Election Day, 11-3-20

Since we voted by mail awhile ago, this was just a beautiful warm day in North Iowa. Tom and Becky played golf! It was nearly 80 degrees but pretty windy so raking leaves was difficult.

And I could not put off the pampas grass any longer. It all had to be cut down and tomorrow, if it’s not so windy, we’ll load it up and haul it away to be burned. This is a backbreaking job – so happy it’s done for another year.

It’s Netflix tonight for me – I’m watching Schitts Creek and The Queens’s Gambit – of course anything would be better than election results!

I hope the election turns out the way YOU wanted! And if not, be still.

24 thoughts on “Election Day, 11-3-20

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susie Q – our pampas grass grows around our pump house and wooden fence so sadly we can’t set it on fire without burning everything else down with it.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Susie Q – I don’t think I understood your question about the pampas grass. The stalks of grass will stop the snow right around our gates and we’d have to shovel just to get out. Besides next spring who wants those dead brown stalks? We are staring winter in the face soon and it just has to be cut down.

  1. Rhonda in Iowa

    We are loving The Queen’s Gambit. I hope to watch more of it tonight but my husband might want to do election results. I tried Schitts Creek but it wasn’t working for me. Did I not give it enough time? I know it is hugely popular. Working on a quick DD selected because we are off to AZ for a couple weeks of the month. It has been so lovely here – hope where we are going is also nice! Saw someone was in Chandler; we will be in Apache Junction. Any quilts shops I should visit?

  2. Angie from Baltimore

    Pampas Grass is so pretty but it is a bugger to cut. Take it easy and put your feet up and enjoy Shit’s Creek it is hysterical
    Not watching regular tv as this election will be going on for a while. After it is over I hope people can be kind to each other again.

  3. Rebecca

    I use gas powered hedge trimmers. Takes me 30 minutes to do 40 roses, 3 large grass clumps and a few huge clumps of Siberian Iris. Changed my life!

    1. Brenda ks

      I am with you. I have battery operated ones and I love them to do clean up. Saves me days!!

  4. Barbara

    Schitt’s Creek! It’s so excellent. Watched here in Canada when it started and loved it.

  5. Lynn Handberg

    I do love Schitts Creek!! Very well written! My secret show to watch is Supernatural…oh oh, not so secret anymore. Love the “boys!”

  6. Mary L Adams

    I love Schitts Creek! Hate to see it end. I need to cut my pampas grass too, maybe tomorrow. I agree on the election results, interested, but it seems like it has lasted FOREVER, gonna find something else to watch too.

  7. Launa

    44o up here in Idaho @ 6:30pm! Nice red sunset showing way off in the west so hope for another sunny day before storm moves in and leaves snow for the weekend. Noticed on news there is a special area for C-19 voters to safely drop off their ballots!
    Mary, I plan to watch anything except election news tonight!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce – gas, huh? I just have an electric one – maybe I need a new one? I have a huge patch to cut every year. Will it always start?

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Mary I was wondering today if you are going to do Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt again? Loved her color choices. We are suppose to have 7 days ahead of beautiful weather.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I am NOT going to do Bonnie’s mystery this year. I still haven’t put last year’s together because it was so confusing and I have such a long list of quilts that are already on my list. I will likely read the clues and maybe even print them off.

      1. Kathy in NY

        Yes I agree Mary that when I want to finish so much else, it’s hard for me to start another new scrap quilt. I do usually start her blocks to use up my some of my scraps. There have been so many sew-a-longs offered this year to keep us sewers engaged.

  9. Kate

    I’m directing people to my blog to look at cute puppies on this election day. Yes, some will be ecstatic about the results and some will be very unhappy so I thought looking at puppies might make people happy for a bit. One thing about it, we will be voting for president in four more years again so it’s never over.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – I looked at your puppies and loved them! Must be fun at your house these days!

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, an update on the Boxer puppies in Ft. Dodge. There were 11 puppies, 2 didn’t make it thru the night making a total of 9 left!!
    I am so thankful for all the old TV programs and movies. I’m so tired of the politics and Covid. Sure doesn’t help to be dwelling on them 25 hours a day. And if we loose power, I’ve got books I want to read.
    Has anybody bought and used any of the Red Heart knitting worsted yarn that just been produced? I’m knitting from a new skein I just bought (old type of yarn) that has so many flaws in it that it isn’t even funny. Sure glad I’ve got PRE-Covid yarn.
    Take care. This will all pass…….someday. And we will survive.

  11. Sandy

    Hi mary ,just read about the common thread on boxglovin ,where women in Honduras are making hexagon quilts to support their families,very inspiring.making fruit loaves today for my best friend’s sister ,she is having sciatic nerve surgery and off work for 6 weeks.stay safe everyone, best wishes from sandy

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