine

      Deb — Yes, I have lived in Mahaska County all of my almost 53 years of married life, and in the same house we moved into when we were married. My husband was a farmer, so the quilt I made is from a lot of his hats and other patches through the years. But, I am originally from north central Minnesota. We love going to Bloomfield to visit the Highway 2 Grocery Store.

  10. Teresa

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t see any quilts past those two adorable sisters with their dolls and matching hats, scarves and mittens!!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Teresa, I agree. Those little girls with dolls, hats, scarves, and mittens are adorable.

  11. Nikki M in Tx

    Happy 2021… Good Riddance 2020!!!
    2021 WILL be a better year!!!
    Accumulated snow on ground & icicle hanging everywhere..trees covered in ice..& roads…yes we get snow in Texas!!
    Have collated green washed & will put on to cook in the morning, plus black-eyed peas & cornbread. Heard need to eat 12 grapes for luck (Mexican tradition) so will eat 12 grapes, I am taking no chances..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki M – I have never heard the grape tradition but I’ll try anything for 2021.

  12. Sue In Oregon

    I love your uneven four patches. That one looks like it’s a fun quilt to make. Also love the last DD. I can’t read the card, but if the maker reads this….It’s gorgeous!
    Happy New Year to everyone.

    1. Linda Greethurst

      Thank You! I pieced it about 4 years ago. It’s been waiting to be quilted ever since. Finally got up the courage to do it and hope I wouldn’t mess it up too much. Now – done!
      Linda G

  13. Cheryl

    Happy New Year everyone!! I pray the Lord will heal our nation in 2021! Peace and God’s richest blessings!

  14. Carolyn Boutilier

    Happy New Year to you, Rick and Connie”s family. thank you for your blog this past year. It helped during this Covid quarantine. We have a cold rain her in the valley this evening.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  15. Jan from TN

    Happy New Year Mary & Rick! 🥳🎉🎊💥Good riddance to 2020!
    Hoping for a healthier, happier 2021 for everyone! 🤞🏻🙏🏻🤗🙂

  16. Susan K in Texas

    Happy new year! May your 2021 be filled with many blessings!
    Thanks for a year of quilt shows, for encouraging me to get UFO’s completed, and for a community much needed in a pandemic year.

  17. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy New Year blog friends!! Look forward to seeing Country Threads in my Inbox and the comments.

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Our weather report was atrocious; we have an ice warning tomorrow. It will be a good day for making soup and sewing. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for this blog, Mary. 🥰

  19. Sandi McGuire

    Happy New Year to you! Hope this is a better year and we get rid of Covid-19!! I certainly enjoy your blog and look for it at the end of every day. Be Still!

  20. Sandy

    Happy new year everyone, lets hope for a peaceful 2021 full of goodwill and finished quilts! I am hand quilting a hexagon quilt from a friend ,started in the 60,s l think as my first DD.Many thanks Mary for all the hard work you do for us, best wishes from sandy

  21. Dorothy

    Jammies & a glass of wine to see 2021 in. Thank you Mary for all you do for us out here in the ‘nether land”. You seem to keep us focused on the real things in life—-

  22. Maureen

    Happy New Year Mary! Where can I find the pattern for the uneven four patch quilt?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maureen – it can be found online in many places. After making the four patch block, you cut it 4 times and move those parts to the opposite position. You look for it and if you have questions, let me know.

  23. Deb Harrison

    Happy New Year to Mary, Rick, Connie and her husband (sorry, memory lapse at the moment) your families, and to all the quilters and technicians who participate in the Chickenscratch World! May your new year be blessed with good health and safety, fun, love and many many hours of quilting bliss. And a special Happy New Year and treats to all the creatures who make our lives so much better!

  24. Kathy in western NY

    Cheers to the new year and may we all stay healthy to keep sewing and creating from our stashes. I have an appreciation for being home more and when I removed 2020 calendar and replaced it with my new one, I flipped to January of last year and saw how much I had written down with things I was doing- almost every day a meeting, event, lunch, etc. I don’t think I want to fill my life up with all that again. I stressed out at first over all I was missing but in reality I am thankful I stayed home and know what does make me content and happy. It’s home life. Thank you Mary for providing a wonderful quilt show all year to us which brought me happiness.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I agree! I don’t ever want a lot of things on my calendar again!

    2. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Kathy, I agree. I love home life and always have. I haven’t suffered from being home in 2020. The hardest part now is not seeing family for special occasions, but Zoom does help.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Yes missing family time was a hard pill to swallow but I have lots to make up for with them once we are vaccinated. I can proudly say too that I am a happy homebody with no stigma attached.

  25. Julie

    Happy New Year Mary! Check your blog posts every other day to see if you have posted. Thoroughly enjoy reading every single one of them! I’m very sorry about Jo–you most definitely tried your hardest and I actually do think she did get better from where she started. Thought I could keep up with the DD’s, but life is getting in the way of things–have to give myself grace that it’s not an absolute must to get them done on a due date. Taking care of a parent is more important right now. Still working on them when I have time. Have gotten more done than I thought I would so I’ll keep moving toward the finishing goal!!

  26. Kay Crandall

    Happy New Year everyone! Absolutely loved the dirty dozen pictures – such a pleasure to see these! Very inspiring. Loved the black and white table topper too – and the black and white DD picture. We spent a very quiet New Year’s Eve last night but we managed to stay awake to greet 2021! Our son called at midnight (Illinois time) and we still had an hour to go (Arizona time) – I got to do some sewing and found a channel that has my favorite British mystery shows on – chowed down on “moose munch” and pears and cheese from Harry and David. I just know it’s going to be a MUCH better year!

  27. Martha

    Happy new year!
    The quilts are gorgeous. The knitted hats were so cute. I hope I can find a pattern at least similar.

  28. Beverly

    HaPpY New Year Mary, you deserve a great year! Enjoy your blog so much, thank you for hanging in there with it and the help from Kayla. Here’s to great days ahead and a toast to you! 🍷🍺

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