A Review, 7-30-2020

Here are the quilts that appear in the store:

Blue and Gray


Civil Unrest

Civil War log Cabin


Hometown USA

Louise and Friends

Star Party

See photo on store site.

Troops in Formation

Up North, Down South

From this point on, I will post ONLY the new additions to the store here on the blog.

Seems I’ve missed some photos or they didn’t post so if some of these are repeats, please understand.

If you don’t see your quilt photo in a reasonable amount of time, please notify me so I can repost.

Dirty Dozen #5 will be in the store soon.

Also watch for 30 Stars, Circle of Geese and Small Things. I’m finding a problem with my communication with Kayla in that I did not take a picture of these before I sent them. Eventually I’ll figure this out!

This 16 Patch from a jelly roll is what I finished for the QUICK category:

I have another one to show you tomorrow! I love sewing up these QUICK quilts!

If you see anything goofy in a specific post, better let me know. What I see on my IPad is different from what I see on my computer.

On with the quilt show – send me your photo finishes!

13 thoughts on “A Review, 7-30-2020

  1. Carla

    Yeah. No way my granddaughter’s dragon will be done. I’m hoping that one of the easier of my projects is drawn for August so that I can take the extra couple days to finish the dragon. I’m so close! I am loving seeing all the quilts for sure!!

  2. Janice Hebert

    I wish people would get in the photo that they send of their finished projects, put a face with the name! Anyway, nice work ladies! And I will be ordering a few of those awesome patterns from your store Mary. Enjoy the rest of the week. Jan in MA

  3. Sharon Eshlaman

    Love your posts…..pictures of quilts, your beautiful yard and all your fur babies and farm pets…..great combination of all things I love. I look forward to obtaining some of your patterns, so thanks to Kayla as well.

  4. Diane Cannon

    I just wanted to let you know that I have joined your ‘dirty dozen’ and that I have worked on #5 of mine–my goal on that one was to get the blocks into a top and then with backing and batting–as my finish–but I got even more done on it–it also got basted and now is partly hand quilted–but not finished –will be by next month so will now wait until it is totally finished to send you a photo–(I only hand quilt my quilts–and can usually get one done a month–but had another one I was working on first that I had to finish–but if not for this challenge–#5 would of still been just blocks!!! )
    luv, di–stay safe

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I am chuckling Diane cause some of mine from last year’s list, I just carried over to this years list so never worry how long it takes. We are all in this together for however long! And this is another wonderful showing of more finishes that I just love looking at.

    2. Sheila in WI

      Nice to hear from someone else who still likes to hand quilt. I do some machine quilting but I like to hand quilt if it is for a gift. can’t wait to see your finished quilt.
      Meanwhile I am enjoying all the quilts that people are posting.

  5. Julie D.

    I am just loving seeing all of the #5 finishes and so happy that mine was one of them. Such a weight off my mind to have completed it after a very long time! Congratulations to all of you who are done or working on your #5! Such creativity!! Have to search through my Country Threads patterns to see which ones I don’t have and will need to order!!!

  6. Sally J.

    Great finishes ladies!! My #5 quilt top is done but waiting to send to quilter. I need help as i do not know how to send photos to Mary. dud. Everything i’ve tried won’t send. Oh what a dummy!!

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