A Short Post, 11-2-20

It was such a gorgeous day today that I loved working outside – cutting down hydrangeas and cleaning flower beds. I’m leaving the debris on the ground because I read that it’s good for the perennials.

I’ve been burning some twigs in my chiminea and tonight I started the fire and went in to start supper. I came back to see all the dry leaves around it on fire and the bottom of the chiminea had dropped out – I’ve had it for over 20 years but I’m so sad that it’s gone. I’ve used it a lot!

The more I think about Willie the more I understand about what happened. Because he is so fat his harness was not able to fit tight so he easily got it off. It’s not that he was so strong – I could handle him fine and I am accustomed to holding on to strong dogs. Willie is not strong – he’s just too fat for a harness. Many of you said I should take a break and I can and I will but when the shelter needs foster homes, I want to be able to help. Taking a break is not helpful to the shelter.

I have one DD.

As I was putting soda in the frig I cut off the plastic and thought I’d post a reminder.

ALWAYS cut these apart to save wildlife from becoming ensnared in the plastic rings. It is devastating to see pictures of water fowl and small wild animals with this plastic around their heads, limbs and bodies.

Don’t forget to VOTE!

19 thoughts on “A Short Post, 11-2-20

  1. Kathy in western NY

    I have for many years cut those plastic rings apart as I knew about the harm they do to sea creatures when boaters threw them in the waters. I use to be able to rip them apart with my hands but now I am such a weakling and have to cut them! We already dropped our absentee ballot in the drop off boxes in NY.

  2. Beth T.

    Mary, I’ll bet you are right about the trouble with Willie being that he was too fat for a harness. We have a couple of dogs that have had difficulty with slipping out of their harnesses; in their cases they aren’t fat but the problem is still similar–they have “barrel” chests, so that when they roll their shoulders in, the harness can slip off. I have tried all kinds of ways to tighten it, and have tried every harness that is labeled as being “escape-proof” but haven’t found one they can’t get out of. The best I’ve done is use a coupler, and hook one end to the dog’s collar and one end to the harness, and then attach it to the leash. That way, even if the dog slips out of the harness, the leash is still attached to the collar. In an emergency that makes a big difference. All of which is to say–some dogs are always going to be able to slip out of a harness and we just keep looking for Plan B, C, and D. I know how stressful that is. Bless your heart for hanging in there. As the family of (currently) five rescued dogs, four of whom lived with foster families first, my heart is filled with gratitude for all the love they got before they came to us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – YES! That is exactly the problem and he really should have had a collar, too. Deb also said he bonds quickly and she was unsure about sending him on foster. I told her if I discovered he wasn’t good with cats that I’d be bringing him back the same afternoon. But that didn’t happen – poor Willie – I pray someone comes to adopt him soon.

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    I voted at the court house last week as I won’t be home tomorrow.
    I cut those can holders and the handles on all of the plastic bags we get at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc. They get caught on animals and birds also. So glad your fire didn’t go any further with the wind we have had.
    The pumpkin quilt is cute!
    I received paperwork for an apartment I have been on a waiting list for since June of 2019! I am so excited, I may get to decorate for Christmas in my own place!!! It will be small but it will be home.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beryl in Owatonna – your own apartment! I am so happy for you! It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? When will you know if you get it? I’m coming for a visit some time!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Never underestimate the intelligence of a dog. We had one with the dreaded lampshade, woven thru their collar, then the collar around his neck. I called him in and he had gotten the lampshade off his head and hanging around his neck. The collar was around his neck with the lampshade still woven through it! What a site that was!!! Tail just a wagging.

    It has been beautiful here too and forecasted to be great all week.
    We voted by mail a few weeks ago.

  5. Charlotte Shira

    I rarely buy the cans in the plastic bands. I always get the 12 pack that comes in a box. I’ll have to look in the store next time. I don’t think we even have cans with the plastic band anymore. You have me thinking now. I’ll let you know. It was beautiful here today too but is supposed to get cold this weekend. Cold for us anyway!
    I mailed my ballot October 10. Hope it gets counted. The county did receive it!

  6. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    My husband and I are leaving in a few minutes to go work the election today. We will be there 13+ hours and will be happy to see the end of the constant barrage of political ads. As a chief election inspector, I strive to make sure that everyone gets a chance to vote and that it is correct. Honestly, makes my blood boil when someone makes a comment about things being crooked, that someone is cheating. If that were the case, why do we go through all the steps we do to assure it is an honest and fair election. Sorry for the vent.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marj in western WI – vent all you want! I agree 100% and this is your opportunity to vent and make us all aware of what’s going on. You’ve got a busy day ahead!

  7. Michele

    And a reminder to snip the elastic on your mask if you are throwing it out. Saw a video on tv of a poor duck so tangled up in mask elastic they had to take the duck to the vet to have the elastic removed. Consider using a mask with no elastic.

  8. Lorraine McGeough

    Love to read your posts. I agree with the fact that cutting up the plastic from soda cans is the best idea. Even when my kiddos were in school they saw a video of bad things that can happen to animals getting this plastic wrapped around their neck or many other instances so I have always cut the plastic up into small pieces.
    Have a good day and good luck if you decide to foster another fur baby

  9. Judith Ann Jaques

    Mary, Just a thought—- if ,the top part of your chiminea is still intact ,set it on an old metal car wheel you can even paint the wheel to jazz it up. If not perhaps you could plant it with something?
    When you told of poor Willie running away, I felt so bad for him and you. He must have been so scared. I would give him a 2nd chance. I am getting ready to go vote then off the hy-vee for my ,treat to me, $5 flower bouquet and some fresh veggies. The flowers are a bright spot and usually last 2 weeks. Have a good day. We are having some very nice days here in Iowa. j

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith Ann – the shelter also told me to never let a child hug him around the neck! I think there’s a better home out there for Willie but I’ll keep me eye on him just in case. Good thought about the Chiminea- I’m going to try it!

  10. Paula S.

    Good reminder about cutting up plastic! I have cut up all plastic that I can for years even when it wasn’t “cool”.

  11. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Great reminder about the plastic rings. I can only imagine how frustrated and defeated you felt after Willie’s “Houdini” move; that is such a scary thing. Only you can make the determination of what is best for you when it comes to fostering, listen to your heart. Bless you!

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