A treat from Connie! 4-13-22

You all know by now that Connie is moving from Garner to her lake house at Okoboji in Northwest Iowa. As she’s moving into her new sewing room she’s giving us a sneak peak at her new wall of shelves, arranging things so nicely.

I’m hoping if you have questions you’ll address them to Connie and I will urge her to answer them here in the comments section.

I have some questions regarding gifts that were delivered to me the day of the sale which I will address in the next post. I wish I could send thank you notes but you only signed your first names and last initial!

32 thoughts on “A treat from Connie! 4-13-22

  1. Rosalie

    Jo Kramer said to ask you how you and Connie started in business. Perhaps you ca write a post about that. Please.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – I’ve already answered this in the comments – I will write the story when I have time.

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Glad you survived the weather last evening. Beautiful 80 degree day here in our Shenandoah Valley Va. Red bud trees are blooming and the tulips. Carolyn b

  3. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Sure wish our flowers were blooming. It has rained on and off, more on than off, for almost a month. All the creeks are going over their banks. Even had some snow today. Looking forward to warmer weather.

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    They look So neat and tidy😀. You may have said this, but is the lake house the same size as her town house? We moved into our house almost 17 years ago. I am having a big sale in early June, I hope. Lots has accumulated.
    We just had our 4th vaccine. No problems😀. Your storm is coming here soon—glad we put the generator in when we moved in.
    I hope Betty didn’t get too much of a storm!

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi Diane, I laughed when you said it was so neat & tidy… it is the only space in either house that is halfway put together. Ugh.

  5. Tina H

    Hello Mary,
    I’m a first time commenter, but have followed you for some time. I wonder if you could ask Connie to show the quilt in the last photo near the red box?

    I am amazed at all that you accomplish.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    It’s beautiful, just beautiful.
    After 40 years of partnership, there’s lots of memories in those keepsakes.

    Glad you all came through the storm a-ok.

  7. Debbie Miller

    Really neat and tidy shelves and love the flag pincushions with the buttons! I will have to make myself one.

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi Debbie. I love making pincushions- I have even more to move from our house in Garner. I had better get busy!

  8. Pat in michigan

    Mary, Happy Easter!
    As of the last approximately 10 days I am not receiving your blog or the comments do not appear either. I have gone in and resubscribed, but that is not solving the problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in MI – hmmmm, I have no idea – you can always go directly online to read both the posts as well as the comments but I’ll ask Kayla to help – you should be getting it via email.

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    Even though Humboldt County was in the “tornado warning” area” on Tuesday evening, we escaped any damage here in town. The sirens went off when Bailey was still outside so I hauled her into the house, grabbed my purse and we scooted down into the basement. I really need to make us an emergency bag to have in case of another storm warning. I thought of it while we were waiting for the signal that all is clear upstairs! I was thankful for my cell phone, which gave me periodic updates on the storm. I was also thankful that the electricity never went off since I didn’t think to grab a flashlight. An exciting and stressful evening and I am glad we escaped any major damage!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – I thought of you but have not had a chance to write – an emergency bag even left in the basement would be a good idea! Was Bailey terrified? My dogs were. I cannot believe you didn’t have damage!

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Glad Lois and you are safe. It all sounds terrifying with pets and children. Hope your drive to Mayo is not too windy. This crazy season can stop it’s shenanigans any time it wants. I did wash my winter bed quilt and hung it on our lines to dry yesterday so used our nice weather for a few days of laundry outside. I bet Connie is enjoying setting up her new sewing room with her treasures from years of being in business. I hope the new owners of her home will appreciate all the flowers and gardens as they were very nice.

  11. Connie R. In Wis.

    I love seeing Connie’s shelves. I remember the post you did months ago where you posted pictures of Connie’s sewing spaces at her house. It was so much fun to look at all her treasures. Thanks for the update and, wishing Connie a smooth move.

  12. Donna G

    Love love love the shelves. Hope we get a tour of her home when they’ve moved in. I sure enjoyed the last ones. Always gives me an incentive to rearrange and neaten up my things,
    for at least 5 minutes anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wonda Myers

    Looks like a quilt shop I’d love to visit. 😂
    Hope you enjoy your new place.

  14. Tanya T. in Houston

    So thankful you are all ok! And, much love to Connie as she will soon be able to sit down and gaze upon new lake venues outside and clean shelves inside. Maybe with a tall glass of lemonade!

  15. Connie Tesene

    I’ve read the last few comments and thanks for all the love!!! I’ll have fun “playing house” in my new sewing room. When Mary comes to visit she can do pictures for all of you. Thanks again, Connie

  16. Pat in Michigan

    Connie, the sewing room shelves look very inviting in your lake house. I’m sure you will think fondly of many memories associated with your”stuff” on the shelves. Best of luck and thank you for all the years of working on Country Threads quilts and quilt patterns.

  17. Janice Brown

    Connie, It looks really nice! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room when it’s done. Is your new sew space larger/smaller than the one at the Garner house? Hope the rest of your move goes well.

    Mary, Connie and Lois, Glad that none of you had damage from the storm. I just read earlier today that Minot, ND got 30″ of snow from this storm. Mary, did Rick’s son & family get a lot of snow as well?

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