Tornado Warnings! 4-12-22

We are currently in the basement due to tornadoes in our area – it is raining very hard and some wind but not tornado strength – yet anyway.

As long as I was down there I watered the plants, cleaned the litter boxes and swept the floor – before I finished water was running inside along the east wall! yikes!

Here’s who waited on the steps-

During a lull in the storm I ran to the quilt shop and put down rugs and towels along the east wall and the door where water comes in when it rains really hard.

Back in the house now and another round of severe thunderstorms is happening at this moment.

Thank you to those who wrote – to see if we are okay – yes, we are – as of this moment but it ain’t over yet!

61 thoughts on “Tornado Warnings! 4-12-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, you really are having a rough time lately! I’m so sorry, climate change is worrying for all of us. Please take care and look after yourself, we all care about you, Rick and the fur babies! Best wishes from sandy

  2. Vicki in Seattle

    Prayers for your safety.💙🙏🏻💙

    I have been watching the Weather Channel.

  3. Diane in Maryland

    I haven’t watched the Weather channel and didn’t know. So glad you are safe in your basement! Am saying prayers for you, Rick and all your animals to be safe. And for everyone else too.

  4. Jo in Minnesota

    I have been in touch with my son in Humboldt. It just barely missed him. I worry because he doesn’t have a basement, but does have some great neighbors. They are talking snow again for us in the north country. So ready for warm weather. Take care and keep safe.

  5. Diane in WI

    Take care with all the bad weather. It is raining here now. The wind has been blowing really hard. We are to have possible bad storms tomorrow. I’m so glad the builders were able to put all the windows in the new house. Weather Nation showed a tornado in Palmer, Iowa. I hope that is not near you.. Be safe.

  6. Carolyn Boutilier

    Pray all of you are safe. Thanks for the update.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  7. Diane in WI

    Garner and Mason City was just mentioned On Fox Weather. Are you getting hail? This weather is crazy.

  8. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    I’m praying for safety for you, your husband and your critters!
    Bonnie, in cold, soggy Oregon

  9. Marsha from Kansas

    Prayers for you, Rick, animals, and everyone else in the path of storms tonight. Please keep us up to date. We worry about our network of friends across the country like one big family.

  10. Micky

    What a scare. We don’t that weather in Northern Illinois often but we respect the weather. Glad you are safe, maybe the rat’s aren’t. Just a hope.

  11. Susan k in Texas

    Glad you are safe in the basement. There were storms around us too – just rain though. We got .10” at home but other places got more. I’ll send a picture of a hail stone from south of us near Temple Texas.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Keeping you, Rick, Telly, Hazel, kitties and all your beloved critters in my prayers tonight as it looks nasty from what I just watched on the weather channel. Please let us know tomorrow how everyone fared around there. The weather channel man said that thunderstorms in the Midwest are more intense than those we get on the east coast so I will try not to think how scared people must be tonight cause I sure would be.

  13. Sheila

    Mary please stay safe, you can’t mess with Mother Nature. I admire your strength. I will keep you and all your family in my prayers tonight.

  14. Charlotte

    Praying for your safety and the safety of your community. God bless and keep you!

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I am glad you have a basement. Spring in the Midwest is always interesting, isn’t it? When my kids were little, we always kept Schwann ice cream treats in the freezer to take their minds off the tornado warnings.
    Take Care, 🥰

  16. Kathy Hanson

    We have been watching the weather reported and have been really concerned for you!! Glad to hear that so far you are ok!
    Looks like it has gotten passed you for now. Keeping you in out thoughts and prayers!!

  17. Barbara

    The spring is always a puzzle. I am in Idaho and we are having snow…heard thunder snow this afternoon. I don’t want to complain too much because the moisture is always needed, especially as we head into summer and fire season.

  18. Nancy Finch

    Glad it has passed over. It is heading towards us in Chicago area. Bummer. The pictures of your plants in basement reminded me of my moms. She had tables, lights, cords, etc all over. You’d look so neat.

  19. Betty Klosterman

    You’ve been in my thoughts, too. Tornadoes are nothing to fool around with. Then there is the water coming in the house/basement. I can handle all the other kinds of weather, but tornadoes scare me. You don’t know what they are going to do. I’ve got relatives in the path shown on TV. Everybody stay safe.
    The storm went around us, this time. At least 1 1/2 ft. of snow plus strong winds to the north. Interstate is shut down from here into Wyoming and north, too. There’s another one coming from the NW. Guess they build character . Take care and don’t take chances.
    Betty in Rapid City

  20. Debbie G

    Stay safe! Sounds like it’s heading toward SE Wisconsin tomorrow! I don’t like storms! It’s scary for me since I lost my husband! I’m never afraid to grab my dog and head to the basement.

  21. Shirley from Oregon

    Oh boy Mary. I remember those days growing up in S.Dakota. one time mom directed us kids, you grab the fried chicken, you the mashed potatoes, etc. We ate in the cave that night with kerosene lamp going.
    I hope you are all right. Stay safe.

  22. Sue in Oregon

    OMG Mary…How scary! Hoping you are all safe right now and for the duration of this storm. I think this is the 2nd time you have retreated to your basement since I have been reading your blog. I just can’t imagine.
    We do have storms here, but so far, have not had to go to our basement. Just glad we have one to go to. Be safe and be still.

  23. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a night!! We had a tornado watch here. heavy rain, wind rain, hail, wind and rain…no tornadoes!! I have been visiting with my family and friends in Montana!! *’ of snow one place, 4 foot drifts in another, blowing and drifting in others, Interstates closed for miles…Billings to Jamestown, ND. Crazy. Just thing how beautiful it will be when the sun comes out for a couple of days!! I am getting antsy to plant my planters but know it is too early. The hummingbirds will be back!! I am so ready.
    Stay safe, so many in my prayers tonight because of the weather.

  24. Rhoda

    As if you don’t have enough to take care of. I saw Mason City was in the storm’s path.

    Hope all is well and no damage for sure

    We had terrible winds here in Las Vegas yesterday which always means storms up north somewhere.

    Prayers for Ukraine.

  25. Linda

    Praying that you get nothing more than rain and non-damaging wind. Those storms are frightening and from what is shown on the news, horribly damaging. I hope your farm and all your babies remains safe!

  26. Mandy Stewart

    Glad all is well. Living in Oklahoma I know what you’re going through. It’s that time of year and even tho we’re use to bad weather, we are never completely are at ease.

  27. Karen Hamilton

    I hope you stayed safe and didn’t have any storm damage. All appears to be good over here in Titonka. I guess I haven’t gotten out yet, since the storm, but all is well in my own little world! 🙂 I just read Jo’s blog, and she did her “Blast from the Past” from 2012. She said to ask you how you and Connie started Country Threads. I have never heard the story, and would love to hear it!

  28. Lorraine

    So sorry to hear about your awful weather. Hopefully it subsides soon and you can get out of the basement. Glad you and everyone in your family are doing ok. Take care and good to hear from you

  29. Kim from TN

    Glad you played it safe and went into the basement and I hope all the critters in the barn are safe also.

  30. Margaret in North Texas

    Good to hear you were safe in your basement! Yes, I’m with Karen–I too would like to hear how Country Threads was started. Please and thanks.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret in N. Texas – someday when I have more time, I will – I am very tired of telling this story – as you can probably imagine . It’s been 42 years!!!

  31. Tanya T. in Houston

    We need an update, please! Thinking of you as soon as we hear Iowa was included in the predictions!

    All is well here. So far, so good…

  32. Colleen from Oregon

    We hit in the 70’s last week then, Sunday got 5″ of snow and snow every day since! That’s living on the high desert. We need the snow to put off fire season. We have 4 seasons here. Autumn, winter, spring and fire. Would much rather have the snow than a tornado. Bless you and yours Mary.

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