A Snowy Day, 2-4-21

We got about 5″ of snow but it was the wind that made everything so difficult. I’m sure you’ve heard on the news about the 40 vehicle pileup on I-80. I can’t believe no one was killed! Tonight the wind has gone down and the temperatures are heading to the basement. I “herded” the geese into the lean to and the goats are locked inside the barn so we’re all safe and cozy for the next couple of days. Rick will clear the snow away by the barn and then I’ll let the goats and geese out again tomorrow.

And Dougal! He is border collie and blue healer – and such a great looking little dog!

I’m sure many of you read Kalissa’s blog Pink Shoelaces. She recently wrote about her experience with letters of apology reminiscing about being a kid visiting Country Threads and screaming at the top of her voice with her siblings while they were just playing outside the quilt shop. I nearly screamed myself thinking that some kid had been hurt outside – imagine being a shop owner in the country on your own property and a kid gets injured – seriously. Injuries! Medical bills! Lawsuit!

Nobody was hurt – they were just playing but their mom made them write me a letter of apology which I even printed in the Goat Gazette. I still have it somewhere because it was just so sweet. This week Kalissa’s little boy, Carver, had to write a note of apology to his bus driver, Jim, for a small delay he caused while getting off the bus. The best part was his P.S. : Tell Jim I love him!

I didn’t even take any pictures of the snow today – I’ll bet it will still be there tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “A Snowy Day, 2-4-21

  1. Pat Smith

    As soon as I saw Dougal’s picture, I thought he must be a cattle dog. Is that the same as a blue healer? He’s very cute but I bet high energy. They must need a lot of energy for the work they do herding. I’m sorry it’s so cold. The wind makes everything worse and in northern Iowa there’s not much to stop it. Your animals are so lucky to have a snug barn to spend the night in.

  2. Bobbie

    We had a border collie blue healer dog and he was the smartest dog we ever had. He liked to heard the family and spent time keeping track of everyone in the house. Not always easy in a house with several levels. He knew the words for basement, backyard and of course car and go! He has crossed the rainbow bridge and we miss him. Loyal, smart and energetic describes him best. Your friend will enjoy her pup very much!

  3. Beryl In Owatonna

    I think we got about 3″ of snow Here in Owatonna. The wind has been blowing here too. Temps close to zero for the next 5 days ore so. I think I will stay in and unpack what I can!! Yes, I finally got moved into my apartment on Saturday! My nephews came down to help. We had marked most of what I wanted brought over with a T for take. I had drawn a floor plan and placed the furniture so they brought it in and set where I anted it! The rest were to go to a smaller unit until I can get to it and sort some more!! UGH My niece set up my kitchen, another the sewing/bedroom! Such great help. I was told to supervise, if I got up to watch what was happening, I was told to sit down or she would tape me to the chair!! LOL! We started about 9 and ended about 5…my home was very usable. I am tweaking some of the kitchen as the days go on. I need to tackle the bedroom next as I need to do some sewing. Today they plowed the parking lot, then the sidewalks and then a man came with a blower and was blowing the snow from the cars!! I have met a couple of my neighbors. God answered my prayers for room location…I am at the end of the hall by an outside entrance. It is small but I will get used to it. Will be praying your fur friends will be ok this next week in the cold.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl in Owatonna – I can’t imagine not living in your own place all this time! How are you so lucky to have so much help? Should be fun to settle in on such a cold week – all my animals are warm and cozy in the barn and Rick has a fire going in the fireplace.

  4. Kim J LeMere

    Glad you are hunkered down for the bad weather and the animals are tucked in tight. I recall how the wind could howl and the drifting was something to behold. Glad no one as hurt on the pile up on 1-80, how lucky for all involved

  5. Sherrill

    I’m so glad you guys got the ‘less’ side of the storm as opposed to the ‘more’ side. But wind just by itself can make things so much worse. I know, I had a HUGE pine tree from next door fall on my house in July and one branch punched all the way through the roof and 5 feet into my master bath. It was bad but could’ve been so much worse. Glad everyone is inside and warm!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    What a great story about the mom making her children responsible with their actions and nicer yet knowing Kalissa honored the lesson she was taught to have her child show responsibility as well. It gives me hope there are principles out there! Stay warm and safe inside knowing your pets are all tucked in. I am grateful to have sewing to work on with cooler temps headed here.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    That puppy is so cute. Those ears!!!
    I’m sure your heart skipped a beat when you heard those kids screaming outside. Farm equipment is dangerous, and kids will find a way to get pass all barriers. When kids and husbands don’t want to go, they are nothing but a ball and chain.
    We didn’t get much snow but we do have wind.
    I got my Covid shot yesterday. The paperwork took a while, the shot about 1+1/2 seconds. My arm was quite sore yesterday afternoon and today. I took an Advil. So much better now.
    Stay warm and still.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – and here’s more info – no equipment was involved. They were in the playhouse!!!! It gets funnier all the time, doesn’t it? What kid wants to have to go along to the quilt shop??????

      1. Launa

        Mary, My oldest granddaughter loved to sit and visit with the quilters when I shopped. We had a Border Collie McNab cross who herded our granddaughters around if they got too close to fences. I used to hear “Is this a herding dog?” We would tell him to Be On Guard and he was! We have a Border Collie now and she is energy plus!

  8. Brenda in SC

    Dougal is just adorable and those ears, just love them!!! I am so glad y’all got the backside of the storm and are safe and were able to get the farm animals put up in time to keep them warm and safe as well. Can’t get over that accident on I-80. God was sure watching over those people
    I am coming along nicely on my Bulls Eye quilt. I am only doing 24 squares with sashing. But I bet I do another one since I am loving this one so much. Will send pictures when I get these 24 done.
    Everything was so frosted over yesterday morning that I thought we had snow, but NO…..more rain this morning and temps in the 50’s today, so I guess no snow today. Sometimes, I wish we lived in the mountains. I miss the snow. Would absolutely adore to live in a log cabin up in the mountains with a roaring fireplace!!! Now I know I am dreaming. Well, I better get back to sewing.
    Y’all have a great day and stay safe and warm. Hugs from rainy SC.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Brenda – i recently found a new to me blog called red rose alley and the woman moved from Southern California to northern CA into the mountains. Has been an interesting read with her new change of living from not liking to drive freeways to peaceful mornings. I enjoy blogs of people around our country as I learn so much about their areas.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kathy in NY – thanks for the heads up – I’ll find red rose alley. I need a new look at someone else’s life – haha! Wind chill is 15 below this morning.

  9. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Thanks for all the info. I too will look up red rose alley. We are currently at 8 degrees above zero right now, but going to be below zero every night for the next week. Sunday not supposed to get over -4 and Sunday night is set for -20. I think we only had one night last year below zero, so back to the way it used to be. I remember back in the 70s snowmobiling at -35. We were young and tough then.

  10. Diane in WI

    Marj in Western Wisconsin sounds like here in southern Wisconsin. We are at 7.5 at the moment. The wind is really blowing and causing drifting on the north-south roads. I’m going to count the days until spring. I am so done with winter. It is a good day to sew. I’m working on Kathleen Tracy’s small mystery quilt for 2021. Keep warm everyone.

  11. Susy Boyer

    The letter is precious. I’ve been going through my sewing room looking a patterns and books and magazines. I need to make a bit more room for the goodies that keep coming in. I found a copy of Better Homes & Gardens “Quilt Sampler”. I love those magazines… and what a fun surprise to see your shop in it.

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