I’m fine – just exhausted! 4-12-22

Oh, that spring yard work! Yesterday I cut down the pampas grass with the hedge trimmer which means bending over to cut it short – ugh – then raking the cut stalks out of the patch – and then picking up armloads from the ground and loading the trailer. The pain in my arms was so intense I could not get to sleep which means getting out of bed and of course the dogs think something exciting is happening and the barking begins! Of course Rick can sleep through anything.

Our friends from Washington State, Bob and Carolee, took the train from Seattle to Minneapolis and then a rental car to Garner – they surprised us and I had no time to make supper! They’re off on an antiquing adventure today.

Today I have to dismantle my kitchen before the painter comes tomorrow – another huge job.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I found rat #20 or is it #21 in the grass and last night Hazel had her nose in one rat hole when I saw a rat run to another hole! so we’re not done yet – it has slowed considerably but we’re not finished.

Thanks for checking on me!

Here are reader quilts:

She even wove the basket!

Fun outside!

60 thoughts on “I’m fine – just exhausted! 4-12-22

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    What a beautiful quilt show we had today! Thanks to all for sharing.
    Mary, I’m glad your delay was not from an emergency. I do worry.
    The wind is blowing, as usual. Highways closed, as usual, snow blizzarding, as usual. So I’m down stairs, as usual.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – is all this wind part of or caused by “global warning”? I don’t understand it but we can’t even go outside because of the wind. I won’t evenlet my chickens out today – I’m afraid I won’t get them back inside before storms arrive later today.

  2. Linda

    Mary I feel your pain! My husband has planted grasses all over our farm and I love them but cutting them down is such a chore. I can’t do it anymore because of the damage in my spine so my husband enlists the help of the grandsons.

    And you are painting at the same time! We are going to have our house painted, the painter is waiting for decent weather and a prediction of 50 and above for long enough for her to paint which means it may never happen here in Mid-Michigan. We have had lots of rain and well below average temps but I do need to get out and make sure nothing is growing near the house so she can paint as soon as weather permits.

    Keep up the good work Miss Hazel!! She is worth her weight in gold, the little cutie!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – with no grandsons I enlisted the help of Nate, a 15 year old from my church. He worked a bit last week but stayed only 25 minutes yesterday to fix my golf cart and then left. I will be shocked if he comes back for more yard work.

  3. Janet of MN

    Mary, you much deserve a rest and time off which is what I figured was happening. Great quilts today and it looks like some are ready for Easter.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I figured you were busy putting everything away after the sale. Connie probably had a whole house full of furniture at the lake. Nice you ended up with the chest of drawers–I don’t know what it would be called, but very nice. What a nice, orderly garage sale. How long did you save shoe boxes. And wrapping the fabrics in uniform packs.
    Are you having a special Easter program at the church and practice time?
    Jo, glad you are warm and safe at home. It sounds like the storm will be north of us and into Nebraska. Maybe 1 1/2 ft. north. We’ve just had a bit of rain/snow . 70 mph winds are forecast, but that isn’t anything different. Yesterday was beautiful with just a breeze.
    Take care everybody. It is spring!
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – we are having a Mandy Thursday service and a crosswalk on Good Friday which I will miss because we will be at Mayo. Connie saves shoeboxes and also buys a lot of shoes! Haha! She did all that beautiful packaging last winter. This morning she brought out a load to store in the back room of the quilt shop until our next sale – whenever that will be. Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I made good use of it. Today the wind is blowing hard again from the southeast so our dog door can’t be open at all and we can hardly get outside. Ugh. Wind! I hate it!

  5. Sharon Malone

    I have lots of ornamental grass and used to cut it back with a hedge trimmer. As you said, lots of work. For the last few years, I have burned it off. So much easier. I have 3 long borders and 3 large clumps where I can safely do this. I need to get this done asap but we’ve had too much wind.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon Malone – our pump house is in the middle of the pampas grass and it has vinyl siding! Before we put siding on it we caught it on fire years ago – so I do know it would be much easier to burn it but can’t – I wonder what would happen if I just left it and the new growth came up around the old stalks? Have you ever tried that?

      1. Sharon Malone

        I do have places I can’t burn because of structures in the way as well so have to cut the grass back instead. I’ve never not cut or burned mine back but have seen clumps that haven’t been. Not as pretty but sometimes we just do the best we can.

  6. Linda from Georgia

    Hope you sleep better tonight! That is not nearly as much fun as making a quilt. Sure have some beautiful quilts on display today. I guess I better get busy. Making stuffed fabric carrots tomorrow at quilt guild. Always look forward to reading your blog.

  7. Marie C

    Beautiful quilt show today. I really like the doll quilt. I’m eagerly awaiting some warmer weather so i can start yard work. Started some seeds for flowers, herbs and tomatoes. They are just starting to come up. It is really getting windy here in east central Iowa.

  8. Pamj

    I understand your situation, I returned from Bonnie Hunters & the chaos started at my house. Pulling out carpet, carpet strips, then cleaning up that mess, only to start laying tile in 3 bedrooms & 3 closets I think, at least that was the count I last heard. It’s going on 2 weeks of this house in total disarray. Everything out of closets & bedrooms is piled up every where, can’t even find my drawers(panties) some days without a major exploration episode!! I also feel your pain when cleaning up the outside. The freeze took all our huisache trees, they’ve become brittle & krispy, so those are on the list of cutting down & disposing of. The work just seems to never end !!! Guess that’s part of living in the country on acreage! Oh geez, And I forgot about the painting of baseboards & a few walls…see I said it just never ends !! Take care

  9. Frances E

    I loved all of the quilts, and the dogs! I’m glad you are okay. You are a better woman than me, Gunga Din. I would still be in the bed if it were me.
    Best wishes.

  10. Linda in Michigan

    OMG! That doll bed with the little quilt. Be still, my heart. Mary you are entitled to be tired. You put all of us to shame. I get tired doing NOTHING all day, can’t imagine what it would be like to follow you around for a day.
    Take some time for yourself to enjoy warmer weather ahead (I hope.)

    1. Kathy

      Thank you Linda. I painted up the doll bed to have some brightness. It might not look so hot with the next doll bed quilt I am pulling colors for. Think I will make a chenille one next week first though.

  11. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow oh wow!! Hazel, the Wonder Rat exterminator, beautiful quilt show, and always so gentle Telly😍. Thanks, Mary. I held myself back from emailing to see if you were ok. I figured clean up from sale and yard work, like here! We are getting your weather tomorrow—so nice of you to send it! Stay safe and warm.
    Most Ohioans are so sad about Dwayne Haskins, (former OSU quarterback—age 24). He was a very kind, nice man.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what a tragic loss of a nice young man! And such a dumb accident – but why in the world would he run out of gas!!!!

  12. Carol L

    Lovely quilt show, liked the green and cream quilt the best. Windy again here in NE. Did get some moisture but always need more!!!!

  13. NancyTD

    Glad you are ok. I worked outside this morning until the wind got so strong. These strong winds just keep blowing in leaves and small pine cones. I have a lot of pride in my yard looking nice, so just keep at it.
    The quilts were great today. Thank you all for sharing your finishes. It makes my day!
    Yikes! 21 rats! Hope it ends soon.
    Take care of yourself and don’t do so much in a day.

  14. Margaret in North Texas

    What beautiful quilts today!! Thanks to those who shared and Mary’s posting. Sorry, that dismantling
    of the kitchen does not sound like fun but more aches and pains. We have had lots of wind also.

  15. Bobby

    Isn’t yard work just the hardest of anything, but its instant gratification. Your property blooms with loving care.
    I love the last picture of the pups…helping to move the limbs? With Hazels little butt in the air. Too cute.
    Bobby from Md

  16. Karen in FL

    I love the picture of the dogs! So intent on finding those things which can be hiding in the wood. Haha I hope you get a chance to rest for a spell and rest.

  17. Diane Deibler

    I feel your pain,Mary. Have been doing yard work as time permits and I am sore from being out of shape!!! Do you think it will ever warm up with no wind???

  18. Launa

    Wonderful quilt show today..thank you! Yard work here this morning not…just 5” or more new snow on everything. Feel it in my arthritic knees, etc! Was 18o outside this morning. Just sipping green tea as a friend mentioned it is good for us! Is snowing again.
    Good your golf cart got repaired! Sorry the yard clean up was not!
    We are under a Winter Weather Alert until tomorrow afternoon.
    Good Hazel is keeping the RATs under control!
    Daniel went to feed a friend’s chickens…a few very nice eggs and in one nest a wayward teenie, tiniest, bird had made use and laid her own egg! 😉

  19. Linda in southwest ohio

    Just drop dead gorgeous pillows and the quilts are beautiful. Mary take care of yourself and try to rest in between all those jobs!

    1. Susan in Iowa

      I agree! All the projects are wonderful but those pillows really caught my eye!!! What beautiful fabric.

  20. Joanne

    Wow! awesome quilt show! Looking forward of tales on the farm during springbseason!

  21. Maryjane

    Mary – there must be someone around to hire to do some of this yard work!!! No need to have all this suffering!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maryjane – I did try and found Nate but he lasted only about 5 hours – I try to do just some every day but I know it all has to be done so I push on. And just why do you think there is someone to hire? There isn’t – who wants to do this physical work – nobody – but I will keep trying. I was raised differently than the kids today. I didn’t have an IPhone!

  22. Kathy in western NY

    We are waiting word if a friend will fly home from Las Vegas tonight due to high winds and dust storms. Hope she makes it back when it is deemed safe to fly. Seems many have plane stories lately due to strange weather.
    Nice quilting creations of course so always a joy to see them. I figured you and Connie were busy tidying up from the sale and doing spring chores cause we all get anxious to get going on them this time of year. I sure can’t do as much as I use to in a day. We are sunny blue skies and 70 degrees this afternoon so my laundry is all outside drying on lines.

  23. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Kathy in Western NY. Did you use a pattern or make up your own for your adorable doll quilt? Beautiful here today— 68*. Lovely!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Diane ( I still chuckle thinking you sound like a law firm with those kitties)
      Thank you. It was a vintage panel from Little Quilts that I petted over and over for years- should I do a small wall quilt or what till I decided. I hand quilted with black thread but the rabbits had the buttonhole stitch around them. I even had little colorful rabbits matching fabric for the back of the pillow that I covet the scraps left. It’s precious. I am so smitten on making doll quilts now for this bed. I gave my daughter an antique pineapple spindle type doll bed and found this one unpainted at the thrift store. I like both styles for doll beds but I think this one painted will now encourage me to use some of my brighter fabrics to play with.

      1. Diane and the gang😀

        Kathy, That is funny and interestingly, my dad was a lawyer! Thanks for your neat reply😀. I think that little quilt might be in one of their books which I have. I will check. I will have to look for a bed. My husband made American Girl doll beds for our grand daughters, but I’d like an antique one. Thank you😀

      2. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kathy – I am going to do the doll quilt “challenge” – maybe lasted this week

  24. Sue in Oregon

    I agree, Kathy. Your little doll quilt is absolutely adorable. All of today’s quilts are wonderful. I have viewed them over and over, scrolling up and down. Such great quilters here.
    Mary, Mary. You work so hard. I wish I had half your energy. I do wish and think everyone here wishes, that you could take it easier somehow. Maybe the local High School has a list of people wanting to do yard work to make money. The young people, though, don’t really know what they are doing, so you kind of have to stand right beside them and explain every step. At least, they have young muscles.
    I got a good laugh seeing the dogs. Telly looks like she is trying to remove a big limb with her teeth so that Hazel can get in deeper. Darling photo!

    1. Kathy

      Thank you Sue !! I am waiting for my cat to climb on it but has ignored it so far.

  25. Kathy Hanson

    Goodness, Your life is so busy! Hopefully you were able to visit some with your company! The painting will be so nice but so much work to get ready for! That yard work is back breaking, way too much for you to do, but….of course you are the only one that can do it – I think of you and all that work and wonder how you do it all!! I hope you take some breaks so that it isn’t way too much for you! We have had some big rain and hail here in the last couple hours, has slowed down now. Talking possible tornados that will probably not affect Rochester but then you never know! Hopefully it will miss us but worry about those that get a lot of damage from the weather!! Those rats surely do multiply, hopefully with all those that have died they won’t be able to make more yet!! Such a hassle, thank heaven for Hazel and the new zapper!!!

  26. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Hi Mary….I hear you about the wind….I was supposed to go to my granddaughter’s track meet today, it she is not high jumping today due to a sore hamstring. They want her to be healed for the Drake relays on the 28th. She has qualified with a jump of 5’5”.

    Am wondering if your school has an FFA group, or a 4H club that would be willing to help for a donation to their club? Hard to find kids willing or having time to help.

    Take care..don’t over do. One of these days it will be so hot, you will have to take a break with a cold beer.

  27. Kris in WI

    Mary, I’m so glad you wrote today. Like other readers I was concerned. Now I just feel ashamed for not getting to the minimal yard work we have, but if I had raked today the grass and leaves would have blown all the way to Iowa and I’m sure you don’t need more cleanup to do. I am always amazed at the variety of quilts that make up each quilt show. I just sewed the HST’s and cut the other pieces for a large-size throw for a wedding gift and after that…maybe something like the checkerboard quilt…or the red and white swallows wall hanging…and oh, a quilt for my old doll bed. So many possibilities. Telly and Hazel are sure enjoying their springtime adventures. I’m waiting for my neighbors daffodils to pop and then it will be spring in SoCenWI. Take care and have a blessed Easter.

  28. Kate

    I have a rat story. One year a business across the road from us cleaned out a bunch of rocks and junk that had been behind them. I went out into my yard one day soon after and I actually stepped on a rat. Soon I was seeing dozens of them in our garden. I was afraid to go outside, but my dogs were kept busy. We finally laid out poison where the dogs could not get to it and slowly but surely we killed all the rats. Or thought we did until our neighbor behind us asked us soon after if we had been bothered by rats. They just moved over. But we have seen no more rats in years. They do travel. Sounds like something has stirred your rats up to move into your barn.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kate – I appreciate your rat information – others have said the same thing but I honestly can’t tell you which neighbor has done any tearing down or moving but two months ago when I found the first one it was warm in my barn and it looks like they arrived as a group. I hope I can get this under control myself without hiring an exterminator. The next time I run into any neighbors I’m going to ask them.

  29. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, The readers will enjoy looking at Youtube Saltbox Stitcher, Quilt episode 1. Carol shares some of her quilts and the history of her quilting journey. She will continue with different types of quilts in the future episodes. She is a long arm quilter as well as an excellent cross stitcher.
    She has many wonderful examples. Makes me want to start something new!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – the quilt on the left of the screen is a Country Threads quilt – I plan to watch the entire episode.

  30. Shirley from Oregon

    Take care of yourself Mary.
    I like to do yard work, but told my husband I would do it till I am 75 then we can hire it done. One more year to go. Yay!

  31. Susan K in Texas

    Gary’s been busy with yard work lately too. It’s so dry here and it’s been windy so lots of plants needing water. I’ve been able to replant some echeveria that got leggy. They’re nice and small so I can handle them. Our Iowa hosta plants are coming up nicely and the bridal wreath is in full bloom. The trees are leafing out and pollen is high. The weather is wacky with cooler temps than normal so a lot of plants are late.
    I sure wish you could find someone who enjoyed helping you on a regular basis. Working in the yard can be very rewarding and is a good therapy for the mind and body (kinda like quilting).
    The quilt show was great today. I can’t decide which is my favorite. The green HST quilt with the basket is a nice design. The doll quilt is so cute – my four sisters and I would have had great fun playing with that bed with our doll babies.
    Telly and Hazel are keeping your place free of pests! Enjoying the thrill of the hunt. I had to save a green anole (lizard) from Klaus the other day. He likes catching them and playing with them. As I picked him up he dropped the lizard and caught it again midair.

    1. Kathy

      Thanks Susan. I bought a replica Thumbelina doll from my childhood as I loved tucking in my dolls. I never want to grow up. She’ll look cute in this bed. Take it easy today.

  32. Karen Moore

    The Long Time Gone quilt was at our quilt show a few weeks ago! (Mukwonago(Wi) Crazy Quilters) I recognized the ribbons!!! I guess I need to get mine quilted and enter next year!!

  33. RuthW in MD

    Mary, so glad you are safe, I saw that long line of storms in the Midwest on the weather channel last night – Just enormous! Be sure to move your zapper traps around so they aren’t always in the same place, and of course check the batteries. Thank you for the quilt pictures, so nice to look at. Contact the high school – someone suggested the FFA club – for yard work. Talk to the adult advisors first, have them present it to the youth, maybe you’ll find more yard workers. Good luck!

  34. Kim from TN

    I feel your pain with all that arm work, as much as I love digging and weeding my flower beds my arms feel the effect for the next few days. Bet your glad that job is now done. Loved all the finished quilts you share with us. I must admit that the neutral fabrics in Julie B quilt was stunning. Wish she had shared the pattern name with us all.

  35. Margie Braaksma

    I always burn my grasses on a nice day in January or February in northwest Iowa, before the rabbits start building nests in them. Very fast and no work at all.
    Depending on where yours are in your yard, up against a building probably wouldn’t work.

  36. Joy in NW Iowa

    It’s too dry and windy to burn anything in NW Iowa! We had some tornado watches in our area but no real damage that I know of. Sorry you are so tired. The clean up outside is not on my list of things I can do. Our school does a cleanup day. The juniors and seniors earn volunteer hours by helping people who need help. I signed up for some help. If it ever gets nice here, hubby will be in the field and some bushes and grasses need help. More wind here today with rain and snow on the weekend. No warm weather yet. Patience! Glad you got some rain.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – we got 2-1/2” of rain but just a few miles south of us they got 4-1/2”. We were very lucky – the worst was just south of us.

  37. Sandi

    Beautiful quilt show today! There are so many amazing quilters out there. I hope your arm is feeling better. Try to take it easier today. Hugs,

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